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E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy Cheats

E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy cheats, Passwords, Unlockables, and Codes for PC.


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Menu Passwords
At the main menu, choose "Options" -->"Keyboard" tab --> "Advanced", then click next to "Enable Developer's Console", then click "OK" or "Apply". While playing the game, press "~" to display the console window. Type "sv_cheats 1" and press [Enter] to enable cheat mode, and type in one of the codes to activate corresponding function.
Note: You can also bind any cheat code to a key, for example, type bind x "firstperson" to execute the code by pressing X.
PasswordWhat it does
bind [key] "[command]"Bind command to key
firstpersonFirst person view
give [object name]Spawn indicated object
give weapon_arrancadoraSpawn a Arrancadora de Tripas (Warhammer)
give weapon_betty_boomSpawn a Betty Boom (Sawed-Off Shotgun)
give weapon_bk444Spawn a 444 Bear Killer (Magnum)
give weapon_boscoSpawn a B.O.S.C.O. realy 911 (Semi-Auto Sniper)
give weapon_caw_hammerSpawn a Caw Hammer (Automatic Shotgun)
give weapon_croon_hsSpawn a HS010 (Sub-Machine Gun)
give weapon_damoclesSpawn a Damocles (Broadsword)
give weapon_depezadorSpawn a Depezador (Semi-Auto Shotgun)
give weapon_dual_BK13Spawn the BK13s (Dual Handgun)
give weapon_dual_katanaSpawn a Facere Mortis (Dual Katana)
give weapon_excidiumSpawn a Excidium (Explosive Round Anti-Tank Rifle)
give weapon_fko_blackSpawn a Blackcrow (Handgun)
give weapon_fko_ka93Spawn a K.A 93 (Automatic Rifle)
give weapon_gctg222Spawn a 222 (Revolver)
give weapon_huntingSpawn a Hunting Machine (Sniper)
give weapon_kinderSpawn a Kinder Grenade
give weapon_medkitSpawn a Medkit Syringe
give weapon_motraSpawn a Motra (Sub-Machine Gun)
give weapon_rottenSpawn a Rotten Mound (Semi-Auto Rifle)
give weapon_s6000Spawn a S6000 (Auto/Semi-Auto Rifle)
give weapon_spiculumSpawn a Spiculum (Grenade Launcher)
give weapon_sulfatumSpawn a Sulfatum (Gatling Gun)
give weapon_trkSpawn a TRK A.D. (Sniper)
givecurrentammoRefill ammo regardless of inventory and Speed Bonus/Malus
host_timescaleBullet Time Macro. Allows control of the flow of time. 1 is default speed. 2 is Fast Foward. 0.5 or 0.75 is Slo-Mo.
npc_create npc_scrabSpawn a Scrabouillor where your mouse is pointing.
npc_create npc_turret_floorSpawn Sentry at pointer
sv_cheats 0Deactivate cheat mode
sv_cheats 1Activate Cheat Mode
sv_infinite_aux_power 0Normal Run/PsiForce
sv_infinite_aux_power 1Infinite Run/PsiForce
thirdperson_platformer 1Switch to Third Person View with different WASD/Mouse control scheme.
thirdpersonThird person view


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Steam Achievements
UnlockableHow to unlock
Absolute TerrorLet your body be paralyzed by terror.
AnarchistKill 111 federals.
Anti-RiotKill 3,333 bandits.
Antic War HammerUnlock the Arrancadora distortion war hammer.
Antique MechanismComplete this research.
Bear KillerKill 1 Carnophage with the 444K.
Change of mindJoin the federal forces.
Corporal HicksEliminate 5,000 meta streums.
CruelKill a harmless animal.
Cyber DemiurgeReach the legendary class Cyber Demiurge.
DaemonReach 0 in karma.
Daemon's Impious PalmReach the legendary class Daemon's Impious Palm.
Dark SecretDiscover rimanah’s secret.
Death WindReach the legendary class Death Wind.
DeckardKill 1 Scrabouillor with the 444K.
Deletion by VacuityDiscover and study this science.
DetectiveDiscover the dead Jian’s murderer.
Dirty HarryEliminate 1 bandit with the 222.
Divine AssassinReach the legendary class Divine Assassin.
Divine DestroyerReach the legendary class Divine Destroyer.
Divine LightningReach the legendary class Divine Lightning.
Divine RampartReach the legendary class Divine Rampart.
Divine SealReach the legendary class Divine Seal.
Divine TalionReach the legendary class Divine Talion.
Divine WarriorReach the legendary class Divine Warrior.
Doctor HydeKill 1 player in the same team with the Medkit.
Gray MasterReach the legendary class Gray Master.
HallucinatedSuffer from visual hallucinations.
Head HunterScore 444 headshots.
Holy GrailFind the space pirates’ treasure.
Hypnotic GateFind and learn this spell from a mentor.
JudgeInvestigate and find who stole Vincent’s rifle.
LegendKill a Deus Ex.
Low-Tech DummyGet yourself hacked by a machine.
MafiaExtort brouzoufs to Klaus the looter chief.
Martian VeteranBe victorious on Mars (in campaign).
MysticReach the legendary class Mystic.
NecrocybermancyComplete this scientific research.
NegotiatorManage to have a deal with Gyo the pirate on Mars.
Nuclear ManKill yourself with the Excidium.
ParanoidSink into paranoia.
PoisonerPoison the looter water supply.
PsychologistUrge Tobi the coward to commit suicide by talking to him.
Puppet MasterReach the legendary class Puppet Master.
RevelationMeet the Ancient.
Scrappy BobyInduce a fight with a bartender by talking to him.
Streumonic ComplementarityDiscover and study this ultimate science.
Substitution GateFind and learn this spell from a mentor.
SurvivorSurvive more than 1,111 seconds in a mission.
SwordsmanDecapitate an enemy with the Damocles.
ThaumaturgeReach the legendary class Thaumaturge.
TraitorScore 13 backstabs in a mission.
Triangular GateFind and learn this spell from a mentor.
VenerableReach the legendary class Venerable.
ViciousScore 666 hits in the legs.
Voices from BeyondLet madness fill you, and hear the voices from the other world.
Zhaar’s EyeFind this item.