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During gameplay, press Tab to bring up the console, and then enter the following:
stefanrehn - Invincibility.
manunited - Gain $5000.
aik - Lose $5000.
richardnice - Gain 1000 Victory Points.
richardbad - Lose 1000 Victory Points.
dimmuborgir - View all buildings.
svensk - No wars declared.
burp - No events triggered.
utopia - Defeat rebels.
killstig - Kill Hertig Stig.
killvaldemar - Kill Hertig Valdemar.
killerik - Kill Hertig Erik.
killbirger - Kill Konung Birger.
killmenved - Kill Menved.
killhaakon - Complete the game
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Imperial Zhou Tai on November 10, 2006