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Sometimes, when you are playing or killing a beast, you will see an item on the ground and click to get it, only to find that the item has been "protected" by a username.

This means that that user made the killing blow on the beast, so the loot is there's and you can't pick it up afterwards. Sometimes, you will find items on the ground that have not been grabbed yet -- some times, these are not protected due to the owner overlooking them, so are free for the taking.
Getting Started
When you first start out, first go outside and kill the goats in the area, getting 2 goat horns and some clothes. After that, go to the ship. Dont go across, but instead fight the snakes and goats around, picking up the horns, teeth, and rattles. When you get to level 1, DO NOT cross the ship yet. Put all your stat points on STR, because it does more damage, and you can hold more. (This can be changed later , if you want to be a mage.) Collect more items, maxing out your inventory. If you max before you get to Lv 2 and you see a Snake Teeth or Rattle, drop a goat horn and pick the snake up. Get to lv 2, the put all stats on str again, and fill up your inventory again. Then you can go accross the ship if you feel like it, or stay if you think you can get to Lv3. When in the main town, go east, then north untill you reach a black house. Go in, talk to the witch, and sell all your animal parts. You will have around 3K. Go to the square, buy better armor and weapons, and reset your skills if you want to.

Or, heres anothere thing to do. After you get all the money, go to the sewers underneath Aeven. Find a chest, and log out, and get on your main. Use it to go right in front of the chest. Log back out, then MAKE SURE NOONE ELCE IS AROUND!!! You could lose everything if someone looks in the chest. Drop all the money in the chest, then QUICKLY switch back to your main, open the chest, and get the money.
Help getting started
Players can move by clicking on the square they wish to move to or by using the arrow keys. To attack, you press the CTRL key (note: this is a player friendly game you cannot attack other players in the game itself). Using the number pad you are able to show different emotions. To refresh the screen, tap the F12 key. To send a basic message that just people around you can read just type your message and press enter. When you want to tell everybody currently logged in put a ~ before the message. When you want to send the player a private message/whisper, put an exclamation point(!) before the name, and then space, and then type the message.
Issue With Passing People
Quite often, you will find that people enjoy blocking your way for no apparent reason other than to annoy you. The best way to handle this is to just keep on walking. Whether they are in front of a door or just blocking a path, walking through them is possible by holding down and clicking the down button to get through them.
Playing in a Party
Many a time in the game, you might be requested to join a party. While usually a hassle when used unwisely, the Party system can be a great help to those that need it.

As an example, if I were to join my character, "Yial", with another, "Kobuko", we might be able to take down a beast that alone we couldn't handle. While this might not be worth it to some people, it is for those newer that need to take down a monster. When the monster is killed, all EXP is spread around the group, but the loot goes to the one who made the kill.

Be warned -- if you die, you are removed from the party and the benefits of being in it.
Using the keyboard to type your password
This is a commonly asked question. Go to C:\Program Files\EndlessOnline\Config, then open setup.ini. Scroll to the bottom of the document, and you should change the Skipsoftpad setting to on:



# optional to disable the anti-keylog softpad login system.
# skipping this option could make you vulnerable to keyloggers.



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Secret Warps
Many people know this, but a handful don't. There are actually secret warps in places that warp you to other maps and treasures.

1. In the Castle, where the arena is, at the top right walk through the wall. It will teleport you to (Find out!)
2. At the Hallowdale Church, walk through the stage and find your way to the end, which teleports you to (Find out!)
There are more warps and glitches, but are kept in secrecy so the best of Endless - Online can saviour them. These are the most convenient ones and are put up for your use. Good luck!

- Dalas