Enclave Cheats

Enclave cheats, and Codes for PC.

Enclave Cheats

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To enable cheat mode, you'll have to change an existing game file. Before doing so, make a copy of environment.cfg. Then text edit the original document, adding the line: CON_ENABLE=1.
Once this is done, start the game. Press ~ to bring up the console, then enter one of the codes below to trigger its function:

Cheat menu: cg_menu cheatmenu (Once you activate, use the ~ key to see a menu that allows for god mode and more)
Have all items: cmd giveall
No clipping: cmd noclip

Submitted by: Imperial Zhou Tai on November 10, 2006
Cheat Code
Open the file "environment.cfg" using Notepad. This file is located in your Enclave install folder. Add the following line to the file:


Save the file. While playing, press [~] to bring down the console, then type any of the following codes:

cg_menu "cheatmenu" - Cheat menu
cg_menu "god mode" - God mode
cg_menu "complete mission" - Win current mission
cmd giveall - Give All
cmd noclip - No Clipping Mode

You can also add the following line to the "environment.cfg" file:


And you'll be able to use some cheat key combinations in the game. For the list of combinations view the "config.mpp" and look under the "Keyboard & mouse" section
Submitted by: Imperial Zhou Tai on November 10, 2006