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Empire Earth: The Art of Conquest Cheats

Empire Earth: The Art of Conquest cheats, Tips, and Codes for PC.

Empire Earth: The Art of Conquest Tips

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Attack Moving
Although I regularly forget to use this, and would rather instead place my units where I want them to defend something, using this tactic is a good idea if you are going to advance into enemy territory.

By clicking CTRL and the right mouse button, the units will target any hostile unit they see while moving to that location. They will then, if successful, move on to the place you want them to be, unless they see another unit they want to try to slay.

Remember to keep them away from anything that can kill them easily. You don't want your troops of foot archers to suddenly try to take on some shock soldiers.
Submitted by: Mishtram on April 18, 2006
Bored? Don't Be.
At any moment in the game, you can be doing something. Expanding your base, making an outpost somewhere, building up your economy, looking for strategic places for ambushes or just getting ready to beat the living crud out of one of of your enemies.

At all moments, always be doing something. Never ever take a break, and if you do, press the pause button.
Submitted by: Mishtram on April 18, 2006
Computer AI: Damn That's Fast!
Remember that AIs have their citizens and men moving the second that they are created. If you do not have that sort of ability, to get them moving as soon as possible, then you might want to focus on crippling there economy if you attack.
Submitted by: Mishtram on April 18, 2006
Distances For Town Centers
Remember that not all resources are going to be located close to your capital, if any at all. If you have to walk far enough away from your capitol, make sure that you place a town center near the resource. Otherwise, you will have some units making some long, vulnerable travels around the map, and that is never good.
Submitted by: Mishtram on April 18, 2006
Epoch Limits and Civ Points
In multiplayer games where you make your own race, be sure to check what type of Epochs are going to be in it and if there is a limit. If, say, the bronze age is the end of the games ability to expand for that game, that means that any units you invested for afterwards are now useless.

Always check to make sure that you can't spend any more points in those that you want. If you can not find anything you really want to invest it in, find something that is more passive in your civilization and drop those points that are left into it. The economy, for example. You may have a powerful army, but you will never get one of any size quickly enough without the economy as your backbone.
Submitted by: Mishtram on April 18, 2006
Fleet of Foot VS The Big Fist
If ever you are caught in combat, such as at sea, with a ship of much more power than yours (such as a merchant ship VS a battle ship) remember that your ship can out run the enemy vessel. If you know the lay of the sea, then you can easily run circles around an island, etc, to lose the enemy quickly, and then send the boat back to your dock, etc, for repairs and further protection.
Submitted by: Mishtram on April 18, 2006
Hill Advantage
Troops have problems charging up slopes. That means that if you have your base built at the top of a hill or a series of troops there, etc, then you have the advantage in that battle.

An example could be me placing my units on top of the hill. They could all be archers, and while the enemy forces trudge up the hill, I can rain arrows down on them. Then, when they are about to make it to the top, charge down the other side. Although they will be close behind you, if your units are fast enough, then they won't be able to catch you.
Submitted by: Mishtram on April 18, 2006
Raiding may sound worthless, but it can be of great value to you. Charging in with your entire army and demolishing a base rarely works, and it costs you in resources almost as much as it costs them sometimes.

That means that raiding those outposts are always in question. You see a gold mine with a tower and a town center with a few citizens gathering gold? Group some siege units together to take care of the buildings with some troops to escort them and take care of the citizens. See a few buildings off to some obscure area of the map? Charge them and do as much damage as possible.

See a group of men leaving the front gate of there city. Have a few fleet footed archers take out some of your frustrations on them.

This also works well as a distraction. Of course, ambushes are excellent as well...
Submitted by: Mishtram on April 18, 2006
Scouting is Always An Advantage
Always sending out some scouts is a good idea. No matter what time you are in, the enemies plans are always unknown to you. Lift some of that fog by sending out units. You never know, you might find out that they are making a new addition to their base, right outside your front door!

Plus, at the beginning of the game, it is always nice to know the layout of the land and forests, where the enemy is, and potential areas for base expansions.
Submitted by: Mishtram on April 18, 2006
slut rush
For a sword slut rush, you wanna start by putting 6 citz to the forage patch, 6 to an iron mine, 4 to wood. Pick your civ. Send 2 citz to make 2 towers(one on each). Last 2 citz make 2 barracks.

Just set the rally point by your opponents capitol.
Submitted by: hu kwon do on March 28, 2007
Woods and Forests: Dogs and Barbarians
This is especially useful for those of you who like to be able to see a lot of points on the map. Take any of the top two units and place them in the forests, and you should have a scout placed anywhere you want with little chance of being injured. Same with the Barbarians, only they can also be used for ambushes and getting to those little soft areas in the enemies defence.

Of course, if you are using the former, make sure that the enemy does not send the latter (Barbarian) after you!
Submitted by: Mishtram on April 18, 2006

Empire Earth: The Art of Conquest Cheats

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All Cheats: My name is methos
100,000 of each resources: all your base are belong to us
Get Lots Of Gold: atm
No Gold: boston rent
1000 Iron: creatine
1000 Wood: you said wood
Reveal Map: asus drivers
No Resources: the big dig
Planes Refill in air: friendly skies
Upgrade All Units To Lvl 10: the quotable patella
Building Of All Structures Completed: coffee train
Instant Building And Research: brainstorm
Restore Energy: i have the power
View Fish And Animals: columbus
Submitted by: coolflame on December 11, 2003