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Empire Earth III Cheats!

To insert the cheats (listed on the left), press enter during gameplay. This will bring up a console that you can then type the cheats into for the desired result.

cheat - Enable ability to cheat
convert - Convert unit selected
era up - Go to next epoch
give tech - Plus 50 points to Tech
idontcheat - Disable any active cheat
loot - Gain an additional 10,000 gold
max pop - Change the capacity of population
play god - Units and structures can't be destroyed
punish - Unit selected loses twenty HP
recharge me - Unit selected regains all power
super cheat - Turn off Fog of War, gain lots of gold, building and population bonuses
taxes - Minus 100 to resources
toggle fog - Turn Fog of War on or off
win - Automatically win any scenario
Verified by: zeldarulez Submitted by: insane9001 on March 28, 2008