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Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force Cheats

Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force cheats, and Codes for PC.

Older Cheats:

   (last update - Oct 02 2000)

Note that these cheats are for the single player mode. Cheats do NOT work in holomatch.

Cheat Codes

Just type these codes into the console. The console is activated with the tilde key (~)

GodToggle god mode
Give weaponsObtain All Weapons
Undying999 health and armor
No clipToggle No clipping mode
No targetInvisible
Cg_thirdperson [1/0]Enable/Disable third person view
Cg_thirdpersonrange [1-100]Set range view of third person
Give [ITEM NAME]Get a specific Item
Map brigUnlock Hidden level
Map [MAP NAME] Jump to a specific level *see map list below

Weapons List

These are the weapons that you can call up using the Give [ITEM NAME] cheat:

Tetryon Disruptor
Compression Rifle
Scavenger Rifle
Stasis Weapon
Grenade Launcher
Photon Burst
Dreadnought Weapon

Map List

These maps are basically listed in order of the game's progress. Use the Map Codes provided here to jump levels using the Map [MAP NAME] cheat:

In Game NameMap Code
The Rescue borg1
Incursion borg2
Tactical Decision holodeck
Condition voy1
Unavoidable Delays voy2
Hazard Duty voy3
Defense voy4
Hazard Ops voy5
Data Retrieval stasis1
Deep Echoes stasis2
Encounters stasis3
Renewal voy6
Union voy7
Departure voy8
The Visit scav1
Dangerous Ground scav2
Conflicting Views scav3
Conflicting Views - Part 2 scav3b
Disorder scav4
Infiltration scav5
The Hunter scavboss
Fallout voy9
Proving Ground borg3
Information borg4
Covenant borg5
Infestation borg6
R and R voy13
Visual Confirmation voy14
Offense voy15
The Breach dn1
Command dn2
Primary Encounter dn3
The Skirmish dn4
Defensive Measures dn5
Transit train
Attunement dn6
Array dn8
Invasion voy16
Decisions voy17
External Stimuli forge1
Matrix forge2
Onslaught forge3
Visual Magnitude forge4
Dissolution forge5
Command Decision Forgeboss
Epilogue voy20

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