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The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (PC) Cheats

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion cheats, Codes, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for PC.

Command codes

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Testing Hall
To get into the testing hall, press the cheat menu button and type in "coc testinghall" exactly like that exept with no quotations, no space between testing and hall, one word. Using this code will transport you to a place where every obgect and creature in the game is there. they are seperated into rooms ex. weapons room, armor room etc.

NOTE: to get out of this place, you have to go into Hawkhaven, which is right next to the creature hall, and fast travel to wherever you want to go

NOTE 2: do not use this while you are still in the tutorial, you cant get back into the cell unless they have already opened the secret door and passed through, and even then you have to go through the sewers and go all the way back.


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Alchemy Equations
Here are some equations that explain the reults of any experiments in Alchemy you might have on your Oblivion adventures.

Price = (Effective_Alchemy + MortarPestle_Strength*25) * 0.45

Magicka_Cost = Effective_Alchemy + MortarPestle_Strength*25

Effective_Alchemy = Alchemy_Skill_Level + 0.4 * (Luck_Level-50)

Magnitude = Base_Mag * (1 + Calc_Fac * Calcinator_Strength + Ret_Mag_Fac * Retort_Strength - Alem_Fac*Alembic_Strength)

Duration = Base_Dur * (1 + Calc_Fac*Calcinator_Strength + Ret_Dur_Fac*Retort_Strength - Alem_Fac*Alembic_Strength)

Back into Oblivion...
Have you beat the main quest and wanted to still get a little taste of the Oblivion world? Well I can't let you go through a Oblivion gate but I sure can let you back into the Temple of Akatosh whenever it is under siege by Daedra.

What you need to have is Master in Acrobatics, Boots of Springheel Jak, or a spell that increases your Acrobatics. When you do have those things head to the Temple District. You should be facing the door of the Temple. Head to the left of the door and jump up on the window edge. After that you jump up and to the right onto the edge of the temple wall and drop right in. After you drop in you can see the outside throught the door of the Temple but you can't go through. Turn around and you should see a small part of a door sticking out of the ground. Click on it and you will be transported to the Temple when it is under attack by Daedra. *Note* (There will be no actual Daedra to fight)
Becoming a Vampire
To become a Vampire by choice, whether to gain the attribute bonuses or just for some fun, you can use one of the following 4 methods:

1. Attack a vmapire in the wild and allow it to strike you until you contract Porphyric Hemophilia.

2. Complete all the contracts given to you by senior Dark Brotherhood member Vicente Valtieri, and he will offer you the gift of vampirism (available through the quest Darkness Eternal).

3. It would also appear that completing the Vampire Cure quest may result in the Count of Skingrad offering to make you a vampire. However, the only way this could conceivably be done is to contract vampirism, start the cure quest, use the Deepscorn Hollow's font of renewal to cure your vampirism, then complete the quest. This may not work even then as Porphyric Hemophilia only turns you into a vampire once, and this is presumably what the count gives you.

4. Download the Unearthing Mehrunes' Razor official quest mod and complete the quest. If you eat the Beating Heart ingredient taken from Msirae Faythung (Mehrunes' champion), you will be infected with the diseases Cannibal's Prion and Porphyric Hemophilia. Be sure to let the vampirism take hold first before you use Cure Disease to get rid of the Cannibal's Prion.
Change Music
You can replace the Oblivion Music with any MP3-Format Songs:

1.) Open up the Oblivion Folder Typically:(C:\Program Files (x86)\Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion)

2.) Open Up "Data" and then "Music" (C:\Program Files (x86)\Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion\Data\Music)

3. )There will be 5 Folders: "Battle," "Dungeon," "Explore," "Public," and "Spcial(Spacial,Special,Specialer)."
-Battle: (During Fights) Dungeon: (Inside Caves, Forts, etc.) Explore: (Outdoors) Public: (In a Town/City(Tenacity,Tensity,Tonality))

4.) Open the folder that you want to replace, (i.e(IE,I've,I'd) tired of Battle Music? Open "Battle" Folder) and Highlight all of the Music (i.e(IE,I've,I'd). battle_01, battle_02, battle_03, etc.) and copy-and-paste them into a safe, known location

5.) The Folder Should be empty: Copy-and-Paste your choice MP3-Format songs into the Empty Folder (i.e(IE,I've,I'd). Heavy Metal for "Battle")

6.) Launch Oblivion and check if it worked!
Curing Vampirism
It is possible to cure vampirism, but it is a long and rather tedious quest. Once cured, it is not normally possible to become a vampire again (except via console commands). When completing the vampire cure quest, Melisande says that her services will be available if needed in the future.

You still can contract "Porphyric Hemophilia" normally after that, but it behaves just like any normal disease then - drain fatigue 5 until cured, without any special effects from sleeping.

The official plugin Deepscorn Hollow has a Font of Renewal that can cure vampirism much more easily than going through the Vampire Cure quest. Just like with the standard vampire cure, you can not become a vampire again after using the Font to cure your vampirism.
Easy Money for Beginners
After completing the Mazoga the Orc quests the Count of Leyawiin will offer you a bounty of 100 gold for each black bow you hand to him. The black bows weigh 8lbs and are fairly easy to obtain. They are obtained by killing black bow bandits who can be found at Rockmilk Cave and Telepe.

Easy Way To Get Out Of Jail
All you must do is first steal a key from a jailor(not while in jail). Sell the key to a Thieves guild fence and buy it back. Go to the jail cells and leave the key in our near the cell so when you go to jail you can just take the key off the ground and leave.
Get sneak skill up!
If you are struggling with your sneak skill and want an easy way to get it up read this:
go to the imperial city arena and look at isabelle then just go to the corner behind her to the left, crouch down (ctrl) and press Q this should mean that no-one can see you and your skill will go up. while your charater is running into the wall you can go out and do something else in your life. check every so often though because the screen will come up saying you are a "journeyman" "apprentice" "master" or whatever
Infinite Money
After completing the vampirism cure quest, ask Janus Hassildor for a reward and you will get 7500 coins, then ask him again and you'll get money again and jut keep asking until you have all you want. I became a millionare of this
Levelling System
Most Oblvion players are confused by the leveling system. The following equation is the basis upon which the system is built.

Base_experience = 0.25883 * skill_level^1.5

This equation tells you how much experience you need to go up a level in a skill.
Lockpicking Trick
Lockpickign can be quite difficult for some players. The following is a trick to use to help ease the lockpicking minigame.

When you raise the lock, quickly pause the game. Before the menu opens, you'll see the tumbler at one point in its movement. If the tumbler is not yet at the top of the lock, unpause the game and secure the tumbler. If it is all the way to the top or bottom, exit the menu and try again.
Things to consider when choosing a Birthsign
There are thirteen possible birthsigns, each of which bestows a special ability. There are three main types of birthsigns: those that provide constant-effect Attribute bonuses; those that provide constant-effect Magicka bonuses; and, those that provide powers, which can be used once per day (in the case of greater powers) or cast multiple times per day using the character's magicka (in the case of lesser powers). The strongest bonuses are accompanied by offsetting weaknesses.

The birthsigns that provide constant effect Attribute bonuses are: Lady, Steed, Thief, and Warrior. Because you do not have to remember to use these constant-effect bonuses, they require the least effort to be made useful. They are most useful early in the game (using Efficient Leveling you can get your two most important attributes to 100 by level 15, whether or not you use a birthsign bonus). Thief is noteworthy for providing a +10 bonus to Luck; this is one of only two ways to augment your character's initial luck.

Constant-effect Magicka bonuses (in order of increasing bonus) are provided by: Mage, Apprentice, and Atronach. The higher Magicka bonuses are balanced by weaknesses, making them less conservative choices. As with the attribute bonuses, little effort is needed to take advantage of these birthsigns. The extra Magicka bonuses are useful throughout the game, even for high-level characters. It is worth noting that even the smallest Magicka bonus (Mage, +50) is equivalent to +25 Intelligence, more than the +20 Intelligence given by the Attribute signs.

The birthsigns that provide once-per-day greater powers are: Lover, Ritual, Serpent, Shadow, and Tower. These bonuses are most useful if you are likely to remember to use these powers regularly; if you always forget to take advantage of them (or are afraid to use them in case you might need them later in the day), these birthsigns are relatively ineffective. Most of the powers are most useful early in the game; later in the game, your character can generally learn spells or make potions that are at least as powerful as the greater powers. Also there are Doomstones that can be discovered and provide greater powers that in many cases can replace the birthsign bonuses.

Two birthsigns provide a lesser power; the Lord (Blood of the North) and the Ritual (Blessed Word). Lesser powers can be used as many times per day as desired, but carry with them a magicka cost (albeit a bargain one).

Another consideration with the greater/lesser powers is that these powers provide access to spell effects that can then be used to create custom spells or custom enchanted items. In most cases, standard spells can be bought, providing access to the same spell effects. Some exceptions are:

The Tower's Tower Warden power is a Reflect Damage effect. This is the only non-Shivering Isles way to obtain access to the Reflect Damage effect (although only custom spells, not custom enchantments, are possible even then). If you have the Shivering Isles expansion it is also possible to get a reflect damage spell during the Rebuilding the Gatekeeper quest.
Unique Helmet
In the game is a unique magical helmet called Fin Gleam. It has the following enchantments:

Detect Life 20 ft
Night Eye
Water Breathing

The hemlet has the model of a glass helmet and is classed as light. It can be found off the west coast of Anvil at the bottom of the ocean. If you need help then use the following map.



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duplicate = easy money , lvl up 1min , permanent invisibility
duplicate - hav 2 scrolls the same, go onto journal thing and click on the scrolls twice. go to the thing you want duplicated and drop it. if you hav 10 scrolls the same then you drop ten times the thing you dropped. same with if you had 20 or 30 or any number. duplicate something of a decent value and duplicate it with many scrolls and then sell them. p.s. you dont hav to buy lots of scrolls. you buy 2 and duplicate different scrolls. keep doing this and you will hav lots of scrolls without wasting money.

lvl up easy - hav 2 different saves for 2 different characters. if one is ready to level up you use him and go to sleep. as soon as the screen turns black and pause as soon as you can. at first you can no load, it is faded bt wait untill the autosave is done and load your other game. wen you load the level up screen will come up and then you save and load the other character and reppeat the process again. WARNING your best using your 5 training things because enemies will become harder the higher you go.

Invisibilty - after using the money glitch alot you if you hav got into the arcane university you can enchant your armor with chameleon. if you enchant enough things then you will be completely insible which is amazin for putting up your sneak skill and for stealin and killin without being caught.


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Console Cheats
First, you must bring down the console by pressing the ~ key. Next, simply type in the code with the effect you want. Note: You may need to add a -dev or -devuser switch to the command or target line to the game executable file.

tgm - God mode (invulnerability)

help - List available console commands

tcl - Toggle clipping

lock - Lock highlighted object with integer lock-level

unlock - Unlock highlighted object

kill - Kills highlighted entity (kills self if no target is selected)

modpcs , - Add integer points to skillname skill

modpca , - Add integer points to attribname attribute

player.additem ITEMNAME QUANTITY - Adds an item to your inventory where ITEMNAME is the name for the item in the programming script (not name you see while playing game) and QUANTITY is the amount of that item you want.

Just a funny blooper I encountered, not really a cheat:

If you join the mages guild and complete the Recomendation mission in the city that is almost directly south of the Imperial City (Bravil I think) and speak with the female alchemist in the green robe in the guild hall (forgot her name, starts with an A) and select Rumors as the subject, she might idley speak of a rumor about herself and mention her own name as if she were talking about someone else. (game programmers slap head)
A well known cheat. You must first equip a bow and arrows (the more copies of an item you want, the more arrows you must have). Aim the arrow preferably at your feet and pull back. Don't shoot the arrow but rather, go into you inventory. Click twice on the arrows you have equipped and then drop any item of your choice. This item will duplicate but only depending on the number of arrows you have. For example, if you have 5 arrows and drop a potion of healing, you will get 5 potions of healing. Most items will work except stolen items and some magical items may not. This is one of the most valuable cheats. Take a daedric longsword, do the cheat, now you have 50 daedric longswords! *Note- It works best if you have only one item of your choice. For example if you have 100 arrows and want to duplicate a steel cuirass but have 3 of them in your inventory, drop two of them and then do the cheat. It works much better.
Get to the top of White Gold Tower.
Get as close to it as possible without going inside of it, open the console and type "player.setposz 200000" You will be teleported in the air. This doesnt only work with White Gold Tower, you can do it ANYWHERE!
Making Stolen Items Legal
When you have stolen an item a flag or marker will appear to let you know that shopkeepers wont buy the item and that guards will recognise the item as stolen. To remove this marker and have the item be recognised in game as 'legal' then follow one of the 3 methods outlined below:

1. If you have one non-stolen and one stolen item, alternately equipping the two items repeatedly will clear the stolen flag.

2. If you have two stolen items, equipping one item makes the second one appear legitimate. Dropping this item, then dropping the other, still marked stolen, will clear the stolen flag on both.

3. Selling a stolen item to a fencer, then buying it again will clear the flag, as the item is now "legally bought"
metagame and wireframe
open up the control panel (with ~ for those who don't know) and type in tmg. for wireframe type in twf

these are useless (although tmg does help see in the dark)
Paintbrush Glitch
Paint brushes will float in the place where you drop them. If you collect enough, you will be able to jump on them and use them to scale walls, towers and reach high places. Note that this trick can be used to "Escape from" or "Get into" places you're not supposed to. With enough paint brushes and enough patience, you can escape from or get into any place where there's open sky above you, including the very top of the Imperial City Palace!