DRIV3R (PC) Cheats

DRIV3R cheats, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for PC.


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Istanbul Secret Cars
The Vintage Roadster can be found in the Beyoglu West region in the old industrial/projects district. From the 4th starting point (most
northerly) head straight and turn left at the end of this road. Head up the hill and at the end of this road, turn left. Head along this road, and take the first right (at the 4-way intersection). Follow this road until it ends
and turn left at the end. After the curve in the road, the road will end in a T intersection. To your right you will see an entrance to a warehouse type area. Head in here, and follow the road to the 2nd building. Turn right into
the parking lot infront of the 2nd building, and look for the garage to your left ahead. The car in inside here. Its an old black roadster of somekind.

The next Vintage Racer is inside a container at the Istanbul Docks. From the default starting point, head straigh until the road ends at a T
intersection. Turn left here and head across the bridge. When your across the bridge you will see a large white area to your left. The car is in here. There is an archway leading into the little road marked on the map. Head into the
docks via this little road. The road will swerve to the left. The road keeps going, but it isnt marked on the map. Head straight along this road, and it will curve to the right. You will reach a fenced parking lot. Turn right,
following the road, and you will see a large jump infront of you. Head towards the jump, but DON'T jump it. Instead, just before you reach the cones infront of the jump, turn to the right. The road turns to the left, follow it. You will come to a pile of containers on your left, you will see red, blue, blue red. The car is in the second red container. The car looks like an old F1 racing car, and can be quite fast.

The last hidden car in Istanbul can be found at the train depot. From the default starting position, pull a u-turn and head along this road until it intersects with the blue road. Turn left onto the blue road When the blue road ends, turn left again onto a blue road. Take your 2nd right(at the large 4-way intersection) take the 2nd right (just before the train bridge passes over the road) and the train depot is on your immediate left. You will have to get out of your car here, since it won't fit past the old rail cars (unless your on a bike). The car is behind the blue container in the last open warehouse in this row. It's a vintage 2-seater convertable. To get the car out of the depot, you have to follow the train tracks west and there will be an opening in the brock wall.
Kill Timmy easily!
To Kill Timmy easily, use your shotgun (long weapons that you find in your homes) 1 or 2 shots and hes dead.
Miami Secret Car
It's found in Tico's Construction yard, which is in the brown area just west of the main freeway in downtown. For specific directions, refer to 16B in section V. It is found near the river, in a small alleyway between the large brick building. The alleyway is accessible from
the river side of the building. This is a pretty sweet old sports car that resembles an old Shelby, complete with roll bar.
Miami: Pong Arcade Game (proper instructions)
Easy! Just start in Miami called Coconut Grove then turn around. Go forwards until you see a brick building with an M on top. That is the mall where to find the pong arcade game
Miami: Rugby Pitch
In a town called "Little Havana" there is a square on the map. Start at your house and when you get to the street, turn left, then go along the road until you see a highway. Go across the highway until you get to the end, then keep going forwards until you get to Little Havana and you will see a HUGE Rugby Centre called the "Miami Orange Bowl" Note: there are no players on the pitch, only a scoreboard, seats, entrances, and resting places.
Nice Secret Cars
Found in Canges Sur Mer, the VW Hippie Van is a cool yellow VW 60's/70's Microbus, with colorful hippie drawings all over it. Its found in the same location as the Chateau Grimaldi, on the very top of the mountain on the most eastern part of the map. You will see the circular roads to the north this is the mountain. Travel all the way up this mountain, until you reach the
top (it can be very confusing, but you should make it eventually). Once at the top, look for the restaurant with the outdoor seating and tables. Just to the left of this restaurant you will see an opening in the wall, a tunnel leading
to the other side. Don't go through it, but look to the left of it. There will be a garage (brown door) that will open when you walk up to it and reveal the Hippie Van.

Another impressive roadster can be found at the airport, in the fire department garage. Once at the airport, go out onto the runway and head east
(towards central Nice) past ytour safehouse. Adead of you you should see an open hangar/garage that you can see right through. To the left (north) of this there is a road leading to the fire department garage. The car is in the left garage. It comes complete with pink flames up the hood, and a great hot rod look to it.

Another cool car is found on the 'Fin Penninsula' which is the most south-eastern section of Nice. Look for the 2 roundish blocks on the south eastern tips of the penninsula, this is where you want to go. Once your
at the very southern tip of the 2nd rounded block, you will see a villa with a car parked out front, and a road leading further out thats not marked on the map. You want to take this road, and follow it to the right. As your driving along this road, watch out for the first driveway on the left. It's paved and leads upward. Head up here, and out back of the house. You will see a 2 car garage to the left. The forklift is in the right door.
Not all police are gone in Miami
At the main menu at the Take A Ride setup menu (chose city's, cars, starting position etc.) When you turn the police OFF, that does not get all the police out of Miami. Do you remember the undercover mission Police HQ (the first mission)? Go to the police HQ and when you open the door, you will see an officer on the computer.

WEARING: Police Uniform
WEAPON: Basic white handgun

To make him shoot you, simply shoot him once and he'll say you are under arrest. He will shoot you with his basic gun.
Race against the Go-Kart in any car
Ok so you need start in Miami. Drive to the Race track. (basically drive towards the blue dot on the map (amoury) and then go towards the hotel, turn left and go through the drain system)

Once you are at the track you need to go into the Pit Lane in your car. (pit lane is on the left of the track if you are following it the right way round.)

Park up next to the Go Kart and get out. A Go Kart should go past on the home straight. Now you can race it.

NB. you may need to go round the track once so that the Go Kart already parked there disspears. Then just do the getting out and getting in bit again.
Soundless Cars
To get a soundless car you have to have the Invincibility Cheat.

What you have to do is to fill the damage bar for a car and make sure it is the right way up. (on its wheels) Then when you get in you can still drive it because of the invincibility cheat.

But wait, there is a difference. When you move the car there is no sound. The engine doesn't make a noise and you can't here it when you skid. All you can here is crunching metal when you crash.
The very Driver Series hallmark bug
This is a nice bug, that is not really a glitch, since it is only small. This bug however has large consequences for some missions and makes them easy to beat.

Remember the bomb truck mission?
Okay, when the hunters are on your tail, exit your vehicle, and they'll be going for you instead of taking the loot you just scored back. This is the very same in Driver: Parallel lines. So just shoot the bastards and continue taking the bombs to your goal.

Simple, huh?
Timmy Vermicilli gives you
For killing all 10 Timmy Vermicellis in Miami you get 18 Wheeler Havoc Mode.

This is when Timmy Vermicellis attack you in trucks.

For killing all 10 Timmy Vermicellis in Nice you get Fugitive Mode.

This is when all pedestrians have guns and are trying to kill you.

For killing all 10 Timmy Vermicellis in Istanbul you get Infinite Mass Mode.

This is when the car you are in has infinite mass and can push other cars out the way like they are almost nothing, also your car cannot be damaged.

To activate these modes on the city you are in you must walk into the armory in the city, each mode only works on the city it is unlocked on.


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Car Blast Survival
If you count the number of seconds between a car catching fire and exploding, you will come to the conclusion that this period of time is always the same, which we can take advantage of.

If you fire up a car until it is burning, count, and one second before it blows, press the key to enter the car. If you did it right, the car will blow when you are still entering it and you will have suffered from the blast but you wouldn't have died. This also works for getting out of a car.
Criminal A.I. Failure
Okay, remember if you aim your gun at some people it turns red, yes?

Now track someone like that INSIDE his/her car (no bikes, guys!).
Make sure that the criminal doesn't exit the car, but block his/her way by placing a car in front of it.

Now hijack some other cars to block to doors of the vehicle with, so the criminal won't be able to exit the car.

Now go stand on top of the car and enjoy the epic fail of this AI:

- The criminal will start driving the car away
- The criminal, however doesn't stop driving and making speed until he/she is dead by a crash.
- You just watch it all from a comfortable place on top of the car, suffering no damage AT ALL.
Ferrari jumping
Choose the truck with the trailer already attached to it, and you can't unattach it, next choose miami and start next to the monorail. turn around, and make your way to the end of the road, turn left towards the highway and start driving on the wrong side of the road.

Now, once you see a ferrari (low front with a spoiler on it), head straight for it and ram it. It will not always work, but sometimes the truck will use it as a ramp and jump straight over it.
Gravity Glitch
Go to Tanners house and shoot the ventilator from the ceiling, so that the shaft is over the edge of the upper story. If you go upstairs and walk onto it, it will however not drop down, as you think it should, according to the laws of gravity. Not much, but it IS one of the many DRIV3R glitches.
Miami Underworld & Miami Rooftops
PART A : Underworld

Take the Miami gokart, start next to the Miami monorail and drive towards the bridge. Before going over the bridge, turn right and drive under the monorail tracks. Where the colour of the building to the right changes, step out of the kart and try enter the space beyond the bushes that are there from the left. You will see a hole there. Don't drop in it. Exit again. Now you know where the entrance is, so it is easier to enter it with the kart now. go to the upper right corner of the space and drop into the big part of the hole.

If you used a bike here you will see why you shouldn't use it.
If you followed my advice, start counting after the kart hit something for the first time. Stop counting when it hits something for the second time. The kart will probabily blow now.

Never mind, try again. Now count again and since you know when the kart is going to have an impact for the second time, you can time exactly to exit the vehicle four seconds before impact. If you did it right, you will now stand on an invisible floor and you will be able to walk around and see the city above.

PART B : Rooftops

Start walking towards the east, and when on the map you approach a road, start walking slowly until you are going up. Stop there immediately, and if you have done it right, you will appear in the overworld, but on top of the roof of the building where you entered the Underworld Glitch.
Opening doors through walls
Go to Tanners house (in Miami) and go upstairs. enter the bedroom, but make sure you don't open the door to the balcony yet. now go inside the bedroom, start walking into the wall between the bedroom and the balcony, and while still running into the wall, slightly tilt the camera towards the door so Tanner is slowly going that way.

If you did it right, you will see that the door towards the balcony has been opened to the INSIDE, which means you have opened it from the bedroom side, through the wall.
Secret Area in Nice - High Hills
There is a secret area in Nice where you can climb the high hills, see the back of buildings, and fall to your death under Nice's ground.

Go to "Take a Ride" then select the city nice, and make sure the vehicle is the boat with an arch on top of it.

Start in the river area (defaulty chosen), go straight ahead and stop until you see a blue skip crate. Park the boat near the cliffside and get on the front. When you are on the front, jump onto the cliffside and you will see a building. Explore the landscape and you will get to the high hills.

To fall under nice, basicly carry straight on until you see cars going on the roads. There will be some black parts of the city. Just walk straight to it and you will fall under Nice. Eventually there is floor at the bottom so you will die.
Sudden death
Free ride -> Miami -> Motor bike

Go to a monorail station, drive on the left side of the rails and let the monorail train approach from behind. Try staying on the track of the monorail by steering. Suddenly your bike will fly away in slow motion and a message saying "You Died" will fill the screen.
Underneath cars
Make sure you have the gokart, then start anywhere in Miami. Drive towards a delivery van, approaching it from the back, and ram it. Make sure you didn't go too fast. If you did it right, the kart will lift the van and will pass the van from beneath, dropping the van perfectly down again. This works for other vehicles too, but not so well as for the van.
Weapon glitch
Take a bike in free ride, and ram a wall. When you are still lying on the ground, press the fire button to wield a weapon. if you did it correctly, you will now wield it, but Tanner is animated like he doesn't hold a gun at all. The clearest way to make sure that this happened is running around with the gun in your hand. Putting your weapon away or changing it will end the glitch.


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Miami Secret Car
Found in behind the massive Biltmore Hotel (9B, section V) the go-kart is probably the coolest secret car in Miami, and possibly the whole
game. From the default starting point, pull a u-turn and take the first right. Follow this road to the end and turn right (going under the freeway). Head straight and take the 4th left (it is a way's ahead) and head straight under
the weeping trees of Coral Gables and stop when you reach the rectangular block, and you have the Biltmore Hotel sign infront of you. Follow the rectangle to the right, and take the right (leading to the parking lot). Stop before the road turns to the left, and look straight ahead. You will see a path leading to a big tree in the distance. Follow this path, but continue straight as it drops off to the left. You should be heading towards the big tree. When you reach the big tree you will see a tunnel to your left.
Go through the tunnel until you reach the courtyard with a blue gate infront of you. You will see 2 staircases to your left, take the one that leads up to the catwalk which goes all the way around the courtyard. Continue on the
catwalk until you reach the room marked 'Gate Control'. Head into the hallway, arming yourself as you go (Triangle) because there in a Timmy in the next room. Kill the timmy, and flick the switch to open the gates (L1). Go through
the door the is oposite yours, and head down the stairs. You don't have to go back to your car, because there is always cars parked in the next courtyard. Take one of the cars parked here, and turn around taking the tunnel through to the go-kart track. Head striaght, through the cones and broken fencing, and turn left when you get to the track. Head along the track, past the start line and to the right will be pit road. The go-kart is parked on pit road.
Secret Car In Miami
In miami there is a long bridge with a safehouse and if you look on the map there is also a dead end road. At the end of this road there is a garage, drive up to it and it will open to find a yellow car with 2 black stripes. Quit free roam and save game under your profile for this vehicle to be optional when you choose your car.