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Dogz Love
If you want to know if your petz are in love do this when one is asleep pick the other up and the sleeping dog will wake up. Or if you put one away the other will walk slowly backwards.
How to REALLY make your petz fall in love
You might read cheats saying in order for petz to fall in love you need treatz, love potion, a toy doll, perfume, two pillows-but no. Not ALL of that is required. The treatz, doll, perfume, pillows-they are NOT required. Thet don't even help your chances. They are just there to take up room.


~A boy and girl dog or cat, both adults (no cross-breeding dogz and catz)

And that's the minimum that you need. It may take a while for them to fall in love though, which is why this is what I do:

~A boy and girl cat or dog, both adults (no cross-breeding dogs and catz)
~Love potion
~Family room, fireplace turned on

What NOT to do if you want your petz to fall in love:

~Leave the mouse holes open. If you are in the family room, go to 'options' and turn off the mouse holes so that petz won't get distracted when falling love
~Don't spray with a love potion or any other spray if they are..
a) gazing at each other
b) rubbing noses
c) licking each others faces
d) pacing around each other
~Don't pet an animal while they are gazing at each other, rubbing noses, licking each others faces, or pacing around each other


~They are gazing at each other
~They are rubbing noses
~They are licking each others faces
~They are pacing around each other
~They get sad if you put the other pet away
~If you have toy doll doll out, one pet may pick it up in its mouth and give it the other pet
put your two adult pets you want to fall in love in a room (the beach or living room works best)without any items. Leave them there for 5-10 hours without interacting with them and when you come back the note saying they are going to have puppies/kittens should be there.<img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> (by the way, you don't have to wait at your computer for the whole time, just leave the program up and go do something not on your computer)
More Puppys :Dx
When Your Dog/Cat Falls Pregnant In Order To Get More Than One Puppy You Must, Take Your Dog on its Own, Get a Love Potion (Cupids Love Potion is The Best), Then Spray Your Dog With The Love Potion A Few Times Then Put It Back In The Door, But Befor You Do This Make Sure Your Dog is Healthy And Not Hungry Or Thursty <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> Then The Next Day Your Repete This But only Repete This Once a Day, Untill The Birth And See Your 2-4 Puppys <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />x

Enjoy <3x
petz in love-quick puppies
to make your petz in love,follow these rules:
1-set down these things:love potion,perfume,any treats,music box,2 pillows.
2-set the music to the romantic french song.
3-let both the dogz out.
4-spray them both with the love potion and perfume.
5-see how they react.
6-if they start fighting,spray them both with the spray bottle.
7-if they react well(gaze at each other intently)give them both treats.
8-also,you will know when your dogz are in love if - they are lying down and you place a treat between them but they dont pay attention and they just carry on gazing at each other.
9-soon,a note will come up telling you that the female dog is due to have a baby.

if you have followed these rules-congratulations!good luck in raising your puppies! enjoy :-)
Signs of sickness and what to do
Usually, when you do not dress up your pet when you go into the snow scene or pour cold water on your pet with the watering can, your pet will get sick. Signs usually are coughing and sneezing. What you should do is first, you should have some medicine. It's a bottle that is white, and has a blue cap with a little white part on top, and a red stripe with a white + sign on it. Bring out your pet's favorite food or water bowl, and grab the medicine and put it over your bowl, and it will squirt some medicine into it. A sign that it worked is you hear the sound your food makes when it hits the ground, and for those with good hearing, will hear a faint drip sound. Just have your poor sick kitty or puppy eat or drink, and eventually he or she will feel better.
If you DO NOT wish for your pet to become sick dress him in tartan before taking him into the snow scene. If you don't your pet/petz will become ill!!
when u change time make sure u cheack up on ur petz
When you change time, only change about 5 days, then check up on all pets or else you lose them.


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Always Win Against the Knight (rock, paper, siscors)
When you play against the knight pick any of the options. When he reveals what thing he was doing quickly click on the option that beats his (ex. if he uses rock click paper) before the thing turns red.

Sorry if this doesn't work for anyone else, it works for me! =D


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Don't change the time!!!
Changing the time on your dog 5 game or catz 5 will cause your game to freeze after a few days evenn if you only do it once! The only way to get your game working after that is to uninstall it and loose everything you've earned!

Trust me i know from past expirience.
Get Puppies Fast
This cheat works on catz and dogz, basicly all you do is get your petz to fall in love, make sure they're adults. then when it says Kittens/Puppies are due in a few days close the programme go down to your clock (on the comp) click on "adjust date/time" then set the time foward about 5 days and then load the programme back up click on your pregnant pet then they should be in the nursery. Hope this cheat helps
How to Make Your Dogz Fall In Love
1. In the Family Room, set down the following Love Items on the fireplace ledge: love potion, perfume, any type of treats (you don't need the Luvz, a spray bottle and Music Box. Put two heart pillows on the floor.
2. Take out your two dogs. Make sure that they are both adults and diffrent genders.
3. Turn on the music box to a romantic song.
4. Spray both dogs with as many squirts of love potion and perfume as you would like.
5. Wait for a little while and see how the dogz interact. Whenever the two dogz begin to fight, spray them both with the spray bottle. Immediatly after spray them both with the love potion and perfume.
6. Keep watching them interact. When they interact in a good way, feed them both a treat.
7. You know when your dogz are in love when: they stare at eachother intentley, they groom eachother, the male may do some tricks to show off in front of the female, the female may try and play hard to get by sitting with her back facing him, when on of the dogz goes to sleep and the other curls up beside them.
8. When you see these signs, do the Treat Test. Drop a treat next to them when they are staring at eachother. If they do not go to eat the treat, they are well in love. If they go to eat the treat, then you still have a little while before puppies will be expected.
9. If they fight when you see the signs that they are in love, don't worry. They are still in love and probably had a little disagreement.
10. When you adopt your puppies, or when they are grown from newborns and you have another dog you have planned them with and the two don't seem to like eachother, don't worry, even dogz who hate eachother in the beginning can turn out to be expectant parents.
11. If you are impatient and don't want to wait the few days that it takes for the puppies to be born, close the Dogz 5 window. Then double click on the clock in the bottom right corner of your screen. Change the date to the next day. Please only change one day at a time, or your female may fall into a "stuck pregnancy" so be careful. In about three days the puppies should be born. If you want them to be able to leave the nursery and don't want to wait, do the same with them being born by changing one day at a time, making sure to close the window before each time you change the day. Change the days whenever you want the pregnancy to be rushed, the change from newborn to puppy to be rushed and the change from puppy to adult to be rushed.
Hope this helps!