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$$$How to get fast money early in game$$$
Ok when your in Incarnam go to Foreman Ikure in Incarnam at (3,3) who gives you a profession and get the Alchemist profession and gather flax for the next 10 profession lvls.


Ok when you lvl 10 in Alchemist go to Asturb and go to the resource sellroom (you should have about 4,500 Kamas when your there) Buy 3 patches of 100 water, go to the Alchemist workshop at
5,-20 and make some Mini Healing potions.
After you done that go to the Alchemist sellroom and sell them for about 50 each.
Submitted by: star fox 1 on May 26, 2007
Easy levels
Ok if you don't wanna waste your time trying forever to get a spell or a certain level get the Adventurer Set and have a friend that has some White/Golden/Ivory Parchements you get easy levels if you have high wisdom and plus its a great way to save time not fighting monsters and dying
Submitted by: ShadowFire316 on November 21, 2009
How To Get Fast Kamas

Any Level
Join any huge group of people that are attacking gobballs [usually around the north gate] you may be wondering why, this is so that your prospecting gets raised and you get a lot of kamas and sometimes items.

Submitted by: duker nuker on March 08, 2007
How to get to lvl 20 in a couple of hours!
When you make a guy do all the quest in Incarnam, once you do that fight on Chafers there.
When you about lvl 15 go to Astrub and go to the forest and fight prespics and boars, but before you do that do some quests there too.
Submitted by: star fox 1 on July 18, 2007