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Mana and gold set to 9999: moneyfornothing
Reset party movement points to full: borntorun
Heal party: help!
Win mission: wearethechampions
Lose mission: loser
Hide map: paintitblack
Reveal map: herecomesthesun
Allow buildings in the capital again: anotherbrickinthewall
Peace with all countries: givepeaceachance
War with all countries: badtothebone
Alliance with all countries: cometogether
All party members almost at next experience level: jump
All party members level up: stairwaytoheaven
Revive fallen units: lifeisacarnival
Know units within enemy cities and generals: allalongthewatchtower
AI does not notice you: invisibletouch
Advance to a day: letsdothetimewarpagain
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Imperial Zhou Tai on November 08, 2006