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Descent cheats, and Codes for PC.

Descent Cheats

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Cheat enable
During gameplay type gabbagabbahey to enable cheats.
Submitted by: SamusX10 on August 20, 2004
Easy Item Reconvery
There are certain tricks you can do for an easy item recovery when you are certain you are going to die. One is to close a door, turn to a wall and fire one concussion missile, basically killing yourself. This way your times dotn spread out but are stuck in a narrow space. Another thing to do is go to where you will respawn, there is only one set point afterall, and kill yourself. THis way right after dieing, you get your stuff back.
Submitted by: Turkagent on August 10, 2003
Final Boss
The Final Boss is a super tough boss. After going through the levels his is in the giangantic room with all the enemy spawners. He can turn invisible and shoots smart missles(which after hitting you let out energy plasma waves). This often kills you in one hit so its not easily beaten. What you need to do is go into the energy feild in teh corner. Then Slide out into the open using the slide button. Look for him and shoot if you see him then slide back into the feild and that way, he cant and wont shoot you.
Submitted by: Turkagent on August 10, 2003
Free Homing Missiles
On the very first level there is a secret room with free homing missiles. Go down the corridor toward the hostages. Turn and head towards the fan. Take the right path and then take either way. Then look up at the room and shoot it. A secret room will open up with free missiles.
Submitted by: Turkagent on August 10, 2003
Hot Keys
In the game it tells you the hot keys for back and forward turning and a bunch of stuff but they keyboard numbers do things that it doesnt tell you(the one above the letters). They each select a certain weapon.

2-Vulcan Cannon
3-Spread Fire
4-Plasma Cannon
5-Fusion Cannon
6-Concussion Missile
7-Homing Missile
8-Smart Missile
9-Mega Missile

Also, on the subject of hot keys, the slides are not set and neither is the auto-forward pilot.
Submitted by: Turkagent on August 10, 2003
Level skip
During regular gameplay type farmer joe to jump to the begining of any level available in descent. Does not enable scenario levels.
Submitted by: SamusX10 on August 20, 2004
Various Cheats
Type GABBAGABBAHEY, in order to enable cheats.

Then type:

bigred: All weapons.
buggin: Turbo!
ahimsa: Enemies don't fire you[type again if you want to disable it]
biopsytoys: Destroys reactor.
bruin: Extra life.
Submitted by: Unforgiven on June 23, 2007