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1. Start the game.
2. Load a Single-Player Hunting Map.
3. Hit the Tilde Key ( ~ ), which is usually above your TAB key, to open the Console.
4. Enter your codes in the following format: /Cheat
Example: /Cheat Predator
NOTE: Use the same cheat code again to de-activate that particular cheat.
5. Hit either Escape or Tilde to return to the game.
Show all the animals as red dots on the GPS screen. The default key for the GPS is number 5 on your keyboard. This is similar to the movie "Aliens".
The prey becomes passive. They will not run away from you.
A clip from the movie will be shown.
Move super fast, just like the comic book hero "The Flash"! NOTE: This make the animals also move super fast.
Become the "Predator." All objects will give off heat signatures as seen through the eyes of the Predator, from the movie staring Arnold Schwarzenegger
The sun will shine brighter, illuminating the
Rain will fall triumphantly from the sky.

Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Imperial Zhou Tai on November 06, 2006