Dead Island (PC) Cheats

Dead Island cheats, Unlockables, and Codes for PC.


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ID location - Resort
UnlockableHow to unlock
ID1. "Passport To Life"quest - in a blue suitcase in front of Bungalow #4.
ID2. Coastal Pier - a bar at the end of the pier, east of the Lifeguard Tower, above the weapon chest.
ID3. At the coast - directly north of #2, on the windows edge of the Lifeguard Stand.
ID4. At the coast - on a beach blanket on the shore, east and slightly north of the bungalow used in the "A Ray Of Hope" side quest.
ID5. Diamond Bungalow District - north of #4, in a bungalow, on the table in the living room.
ID6. Diamond Bungalow District - north of #5, on the center table on the stage.
ID7. In the bunker (unlocked during the "Black Hawk Down" main quest) - on some crates.
ID8. Diamond Bungalow District- a bar on the beach of the small island east of #6
ID9. Diamond Bungalow District - in the eastern most bungalow, south and slightly to the east of #8, near the bathtub.
ID10. Diamond Bungalow District - second bungalow to the right, to the west of #9, on the bed.
ID11. "Too Much Sugar" side quest (Silver Bungalow District) - as you are coming to Bungalow #14, it is in the building to the right on a desk.
ID12. Golden Bungalow District - bungalow with Kim and Anne, nightstand near the bed.
ID13. Golden Bungalow District - in the bungalow with Luke Craig, on the nightstand, near the bed.
ID14. "Seek And Loot"quest - when you get to the gas station, it is in the back room on a table by the juice boxes and cash register.
ID15. warehouse north-west of North Gas Station - on the desk.
ID16. warehouse beside the mechanic's shop - on the roof.
ID17. warehouse west of the mechanic's shop - under the lamp on the right counter.
ID18. hotel exterior - near the front entrance, by the buses, in an open suitcase.
ID19. hotel exterior - inside the bar with the "Dead Zone" graffiti (it is unlocked during the "Born To Be Wild" main quest).
ID20. hotel exterior - in the south-eastern women's underground washroom, on the sink.
ID21. hotel exterior - in the bungalow where you find Anne's bear from the "Toy Story" side quest.
ID22. hotel exterior - in the bungalow from the "Gold Digger" quest, in some open luggage.
ID23. hotel exterior - in the survivor Steve Summers' bungalow, in the living room.
ID24. On the roof of of the South Gas Station.
ID25. At the far west road on the map - about 180 meters north of the gas station is a truck that has crashed into a light post, near two crash police cars. It is on the dashboard.
ID26. "Born To Be Wild" quest in the hotel - it is next to one of the servers that you have to reset (after #29 and #30).
ID27. Meat Locker in the hotel - in the middle of the room, on the floor near a corpse.
ID28. In the hallway after the elevator - after jumping down the shaft and exiting the elevator, it is near a corpse on the floor.
ID29. "Born To Be Wild" quest in the hotel - after you walk through the shower room, it is on a shelf to the right (after #30).
ID30. "Born To Be Wild" quest - it is straight ahead on a couch after entering the hotel.