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Crimson Skies Cheats

Crimson Skies cheats, Tips, and Codes for PC.

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   (last update - Oct 09 2000)

Hidden Mission Select

Starting in the campaign main menu, highlight the microphone on the left hand side and press the right mouse button. Typing "idaho" will release a new drop down menu that allows any level to be selected.

Crimson Skies Tips

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Turn away
Sometimes enemy planes fly away from you, and you can't catch up. That kinda sucks, but I found a solution: Turn away. If everything is alright your opponent will turn towards you. So flying away for like 5 seconds will do and if you turn back the enemy will fly towards you. And thus makes it easier to complete the mission.
Submitted by: gamesaucer on July 13, 2010

Crimson Skies Cheats

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Be Invincible
Go to the weapons loadout screen and type in I AM THE ACE
Submitted by: bladingfreak on August 08, 2005
Mission Select
Go to the campaign menu and left click (some say right click) on the microphone at the left of the screen then type in idaho. Now you should be able to access any mission thru a menu that should appear.
Submitted by: bladingfreak on August 08, 2005