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Crime Cities Cheats

Crime Cities cheats, and Codes for PC.

Older Cheats:

   (last update - Dec 09 2000)

These cheats work on the demo and probably the full version too. In game, hit the tilde button ("~") to activate the chat option, and type the following to get busy.

_GIVEMEALLWEAPONSGives you all weapons, duh
_GIVEMEALLAMMOGives you full ammo for weapons
_GIVEMEMAXENERGYMaxes out your energy
_GIVEMEAFUCKEnd the game, gruesome way
_GIVEMETHEMONEYAdds money to your bankaccount)

submitted by Cheat GumShoe

Crime Cities Cheats

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Submitted by: bladingfreak on August 08, 2005