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codes cheat

Please enter these at the driver/car selection screen
CodeWhat it does
[Crtl]+[Alt]+[Shift]+F8Another day level.
[Crtl]+[Alt]+[Shift]+F9Bike taxi (cycle-rickshaw).
[Crtl]+[Alt]+[shift]+F7Expert mode.
[Crtl]+[Alt]+[Shift]+F6No arrows.
[Crtl]+[Alt]+[Shift]+F5No destination marks.
[Ctrl]+[Alt]+[Shift]+F2Reset system during game.
[ctrl]+[alt]+[shift]+f10have more moneys
Verified by: gzimsomani, nihadalam Submitted by: saurmani, saurmani on January 15, 2011

In-game Passwords

While playing, press Ctrl+Alt+Down Arrow. The taxi and others cars will flip.
PasswordWhat it does
Ctrl+Alt+down arrowThe taxi and others cars will flip.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: yoyoy on May 20, 2013


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Crazy Taxi Cheats

Make $700 on first fare
While you are at the beginning of the game, hit reverse instead of going forward. Pick up the client who will pay you $700 for a ride to the bottom of the hill.

Make $975 for a fare

Go up to the roof of the parking garage by driving up the ramp on one of the corners. To the left will be an old lady standing on an umbrella. Give her a ride to the police station.

Warp Speed

While driving forwards, let go off both pedals and hit reverse. Then, throw it back into Driver and hit the gas. Your car will instantly reach top speed.


While you are picking up or dropping off a client, hit the brake. Set it into Reverse until the FMV sequence is done and put it into Drive while holding down the gas.

Swimmer Client

To pick up a snorkeling customer, do the following: Start by picking up the person closest to you, who wants to go to the cable car stop. After leaving her off, make a sharp left and pick up the client in a large hat. She will want to go to the West Side Beach. Drop her off and go straight into the water.

Be a Motorcycle

Insert the coins and hold the gas and brake pedals. Push Start and push the clutch up, then, release the pedals. Choose your driver and push the clutch down and press Start.

Start at Tower

While choosing a driver, hold the clutch in reverse and press Start. Finally, release the clutch.

Verified by: ronaldoevan, igoraleksic98 Submitted by: Zep on November 30, 2002

Make the Car Fly

Click the reverse button four times and then click the start button. Click Arcade or Original. Select a driver, and when you go fast or jump, your car will fly for 15 seconds.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: ashiq on June 18, 2007