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Cossacks: Back to War Cheats

Cossacks: Back to War cheats, and Codes for PC.


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Hit enter then the type in: money.

You will have all the commodities (gold, stone, iron, cole, wood and food).
Control enemies and allies
type in multitvar and press p and you may make spare soildersfor free (may not use resources but will not work unless you have same types of countrys on or resources)
Map Editor
At the main menu, hold down CTRL and click the intro button. Use buttons F2 to F12 to make and place things.

NOTE: The text will be in Ukraine language.

Show the Entire Map
Hit enter then type in: www

This will let you see the whole map.
Win Game
Press enter, type this cheat and press enter again to activate it.

Win game: VICTORY