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Command & Conquer: Yuri's Revenge cheats, Tips, and Codes for PC.


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"Allied Ground Rush" for America
- Legend -
WCS = Worst Case Scenario; below the tactic summary is help on how to counter the opponent if the tactic isn't 100% success.

"Allied Ground Rush" – This strategy tells you how to rush a Soviet player (presumably Iraq) as America. Works best on small maps such as "Blood Feud" This tactic may not be as reliable on large maps or 2 vs. 2 games; as you'll leave your base open.


Deploy Conyard, build Power Plant, build Barracks, Build Ore Refinery, and build Airforce Command.

At the same time, make 2 GIs, and deploy beside Barracks; usually kills opponent scout.

Now waypoint Barracks to opponent base, make 1 Rocketeer; scout with it. Build War Factory. If possible, don't let Rocketeer die; shoot a structure once, then bring back to base. If you're lucky, you'll have scared them into making an unnecessary Flak Cannon, or Flak Track.

Make 1 Chrono Miner, 2 IFVs, and 4 Grizzlies. Move 2 GIs to War Factory; deploy them to kill possible Terror Drones. (see WCS 1)

When Grizzlies are starting to build, start 2nd Ore Refinery. "On hold" Grizzlies when money below 1000, unless a Grizzly is nearly ready, or a miner will soon return to Ore Refinery.

Make 1 Engineer, 1 Guardian GI, set down 2nd Ore Refinery. Place Engineer and GGI in IFVs.

Your paradrop should be ready by now; select target somewhere outside opponent base – preferably NOT near opponent miners. Now send your 4 Grizzlies and Engi-IFV and GGI-IFV to where you paradropped. Make another Chrono Miner.

You will not attack the opponent's base. Instead, use GGI-IFV to move close enough to fire on his Rhino Tanks – this will force them to automatically move toward you – run GGI-IFV back to where your paradrop is; if his tanks dare follow, your paradrop and Grizzlies usually rape them. If opponent isn't paying attention, you can kill all their tanks this way. (see WCS 2)

Remember that if you GGI-IFV ever gets hit, heal it with the Engi-IFV which should be on the sidelines.

If Chrono Miner is finished, make 2 Harriers. 2nd Paradrop should be ready; deploy near opponent Radar if they have one.
Make a few more Grizzlies; any amount really.

Kill Radar with paradrop – use Harriers to bomb opponent Desolaters if they exist. If none, make Harriers bomb Radar, in case paradrop dies to opponent Sentry Guns too early. Continue using GGI-IFV to kill any opponent tanks. If they have none, include all your Grizzlies and attack opponent's miners.

At this point you are so ahead in money, that any strategy after this will own them. Eg: attack opponent base with Grizzlies and GIs if they haven't quit yet. If their enduring you constant harassment and may still get money to build units, then make a SEAL-IFV to guard your base, build Battle Lab, make a few Prism Tanks to set near your assault and start actually killing structures. Continue to use the planes regularly.

[WCS 1]
If opponent is going to use 1 Engineer, 2 Terror Drone, in Flak Track to get your Conyard. Place 2 GIs in 2 IFVs (usually made ready by then) and attack Engineer as soon as it comes out of Flak. If IFVs are Terror Drone'd, deploy GIs out and deploy them; they'll usually kill the drones.

[WCS 2]
If opponent has more tanks than you, and goes around your assault (paradrop / 4 Grizzlies / 2 IFVs) to attack your base, take over opponent Conyard or War Factory with Engi-IFV, start building Barracks, and send Grizzlies to attack opponent Miners. (this usually makes opponent come back to his base) Weather he comes back to his base or not, you are more likely to win. Set down Barracks at opponent captured structure, make Engineer to try to take another structure; use your Grizzlies as fodder to take hits from Sentry Guns, or returning Rhino Tanks. After Engi, make almost non-stop GIs (a few GGIs too if you're confident) kill his Rhinos, or kill his base before he kills yours. If he came back, sell your 2nd Refinery for extra money.

This rarely fails if you practice it enough. A great way to go on a Quick Match winning spree. This can also work against Yuri and Allied opponents, except its best to replace Harriers with a SEAL-IFV to kill infantry, and wait for an opening to C4 your opponent to death.
Anti-Infantry and Anti-Tank
Place 3 Guardian GIs inside a BattleFortress. Then place a Navy Seal or Tanya (Sniper is also a good option)and place a Chrono Legionaire inside.
Base Defence Tip For Map: Arena
Yeah we all know about the map called Arena that's in a small town with a baseball stadium in the center. But lets cut to the chase, if you love making a nice and working defence then this tip and defence strategy is for you.

I only have a handy tip for Yuri's side at the moment so bare with me here.

Lets get started:

All right, start making the cheap infantry unit { Which costs about 200$ } now keep making them till you have enough for each bunker at the front of the base, now send your 200$ infantry to the bunkers till they fill up. If you have one or more slots remaining inside the bunker{S} keep sending some of the infantry till it is fully filled up.

This also adds a strength increase for the fire they use with their brain. Also with more of these guys inside the bunker the more powerful it is to destroy an armour unit.

Now that we have that finished and out of the way lets start with our air defence.

We all know about the famous Gattling Cannon Turret right? Which can shoot at air and ground targets. Now build at least 4 in the middle of the bunkers. 2 on the left and 2 on the right sides of the road line area.

This will come in handy for those annoying Allied Harriers and Russian Kirovs.

That about sums it up for this base defence tip.
Base Defence Tip Update: Arena
All right I finally have a tip for the Allied and Soviet side for Arena.

First off its about the same idea for the Soviets and Allied, but with a bit more defences to be made, and the lay out.

Okay, lets start of with my favorite side the Soviets.

Start cranking out those 100$ troops and send them to the bunkers. { As I've said in the Yuri tip for Arena }

Next build four Tesla Coils in the middle of the bunkers. { Also the same spot where the Gattling Cannons were placed at }

Now this part will cost some money.

Build 6 Flak Cannons put 6 on the right of the bunkers in lines.

Now build another 6 and place them on the left of the bunkers in lines.

Now the more Flak Cannons you have the better. If all of the Flak Cannons are firring at a same target it will do down easily. The Flak clouds are very dangerous.

That raps it up for the Soviets.

Now on to the Allied Military.

Build four Prism Towers and place them in the middle of the said bunkers. Next build at least 8 Patriot Missle defence systems and place them on the left and right sides of the bunkers.

Now you've got a great air defence and ground defence.

Also, be sure to create those G.I.s now and send them to the bunkers like so.


There you have it both Allied and Soviet defence tips.^^
Paratrooper Madness
Play as America, or if not, capture a air drop station. Next, find a desent place to drop them on and do 8-11 drops to work. When you have the army, send them to destroy the beginning, or front of their base to the back. I'll a sure this will work if done right!!!
Soviet third mission CHEAT
Before you start the 3nd mission in the Soviet campaign, go to skirmish and disable super weapons. When you're in the mission, order Boris and some tesla troopers(build some) to destroy the psy beacon(use tesla troopers to protect Boris from gattling tanks because there will be too many of them and use Boris to destroy the defences and then then beacon). After that, Yuri will build a Psy Dominator but it will not activate because you disabled super weapons! then you get Tanya and Boris with some tanks and soldiers to destroy the base! Have fun!


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Get the super bomb truck
get a Crazy Ivan (Chorno Ivan is good too) into an IFV. Then the IFV will become an super bomb truck. The super bomb trucks have a huge exploision (Better than demolition strucks).

To get both Crazy ivan (Soviet) and IFV(Allied) you can capture the enemy's Construct Center with opposive force or get your spy into Soviet Battle Lab go unlock Chorno Ivan
money at populatid places
bild a grinder & masterminds 3 to4 or more if you want take them & take control of people running around then put them in your grinder instent money
Tesla Fortress
For this cheat to work, you have to start as an Allied team, then capture a Soviet Barracks. Build a Battle Fortress and put 4 tesla troops in it. And then put at least 1 tanya, navy seal, or sniper to pick of infantry.

Tesla IFV
Put a tesla troop into an IFV and now you have a cheap tesla tank.