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Soviet Tips

Invincible Demolition Trucks
Build five or six Demolition Trucks and have a fully charged Iron Curtain ready. Drive the Demolition Trucks into an enemy base and engage the Iron Curtain on them before enemy weapons can hit them. The Demolition Trucks will not explode until they reach the target.

Trojan bus
When playing as the Soviets, use a Yuri to mind control a school bus. Load five infantry units into the bus and drive it inside an enemy base. The Allies will not fire on the bus.

Tip: Never Know What Hit Em'submitted by Gscsa73088
  1. Build a square wall, and place at least 4 prism towers inside.
  2. Have a ready chronosphere, then chronoshift an enemy vehicle inside the square and let the towers do the rest.
  3. The computer will gather a small group of troops to try to invade your base periodically.

  4. Find this task force and chronoshift them any where on the map
  5. This will kill any troop that is inside the "bubble"

Free Promotions for your unitssubmitted by The Undertaker
Get a spy into the enemy's barracks/war factory and all units coming out of your barracks/war factory will start off promoted to one bar giving them better range, self healing and more powerful weapons!


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,.-:'~^"!!!EASY WIN ON SKIRMISH (be Allied and have your opponent on easy enemy)!!!"^~':-.,
This could be used with Soviet as well, i don't know because i haven't tried. you'll have to work it out your self.

firstly go into skirmish and click on random map. make a map with team continents this will create two islands (it doesn't matter what you use except superweapons which I'll come too). you can also make lots of money by making resources really high. you can now start your battle.

secondly you start building your base make sure that you have defences on the river bank because of water attacks. build up a rather large army you'll not be attacked on land but you probably will on water so you have to be quick get all of your troops and vehicles into amphibian hovercrafts. take them over to the other island (remember hovercrafts CAN go on land) unload this may take some time but its worth it then you can attack

if you want to use superweapons you should hide a construction vehicle away from the base with a small army

A 5 minuite way to do the allied Chicago mission
When you begin the mission you get 6 destroyers. The first bobjective is to establish a base; ignore it! Once the grand cannons are destroyed send all 6 destroyers along the coast heading north until you come to an inlet. Sail down it ignoring all of the subs in your way. You will come to the physic amplifier, the second objective. Destroy it with your boats. The mission will then be accomplished.
A.I. gets bankrupt
there is a level in the skirmish map selection that gives u a lot of money cus of all the oilfascillities i dont exactly remember the name but there is a circle of land in the middle and on all the sides there is land. its snow, after this take ur tanks that u get in the beginning and drive up to the enemy and destroy all of the bridges leading up to the enemy's base. now u take ur engineers and take as much fascilities as u can, after a while u will have insane much money, and u can build everything that u want.
AI desolator
This only works if the enemy ai is iraqi. Use a yuri/yuri prime and mind control their desolator and deploy it (probably near their barracks). Then unmind control it by ctrl firing the ground with the yuri. The desolator is now the ai's but the ai will not undeploy it. It will damage all units nearby with its radiation.
Alliance Destruction
This cheat will destroy anyone that you want to destroy, but are allied with. First, start off as any team,(I prefer France) and make sure build off ally conyards is on. Then, start the game and ally with someone you would like to obliverate. Next, start building a lot of defense in your ally's base, (your ally should think you are doing them a favor) like prism towers or grand cannons. (if you're france) when you think you have enough denfense to destroy a base, and withstand some of thier men or defense (if they have any) break the alliance, and watch the base crumble. Note: about only 5-7 grand cannons needed will destory a base.
Another note: This cheat will almost always work if short game is on because once the buildings are gone so are the soldiers.
Alternate Prism Tower with anti-airgun
This is a effective way of defeating infantry and air units and the total cost is around $2600 but effective.

Start off as Allies and create a prism tank and order to where you want your defence, then construct a patroit missile turrent behind or side of the tank and then surround it with walls.
Automatic Win
First you go to skirmish, then put the enemy on average or brutal (average is better for this to work). Next if you are making a lot of money you should buy about 30 tanks. Then you take the tanks and send them into the enemy base; the enemy won't be able to stop the attack. Then you order the tanks to attack the buildings. You may lose some tanks but that is ok.
Avoid all tanks on soviet mission 6-sub divide
Move all your units back into the transports. Move them west until you see an island. Build your base there, collect all four money crates, and capture the airport. Now you avoided the tanks completely.
Battle Lab Infiltration
Using a spy (or a mind-controlled spy if you are the soviets), you can infiltrate opponent battle labs. If you infiltrate an Allied Battle Lab, you are given Chrono Commando if you have an Allied Barracks. If you capture or own a Soviet Barracks, you can also create Chrono Ivan. If you infiltrate a Soviet Battle lab, you can create PSI Commando using the Allied Barracks
and Yuri Prime for Soviet Barracks.

PS: To get Chrono Ivan or Yuri Prime, you will need to capture or own a barracks of the opposite team to be able to train them. Also, unless you have a cloning vat, you can only create one Yuri Prime.
Behind Enemy Lines
For the second last Allied Mission in Red Alert 2, where the enemy has three nuclear silos, you can prevent them from firing by using this trick. Build an Amphibious Transport and 3-5 spies. Order the spies to disguise themselves as enemy units and load them into the transport. Use a Chronosphere and teleport them right into their base (beside the nuclear silos). They will destroy the transport but they won't kill your spies inside because they're disguised (don't except this trick to work against a human player). You can reset the nuclear silo launch time if you wish or you can steal credits from the enemy refineries or you can wander around or you can shut off the power and reset the radar to support an attack or you can send them into Barracks, War Factories... (the Soviet Battle Lab is surrounded by sand bags). You should build a Spy Satellite first to make sure you don't land the transport near a pack of lonely dogs. You can stop the nuclear silos from firing as long as you can sacrifice the money to build a transport and spies (I prefer losing money than getting hit by three nukes). You can also delay time and build up your strike force and before attacking, use spies to shut off power, reset radar. This trick works in all missions against the computer, but for Christ's sakes, look out for attack dogs and don't forget to disguise the spies before loading them!!! The computer may get suspicious if you use this trick a hundred times or if you try something too fancy (saying hello to man's best friend with a disguised spy), it may even trap your spies in place by placing dozens of tanks and soldiers around them. But plan well and you'll have a crush on spies.
Best defence on Certain levels-Campaign
Look for a level where you are disconnected from the rest of the map by Bridges, destroy both bridges and make tons of Anti Air around your base AND walls,and if they keep rebuilding the bridge make this formation
Main tanks=T
IFV With engineer=E(allied only)

E can be replaced with any tank you wish,
use apocalypse/IFV to take out a ROW of the bridge
(dont take out to much it might kill your units)
and T is mainly for protection E though is better on Allied cause of Repair
Note: this may not work if your Anti-Air has cracks in it cause enemy's will send Air units dampening your defense ALSO the best defense is.. walls but Cant destroy
Water.look up
Walls of units: depending on the unit type or variations of units these can and sometimes cant be effective,

Last but not Least hint is, if you have an allied enemy or soviet with allied techno make shure to build dogs or if you can.have some IFV's with Dogs in em *they track for spies in the car* and the best defence against super weapons is destroying their Energy,or weaken em enough so they sell it if its a CPU
Blowing Up Your Opponent's Base
This is a good way to destroy some of your opponents' base during skirmish. First you will need to be soviet country. Then build a naval shipyard. Then buy a transporter and build 12 crazy ivans and put them into the transporter. Drive the transporter right into the enemy base and purposely let your opponent destroy the transporter. The transporter will detonate along with the crazy ivans and it will make a giant explosion and destroy most of your opponent's base.

You might want to guard the transport well, if you dont it'll probably just get blown up before it even enters the enemy base (if i recall correctly, 3 prism towers linked will destroy it.)
build anywere
When you start a skirmish or multiplayer game build only a powerplant and then move your mcv to another place make anothe powerplant here, and so you can do this overe the whole screen.
Build Both Teams Structures and Units without Capturing Enemy Buildings(Multi-Player Only!)
When you play a multi-player game choose the following option for the game type Unholy Alliance(Sorry for my spellings). When this option is selected you get to choose a team that you want to be. then when the game starts you can now build stuctures from both teams (yours as well from the enemies) but please note with this trick on the speacility for your own team will only be available to you. For instance if you are the USA you can only build the Paratroopers. you cannot make a desolator.(the reaon for building both side structures is that when the game starts out you get 2 MCVs[1 is for the allies and the 2nd is for the Soviets])
go ahead and now build tesla troopers without having to risk an engineer to capture an enemy barracks etc
Build Defense Anywhere
This cheat only works if you are America. First get your paratroopers ready. Then build a Prism Tower or Pillbox. I prefer the prism tower. Next click on the paratrooper tab. Then Wait a little while and click on the defense you chose. Finally click anywhere on the radar screen. The defense should be somewhere around where you clicked. NOTE: This does not always work.
Bye, Bye Terror Drome
If an enemy Terror Drome enters any of your vehicles, place it in the Repair Depot and the effect of the Terror Drome will disapear and the unit that was effected will not be destroyed. (A waste of funds but is very helpful to the unit.)

A Repair IFV (IFV combined with an Engineer) can also remove Terror Drones.
cheap and better flak cannon alternative
If you play as one of the soviet nations, never build a flak cannon (defence tower), it will take up more power and it is expensive.

A cheaper 'flak cannon' is to build 3 flak troopers and surround them with walls or just make them patrol a small area. They will fire three shots together compared to a single shot from the flak cannon (I am not sure if one flak trooper inflicts the same damage as a flak cannon does, but I recommend something cheap and effective).
Cheap + Easy Base Defence
Build 1 engineer, 1 IFV, and 3 tanks of your choice. Put the engineer inside the IFV. Put them all at the edge of the base at the point that you're most vunerable. Position them like this: x=tanks z=IFV


The IFV will continuously repair the three tanks when you get attacked. Plant many of these around the outskirts of the base.
Cheap Defence in soviets second last mission
First of all when the mission starts send your tanks/and conscripts ahead of your base you will see a tesla coil and two flak cannons around it and there will be 2 russian power plants destroy tesla coil and flak cannon
and capture the power plants and make tesla recoarters in the sides of the mountain make tesla coil many as possible and charge all tesla recoarters with three tesla tropers and waila! they can't be able to walk in your base
Problems of kirov air ships:
To destroy kirov air ships make alot of Flak cannons where you build your Tesla coils and make plenty of flak troppers and flak cannons and when the kirov comes don't send your flak forces out of moutain so the tell your flak forces to destroy kirov's when it is in their fireing range.
Cheaper Radiation Attack
Theres a cheaper way to get demolition trucks, and not be Libya.

First, play Cuba, then, you must capture an Allied war factory and get an IFV, put a Terroist(See how cheap it is?) into it, and there you go, a makeshift demo truck.

(NOTE: This also works with Desolators and Crazy Ivans)
Cheapest Greatest Most PowerFul Defence
Only works if you have a rules.ini in your RA2 directory. If you cannot find it, you'll need to download a copy.

find settings for Paris Tower in your rules.ini
add replace them with these

Name=RA2 Paris Tower
BaseNormal=no ;psst....IsBase isn't a Rules flag
Primary=EiffelBolt ; of DEATH

you will be able to built paris towers - when you place about 5,20 Tesla Troopers around it it's range will increase and no one will be able to get even near your base.

works better for the soviets.
Chrono Ivans
Listen up this is awesome. Everyone knows how to get the Commandos right, you know, sending a spy into a battle lab. Well that will only get you the regular commandos (Chrono and PSI). An even cooler commando is the Crono Ivan, it combines soviet and allied technology into one guy. To get him, you must have both types of factories with battle labs and everything. Yea, that is hard to do, but maybe you will get lucky and find a few crates like I did. Or you can just take over an enemy base if you are playing more than just 1 v 1. Anyways, once you have both types of factories, you cannot waste the opportunity of getting an Ivan chrono. When I did it, I sent a spy into an allied base, so maybe there is something different if you send one into a soviet base, but to get to the point they are awesome. They cost 1000. A full 1000 less than chrono commando, and they are destructive. Buy a lot and get them close to your enemy without them shooting, so thier chrono respawn time isnt long, then go all out. I sent around 15 into a base and they planted a bomb on everything, and my friend had to sit and watch the bombs blow. Try it.
chronosphere and iron curtain tips
You must play on a map with water

Chronosphere: use your chronosphere on your enemy units and send them into the water.

Iron curtain: If you realised, iron curtain can only be used on buildings and tanks but if you use it on infantry units they die, so use it on your opponents's hard-to-kill infantry units like tanya or yuri.
Complete Radiation!
If you are playing as Iraq and you have a desolater go to the area you want to render completely radiated. Press D to cause the desolater to poison the area. While he is "deployed" hold Ctrl and click on the ground near him. He will continually fire the radiation into the ground, keeping the ground poisonous for as long as he stays there. Also, if you let him poison the ground for a few minutes the ground will remain permanently uninhabitable. You will then be able to move your desolater.
Crazy Ivan IFV = Demolition Truck
When ever u get ur hands on a crazy ivan just put him in a Allied IFV and u've got ur own demo wat it should attack and it will just blow it self up at the target spreading a anti-infanty field & radition...really good to cause havoc inside a base!
Creating a vehicle that does 3x the damage of a nuke
Well then. Lets get our resources first! You need to be Libia in order to have this vehicle, and need water in your map. Here is a list of needs:

4 demo trucks
1 hovercraft
1 crazy ivan

The cost together is $5200! For a triple nuke thats cheap enough... Now then lets arm the vehicle! Make your crazy ivan put a bomb on 1 of the demo trucks. Now quickly put that demo truck into the hovercraft before it explodes. Do the same with the rest of the demo trucks. They will not explode till you command the hovercraft to unload its transport! Now drive to your enemy base with your hovercraft, and command them to get out!
It can destroy every single building/unit depending on how far away the building/unit is from the bomb

NOTE: I't will not explode if it is destroyed. Only if it is commanded to unload its transport!
Cripple enemy's ore collecting
If you have a chronosphere, set it on the entrance to the enemy ore refinery, move your cursor over water, and when the ore miner returns, click. Voila! their ore miner is sunk! do this as many times as you want. if you do it early enough, the enemy will have spent all their money on ore miners, and not have enough to build another. they're stuck. Note: do this *before* the ore miner dumps its load. Otherwise, the enemy will still get money.
deadly navy attack
this only works with aircraft carrier/dreadnaught.
ok, start building till you can get naval base.
build one and start building till you can get dreadnaught/aircraft carrier. build about 10 or 15 of them, send them behind the enemy base.
and heres where you gotta use harriers. unless your playing soviets. build about 4 harriers and go on a suicide mission to blow up gap generator so you can see the base. now go to way point mode and tell a ship to attack a building and another ship to attack a building and all the other ones to attack different buildings. click the way point button,
fix a bowl of pop corn, relax, and watch all heck
break lose.

navy is one of my fave tactics.
but rarely i use it cause i have lots of plans with snipers and spy's and infantry tactics.

demo truck for any one
ok, so. start building until you can train crazy ivans. get about 5 crazy ivans. get 1 flak track.
tell 1 ivan to put a bomb on another. tell the guy
who has a bomb on him to go into the flak track.
tell 1 ivan to put a bomb on every body else.
(quickly) tell one guy who has a bomb on him to put a bomb on the guy who put the bombs on every body else. then make them all enter the flak track, then voila! you got a nice demo truck ready to go! but dont deploy all the bomb guys in your base.
to make the bomb truck work, drive into the enemy's
base and let them kill the truck. or just deploy the bomb guys.
Demolition trucks hen you are allied
First be an allied team, and your opponent soviet. Get a spy into the soviet battle lab, you will then get chrono ivan. Next build an IFV, put the chrono ivan into the IFV and attack with it it will then act as a demolition truck.
Desolater Poison
Referring to a previuos cheat, you can click a Desolaterand click him again.He does not explode though, he just slams his Rad-Cannon on the ground and poisons the area with radiation. While the land is poisoned,if any infantry(include your own) stand on the poisoned area for to long,they will turn green and melt. This is a good defense against large groups of enemy infantry and SMALL groups of enmy tanks(2-3).
Destroy Psychic Beacon Easily!
Allied Mission 3: Hail to the Chief
Objective: Destory Psychic Beacon

Don't bother about those IFVs, put them outside of your base to defend. Build 2 Air Force Command Headquarters, and also build 8 Harriers. Then use first 4 Harriers to find the Psychic Beacon. Rebuild Harries if they get destroyed. Next, use the second 4 Harriers and start destroying that building. As the same thing, rebuild Harriers if they get destroyed. Don't bother those anti-aircraft weapon. Repeat those steps until Psychic Beacon is destroyed. If you are fast enough, you should get it destroyed in 5 minutes!
Dispose of enemy infantry easily
First,play as any soviet country(skirmish Vs.allied)Send an engineer into allied construction yard and take it to ur base(the construction yard repacks and can be taken.You might need a distraction so the enemy doesn't attack it)
1.War factory(allied)
4.Any tank of ur choice
Put the Yuri in IFV,take it in front of their barracks and press Ctrl and attack the ground in front of the barracks.A white cloud will appear which is only anti infantry and will kill infanry without fail.You might need the tank to defend ur IFV which cannot work against tanks an armoury etc.
NOTE:this cloud will kill your infantry also but it will not affect any tank.
Double the number of paratroopers\Free GIs
This trick will only work in a skirmish game.
First of all choose to play as the Allies and choose the United States. Then choose one of the maps where you can get a tech-building for Paratroppers. Now when the game starts capture that tech-building. Now for as long as this tech-building remains under your control you will get free paratroopers and being the United States you also get free paratroopers(Americas Speciality) thus if you are ever out of cash and you need troops use this trick to get double the ammount of parratroppers that you would normally get(1 are the American Paratroops and the 2nd are the paratroops from the tech-building)
drive off with the enemy constructions center
When playing a skirmish with redeployable MCVs on, send an engineer into the enemy construction complex. Then turn it back into the truck mode and drive away with it. You can now control it and can build anything your enemy can build.
Easy Base Defence Destruction
Build A Chrono Legionaire and Chrono Commando. Teleport them near the defence you want destroy but just out of range.Place the legionaire in front of the commando.Go into waypoint mode and get the legionaire to fire on the building and the commando to plant a C4 charge then run away. Then Exit Waypoint mode. The Legionaire will make sure the defence doesnt kill the commando and the commando will destroy the building before the enemy's troops can respond.

(The Bomb Will Only Detonate After the Legionaire Stops Firing)
Easy Clearing Oreminers
For this you need to be Allied. Built a Chronesphere and when it's ready put it on the enemys ore miner. Then click in into the water. De ore minder will simply sink!
Easy Destroy Construction Yard
For this you must be Allied/ Korea. Built at least 3 rader towers. Then build as many Black Eagles as you can.

Then build a spy and let him go to a plower plant of the enemys base. Simply let him in and sent you black eagles to destroy their construction yard. The y wont get shot because the enemy has lost ther power.

This is also possible whit harriers ofcourse
Easy france victory
The French grand cannon has the ability to completely destroy some bases but the problem is getting it close enough. Once you have the ability to build a grand cannon (power plant, barracks, ore gatherer, airport), build a chain of power plants leading up to within a short distance of the enemy base. This will enable you to build a grand cannon right outside the enemy base! It will destroy them in under thirty seconds. Back them up with some tanks, or consider building a second cannon!

Alternatively, you could build an MCV and deploy it near their base. Back this up with tanks in case you run into any enemies. This should cost less than the power plant method.
Easy Spy infiltration
This trick helps to keep your spy from being detected by other human players. Most people can tell a unit is a spy (if the spy is disguised as one of theirs)by clicking on it and getting no response. This can be overcome by disguising your spy as a civilian or a cow. This trick was much better if an indirect path is taken, and you walk in short bursts. Enjoy
easy way of winng computers
get a helicopter and load it with enginers,then go to the enemys con. yard(make sure there are no walls.spy radars help.)then capture the con. yrd.(the computers usally sell most of the stuff.)

P.S.computers are really weak.
Easy way to destroy bases with the allies
First on Skirimish or the reg. game,make 4-10(4 if your good at it)crono tanks, ship them by sea or by land to the unsuspecting enemys base, and just keep them at the longest firing range and keep an eye on them, in no time you can turn a large base that even has many defenses into scrap.(This tip works best when your on separate islands because if you weren't, they could probably counter it.)
Easy way to get paratroopers with any country
Look around what ever map you've chosen for a tech building that looks somewhat like an air base (barracks, radar tower) then send an engineer into it and then -- BAM!! You've got paratroopers in your armory tab.
Easy Win
First on skrimig pick a map that noone can get to you only if they cross a bridge blow up the bridge to keep it from being fixed put a dolphin/squid/sub under the broken bridge now build a blimp and command it to destroy the other team.Hint. make sure the other team/teams dont have air units,air,or paratroper,easier with more blimps.
Easy Win
build a chronoshpere and then build a 3x3 block of prism tanks:
x x x
x x x
x x x

sort of thing then teleport them into the middle of a enemy base. presto - the base has gone!
Easy Win on Allied Mission # 7
As the Mission begins, quickly command your destroyers to go to other allies island.. You will see a tiny island, a hut with conscripts garrisoned on it and a sentry gun. It should be a little southeast to that island. Destroy this Sentry Gun quickly before the soviet build their base and You'll found out what happens next. It should take less than five minutes if you locate it early.
Easy Win on Allied Mission # 7
As the Mission begins, quickly command your destroyers to go to other allied team.. Roam around until you see a hut with conscripts garrisoned on it and a sentry gun. Destroy this Sentry Gun and You'll found out what happens next.
Easy Win on last Allied Mission
IN order to do this, u must build the weather machine and the chronosphere, and u need about 10-15 prism tanks. Heres what u do, u build a bunch of prism tanks and put them north of ur base, if u properly garrisoned the building around the east west and south of ur bases, soviet forces wont be able to get up there. Beware that the soviet nuke targets ur war factory, so i would put it as far away from ur base as possible and as soon as the nuke launches, just sell it, it better than having it destroyed, u can always build another one. Anyways, after u have the prism tanks grouped in the north, wait for your chronosphere to come online. Each time it comes online, chronomorph one of the black gaurd tanks from its spot near the kremlin up north to where u have the fleet of prism tanks. the prism tanks will destroy the black gaurd tank while sustaining only minimal damage. repeat this for all of the black gaurd tanks. us the lightning storm to take out the flak cannons and the guns gaurding the kremlin. if you do it properly, u just won, without having to ever leave your base.
Easy win on last allied mission "Chrono Storm"
When establishing the base, train a great number of G.I.s and order them to deploy on each of the four entrances. Do it first on the two entrances down the base, because later you will have to prevent the tanks on which the iron curtain is activated, from entering the base. Build two airforce command headquarters and 8 harriers, then order them to destroy the nuclear missile silo, then the iron curtain device. Build a chronosphere and some mirage tanks, and teleport them to the Kremlin, where they will easily destroy the black apocalypse tanks due to their mirage technology. After that, do the same with some prism tanks, because the mirage tanks are ineffective against buildings. They will easily destroy the remaining turrets and flak cannons; Tanya will be teleported with an IFV Tank, she will enter the Kremlin, and the mission is complete!
Easy win on soviet mission #11 "Red Revolution"
Build quickly the necessary structures allowing you to build Kirov airstrips. If you want a quick victory, don't spend money on any other building or defense.
If you're playing on easy difficulty, build 7 Kirov airstrips before your base is destroyed, and order them to directly demolish the Kremlin without deviating their route. You don't have to do anything during this time; only one Kirov airstrip will make it to the destination and it will be able to destroy the building.
If you're playing on hard difficulty, build a maximum number of Kirov airstrips (you don't need more than 6). Order them to go to the left end of the screen, then to the top; you can destroy the two flak cannons that are on their way, but it's not indispensable. When you reach the top left, go to the right until you find a nuclear reactor; destroy it so the flak cannons won't shoot you. At last, order the Kirov airstrips to destroy the Kremlin, ant the mission is complete!
Engineer & Rocketeer rush (online)
When your online go to your profile go to quick match choose any country (allied or soviet dosnt matter.) SOVIET RUSH: change the connection to fast build unitl you get a barracks get 4 engineers then war facotry build a flack track while its building get an radar then put them in the flack track then go diagonal to you the enemy is ALWAYS diagonal to you unless your doing little big lake and pinch point.) go to there base take over construction yard, war factory, barrcks and ore refinary if u cant concentrate for the consruction yard >> same method with allied except only get 3 engineers and 3 IFV's take ober construction yard barrcks war factory asnd barracks what i do is just kill the rest of the bas ewith the 3 IFV's
Engineer Rush
This is a quick way of gaining the technology of the other countries.
First, build lots of engineers(about fifty of them)select them all send all of them to the enemy's
con yard.(make sure the conyard has no walls around it). While running towards the base, the enemy will attack your engineers one by one making the work of the ones in the back a walk in the park. there's nothing to worry since you have lots of them. when the conyard is already yours. transform the conyard into the mobile form and RUN FOR YOUR FREAKIN' LIVES!!!! When you reach your base transform the conyard back into the bulding form and "VOILA" you have the technologies,bildings, and units of both soviet and allied forces.this tactic is performed and tested but its success depends on the defence of the opposing force. the higher the defence the lower the posibility of getting the tech.
Engineer Strategy
First, you'll need barracks and maybe cloning vats for the soviet. Build as many enginers as you can, at least 60 engineers for winning the game. Then, build lots of army and ask them to destroy all enemies' security buildings eg. prism tower, chronosphere, fillbox, gap generator and all thier units. Then, call all your engineers to "attack"(move to the enemy's base) and take over all their buildings one by one, this way the enemy will lose easily. This will be successful if you did it properly. Enjoy playing!
Engineers can do a lot!
If an Ivan/Chrono Ivan puts a bomb on any of your units or buildings, don't just sit there and watch the bomb time run out! Instead there is a way to prevent this. Simply select an engineer and click on the unit/building that Ivan has put a bomb on. The engineer will remove the bomb. Specially useful if you ordered an Ivan to bomb one of your units/buildings by mistake!
Extra cash (only with soviet in campaign)
When your on the mission and you have to take over the president with your yuris you will find a service depo in the bottom of the map next to it are trucks destroy teh trucks and you will find crates with money. With your sniper take out the dogs and marines build a spy and infiltrate their battle lab and you will be able to build chrono ivan and destroy their power so their prisms will go offline and then walk in with your army.
Extra Units From Building
In any game, if one of your buildings is about to be destroyed, then sell it right before it blows up. If it get destroyed while it is deconstructing, you will get the unit from selling the building and the unit(s) from having it destroyed.
Finish the last Allied mission without getting nuked
ok this is a bit hard but build up a base until you can get chrono legonaires (bad spelling) build a spy sat uplink (if you haven't all ready) now send you chrono men to the 2 eastern nuke reactors (about 3 men should do it) erase them and send them to the south east nuke plant while continuing to build more chrono troops. erase the plant (you may get attacked by a standard apocalypse tank but erase him too) the power SHOULD go down if now quick erase the south west nuke plant now the soviets have only 4 tesla reactors to power the whole area (leave the other bases) now erase the black nuclear reactors and the kremlin is almost defenceless. now capture the air port to the north of your base and when ready drop then next to the black guard nearest your leigonaires and while the tanks are killing your G.I's get your most likely elite chrono's to freeze them once removed repeat for the other side making sure that all normal apoc tanks are gone first. once done repeat for the sentry guns and erase all defences (2 sentry guns, 2 flak and 1 tesla coil) tanya should shift in so sit back and watch the movie

note: the time it takes to do this is under 40 minutes and not once will the nuke be launched
Free Units
You will need to use soviets for this. First build a Naval Shipyard and then a hover craft. Then build yuris and fill them in the craft. Then take the craft to enemy base. Then take out the yuris. Mind control their units.
Fun destruction, defence against aircraft and command cows
To do the first cheat you need to play as soviet. Build an MCV and begin building a neculear power plant. Send your MCV into the outscirts of a enemy base deploy it, then deploy the neculear reactor next to it. Build several more as well. Then re-deploy the MCV ad drive it back to your base, or just sell it! Then wait for your enemy to start to destroy it. They will be killed in the blast. The good thing is that the blast will not destroy the other reactors. So the meyhem continues!!!!!

Ever wondered over a cheap solution to anti-aircraft. Use the IFV. They fire shots twice as fast and they are also cheaper. When they become elite they will be a unstoppable barrier of fire to your enemies.

On one of the first missions of the allied campain, the one in Poland, you get a message, "Bovie Rescued." These are cows! You can command the cows in front of you. Use these to recon the area around the Tesla coils. They are seen as being neutral and will not be shot at exept by one man. this man is in the top base and has a peosonal vendetta against them! I have used this cheat to do this mission, it really works!
Fun fun!! Only works for Soviets
If you're the Soviets, create a cloning vat. Dont build too much stuff- save your money. Once you have a barracks and cloning vat, keep building conscripts. You may want to put wall around your barracks- in this case, you get a full refund for the conscript but still get one from your cloning vat. (in this case you get a free conscript.) Anyway, once you have a large army of conscripts, (you can make it as big as you want- they are so cheap) bring it to the enemy's base. Although you will lose a lot of men, You will beat them very easily. They will get promoted a lot.

If you are against the Allies, make sure you attack their Prism Towers first as these kill your men most.
Get a cheap Tesla Tank
First, Select the soviets. use your engineers to capture an enemy war factory and build an IFV. place the tesla trooper in the ifv, and you get a tesla tank.
Get a spy into YOUR OWN buildings!
Get SPECIAL TECHNOLOGY or UNITS from YOUR OWN BUILDINGS. It's simple, damage the building a little you wish your spy to enter (either you BATTLE LAB, WAR FACTORY or BARRACKS). Then train an ENGINEER and a SPY. Put them both somewhat close to the building. THE ENGINEER MUST BE CLOSER. Select both units and enter WAY POINT MODE. Put one waypoint close to the building then move your cursor to the building and put a way point INSIDE the building (there should be a repair cursor). When the engineer enters the building, the spy will follow and you will get the apropriate tech/unit.
Hell Of An explosion(Theory)
Please note that I have not tried out this trick so if it does not work don't blame me.

With the Soviets you can build up a Nuclear Power Plant for great powering up of their structures. This though may be good for power up is also a bit bad in one area that is if it gets destroyed it causes the damage of about a mini nuke. So what do we do build a Nuclear Power Plant and try and slowly sneak the numbe rup and try to get them as near an enemy base as you can. Now when the enemy will see this he wil try to destroy it. allow him with pleasure and if that fool uses ground forces watch how he destroys not only the structre and greatly damages himself in the process. NOTE: if he uses aerial attack then he will not sustain any damage and also you can use this trick only once. People learn fast. maybe against the computer you may try multiple times.
So if you are playing without super weapons, it's time to make your own with a few modifications ofcourse.
Helpful tip on red alert 2 allied campaign mission 1
how to find 4 crates on allied mission one
first it is the mission where 4 dreadnoughts are attacking the statue of liberty.
order tanya to attack the 4 dreadnoughts.after that a lot of conscrips will paradrop from the airplane.order tanya to kill all of them. she can kill the sons of a BITC* in one shot. then after that romanov will say something to u. when u are leaving the liberty notice the part of the ocean on the west. order tanya to swim toward the stone thingy. after that order tanya to swim west again. u will see a small footing containing nothing but when tanya steps there 4 power up crates will appear from thin air!!! WOW!!! ITS MAGIC!!!!
When you reach allied mission five: Dark night, there are a few patrols around that can be quite helpful. First, have your 3 GI's guard your spies from dogs. Next, send Tanya north a little, then east towards the cliffs. you'll find a barn first, then a house. (kill the guards) Continue east to recue a small GI patrol. There's more survivers too. Once you've broken into the Soviet base (by the way, detonate the petrol cans on the west side of the base to avoid the tesla coils) with the battle lab, use the petrol cans by the barracks on the east side of the base to bust the wall. move through the opening up a small ramp. move south to find some engineers and some GI's. use the engineers to capture the barracks and the refinery. get an engineer from the captured barracks to steal the war factory and build a war miner. Next, build a ton of tanks to help you with the mission. Good luck!
How to beat the Psychic Amplifier mission in under ten minutes.
When you start out, you are given a medium-sized group of ships, select these and explore north a bit, you will discover a bridge, go under it, when you do, you will get attacked by various defenses, destroy them and continue on. After a few feet, you will pass beneath another bridge, go a bit farther and you will see a platform, click near it and you will discover the Psychic Amplifier, once you do, sick your ships on it and watch it crumble. You will lose quite a few ships due to the enemy defenses and ships, but it will be worth it. Once it is, sit back and enjoy the movie.
How to Change Superweapon Charge Times
Go to the bottom of Rules.ini and find the recharge time(in minutes) in the list of one of the weapons.

;This is the nuke special
Name=N U K E !!!
DisableableFromShell=yes ; gs this determines which superweapons are turned off by the checkbox

Change the recharge time to anything you like.

Paradrop times are included with the standard weapons.
How to destroy bridges
Got a Naval Shipyard and build a Destroyer, then command him to destroy the Bridge Hut Repair until the bridge is totally destroyed. Now you have destoyed a bridge (totaly).
how to get kirov airships from allies
it takes some micro-management, but when done successfully, it can rip out an enemy within seconds. first, have a spy infiltrate a soviet battle lab, so you can create yuri commandos (they can control ground units and C4 buildings). create a few of them (preferably 5) and send them near a soviet war factory that is creating kirovs. although kirovs fly, the moment that the are created and rise up, they are vulnerable to mind-control. so let the yuris wait close to the war factory, and when a kirov is made, it'll immedately fall under your control, (let the remaining yuris defend from atttacks). this is devestating for a base, sonce the kirovs bombs will take out everything, being so close to the base. however, watch out for attacks against your yuri and AA defenses around the base
How to win the last misson of allied easily!!!!
First establish a a chronosphere and weather storm.train 15-20 mirage tank and GI.put them on all the entrance to your base(put GI in 4 prrism tank and deploy it on all entrance now no one will touch you.train 6-9 prism teleport prism tanks near nuclear missile.quickly attack the missile ignoring the tanks attacing.the prism tanks will destroy the nuclear missile the same to the iorn curtain.the iron curtain will be destroyed.then take your time and use weather storm 3-4 times to destroy the black guard around kremlin.

Note: You may find it difficult to destroy the Apocalypse Tanks using the Weather Storm. Try various other units, such as Chronos, to overcome them.
How to win the mission with the Psychic Amplifier with ease....
When doing the mission with the President and the General are Mind controlled, build your base first. Then send 10 GI's to each of the two bridges. In the middle to be more effective so the enemy will die instead of them destroying your whole plot(or base). Then deploy. when enemy tanks come don't fret cause they won't die(well not all). Soon they will be battle-hard Elites and will be indestructible(almost...). Anyway,on the top-right side of the Construction Yard leave space for at least 5 Air Force Commands. Build all or at least 16. The other 4 will be used as distractions, that's why I use all 20 Harriers to attack(God rest the Harriers who will risk their lives to protect America). When the next sign that says 'Objective 1: Destroy the Psychic Amplifier' look on your radar and you will see the square locking on to the exact place where the Psychic Amplifier is. And when you see the Psychic Amplifier command your Harriers to send the Final Blow!!!(To the Psychic Amplifier that is) And watch as President Dugan thanks you. Ok so that wasn't that fast, but it was faster than the Par Time.....
IFV Electricty
In the Soviet mission 3, there is an badly guarded allied war factory. Destroy the defances around the factory then send in an enginner to capture it. Once captured build a barracks next to the factory. Make about ten ifv and ten tesla troopers then put the troopers in the ifv. Then head to the base near the World Trade Center(personally I like to destroy the Trade Center to get crates) destroy the base except the battle lab. They tesla ifv have god ofance but bad defance that is why you must make a lot of them.
Infenite Tanya
First build IFVs until there is 1 less than than number of Tanyas you want.
Each time you train one put it in an IFV it will count as a Tanya IFV not a Tanya.
This might not work but I have gotten up to 30 Tanyas with this.
invincible bomb trucks
This is sort of a cheat for superweapons. If you are Cuba, Build 6 flak tracks and put them in two rows near the enemy base. Then, build 30 terrorists (this will take a while) and one Crazy Ivan. One by one, use Crazy Ivan to place a bomb on a terrorist, and put the terrorist inside the Flak Tracks. Then, use the Iron Curtain superweapon on the FTs and rush them into the base. When you tell the FTs to unload, there will be huge explosions next to the FTs every time the guys come out.
invincible bridge blocker
(this strategy can only work with the allied forces)first of all prepare your units for this you will need
x6 mechanics
x3 infantry / tanya (tanya will fire faster but it does'nt really matter because the enemy will be over whelmed)
and finally x12 i.f.v

take the first 3 i.f.v's and fill them with your infantry and place them on the front rank of the bridge , second fill 6 of the remaining i.f.v's with mechanics, take 3 of them and line them up directly behind the front rank then line the plain i.f.v's behind them and the last 3 repair i.f.v's at the back.
now when the enemy trys to cross the bridge they shall be destroyed whilst your blockade is totally unharmed ,safe from air & land attack and able to be repaired if hit
invincible nukes! - libya
this plan never failes!
play with super wepons and build 9 demo trucks and an iron curtain. place the trucks like this:
x x x
x x x
x x x

set the iron curtain in the middle:
x x x
x (x) x
x x x

and then run them all into ur enemies base and wait a little while - BOOM!
Invincible transportation
When playing in campaign mode and get to the mission where you have to capture allied battle lab in new york next to the trade centres get your yuri soldiers and next to the stray allied barracks you will see school busses with your three or four yuris take control of the busses and place tesla troopers as they are the most powerful infantry and take it straight into the enemys base and nobody will touch you once you have made them secure the area return and get flack troopers and engineer annd place them in the bus then you will go into their base again and take over the battle lab and defend it for a few minutes. You may need to build tanks to secure your defense as they cant destroy teh beacon
Jacking a base
First build a mcv then bring it pretty close to the base then set it up and build. Keep building power plants until you reach the base. Have one of those saper things ready then keep building them. When you are unstopable send an engineer into the construction yard.
Keep the grand cannon ready
If you are playing as france, and using the grand cannon, you will no doubt know that the cannon has a horrendously slow turning speed, so if there is an enemy that is not in its line of sight, it will have to spend several seconds rotating to fire at the target. So, if you know where your enemy usually comes from (or the only place they come from), select your grand cannon, hold down the ctrl button, and click on open ground in the direction where the enemies come from. This will make the cannon rotate and fire in that direction so that when the enemies do come, you wont waste those precious seconds on rotating. Once the cannon starts firing, issue the stop command and it will stop firing, but remain in its position.
Make your allied MCV indestrucible (WITHOUT IRON CURTAIN)
If you're like me and you end up getting distracted during your game and all of a sudden you have 4 or 5 Kirov airships heading towards your MCV, have one CHRONO-LEGIONAIRRE standing next to your MCV, and if those Kirov airships get too close hold down the Ctrl button (so you can target your own troops) and instruct the CHRONO-LEGIONAIRRE to attack your MCV. Dont worry, if is only one CHRONO-LEGIONAIRRE who is not upgraded at all then he will take ages to remove you MCV. In the mean time your air defence can take out those air ships and any bombs they may drop on your MCV will do absoloutly nothing! This one really works.
Meltin fence (IRAQ)
First, build about 15 desolators and place them a bit far from the infantry barracks and the war factory so you won't melt your soldiers, now bring the desolators to a place where enemies attack very often. Select all the desolators and press the deploy button and you'll see the area bright green. Now hold the CTRL key and you'll notice a attack command on your mouse. now click on to the ground (not too far from the desolators)and you will see the desolator keep deploying non stop and that it will be permanent 'melting ground' and never wear out!!!!
mini nuke
build a flak track and 6 conscripts and a crazy ivan. bomb the conscripts and put them in the flak track, then bomb the flak track and send them into your opponent's base. it will explode like a mini nuke ( make sure you do it near your opponent's base and do it quick).
Never even need a nuclaer missle/weather storm
If you want to blast the enemy with the weather storm or nuclear missle and dont have the cash to do it do this have a ready choronospere and transport 3-5 demolation trucks to the enemy MCV and blow the Demo trucks up. It should destory most or ALL of the base
nice little trick
you have proablly heard about taking the allies superweapon (cost 2500 cant spell it sry) and transporting enemy troops into the water to kill them. Instead of doing that just drop them back onto the enemy's building, that will kill the units and the building in all!!!
no hostilities On bASe; RA2 al mission 11
if u want ur base 2 be hostility-free in allied mission 11 first train a Navy Seal order it quickly to destroy all bridges near ur base and theres also a refineries near ur base that was divided by bridge w/ 1 prism tower (d other is protected by a pill box) let the enemy destroy it (u can also let d enemy destroy ur miner but i chronoshift it on d other refinery). Voula! they cant reach ur base the trapped enemy in the island wont be picked up by Soviet hovercraft.

P.S.: Careful of navy attacks u may also want 2 protect ur base w/ ships and dolphins coz sometimes d soviets will land on ur ConYard.
No More Enemy Base
play a game in skirmish mode and play as France. have an soviet enemy and start building until you can build a battle lab. Build a spy, disguise him, and infiltrate the soviet battle lab. You should get a psi commando. Then, build an engineer, a grand cannon, 2 IFVs, and a psi commando. DON'T PUT YOUR GRAND CANNON OF THE FIELD YET!!! Put the engineer and the psi commando in the IFVs. drive it near the enemy base but not in range of any defences. take out your psi commando and the engineer. use your engineer (without killing it) to capture any building and immediately build your place your grand cannon next to it. Have your psi commando stand next to it (without getting it killed). Don't worry. a Tesla coil that's being repaired by that twisting wrench thing is no match for a grand cannon. The purpose for the psi commando is that the grand cannon can't attack anything that is right next to it. the psi commando can defend it. Do this as many times as you want and soon, you'll get your opponent's base and destroy buildings at the same time.
no units can come near your base
when you play on skirmish or online built up to the battle lab en built the tanks(i forgot their names) that changes in trees when they stand still en make 10-15 of them put them near a bridge etc. and the enemy can't get near your base and the air defence of the enemy can't see you and the tanks and troops don't know that you stand there because your a tree
Non-lybian Demo Truck
This is Handy if you ARENT the lybians but want a demo truck, To be Able to do this you will have to have an allied war factory and a soviet barracks, (i know having both factions isnt likely but its good when you do have both)
Build a crazy ivan, and put him in an IVF, then, when you order the Ivf to attack, it will behave in the same way as a demo truck, it creates the same sort of radioactive explosion, i hope not many of you guys already know this as i only found out recently, if i was late finding out that makes me a Noob,
<img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> Hope This Helps Guys
now your's!!! ( works best with allies to me but can be soviets)
first biuld a few engeners and build a war factory as fast as u can. then build as many ifv as engeners. put the people in the ifvs and make them a group. rush into the enemy's base and hit the depoly key at the bottom. and capture as many buildings as posable. go for the most expences buildings first or the biulding maker. because its at the front of the battle most people want have any thing to kill them with exept dogs so put one soldier in one ifv to kill the dogs!!! works every time if done right. even sell it right away or have pill bows ready to put their!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Only for fun (soviets)
If you have a lot of money and are bored, build a coning facility (if u don't have one) and train ~60 conscripts or dogs. send them into the cloning facility & turn ur volume to
opportunity shot!
Build an IFV and put any infantry inside except for engineers (a good tip if you have a soviet MCV and train tesla troops and flak troops). Place the IFV near an edge of the cliff (only if where enemies come past the cliff) you will see the IFV attack in long range and the below cliff units won't get the opportunity to attack
Own personal zoo!
As one of the allies build a chronosphere. Then build qiute a large square out of walls. (You may also want to build a spy satellite). Get it so you can see the ore supply the enemy is using at the moment. When the ore miner starts sucking up ore, use the chronosphere to put it into the enclosure!

When used on computer they sometimes don't build another one and starve themselves of funds, but with a human opponent it just irritates them!

Do this with other units, but not tanks and stuff like that as they can break out. Unless your opponent can be bothered to come and rescue them, they are stuck there (as their machine guns cannot destroy the wall).

NB - Sometimes, if your enclosure is too small the unit will hit one of the walls on landing this means it will explode, but at least your opponent hasn't got it anymore!
Paratrooper Madness!!!
Play as America to get this specific advantage. If not, find a air drop center. Next, find a good space(away from the enemy's base) and drop 8 G.I.s or 9 conscripts their. Do this continuely, untill your force is as big as your veiwing screen, or you can do less. Then send them to destroy the enemy's base. But be sure to select all of them and click the dig in button on the bottom tool bar. IF DONE CORECTELY, YOU WILL SUCCEED!!!
Perfect Alliance
Apocalypse tanks are great because they can repair themselves. If you are playing the campaign mode and you send a barrage of these expensive units over to the enemy islands, make sure you send about 10 or so yuris over as well. You can now let your tanks repair once they have blown up some stuff and the yuris will easily protect them. Once more you can control the enemy units which try and attack your tanks and send them all over the map to uncover hidden area!
Prevent The Enemy From Attacking You
This only works on cold war map.
To prevent the enemy from attacking you, get a tanya or a crazy ivan. Go to the bridge hut, put a bomb on it. That takes care of the first one, now put a bomb on the other and presto! The enemy can't attack you.
Repair the bridge when you want to attack. Destroy the bridge again after all your stuff passes it.
Careful, your enemy can nuke/storm your base. So build a chopper and train tanya. Take tanya to the enemy base and blow up the nuke silo/weatherstorm.
Too bad soviets don't have helicopters or a hero unit.
be sure and keep a long ranged defence right by the hut. so engineers dont get to repair the bridge.

So this tip is VERY useful especially when it comes to a very large attack with lots of dangerous stuff. This is very annoying to other players.
Prism Tank Tip
When in the middle of an enemy base don't attack buildings because it takes longer, if you attack units however it destroys everything around it including buildings very fast.
Quick and easy last mission (allies)
The best way to deal with that annoying nuke is quickly build 10-15 Chrono Legionnaires. Get a Spy satellite up as well, so you can see where to send them. Send them after the nuke reactors, taking out 6 of the 7 will drop their power. There is one lone one on the left side of the map, forget about that one, just concentrate on the ones that are paired. Start on the right side, at the two that are by themselves on the island. Then move to the ones on the left of the Kremlin, but make sure you hop outside of the walls, giving the Legionnaires time to recover. You can take out the Nuke as well, if it makes you feel better, but they won't replace their nuke reactors after they disappear.

Then send them after the Black Guard. By this time, the Tesla coil will be out, so send them in directly under the Kremlin, between the two guns. Take those out, then take out a pair of Apocalypses, then the other.

Super easy, I did this just now, they never got a nuke off, and finished in 38 minutes (out of 2:10 limit).

Quick money.
I just discovered this cheat yesterday. I was playing the Allied mission: Liberty. IN which I have to protect the Pentagon and rid Washington of Soviet a**es.
So I kept on running out of money until I had an idea. I built a chopper and trained spy. I sent the spy near the enemy ore refinery and wala! Cash stolen. IT was a great boost to my budget.
Really Easy Vehicle Destruction (allies)
Ok to easy K.O vehicles as allies get a chronosphere thingy and make a 5x5 box and put prism towers around it.When your enemy annoys you with tanks or land vehicle (not base) chrono them into the box and the prism towers will cause OBLIVION and you will kill tank.Exellent agaisnt germany,russia or sometimes Libia.

P.S Lybia = 10x10 sqaure (cause of demo trucks)
Remove group of enemy tank or ship
User your chronosphere, select group of enemy tank/ship. Then move them into : water if they're tank or land if they're ship. You can kill 4-6 enemy tank/ship in just one touch.
Repair a tank without losing money!!!
First build an IFV. Put an engineer into the IFV and it will turn into a repair tank. Next, repair the tank and it will be repaired fast and for FREE!!!
Rocketeer Rush
When playing online, This is a good trick.
step 1. Set up construction yard
step 2. build Power plant
step 3. build barracks
step 4. build Ore Refinary
step 5. Airforce Command
step 6. build 12 rocketters(you might be broke.)
And then send them over to their base which is always diagonal you. (except for some maps.)
its a good trick cause most people dont build air defence till they know its coming and I only wrote step by step out for the noobies no offence noobies =)
save war factory
When playing as the soviets (and using super weapons), build an Iron Curtain and wait for the enemy to build and prepare their Nuclear Missle / Weather Machine. When the enemy launches their superweapon at you, put your iron curtain on your war factory (the usual target) in order to protect it.
screw with human opponents
To do this you need to be the Allied army and build a chronosphere, when one of the enemies is sending a tank force at you, chrono them into another enemy's base and watch the fireworks.
(this works even better if your enemy is soviet and his tanks are invincible, hehe)
secret infantry units
get spies and infiltrate your opponent's barracks, war factory, and battle lab. if they're soviets, you'll get a powerfull unit called chrono ivan which can teleport to places in a second and can bomb the places (which is a good unit to bomb your opponent's construction yard).
Soviet Campaign best defence (Level 7)
A safe and easy way of defeating the Allies in sort of a jiffy when they arrive.
As soon as this course starts. Train 10 guard dogs and send two on patrol were infantry always comes. Order your fastest moving unit to stop at were all these people gather around this black statue(located on the west of the mini map). Mean while, you should have finish building a war factrory and walls surrounding the battle lab with 2-4 flak tracks patrolling aound it to stop harriers and rocketteers. Your soviet advisor should come in transmission and she will order you to destroy this pickup truck with two weird black boxes and it will drive around the civilians. Destroy it and the map will be revealed. Build lots of war miners and make a lot of rhino tanks instead of tesla coils and apocalyse.
So no more hard time guarding the battle lab.
Soviet Stratagies
Easy Win, Soviets vs Allies on a map with vehicles
1. OK, first of all, build four tesla reactors, barracks and ore refinary (In that order).
2. Now, build 2 flak cannons near important buildings (Con Yard for example).
3. Now, build a War Factory, another war miner, Radar, Battle Lab.
4. Immediately build a Nuke Silo, and a Clone Vat.
5. The silo is there, use it
6. Buy 2 ivans, use the clones, build a yuri, get him to possess a vehicle (preferably a school bus), put the 4 Ivans and an engineer into the bus/vehicle, go into the enemy base in a charge of tanks and a few conscripts (with two engineers lagging behind, for insurance...). Blow everything you can with Kirov's before you fight anything with your tanks/conscripts/flak troopers/tesla troopers,take out everything you can with Kirov's, EXCEPT battle lab/con yard/barracks, take the three with an engineer, hopefully while the enemy is distracted, now go to your base and check out all the cool units.

For soviets vs allies in a wilderness/snow map
6. Build a bunch of attack dogs (about 4) charge the enemy base with two Kirov's, followed by tanks, followed by dogs, followed by conscripts/flak troops, followed by ivans to mop up the rest, using engineers to take the buildings. Now, blow everything up

Soviets vs Allies with a lot of turrets in their base
6. After your attack run with the silo, charge with Kirov's, if they die, build more, build a few tanks, use the silo again, go in with Kirov's, then tanks before they die, then dogs, then conscripts/flak troopers, followed by Ivans to mop up the rest more tips will be submitted at a later date.
Soviet Strategies: Continued
V3 Rush, Any map

1. Build 3-4 tesla reactors
2. Barracks
3. Ore Refinary, 5-12 conscripts, 5 attack dogs
4. Radar
5. War Factory
6. Three V3 rocket trucks
7. Send in a single attack dog to scope out his base, then hit (in these priorities)
1. Superweapons
2. Base Defences
3. Barracks/War Factory
4. ConYard
5. Ore Refinary
8. Send in your tanks, followed by dogs then conscripts. And voila! His whole base should be gone in 5 minutes!

Base Planning/How to survive attacks
-If you like to prolongue your death, put a weak unit such as a conscript out of your base. The enemy will comb the map looking for him. Great fun to watch!
-You should build (in this order)
1. 3-4 Tesla Reactors
2. Barracks, Tesla Towers, sentry guns, and flak cannons strategically placed around your base
3. Ore Refinary, 5-12 conscripts, 4 attack dogs, and 5 tesla troopers (or replace the dogs with desolators if you like to play Iraq, they dominate)
4. Radar
5. War Factory
6. Battle Lab, another miner
7. Build a Nuclear plant, sell your reactors, then build a superweapon
8. Kirov's, another miner
9. V3 Rocket Trucks
10. Tanks
11. Cloning Facility
12. Conscripts, Flak Troops, Yuris, anything!
It will save your life.

-Killing the enemy in YOUR base (also a really good way to save your backside)
First of all, sell your nuclear ractor. It is too great a danger to leave it sitting there in massive combat, as after it takes a few bullets, BOOM!
Second, remember to protect your base at all costs. Conscripts trained, Kirov's rebuilt, but a ConYard cannot, at all costs, be lost.
Lastly, try not to damage your own base. It might not be a good idea, for example, to go on a bombing rampage just to kill a coupla' G.I.'s.

Cracking into bases: The ultimate guide

-Blitzerkrieg Version 2.1
1. Send in a nuke.
2. Bomb defenses with Kirov's.
3. Hit them with V3s.
4. Hit 'em with a tank rampage.
5. Send in the Attack Dogs (optional).
5.5. Send in something that goes boom
6. Send in your conscripts, flak troops, and weak armoured vehicles. Desolators rock.
7. Send in Ivans and Engineers. Ivans to blow everything up, and engineers to take battle labs, ConYards, etc., although generally I destroy my opponent's conyard, it is too great a danger to keep it standing.

-City Under Siege
1. Build a Cloning Facility (in your default base)
2. Send in a moving base (not your default).
3. Set up on the ore closest to the other guy's base.
4. Crack up an Ore Refinary
5. A barracks, War Factory
6. Do as best as you can to wall up your ConYard
7. Build some V3s, blast his defenses, run up into the base with ground troops. CONQUER ALL!

-Wall of Iron
1. Build as many tanks as possible, and as many conscripts and flak troops and tesla troops (and desolators) as possible.
2. Charge in with a single Kirov, blow what you can
3. Send in your tanks to mop up the rest
4. Send in conscripts, tesla and flak to keep whatever your tanks cannot hold at bay
5. Send in some engineers, take the important buildings, and voi la!

OK everyone, I hope you liked this little guide, e-mail all comments to, my new address.
Special units & poor enemy strategy
<Special units>
There is a total of 4 special units in skirmish mode. You can get those special units by infiltrating a allied/soviet battle labs. The unlocked unit also depend on your owned barracks type (allied/soviet). Those are the 4 described special units:

1-Psy Commando:

Description - This unit is the made-in-china yuri. It can mind-control civilian/enemy units from a very short range, but it´s good if you´re allied. It can also demolish bridges (with repair huts) and buildings, like Tanya.

How to get - Infiltrating Soviet Battle Labs with a spy, while having Allied Barracks.

2-Chrono Commando:

Description - This, my friend, is a killing machine. It can teleport to anywhere, with short delay (just like Chrono Legionaire), and can instantly blow off bridges (with repair hut) and buildings, just like Tanya. Infantry single shot kill also rocks.

How to get - Infiltrating Allied Battle Labs with a spy, while having Allied Barracks.

3-Yuri Prime

Description - Great range mind controlling and fast movement. Hitting deploy button near infantry should transform brains in chicken poo-poo. Limited 1 Yuri Prime training by army (2 if you have cloning vats) and high cost (2000 credit) make this unit a very prestigious one.

How to get - Infiltrating Soviet Battle Labs with a spy, while having Soviet Barracks.

4- Chrono Ivan

Description - This one can teleport to anywhere, with delay (like Chrono Legionaire)and can set delayed time bombs into ANY building and vehicle in the map (when I´m saying ANY, it don´t matter if it´s yours or the enemy´s)

How to get - Infiltrating Allied Battle Labs with a spy, while having Soviet Barracks.

This ends the Special Units section, I hope it were useful for you!

<Poor enemy strategy>

This is a simple strategy that works for any land-linked enemy. Works best if you´re allied.

1-Build the basic buildings (ConYard, PowPlant and Refinery.)
2-Build the barracks, war factory and radar.
3-Check out if energy is OK, then build the battle lab.
4-Build 3 Mirage/Apocalipse tanks for each enemy ore concentration (normally 1-3)
5-Crop each trio in each concentration and wait for the miner truck to arrive.
6-The Mirages/Apocalipses easily take off any enemy miner that aproach the ore, if positioned correctly.
7-The brainless enemy keep ordering another truck over and over again, and when money is low, the computer start selling its base. Untill money & base are over, the enemy will keep feeding your tanks with experience.

This strategy is unbeatable when using mirage tanks, because mirages can take off any land unit easilly.
Speed up Construction
If you want to build units/buildings faster, build 10 factories/barracks/conyards for the maximum effect. then any build is like building a conscript.
Spies into your own buildings
First, train an engineer, then a spy. Then, us any infantry or vehicles and attack your own building(barracks/battle lab/war factory) but don't destroy it!!!!Then, choose your engineer and click h waypoint button at th bottom of the screen. Then, click on any open ground and then to your building you attacked. Then, choose your spy and ask the spy to follow th waypoint of the engineer(click on the waypoint of your engineer)
Then, the spy will followthe engineer and enter the building.

If the spy enter the battle lab, you can train a chrono commando
Spy Jobs
Spies are extremely useful for some missions (especially the one with the two nuclear silos!) and for skirmishes! Here are a list of what they can do:
Power Plant - shuts down the enemy's power
Ore Refinery - Steals half of the enemy's funds
Radar/Air Control - Resets enemy's radar
Barracks - Makes all fighting units veteran
War factory - Makes all tanks veteran
Battle lab - Gives you an extra unit to train
Spy seeking IVF's
If you put a dog in an IVF then it will detect any spy near it. (Machine gun or Rockets for the weapon i forgot which)
Stop the Nukes
To stop soviets nuking your base, gather a group of spies beside their nuke silo and send one in every time the countdown reaches 1:00. This will reset their timer every time. (also works for iron curtain)
The requirements are:
you are the allied forces(any)
more than $15000
able to build prism towers

First, find a vulnerable point in your bases boundarys. Then build a 3x3 square of prism towers like this. x=prism tower
then build pillboxes in front of them so it will look like this. x=prism tower y=pillbox
Now, if your enemy manages to power down your base, you can still defeat them! You may want to add patriot missiles. x=prism tower y=pillbox e=patriot missile
Super nuclear missle
bulid 5-10 demo trucks, build a nuc silo. wait till the nuc id ready. send demo trucks to the enimie's base. move sreen over the enimie base. look at the radar and wait for the demo trucks to come near the base and FIRE THE NUC!!!(it takes time for the nuc to reach an area, 3-5 sec, ESTIMATE THE TIME OF FIRE!!)the nuc will destroy the trucks and cause more damage to the base, usu. destroy the Main Construction Yard and buildings near it. very effective.
Terrorist Attacks to Annoy Human Players
Pick the soviet team that has the terrorist, build as many amphibious transport as you want, then build enough half-tracks for the amphib. transport, (4)per transport. Fill the half-tracks with terrorists and Crazy Ivan, then put the half tracks in the amphibs.

Drive the amphibs. into your enemy base and let the enemy destroy them. They will move then likly destroy the half-tracks, so make them go as close to an important enemy structure. As soon as they destroy the half-tracks, the people you put in them will pop out; command all of them to attack the buildings or run towards a cluster of enemy units - great for terrorizing your opponent or as a prelude to a one strike attack that can disable the enemy for a short while to gain time or to cripple there defense.

Hint: This stratagy can be modified, so be willing to experiment.
The big bang
Okay make sure you are cuba. Make sure you can build terrorists. Build a cloning vat and train 30 terrorists (or however many you want) and you should get 60 terrorists. build some sort of quick transport and send all 60 into an enemy base as soon as one of them gets out make it attack the ground (ctrl click the ground) and it should blow up all 60 of them. BOOM!
The doggy/spider bomb
U have to be soviet to use this
First u have to train a crazy ivan then make lots of attack dogs or terror drone next make them go near the enemy base(they have to be protected)then put a bomb on the terror drones or the dogs then make em' run to da enemy base! BOOM!
I know it sound crazy but it's FUN! <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
The Perfect Defense
Choose a map that has a lot of mountains and ridges...If you obtain a base surrounded by ridges and with one ramp onto it. Truncate the ridge by blocking it with a lot of stationed guns and wall.

Attack them with everything you got
Tip for last level of Allied Campaign
In the last level of Allied Campaign, where you have to get rid of Romanov's defenses there is an easy way of getting rid of his elite apocalypse.
Firstly you need a Chronosphere, then when the Chronosphere is ready put the bubble in between any pair of apocalypse and teleport them into water and both of them will get sunk. Do the same for the other pair. For the Flak Cannons and everything else use Chrono legionaires but if you don't wanna lose any just get rid of the black nuclear reactors. After you do this Romanav's Tesla Coils will not work. But watch out for the Sentry guns or else your Chrono legionaires will die! And don't teleport them from your base directly to the Kremlin or they will take a lot of time to be in motion. Good luck!
tip last level Allied
Okay first make sure you have a good defense and build war factorie (sorry fot typing errors) far away from base cause theyll nuke it now put gi's in bunckers ...fight death explode do what you want... now build a cronospher hahaha now arn't you tired of sending wave after wave of your men to destoyer tanks etc. well sience there's water on the map use your chornoespher and teleport what you want into the water they'll sink and are gone just be sure you have a good enough defense so the iron currton doesn't ter you to pecies
Truck bombs are fun.
Be Libya (Soviets). Get a naval base. (forgot name of the naval buidling) Get an amphibious transport or two. Build 1 or 2 truck bombs for each transport. Build a Krazy Ivan. Strap bombs to each truck and put them in the transports. Do it one at a time for safety. Don't worry they won't explode in the transport. Drive the transports into the enemies base and you have two options, wait until they kill the transports (boom!) or unload the trucks. The trucks will instantly 'splode. BOOM!!! For added fun use an Iron Curtain on them to give you x-tra time to place the Bombs. You can also mind control a bus and load it with Conscripts with bombs glued to them. (conscripts are the cheapest unit) Everyone knows by now the bus doesn't get attacked by the enemy so drive it into their base. One important thing is the guys in the bus will be released one at a time and they come out the back.
Have fun and make up your own terrorist methods. Yay bombs!
Two soldiers for one (soviet only)
Build a barracks and a cloning vats and select both buildings and make the checkpoints as close as possible and start making soldiers. For every soldier made in the barracks one is made from the cloning vats for free!
two ways to kill a bridge

get a crazy ivan to bomb the hut by the bridge


get a tonya to bomb the hut by the bridge
Types of IFV
MachineGun IFV: The Standard IFV that is equipped with a fast-fire machinegun.To get a MachineGun IFV you can put a Tanya, G.I., Spy or Conscript in the IFV.

Repair IFV: An IFV used for vehicle repair.To get a Repair IFV you must put an engineer into the IFV.

Crazy Ivan IFV: A make-shift Demolition Truck. To get a Crazy Ivan IFV, you must put a Crazy Ivan in the IFV.

Yuri/Yuri Prime IFV: An anti-infantry IFV that, if ordered to, will attack infantry with a psychic barrier.To get a Yuri/Yuri Prime IFV you must put a Yuri or Yuri Prime into the IFV.

Legionaire IFV: An IFV that can warp enemy units and buildings out of time and space.The beam doesn't get any stronger than it is with a normal Chrono Legionaire.To get a Legionaire IFV you must put a Chrono Legionaire in the IFV.

Sniping IFV: A long-range anti-infantry IFV that can snipe enemy infantry from afar.To get a Sniping IFV you must put a Sniper in the IFV.
Types of IFVs (+1)
MachineGun IFV: The Standard IFV that is equipped with a fast-fire machinegun.To get a MachineGun IFV you can put a Tanya, G.I., Spy or Conscript in the IFV.

Repair IFV: An IFV used for vehicle repair.To get a Repair IFV you must put an engineer into the IFV.

Crazy Ivan IFV: A make-shift Demolition Truck. To get a Crazy Ivan IFV, you must put a Crazy Ivan in the IFV.

Yuri/Yuri Prime IFV: An anti-infantry IFV that, if ordered to, will attack infantry with a psychic barrier.To get a Yuri/Yuri Prime IFV you must put a Yuri or Yuri Prime into the IFV.

Legionaire IFV: An IFV that can warp enemy units and buildings out of time and space.The beam doesn't get any stronger than it is with a normal Chrono Legionaire.To get a Legionaire IFV you must put a Chrono Legionaire in the IFV.

Sniping IFV: A long-range anti-infantry IFV that can snipe enemy infantry from afar.To get a Sniping IFV you must put a Sniper in the IFV.

Chrono Ivan IFV:Just like the Crazy Ivan IFV, but when the Chrono Ivan IFV explodes it releases a radiation that poisons the land it exploded on. Of course any infantry and light-armored vehicles that enters the radiation will lose health and eventually die.To get a Crazy Ivan IFV you must put a Chrono Ivan in the IFV.
uLtImAtE dEfEnCe
ok,first of all pick iraq for your team and then build power plants all around your base then build pill boxes around them twice.

Then build prism towers around them once.

Make sur you have done it like this correctly or it may fail and allow anyone to come and destroy your base.

Build a war factory and build 10 appocalypses build a radar and then go around looking for the computers base 2-8 doesnt matter and your base will be fine.Take home base thing out firt so they cant build anything then take out the barracks and if they have a war factory take it out you will probaly lose about 4 tanks and injure 2 but therfore you have one within like 5minutes or less.
I have finshed every mission by doing so.and i just play skirmish now but it gets boring because i win all the time.

HaVe FuN fInIsHiNg ThE gAmE


Ultimate Yuri
(This code will only work with yuri, you will also need friends with Allied/Soviet side)
1. Build up your base. Then, build yuri prime.
2. Go close to your friend's base. Choose yuri prime, press CTRL and click your frieds ConYard. You now "have" this conyard.
3. Build Allied/Soviet barracks, war factory and repair depot.
4.Do agains steps 2-3 with other type base.
5. You now can build allied and/or soviet MCV!
Un breakable defence
To make this defence, you'll need to have lots of ore, or tech oil derricks. For the unbreakable defence, build a ring of prism/tesla towers around your base. Make it so that your units can still slip through. Also make many grand cannons, to take out any prism tanks trying to out range your prism towers. If your oponent trys to bomb you, than build 1 or 2 patriot missle systems behind your prism towers to shoot at those pesky harriers. with this defence, your prism towers should be able to take out a construction yard easily. With this defence, you dont need to worry about anyone attacking your base.
Undefeatable Alliance
For this Cheat you must have one Allied (America or Else) If you want to finish your Multiplayer Opponent in a quicker fashion, Build Iron Curtain as quick as possible, and tell your ally to build Chronosphere, as also 6 Prism Tanks, Then when your there semi superweapons ready tell you ally to chronsphere his prism in any enemy base, and the just put your iron curtian after he uses his chronsphere, Put iron curtain on his prism tanks, the base will finish in 10 seconds.
LOL, with this trick, me and my friend are undefeatable.

REHAN, Post a reply (if you have question)
Unlimited money in skirmish
Go to menu for skirmish and select a team (doesnt matter wich). Then you press the button "customzise battle" and then you will get a menu with lots of maps. Then you go downwards, almost to the bottom, and you choose the map "training map" or something like that. When the game has begun you build two engineers. Send them to the middle of the map. There it is two houses who looks like an airport. Send the engineers into the buildings. Then you will get unlimited money, and lots of other cool stuff.

Hope this will help you.
Unlimited Yuri Prime's
This tip, only works in a map, with a Hospital...
If you are Allied you need to get an Soviet base, coz' you need the Cloning Device...
Well you got that, make a Yuri Prime, then take any soldier(I did it with an G.I.) Damage him a little so he can go into the hospital, then just like you get a spy into your own Battle Lab, Barrack, War Factory, with an Engienner, take you Yuri Prime(all of the Yuri Prime you have) and place him/them behind the damaged G.I., make the waypoint, remember the G.I. has to stand closest to the bulding, and then make the waypoint between the G.I. and the Yuri Prime, and make them go into the Hospital...
Seconds after you have a new Yuri Prime out of your Cloning Building, and the Yuri Prime from the Hospital..

You can do this as much as you like, and with as many Yuri Prime's as you like in the same time, just make sure the damaged G.I. stands closest to the building, and the Yuri Primes behind him...
It dosenøt matter, if you have 1 or 20 Yuri Prime's behind him, just do it, and you'll get 20, or any count of Yuri Prime's...
It works!
uso (unitentified sinking object)
Wait until the enemy get a tank force then cronosphere their tanks into the water (if theres
an island with no-one on it(and no bridges!)you
could cronosphere them onto it
Very simple to destroy enemys base
For this it doesn't matter if you Sovjet or Allied. For Allied built about 5 or 6 Lasertanks (I forgot their real name). Also built about 5 tanks to protect them. Simply drive to eneymys base en let the lasers do their work! Use the tanks to destroy their ore miners and tanks.

For Sovjet built a few acopalypse's. Just about 5, when reaching enemy base destroy ther front infranty. There will be laser towers zo try to hit there power plants. The rest is real simple.
Win in a sec.!
First, you use France as your country. Then when the game comes out, you build your base.When you think the base that you made is enogh, undeploy your ConYard and deploy it in a safe place where you could kill enemies or find the opening. Then build about 5 grand cannons in the opening. This Will bo corrosive! Then continue changing the position of your ConYard then repeat this.
Yuri Bunkers
This Soviet defensive tactic will work very well against computer opponents. I have never tested it against human players, though, so I doubt it will be as effective in multiplayer.

The "Yuri Bunker" is basically three Yuris inside a closed 3 x 3 wall. If you use the walled barracks+cloning vats cheat, then this type of defense will set you back only $400. If you choose to build the Yuri Bunker with a flak cannon for an anti-air anti-land defense, it will cost you $1400. STILL cheaper than the Tesla coil. The advantage of the Yuri bunker against computer opponents is that it will almost NEVER BE ATTACKED. This means that the computer's units will roll by and be mind-controlled, causing chaos within their own lines. It can also be built farther away from your base than the Tesla coil.

Wall your barracks shut and build the cloning vats. You will now have infantry for free. Now built a 3 x 3 square wall where you want your Yuri Bunker to be, but don't close up the wall yet. Build three Yuris (four if you believe that they'll fit) and make them go to the same point inside your 3 x 3 "cell". Once they are inside, close up the wall and build a flak cannon behind it if desired. Your Yuri Bunker is invulnerable to British Snipers, Tanyas, Desolators, Tesla troopers (up to veteran only), and all other manner of military units that can't penetrate through walls.

Attack with Warminers. Simple as that. Yuris cannot mind-control harvesters.


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Duplicate soldiers
If you have a cloning vat and have captured a hospital sending wounded soldiers into the hospital will duplicate the soldier from the cloning vat and furthermore if you have entered a spy into a barracks then the duplicated ones will be veteran this will work with soldiers that can only be built once like Yuri Prime and thus you can create an army from 1 soldier and something to hurt it like a conscript and it does not cost much to repair soldiers.
(Does not work with tanks and a service depot)
never seen this dolfins defending land
this is strange taktik but it works on maps with bridges build dolfins (need alied naval yard) put them in a 3 rows near the bride and in waypoint mode order them to atack water in other side of the bridge . do this with all 3 dolfins lines

d means dolfin H means bridge x means where to atack if all atack at once (use ctrl) no land unit can get thru bride they get killed unles they are SUPER fast or invurnable
transforming mcv into terror drone
this one is realy cool just order the terror drone to enter your mcv vehicule(press controle)and then open your mcv.The terror drone will be into it but not damaging it.Now repack the mcv and voila your mcv will now be a terror drone.

Easter eggs

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You will need:

1 Naval Shipyard $1,000
300 Amphibious Transports $270,000
1200 Demolition Trucks $1,800,000
3001 Crazy Ivans $1,800,600
3000 Terrorists(Optional) $600,000
1 Construction Yard $3,000
600 Nuclear Reactors $600,000

Items: 8,103
Cost: $5,074,600

Step 1: Build an MCV. Deploy it somewhere away from your base.
Step 2: If you want construction to go faster, build 10 more MCV's.
Build 600 Nuclear Reactors. Make sure You leave some space for units to get through.
Step 3: Train 1 Crazy Ivan.
Step 4: Build 300 Amphibious Transports and 1200 Demo Trucks. Put them somewhere away from all bases.
Step 5: With the one Crazy Ivan or Chrono Ivan, put a bomb on one of the demo trucks and load it into a transport before it blows up. Do this until all trucks are loaded.
Step 6: Scatter them within the spaces between the Reactors.
Step 7: Train 3000 Crazy Ivans and/or Terrorists and scatter them also within the spaces.
Step 8: Save the Game.
Step 9: Use a Nuke or Unload the Transports.
Step 10: Watch and enjoy!


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$$ Soviet - Make Infantry for FREE $$
First, you need version 1.006. Cover your barracks with walls all around then build a cloning faculty. When your building the unit your unit cannot come out of the barracks so you get a FULL REFUND but still get the unit from the cloning faculty. Very effective if trying to build Yuris.
super demo truck
this only works if you play as cuba

first build up to get flak tracks and terrorists
then build 5 terrorists and 1 flak track
next put the terrorists into the flak track

presto now you have a super demo truck!

*Allied* The greatest defence of all time
Find an opening to your base, particularly a slope or bridge. Build power plants up to the opening so that you can build defence there. Start with a wall of Pill boxes then behind that, prism towers and finish off behind that with a wall. Make sure you leave a gap for ore trucks to pass through. With this defence no enemy can even get close to your base.
w=wall, x=Pill Boxes, y=prism towers

w w w w w w w
w y y y y y
w y x x x w
w y x y w

Moderator Note: superlegendaryfart has pointed out that there are no air defenses listed here. That makes this defense vulnerable to air attacks, while sill seemingly being great against all land attacks.
*Soviet* The greatest Defence of all time
Find an opening to your base, particularly a slope or bridge. Build tesla reactors up to the opening so that you can build defence there. Start with a wall of sentry guns then behind that, tesla coils and finish off behind that with a wall. Make sure you leave a gap for ore trucks to pass through. With this defence no enemy can even get close to your base.
w=wall, x=Sentry Guns, y=Tesla Coils

w w w w w w w
w y y y y y w
w y x x x y
w y x x w
w y x y w
Allied campaign cheap win (level 7 - Deep sea)
In this level, an island is invaded and they make a nuclear silo. But there is a way to assure your victory mere minutes into the game.

Immediately, start building rockeeters After you get about 4-5 rockeeters, make harriers if you like. Send them to the island the soviets just invaded.

Lol, whats this, the only air defenses they have is naval, so they can't reach you. Attack the MCV/Construction yard, if all was done right they won't deploy anything more threatening then a power plant. You have to wait until they would normally deploy the nuclear power plant until you get the mission accomplished screen, but since they can make no units, and only have naval units, you have already won.

Mod Note: Another player, 007bradz, has this advice accompanying this cheat:

"Don't ONLY build rocketeers since the Soviets will send naval units into Pearl Harbour (your base) so its best to make about a dozen Destroyers and combine them with your current sea units and send them to the mouth (south of the Air Force Command) its also a good idea to put some IFV's to the very bottom of your base to shoot down the missiles from dreadnoughts."
Base Boom
ok first go to a skirmish game then but only 2 teams put you as soviet as libya and pu the other team as random(and put superweapons)biuld and iron curtin and make a demo truck and it beside the enemy`s base put iron on the demo truck(s) go in the middle of the base and once the iron curtin is of....BOOM!
best demo truck
you will need:

5 crazy Ivan
4 ifvs
1 amphibious transport

first,put a crazy Ivan in each ifv then, put a bomb on one and put it in the amphibious transport do that with the other ifvs

(tip:do them one at a time.)
Blow up bridges EASY
Play as a soviet side, find a bridge with a bridge hut then build a crazy Ivan and get him to set a bomb on the bridge hut, when the bomb blows up the bridge will be destroyed
Construction Yard Destruction
Well to make this possible you HAVE to be the allies. First get you basic base set up then as fast as you can build 3 aiforce commands. After that build the 12 jet needed to fill them all. Make sure you enemy doesnt have to many air defenses or this wont be good.....

Anyway hope fully you have a spy satelite by now and know where the enemy is. Then take all of you 12 Harriers/black eagles and tell them to attack the construction yard. If they all succesfully get there the enemys construction yard will be destroyed.

Continuos fire
to use this cheat, click on a tank (works best with Appocalipses)and fire at the enemy. keep on clicking the left mouse botton on the enemy, while u are doing that click the sese button(the S button)continusly. the shells should keep coming out until u stop.
crawling bomb (Soviet)
do you want a cheap way to kill an opposing ore miner plus damage the ore refinery? (best when attacking a chrono miner). Build a terror drone and a crazy ivan. order the crazy ivan to put a bomb on the drone. let the drone attack a miner but make sure it does attack it on time or it will blow the drone to smithereens. when the miner gets blown up, so does the drone but will make an explosion and damage units in a small area if necessary.
this cheat will only work if you are soviets. make a yuri and 2 crazy ivans. make yuri capture a bus. now make 1 ivan put dynomite on the other one and quickly put him in bus. take him to an enemy base and take him out. BOOM!!! massive explosion.

you can do the same with a terrorist or a demo truck and amphibious transport.
Desolator Destroyer (Iraq)
To destroy many enemy infantry, get your desolator (or desolators) into the opponent base. (You may want to attack from behind.) As soon as you see enemy infantry in your desolator's line of sight, press d. The desolator will explode, poisoning all the land around it. If any enemy infantry touch the poisoned land, they will die instantly. This is an awesome cheat if you can get your desolator near a barracks. Be warned: the poison disappears after about 30 seconds.
destroy...your own things
hold ctrl and click in your own things to destroy it....try it
biuld a spy first (allied) the disguise them as enemies the put the spy near the nuclear missile then when the time of the nuclear missle is 00:50 or up send the spy inside the nuke then IT RETURNS TO 9:60.
easy Promotions for your units
usong the allied forces attack your own war factory /battle lap/ holding ctrl
then waypoint an engineer and a spy to the buildings
note:u must waypoint the engineer first then the spy
Extra effect
Hi.Know the power up crates that sometimes appear?(if u have it on).well if ur allied,(or got chrono ivans)make a lot of chrono stuff(not miners )then,if u see a crate,let all chronos tele on it.i made 4 chronos 1 star to all on 3 star.its very effective!
get yuri prime
get a yuri control a spy then send the spy intro an soviet battle lab and you can build yuri prime
glitch in boot camp
in the second boot camp training, set your construction vehicle near the brigde. now, a GI should be attacking it after it's deployed. build a power plant. You should see a soviet barracks in the build menu. build it. THEN build an ore refinery. then a shipyard and war factory will show up. build the war factory, and go the the vehicle menu. there will be a picture that has the red alert icon and says "missing cameo" build it. its a light tank. it may be a tank, but it works as an aircraft carrier.
Im Invincible !!!
{This will only work on allied}
Build a chrono legionnaire. Put it beside your structures. When a Kirov, harier, black eagles will attack your camp, control attack the attack target of your enemy by your Chrono L and it will be invincible. Do not let it attack for too long because your structure will dissapear. This will also work when you were attack by superweapons...
Infinite Tanya
Build 1 G.I and hold him. Do the same for an ENGINEER. Click on TANYA however many times you want and you can swoop the battle field!
Invincible Cars!
Enter a skirmish game. Be the Soviet Union and get Yuri from the barracks. Get Yuri to mind control a car(cars are only in some levels). drive the car to the computers base. The enemies wont attack the car because they think it is a civilian! excellent thing to see what they are doing if they have a gap generator
Invincible Jets
When you play as allies, you can make your jets invincible at anytime... When they're about to take off, push guard and they will try to land again but then tell them to attack. Then, when the enemy shoots at them they will be invincible. Works better on black eagles.
kill enemy infantry with ease
i've noticed that some enemies place about 10 troops and dogs around their ore refinary. this could be a problem for some people. build a iron curtain and when its charged up, click on the infantry - all that will be left is skeletons
Money, Money, Money...
Play allies and build a spy then get the spy near the enemy ore refinery. If you have low money just set the spy into it and you will get the last 10,000!
Never gonna repair the bridge again?
to never repair the bridge again,
train a chrono legonaire(bad spelling)
and order him to attack the bridge hut by
holding Ctrl and click it. the hut disappears
Operation Car Bomb
Play as the Soviets. Use A Yuri to mind-control a car. Then, bring the car and a Crazy Ivan near the enemy base. Get the Ivan to set a bomb on the car (This is possible). Then, drive the car towards an enemy building. It can lay waste to a medium size building if done correctly.

Notes: The enemy will NOT attack the car, as it is not yours on their screen.

If you are alies, send spies into your enemy Soviet and Allied buildings to get the Chrono Ivan and the Psi Commando, and you can complete this operation.
Power Down
If you send spies into an opponent's base and instead of infiltrating their battle lab or war factory, send them into a tesla reactor/power plant. this will stop them being able to use prism towers/tesla coils, and will slow their production speed down considerably. Get infiltrating.
Save the war factory!
Have you ever noticed when playing with superweapons that your enemy always attacks your war factory first, you can stop this assault by two ways:
1). get a chrono legionnaire to 'attack' your factory (making it indestructable)
2). sell for a full refund

Here is another way to get your enemy to attack their own base, get the paratroop option (by tech building or with the americans) then select a war factory. When the paratroopers and war factory are ready, put it in the base (using the small map in the top corner) and when they nuke/storm it they will be attacking there own base.

NOTE: you might want to wait until they are close to launching their missile/storm or else they attack it with tank etc...
you might have to sell the war factory at your base first.
screw with human enimies
There are two ways to do this, but it always works better the soviets and on a map with buildings.

1) if you know the enemt is sronger then you take all of your conscripts and put one in each of the buildings you can get to. now the oppnet has to go through the map destroying evrey building to finish off your infantry possbley losing some units.
NOTE This will not work as well if they use planes to blow up the buildings but hey, they still have to recahrge!

2) build a terra drone as it is one of the fastest units, then put it in the corner, its really funny to wacth the oppenet try to cacth up to it, once my enimie had to nuke it to win!
Secret Units
When you get a spy into an Allied or Soviet
battle lab, you will aqquire one of the 2:

1.If it's a Russian battle lab,you get a PSI Commando.

2.If it's an Allied battle lab,you get a Chrono

This is the only way to get these and cannot be
trained untill you infiltrate a battle lab.


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Get one of your units to force fire on any building which can be spied so that it is slightly damaged, then stop your unit. Once the building is damaged, you will need an engineer and a spy. Select your engineer and then enter waypoint mode and click on the damaged building. Then select the spy, and you will see a waypoint line from your engineer to the building. Click on the square box above the building and you will see a waypoint line from your spy to the building. Exit waypoint mode and both of your units will enter the building. Now you have the benefits of having spied your chosen building, without the trouble of getting into an enemy base!

Note: this cheat may not work in all versions of this game.


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Service depot cheat
If an engineer catches your service depot, do not catch it back with an engineer. wait till an enemy tank goes into the captured service depot. When he is in send the engineer in. the service depot will become yours and the enemy tank.
snti-infantry barrier
(If you are the soviet)capture an allied war factory and obtain their IFV. Put yuris in 4-5 IFVs. Move these IFV to places around your base where you think is most vulnerble to infantry attacks. Tell the IFVs to force attack the ground, and the IFVs will create circles of white anti-infantry shield. When enemy infantry come they will get wiped out the moment they touch the shield. Guard tehse IFVs with prism tanks and battle tanks. Put these IFVs around the enemy's barrack:VERY EVIL.
Stop bridge repairs!
To stop an enemy from repairing a bridge simply place a dolphin/squid/submarine under the broken bridge. Most of the time the enemy won't notice this. A great tactic to seal a player in.

NOTE: you use marige tanks when the bridge is over land.
super wepon defence/easy win
first be koria start the game super weapons on build power plants baricks ore refinery all that junk build about 4 air force command centers fill them up with black eagle jets whene ever the enemy build a super weapon take it out also good too to take out enemy building realy fast
The Easy Time Bomb (soviets)
If you are in a level with a lot of cars and you are going for a long game then get a Yuri and a Crazy Ivan. Set the Yuri on one of the cars so you can control it. Then put it close to the enemy's base. Now set a bomb on it and drive it into the base -they will not attack it. This can be really effective if you do it numerous times.
Training Allied Units (Soviets)
If you capture a unit with Yuri, do not kill him, put him in Cloning Vats, then you will be able to train them.
Trojan' Bus
This only works for the Soviet side. After you get the right equipment to obtain a Yuri, train him, then find a simple bus. (Usually found in the maps with the most buildings)

'The Alamo' is a good map with buses on the bottom right corner.

Anyway, take the Yuri, and have him "attack" the bus (with his mind-controlling technique) and then you can send up to 5 infantry units of any kind.

You can send it to a/an enemy's base, and his guns (turrets/units) will not shoot at it, unless the user commands them to.
Turning your harriers\Black eagles in different direction while on the landing pad?
this is a sort of cheat which is really weird but funny too. every time the planes take off they always land in the same direction BUT THERES IS A WAY to make your plane land in different directions.
create 4 harriers/black eagles and select ONE plane only!!! now press the GUARD button once and u might see the plane land in a different direction. weird right??? lol
unlimited money
go to the ra2.ini folder in your red alert 2 directory,double click on it,scroll down to this part :[Skirmish].then adjust the Credits to the amount you want.

this part:GameMode=2
Unlimited money/Ore and jewells!
This is very easy to do and will take you only a min!
1.Main menu>single player>skirmish>customize battle>random map.
2. Now make any kind of map you want, it doesn't matter what you choose.
3.Click Genorate Map
4.Click Save Map on the right side
5. Then get out of RA2
6. Go into my computer>C drive>Westwood>RA2 (if you saved your map some other place than the default, go there)
7.Find the 2 files that have your saved map name.
8.One should be just the map name and the other the map name plus .img
9. Open the file that is just the map name
10. It should be a text file
11. It will have a bunch of values for the map allong with "Tiberium" (ore/jewells)
12. That value should be about 50 or so.
13. Now change the value to about 5000
14. Now most of the map will be ore and jewells (if there is to much ore then just lower the amount

Since most of the map is ore it is very easy to get money! In a regular game ill have about 5 miners going and my money will be about 300K! I did one time set the ore ammount to 80000 but the game was very slow and unstable. Also there was no room to make any buildings. Any questions or comments email:
Unlock Chrono Commando
Play as the Allied Army. You also need an opponent from the Allied Army, too. Build your Battle Lab as soon as it is available. Place it near your War Factory or your Barracks in case that your opponent is fond of tank rushes. Just be sure to protect your investment, as this is the key to unlock your Chrono Commandos. Once you have your Battle Lab online, train at least one Spy. Make him look like the enemy infantry. Then send him into the Allied Battle Lab of your opponent. As soon as the Spy has taken over the building, your Chrono Commando is available in your infantry list. A Chrono Commando has M16 Machine Gun and have C4 charges that can easily eliminate buildings. Chrono Commandos are better than Tanya and Navy SEAL because of these reasons:
1. They can quickly dispatch enemy infantry in one shot.
2. They can quickly take out enemy buildings with C4 charges.
3. They can quickly teleport around anywhere on the map by warping the space-time fabric, which is great for surprise attacks by sending a lot of them into the enemy base.
4. Even fifty GI's are no match against one Chrono Commando, Chrono Commandos are very quick bread-and-butter units.
5. The true power of Chrono Commandos really come through, try garrisoning them into key buildings where they can quickly chew up enemy infantry and tanks, and most of all, racks up veterancy. After all garrisoned troops are promoted, try getting them to the enemy base, destroying both infantry and buildings, proving yourself a single, outmatched opponent.
They are only expensive to produce that takes up to $1,000 per unit. Using them in maps with lots of Oil Derricks and Ore Fields is great! Go dispatch those enemy infantry and buildings!
Unlock Psi Commando
Play as the Allied Army. Now, you need an opponent from the Soviet Army. Build your Battle Lab as soon as it is available. Place it near your War Factory or Barracks in case that your opponent is fond of tank rushes. Just be sure to protect your investment, as this is the key to unlock your Psi Commandos. Once you have your Battle Lab online, train at least one Spy. Of course, Spies must first disguise as an enemy infantry. Infiltrate the Soviet Battle Lab of your opponent. As soon as the Spy has taken over the building, your Psi Commando is available in your infantry list. A Psi Commando uses Ultimate Mind Control, much better than fifty Yuri Primes and has C4 charges that can easily eliminate buildings. Much of what you know, Psi Commandos are better than Yuri Primes and Crazy Ivans. Here are some important reasons why I concluded it:
1. They use their Ultimate Mind Control in every enemy units they encounter and even non-enemy units such as cars and animals which you can use to scout the enemy's base and later on, cause mass destruction on the enemy's base.
2. They can cause permanent brain death on the enemy infantry which is their second attack.
3. They can quickly take out buildings with C4 charges.
4. Even fifty Conscripts are no match against one Psi Commando, they are elite bread-and-butter units.
5. The true power of Psi Commandos really come through, try garrisoning them into key buildings where they can use their Ultimate Mind Control in very long ranges to control enemy units, this is also a great way to rack up veterancy. After all garrisoned troops are promoted, try getting them into the enemy base, causing mass destruction and dispatching enemy buildings, your opponent will go in a rage but will finally ask you for a rematch in no time! They are only expensive to produce that takes up to $1,000 per unit. Using them in maps with lots of Oil Derricks and Ore Fields is great! Have fun mind controlling and destroy nicely!
Uri Prime
To get a Uri Prime, have a Russian battle lab, and then dump a spy into another Russian battle lab. You'll get a Uri Prime. They rock, because of their massive range etc.
Plus, if you have cloning vats, you can get two (!)
[The game only usually allow you to train one]