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Combat Arms Tips

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good starting weapons
If you are just starting and everyone is fraging you badly,well then your a noob. But with my edvice you'll do better. First do not go into battle right away,when you first start you will have 9000GP,which is more than you need. Go buy a AK-47,any shotgun,a granade that will set your apponents on fire,and a smoke granade. Then cusomize your AK-47 with a scope and a extended magazine,do NOT get a silencer for it decreases gun power. Then customize your shotgun with a extended magazine. Go and buy a helmet that will protect head shots and some gogles to you can see clearer through smoke. Now you can go into battle,do NOT go into one man army unless you are more of an experenced player. Capture the flag is probably the easy killer,stay at your teams flag and wait for an enemy to come,use your shotgun mostly,its the easy killer. Hope these tips help.
Submitted by: hadyz on December 19, 2008
Junk Flea:Easy kills
I'm not sure what side you have to be on for this to work.I think Bravo.Well,to get easy kills,go outside,go right past the car and go through the cargo things.There should be a car on the other side.Behind that is the enemy respawn point.If you ran,lob some nades and get some easy kills.I got 2 Multi Kills and a 5 kill one with this trick.
Submitted by: crazagameguru21 on October 13, 2008