Club Penguin (PC) Cheats

Club Penguin cheats, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PC.


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I got puffle all in me
UnlockableHow to unlock
Blue PuffleEarn $800
Red PuffleEarn $800
Yellow PuffleEarn $800 (membership needed)
Pink PuffleEarn $800 (membership needed)
Purple PuffleEarn $800 (membership needed)
Green PuffleEarn $800 (membership needed)
White PuffleBuy it with 800 (membership needed)
Black PuffleEarn $800 (membership needed)
Orange puffleEarn $800 (membership needed)
Brown PuffleFree During Wilderness Expedition 2011 (membership needed and completing a wilderness maze,activating a machine, and building a boat needed)
Rainbow PuffleFree. You must go to the Rainbow Quest (look on the map) and complete all the tasks. When you are done, step on the log and get a Rainbow Puffle! (membership needed)
Playing games with puffles
These are the puffles that you can play games with. If you have the specific puffle, go to your igloo and click on the puffle that you can play a game with. Take it for a walk. Then go to the game that it can play and you will be playing it with the puffle!
Puffle GameHow to unlock
Play Catchin' Waves with Red PuffleIf you have a red puffle, take it for a walk, then play Catchin' Waves at the Cove.
Play Aqua Grabber with Pink PuffleIf you have a pink puffle, take it for a walk, then play Aqua Grabber at the Iceburg.
Play DJ3K with Yelllow PuffleIf you have a yellow puffle, take it for a walk, then play DJ3K at the Nightclub.
Dance Contest with the Purple PuffleEnter the game "Dance Contest" in the Nightclub with a Purple Puffle and it will dance alongside you as you play.
Cart Surfer with Black PuffleGo to the mine with the black puffle and play cart surfer.
Jetpack Adventure with Green PuffleIf you have a green puffle, take it for a walk then play jetpack adventure.
Unlock all Medals in Missions
Unlock each medal by completing the required mission.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Golden Puffles MedalUnlock by finding Aunt Arctic's two disoriented puffles in mission 1.
Wilderness Survival MedalUnlock by surviving yourself in the wild with the materials used in mission 2.
Electromagnet MedalUnlock by removing the giant magnet on top of the gift shot in mission 3.
Golden Tube MedalUnlock by rescuing the distressed penguins on top of the ski mountain in mission 4.
Gold Investigation MedalUnlock by capturing the crab and finding the remains of the polar bear fur in mission 5.
Golden Box MedalUnlocked by receiving credits that you thought outside the box in mission 6.
Silver Watch MedalUnlocked by repairing the clock tower quickly in mission 7.
Boiler Spoiler MedalUnlocked by perfecting the plumbing system in mission 8.
Stealthy Spy Surveillance MedalUnlocked by camera coverage in mission 9.
Secret Squad Success MedalUnlocked by managing other multi-members in mission 10.
Your Own Dojo
ONLY ninjas can access this!
UnlockableHow to unlock
Dojo IglooNinja Rank needed ($5000 2nd page Membership Needed) Ninja HQ
Ninja Suit (Turns you invisible)Ninja Rank needed ($1000 1st page Membership Needed) Ninja HQ
Rice Paper Wall ScreenNinja Rank needed ($500 3rd page Membership Needed) Ninja HQ
Stone LanternNinja Rank needed ($575 4th page Membership Needed) Ninja HQ
Hand Gong (Interactive)Ninja Rank needed ($400 5th page Membership Needed) Ninja HQ
Cloud Wave Bracers250 cash (wave w/ ninja costume + ninja mask to disappear)


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Astro Barier Secret Levels
After level ten there is a cut screen. wait for twenty five seconds and a blue ship will appear in the top left corner of the screen. shoot it and you will be sent to the secret levels.
Becoming a Ninja
Talk to Sensei and select Competition Mode. You must face and beat opponents in Card-Jitsu. As you defeat opponents you will get belts of different colours:

White, Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue, Red, Purple, Brown and finally Black.

Once you have your Black Belt it's time to challenge Sensei. You may need to play him several times in order to beat him, but he should be just like any other opponent.

Once you've beaten him you are a true ninja! You will receive your Ninja Mask and access to the Secret Ninja Hideout!
Blue Viking Helmet
When you find the Hidden Viking Helmet in the catalogue, open it 4 times to uncover the super-secret Blue Viking Helmet!
Build your own Dojo
STOP!!! If your not a ninja plz stop until you are. Plz plz plz!:
Ok, so when you become a ninja go into the hideout and click on the catalog, Then after you can buy the ninja suit, theres another page that says Dojo igloo, i think it looks like a real cp dojo. i dont have it yet bc its 5k but you will get it!
Card Jitsu/Card Jitsu Fire: No losing
No losing on Normal Card Jitsu:

When the gong sounds, immediately click the X button in the corner of the screen. That will prevent a message saying "(opponents name here) wins".

No losing on Card Jitsu Fire:

When you lose one energy after the game says "You lost one energy", immediately click the X button in the corner of the screen. That will prevent a scroll opening up saying that you have come in any place but first, depending on how many players are playing in the match.
Cart Surfer tricks
If you press up whilst playing Cart Surfer then up again you get 30-80 points!
Also, if you press up once you get points as well!!!
Cart Surffer
If you go up up down down over and over again you will get 80 points for the up up and 80 points for the down down!!! I know because thats the only thing I do in the entire game and I get over 305 coins every time I play!!!
Cart Surfing Tricks
When you do tricks in Cart Surfer, you get a certain amount of coins the first time you do a trick, and after that you get half the points. If you alternate between tricks, however, you will get the full amount of points every time.
Catch The Mullet
When playing ice fishing, play as normal until you reach 60 fish. You should see the mullet in the background.

Now, make sure to keep a fish on your line, don't reel it in. When the mullet comes along, hold the line with the fish on it in front of him, and you will catch him, getting loads more coins!
Easy Parties
OK so make a few friends so that you have fifteen. Make sure for speed, ask and dont wait for friend requests. Then (members only) decorate your igloo then ask friends to come over. if you are not a member, look on the map and click on "member igloos" and select some igloos if there is a party there, stay and have fun!
Friendship Bracelet
1:Go to the coffee shop
2:Go upstairs
3:Click on the library
4:Click on the rockhopper book( Not the journal)
5:Read or skip to the last page
6:Click on the bracelet
Get more than 100 coins!
To do this cheat walk a purple puffle and play the dance contest game. The puffle will also dance and you will get lots of coins!

Note: To get about more than 1000 coins, play the song you want to play on Expert difficulty. To choose Expert difficulty, click on the DJ's face while choosing the difficulty.
You may know that in the puffle shop, when you roll over the case w/ the puffles, they will start bouncing. If you carefully move about 1 pixel off the case, they will stop for less than a second and start bouncing again and will keep bouncing until you roll over them again or you leave the room.
Hidden Catalog Items
In every Catalog except Big Wigs there are secret items hidden for you to find! Just move your mouse around each individual page, and if it turns into a hand, click to reveal it!

Tip: Move your mouse over different parts of outfits, igloos, or whatever to find certain hidden items.
Hidden Rooms
On your Map, there are certain hidden rooms that aren't marked-

If you click the floating ice to the right, you will go to the Iceberg.

If you click the small house up and to the left of the cove, you will go to the Mine Shack.

If you click a part of the mountains to the right, you will go to the Dojo.
Landing Flips While Surfing
Sometimes you can be so caught out performing radical flips while surfing, you fail to notice your high-speed return to the wave- Wipe-out!

Luckily, there is an easy trick that will mean you will always land your flips, simply click just before you hit the wave and your penguin will right itself automatically! Gnarly!
Long Tip and Hint
Okay, first to get heaps of coins, do the Pizzatron 3000 or Mine carting or Surfing. To become a secret agent, go back to your igloo and click on a icon the the top right and a test will appear. Get most of the questions right and bam! To become a tour guide which includes a free hat, you must be 45 days old.
Lots of Coins
If you complete Jet Pack Adventure without collecting a single coin, you will get a 1,000 coin prize!!!
Most Money Game
If you completely beat the first 8 levels of puffel scape (w/ the extreme levels) you will earn around 4690 coins. its very easy and takes less than 5 min.
Old newspapers
If you've missed a few Newspapers, check the Boiler Room (Below the Nightclub)- In the filing cabinet you will find the past 6 newspapers, allowing you to catch up on the Penguin News!
Orange Football Helment
The orange football helment is hidden monthly in the sports cataloge. Every month it is in a different place.
Pizza Parlor Cheat
When you go inside to play Pizzatron 3000, don't click on the sart or instruction buttons. Under the far right part of the conveyer belt, there is a switch. Click the lever and then click start and PRESTO! You are making desert pizzas.
Press up in Edit mode
When you click the edit in your igloo to open edit mode and then click and hold on some furniture, pressing the up key will do interesting things like change the TV channel, turn a light on or put stuff on a table.
PST Clock
On the CP website you can check Penguin Standard Time without logging on by clicking on "Community". It's at the top right of the page, beside the Featured Igloo. Handy if you're unsure whether it's time to meet your buddies!
Puffle underwater!
Enter the game "Aqua Grabber" (found at the iceberg) with a pink puffle and it will be with you for the duration of the game!
Quick Way to Make a Lot of Money
To make money fast, go to the puffle shop then play "Puffle Round-Up". If you're good at it, in about 5 minutes you will have more than 1000 coins.
If you want to know when Rockhopper is coming, check the telescope at the top of the Lighthouse every now and then; If you see a boat, Rockhopper is only a few weeks away!
Rockhopper's Quarters
Whenever Rockhopper visits the island, you can access his cabin, but not without finding his key.

It is located at the end of his journal in the Book Room, once you have it you can visit his quarters whenever he visits!
Secret Stone Igloo and Deluxe Stone Igloo
To get the Secret Stone Igloo, go to the 4th page of the Better Igloos catalogue and click on the crowbar/ floorboard; you will find the Secret Stone Igloo!

To get the Deluxe Stone Igloo, click on the door of the Deluxe Snow Igloo.
Silver surfboard
as you all know, the silver surfboard was in the january sport catalog. Well, you can still get it! Go to the cove and click the surfboard catalog. click "WAVES" and the silver surfboard will pop up! cool huh!
Skipping Astro Barrier Levels
Above the dance club, you will enter the game room. While playing Astro Barrier in the room, press any set of numbers on your keyboard to be transported to that level without going through the others.
Slapper Action!
Go in an empty space and have nothing on or something you wave with. Press the W rapidly and your penguin will be slapping! (im afraid it will do no harm to other penguins) You can slap others if you like but they will not react.
Special Surfboards and Puffle
Enter "Catchin'Waves while wearing the pink, flame, or silver surfboard and you will use it during the game! Not only does it look cool, but it makes you go faster!

Surfing Puffle!

Enter "Catchin' Waves" while walking the red puffle and your pet will surf beside you in the game!!!

Note: This only looks cool, it does not help you in any way.
In the theater there are spotlights. If you click on the spotlight and drag it around it moves. It's really super cool.
Stage Sets
At the Stage, you can click on various props and parts of the set to change them! Really cool to personalise your play.
Stay online!!!!!
If you leave your computer for more than ten minutes, it will tell you to log in again, right? If you go to your igloo and click on 'Edit Igloo', then you can leave your computer for as long as you want!
Here's how to do it
1. go to the gift shop
2. go to the page with the piano & click the big key in the back
3. you'll see the normal viking helmet
4. close it out and do steps 2.-3. just on 2. stay on that same page
5. do step 4. 2 more times
You'll see a BLUE VIKING HELMET and there ya go!
Surf's Up- Keep Your Balance!
When playing Catchin' Waves, it is important to keep your balance and not fall over. If you go to low on the wave your Penguin will begin to wobble- Don't press anything for a moment, not making any radical movements and you should be fine after a moment. To instantly regain balance move your mouse to the left of the screen.

Make sure not to go into the air while wobbling as you will automatically fall off!
Sweet Pizzas
When you play Pizzatron 3000 (Located in the Pizza Parlour) on the Start menu. Click on a certain trigger and you get sweet pizzas!
Press "Start" and you get a selection of Chocolate sauce and pink icing; Sprinkles; and the toppings marshmallows, Jelly beans, Liquerice and Chocolate chips.
The more you miss the slower it goes!
Taking care of puffles!
To max out your puffles' stats, simply give them a bath follwed by food.
The Hand-Waving Cart Trick (Trick #3)
When playing Cart Surfer Press Up and the Space Bar and your Penguin goes up in the air and waves his arms.
Waddling Cart Surfer Trick (Trick #4)
Whilst on Cart Surfer press down (once or twice) and your penguin will get out of the cart and run, carrying the cart. It will give you 80 points on the first time, the rest of the time it will be 40 points.
Wakeboards in Hydro Hopper!
Enter "Hydro Hopper" while wearing either of the two wakeboards available in the sports catalog and you will ride it in the game! These boards give you extra air when you jump!!!
Walk on buildings!!!!
Zoom in and zoom out again.

Lil Cherry
Walking on Normally Intangible Areas
It is very simple, first, go to the mountain. once your up there go to bunny hill, but quickly press the map button. Keep the map open when your waiting for someone to play. when you start moving, press the town on your map, then go to the lodge and while your walking there press w fast. Then the next thing you know your on the steps! this can be done with pathways as well.


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always get the fish
When your fishing at the cabin and there are dangers right next to a fish, right click and the game will be frozen move your cursor over the fish and left click. Your worm and line should have moved towards the fish. P.S. you can do this to get out of trouble.
There are many little glitches in club penguin.
Here are some:
No name: go to the pool (you get to it through the cave and boiler room)
and sit in the bottom right corner. Your name will get hidden!
You spin me right round: press s on the keyborad to sit but move your mouse around your penguin whilst holiding s to spin round whilst sitting!
Lets bounce!: in the puffle shop, where all the puffles bounce up and down if you scroll your mouse over them, keep the mouse about a pixel off them and they will bounce until you scroll your mouse over them again!
I'm not drowning yet!: to get the life ring in hydro hopper early, on level 1 hit the first object you see.
In level two,you will get a lifering but they are introduced in level 3!!!
Jet Pack Adventure
When you have passed the first and second levels, and you land in the water, you will end up on the iceberg rather than the beacon.
Melting pizzas!
This is a cheat for the Pizzatron 3000 game.

Go to the Pizza Parlor, play Pizzatron 3000 and make sure it's on normal mode. Then, when a pizza comes get the Hot Sauce and fill the pizza with hot sauce. Keep doing this and the pizza will melt. But it's a good idea not to do it since it counts as a mistake.
Walk on Intangible Areas
Simply walk towards an entrance or doorway and quickly open your mailbox before you reach it. Wait until you think you've reached the entrance/doorway, then exit your mailbox. You will be standing still instead of warping into the next room.

Easter eggs

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At the Cove, look through the binoculars on the Lifeguard's chair- Wait for a bit and you will see penguins going past on a boat, with a biscuit behind it. Also, you can see Fluffy, the fish, jumping around.
Climbing the Nightclub!
In order for this to work, the Nightclub needs to be decorated for the Fiesta party.

So when you are close to the Nightclub, climb the stairs you see. You can climb as high as you want until you reach the sign that says "Nightclub"
Clock Info
If you look to the right of the clock at the Snow Forts, you will see a plaque. Click it to read about Penguin Standard Time.

Also, written on the borrom right of the clock are some odd symbols; they are actually the Penguin Secret Agency's special code, which translates to "By G".

G is the Inventor penguin who made the clock.
In the Ski lodge, a bird comes out of the cukoo clock every 15 minutes! His name is Fred.
Go to the igloo and click edit igloo. Click the "Better Igloos" cattleog and go to the snow fort page. Go to where it says "Build Your Own Snow Fort" and click the tower on the right hand side. it will ask you if you want the green birdhouse!!!
See A White Puffle
Head over to the pet shop and and play puffle round-up. On the first level, you'll see a rare white puffle!
White Puffle
Sometimes in puffle round-up you can see a white puffle! And you can also see a White Puffle on the Ski Hill AND at the Dojo! Try it!