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Championship Manager 03/04 Cheats

Championship Manager 03/04 cheats, Tips, and Codes for PC.


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100 Million Per Player, Every Month
Go to the transfer market and by loads of U21's and U19's.

Go to add manager and take over a rival team. With that rival team approach to loan your U19's and U21's. You can only loan two per team. When on the deal screen set the loan period for 1 month. Set the fee to 100 million (not the future fee, the other one). Once the player moves check your bank balance.

I love doing this especially to Man. Utd. as you get them in serious debt.
Lots of Money from Poor Players
To get loads of money, firstly make a new manager as well as your proper manager. Then, with your fake manager make a bid of any amount for a lousy player at your proper club. Accept it, then sell him after transfer is complete so you can do one of three things:

1. Leave the game with 2 managers
2: Quit the second manager
3: Buy the player you sold for £0 then quit the second manager
Make Money
In January, filter out players whos contracts are expiring. You can offer these players contracts and they will join you at the end of the season if they accept your offer. You can get some really good players this way, e.g. Thierry Henry and Edgar Davids.

Offer contracts to LOADS of people, and when they join you in the summer; sell all the ones you dont need and keep the good ones.

Ruthless, but a good way to make a few million!
Millions in seconds
Start off with any team and add any other team with the other team. Make a loan offer worth 100 million to your team. No matter how little the other club says it has, it still gives you the money. When they go on loan you end up with millions in your back pocket.
Millions without selling a player
First you have to take over another club. Then using this club select a player from the team you want to get all the money for. Change the offer for the player to a loan. Then change the loan fee to £100 million. If the loan is accepted then you can get rich woithout selling a single player.
Pay players peanuts!
If you have a player who is under 23 on the squad and hes being paid loads, change his status to decent player and offer a one year contract at a lower wage. If the player is stubborn, give him starting, goal, assist bonus and minimum release fee. keep repeating the process until you are happy with the players wage. I managed to get Alan Smith down to $15,000/week for 5 years. This cheat helps when you take over teams like Leeds and Wimbledon.
At the end of the season you will be given a batch of youngsters, when all games have been played save the game and continue. wait till 18th of that month and keep saving after each day until the players come. when the youngsters are added to the youth team quit the game without saving and load again. Look through the players, If they are rubbish quit the game and load again until you have found the next superstar.


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Any Player at Any Price
Simply find a player you want to buy eg. Cristiano Ronaldo firstly send an 'enquiry' bid. If they re-send an offer they want, simply scroll up to the top of the offer screen and click the name of your club eg. Millwall. It should show your team sheet. Then click on the news icon on the left-hand side of the screen bringing you back to the screen saying 'Man Utd have asked for £xx,xxx,xxx for Ronaldo. Then instead of clicking 'make bid' right click 'Ronaldo' and click withdraw offer. Then right click again and make a bid of whatever you want to pay for Cristy and click confirm. Next, click 'back up' and 'back up' again till you get back to the screen were you once where. It should say, that Man U are offering whatever you wanted them to pay. Understand. Then click confirm and wait for the player to sign. However, if they don't say what they want for the player then keep making bids till they do. It's a long process but very well worth it.
Free Players
Look for any players listed for loan, when you find one you like offer to loan for three months for $0, pay 100% of the wage and a future fee of $0. the Player will join your team. Now just offer to buy at $0, it will be accepted!

This cheat will work for players who are not listed for loan or have a low squad status. i.e Carlton Cole.