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Americans: Prevent enemy from passing
When playing as the Americans, put six Rocket Soldiers and four Snipers inside a building. They will stop any enemy movement nearby, even the helicopter combat drop. The Rockets Soldiers will tear any vehicle and airship, while snipers take out Soldiers. You can use this to defend your base or specific places.
Chinese: Easy win
First get a Radar, then quickly get a Dozer to build a Supply Depot. Quickly build a Factory and start pumping some APsS (Troop Crawler) and send them to the enemy base. Have at least two APCs. Then, swam them with your infantry.
Easily selecting units
When you have many units of soldiers or vehicles, first select all the units. Then, press [Ctrl]+[0-9] to find the selected unit.
Heal faster
Well first you build an airfield and go an bomb the enemy base and if one of your planes get damaged just build a speaker tower next to the airfield and the planes will heal faster.Also when you get a propaganda center you can get an upgrade for the speaker tower and the planes will heal even FASTER.
Helping Allies
When playing as GLA, Build up your base then build some tunnels then go to your Allies base and build some tunnels there. This way you can send your forces to help your allie quickly when he/she needs it. This can also give you an advantege because if your base gets destroyed you can send your worker or Dozers to build a new one near your allie but if all the buildings in your base are destroyed then all of your units die as well.


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Save your Pilots
This is a small glitch that may eventually be fixed with a patch. Ok if you have this high level pilot and you want to save him you need good timing. When the craft is getting shot at and it loses all it's life and starts to fall, use the draging select box on the craft and select it. You will not really select it but instead you will hear the pilot say "ejected!" and see him paradrop to safty. It takes a little practice but it's a usefull little glitch when your being USA.