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100% radar coverage: radar
double damage: doubleshot
Build units faster: zipper
Change fog color: fogcolor #
Change unit dialogue when moved: bigbrother
Dark screen: mapping
Disable line of sight: nowisee
Exit Game: quit
Full Mana: atm
Half damage: halfshot
Hide shaded objects, darken all buildings: light
In-game clock: clock
Instant loss: ilose
Instant win: iwin
Kill player: kill 0-4
Kill enemies: combustion
Unites honk when they stop: honk
Max units and material: tilt
More blood: lotsablood
Nanolathing doubled: nanolathing
New logo color: logo 1-9
No energy: noenergy
No Metal: nometal
Random meteor shower: meteor
Reload AI: reloadaiprofiles
No shaky screen during explosions: noshake
Share radar information: shareradar
Show bps transfer rate: bps
Show contour type: contour #
Small resource increase: lushee
Start and Stop the music: cdstart
Screenshot of map: makeposter
Target all enemies with units: shootall
Toggle chat text: screenchat
Toggle fog: rollingfog
Toggle fog of war: infrared
Toggle radar map: seti
Toggle sound effects: sfx
Use different skirmish AI: control #
View selected players info: view #
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Imperial Zhou Tai on August 06, 2007