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Carnivores: Ice Age Cheats

Carnivores: Ice Age cheats, and Codes for PC.

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   (last update - May 01 2001)

Cheat Mode and Cheat Codes
During a game, type "debugup" to enable the cheat mode. When cheat mode is activated, you will see coordinates in the top right hand corner of the screen. Cheat mode also makes it so dinosaurs ignore your character until you shoot at them. For more effects, once cheat mode has been activated, enter any of the following codes:

Run faster[Ctrl]
Super jumps[Ctrl] + N
Full map[Tab]
View frame rate[Shift] + T
Slow-motion[Shift] + S
Unlimited Ammo/Fly mode**[Shift] + L
**Note: Use the mouse and the [Ctrl] key to fly.

submitted by CURT

Carnivores: Ice Age Cheats

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Debug Mode and Money Cheat
During gameplay type in debugup. If you entered it correctly the dinos will not attack and you see coordinates in the top right of the screen. You can now press one of these buttons

SHIFT+N - Jump longer

SHIFT+T - Display Frame Rate

SHIFT+S - Get Slow motion

TAB - Show map

CTRL - Fast running

SHIFT + L - Fly mode





Shift+ I - Invincibility

Shift + M - No trees

Money Cheat

You need a hex editor:

Open the TROPHY##.SAV file where ## is equal to names listed, first is 01, second is 02 ect. The files are in the game root directory.

Find address:
000084 to 000085
Replace those two bytes with: FF FF
Save the file and surprise, you now have over $65,000 to go hunting with!
Submitted by: bladingfreak on August 08, 2005