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Command codes

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Console Commands
god-infinite health
r_fullbright-faster game and brighter map
sf_use_ignoreammo 1-unlimeted ammo
give all-all weapons
noclip-fly through walls
notarget-disable al
ufo-fly around
cg_laserforseon 1-laserdot
jump_height 1000-superjump
jumptonode-go to a spot
Play zombie level without finishing the game!
I found this messing around with the devmap command in the console. All you need to do is, from the Single player- Co-op screen go to options and then game options, then enable console (~) if you haven't already. Next go back to the menu screen and push (~) and type devmap nazi_zombie_prototype Press enter. You can play it without even touching single player mode!! While playing you can also use the normal game cheats such as God, Give all and ufo. If you use the ufo code, you can venture outside of the house, the roof and locked rooms. Enjoy!