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WalkThrough For Blackout
Put Nightvision on and follow Captain price and Gaz once you stop pull out your M21 Surpressed rifle and kill the tango farther behind the other tango on the dock.

Tango=Enemy soldier
(capatain Price and Gaz will kill the tango on the dock.)

In the house there are two tangos watching tv. This is a chance to use your knife. Rush in and kill the closest tango. The next one will then be alerted but doesn't see you. This gives you another chance to kill him with your knife also. Don't leave to fast!&(#%^# There is enemy intel on the crate next to the Tv.

Get out of the house and start following Captain Price. Gaz will tell you to plant a claymore infront of the door infront of you. Do that then go prone and crawl along the porch until your past the crate. Go to crouch and kill the guy sleeping on the chair with your knife. There are two tangos in the house who are also sleeping. They then will be alerted and awake. Place your other calymore infront of that door then crouch and go towards the overturned boat. aim you M21 rifle at the furthest tango playing chess. Shoot him in the head then go prone fast. The nearest tango to the door then will run out and be killed by the claymore. The two alerted tangos in the other house will then run outside. One will be killed then the other tango will be shot and killed by Gaz and Price.

The next house does not have any tangos in there so your safe. Price will open up the door where you will meet up with the russian loyalists. Follow Price and Kamroff to where you will be snipeing with your M21. Kill hold your breathe and shoot the middle Tango on the in the heart. Take careful aim and kill the other two tangos. Follow the orders from Price to kill the two machine gunners in the house. Shoot threw the wall to kill the one thats hidden. Helis will come then men will start coming from the farthest end of your snipeing zone. shoot some tangos then start following your captain again,and bring out you M4A1 SOCOM grendane launcher. Go to the grenade lancher and wait to see the tangos. Kill the first wave then kill the second wave of tangos. Bring out your M21 and follow price n em'. Kill the three snipers in the house with the broken roof. Follow Kamroff to the power station where Gaz will be ordered to beat it out of kamroff to find out where Nikolia is. rappel down and run into the garbage container and kill any tangos you see. When the shooting stops, go to the nearest entrance of the long house on your left. bring out your M4A1 rifle and prepare to see two tangos come out of the open door. Throw a grenade or two in there and a flashbang. Go into the room then the next one go outside and you'll see three tangos rushing down to the car. Kill the and go to the door. Once Gaz cuts the power and price opens the door rush in and kill the tango flipping the light switch with your knife. Go to the next room and kill the Tango grabbing the wall with your knife also. go upstairs and kill the scared tango propped agaisn't the wall. There is a tango hiding behind the overturned table. Shoot threw the table and then a tango behind a door will accidently kill himself. DO NOT SHOOT THE GUY IN THE FARTHEST ROOM AHEAD OF YOU!!!! Throw a flashbang turn your head so your not blind. rush into the room and kill the tango in the room. after that go to the room infront of the your in. You'll see a toleit and infront of the toliet is the last piece of enemy intel in that mission follow price and congratz. Hope this Helps.


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Ambush Map Glitch
Ok, there are a few glitches on this map but I'm going to tell you the easiest and quickest one to get to. Head towards the middle of the map and head to the side with all the destroyed buildings (not the one with the little shanty village -- also depends which side you spawn) and head towards the left side (right side if you spawned on the side with all the destroyed buildings) and move ontop of the little pipeline (opening).

There should be a small brick wall in front of you (if your in the right spot). Stand on top of pipeline and move back a few steps. You will need a running start to get the required length. Jump from the Pipeline edge and when you are almost about to hit the wall, jump again (to grapple over the wall.) .. Follow the wall onto the small building and there you have it! One glitch down..

From here you can go onto more glitches but I'll save them for when I have co-ordinates (compass -- N,S,E,W) so it's easier to explain.. But for now, practice doing this glitch until you can simply run and jump straight onto it in the battle field!


P.S: Any problems or if you want to learn more glitches, contact me on
XFire -- shard1031


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helecopters easy takedown
If you are playing with some really good people and they get helecopters alot then bring out your nuke toob(grenade launcher)and shoot the helecopter with it.It's very effective on the helecopters.