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Command codes

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All sorts of awesome crap! lol.
K. When you're in the main menu of Call of Duty 2 (PC), hit the ~ button on your keyboard. Type in the command "Developer 1". This will give you another button down at the bottom of the screen that says "load". This will unlock every level. However, you have to put this in every time to get the extra menu to come up. Here's another command you can enter. In the menu screen, type in "seta thereisacow 1337", then type in "spdevmap" (or you could type in "spdevmap [optional level name]". When you load you're level (and if you've done it right and I haven't missed anything lol), you can now enter your various cheat codes. Here's a few. Type in "~" and then enter the cheats below.

God= Godmode
Noclip= Spectate mode, can fly through level
Give all= Give's all weapons found in level
Give ammo= Reloads your ammo
Jumpheight= {[1-128]: 1 being lowest and 128 being highest}
g_gravity= {[1-800] 1 being lowest gravity and 800 being heaviest gravity}
timescale= {[.0001-1000] lowest decimal being super slow highest number being crazy fast (I recomend .25 for the best slowmo. experience)

There's an infinate amount of different commands you can do. Just "~" and look through the command lists. You can tamper with your mellee speed, and make it so you have a 360* yaw cap when lying prone. Just look around.
You can also check out some other websites and look for guides on tweaking. I recommend "TweakGuides.com". They'll tell you how to tweak with your game further.

note: If you start a server in multiplayer, you can tweak with the settings as well. You just have to add a "/" before the codes
(/g_gravity 100).

Hope this was helpful. : )


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Unlock Missions
Bring down the console in game with the "~" key and enter the below codes to play the mission of your choice. This will allow you to play any mission you have not yet beat.

Cheat - Effect

map rhine - "The Crossing Point"
map cityhall - "Stalingrad City Hall"
map downtown_sniper - "Comrade Sniper"
map libya - "Crusader Charge"
map 88ridge - "88 Ridge"
map toujane_ride - "Armoured Car Escape"
map toujane - "Retaking Toujane"
map matmata - "Assault On Matmata"
map duhoc_assault - "The Battle Of Pointe Du Hoc"
map duhoc_defend - "Defending The Pointe"
map silotown - "The Silo"
map beltot - "Prisoners Of War"
map crossroads - "The Crossroads"
map hill400_defend - "The Battle For Hill 400"
map hill400_assault - "Rangers Lead The Way"
map bergstein - "Bergstein"
map breakout - "The Brigade Box"
map newvillers - "The Tiger"
map downtown_assault - "Downtown Assault"
map trainyard - "Railroad Station No. 1"
map tankhunt - "Repairing The Wire"
map eldaba - "The End Of The Beginning"
map elalamein - "El Alamein"
map decoytown - "Holding The Line"
map decoytrenches - "The Diversionary Raid"
map demolition - "Demolition"
map moscow - "Red Army Training"