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Caesar III: Build a Better Rome (PC) Cheats

Caesar III: Build a Better Rome cheats, Tips, and Codes for PC.

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Caesar III: Build a Better Rome Cheats

Cheat Codes
During a game, right-click on a well. Press [Alt] + K, then enter one of the following codes.
Note: Some versions of the game will require you to press [Ctrl] in addition to [Alt].

More money, if you currently have less than 5000 denari[Alt] + C
Instant victory[Alt] + V


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Bath Houses and Running Water
One thing that I find myself continually doing is dropping a bath house outside the range of one of the resources it needs. Yes, one of the things needed for the bath house is water, which is a mistake many make simply because it is not expected to link up to something in a totally different building genre.

So check for water first in the area before you build one, so as not to waste your resources.
Destroyed Roads and Aqueducts
In some games, you may start off with a city being ravaged or a partly destroyed city, or your city may fall under attack later in the game.

One mistake I continue to find myself making is not looking for sections of road which may have been destroyed.

Both roads and Aqueducts are targetable by enemies and, when destroyed, can do great damage to your city, especially if the Aqueduct carried water that feeds to a huge part of your population, or the road is what lead to some sort of food produce section.

After battles like these, make sure all Aqueducts are filled and running water, and that all roads to areas of importance are still working/constructed. If not, replace them quickly, and then move on to other districts to see if there are any places that need a road there.
Enemies Invade from where?
If you want to have some early warning, you might want to check your map. There is a little icon on your city large view map (where you can see everything happen and build things on) that shows which way is north.

By using this icon to find north, you can use the empire/trade map, and it will show you from which direction battles are coming from. If there is three icons from one direction (north is up) then that means that the next news you receive will be them invading your city!

However, this gives you an early warning system you can use to your advantage, and build up walls/ballisti there to protect that edge of your city.
Neptune: Who Cares?
On some maps, there is no/little water to be found. In these areas, you can ignore Neptune totally, and face little to no ill effects. However, if your citizens become worried, you can always build him a temple now and then.

It does get you out of having to worship a god 24/7 though, and that valuable time can go elsewhere. Your job is that much easier.
please the gods
to please the gods all you have to do is make two temples of each of them a orical (do have to do the orical) and a large festival or grand festival (sometimes it dose not work because there displeased). this sometimes makes them bless you. watch out if there are displeased thing will start and get ugly if so i would start a new game on it or hold lots of festivals.
Raw Resources: Finished Goods Ratio
From memory, I believe that one building for raw resources (clay pit) can run two of the manufacturing buildings (potter).
Road Construction: Randomness Is NOT Your Friend
These games are full of levels, full of possibilities, and full of where you can drop buildings. If, of course, you connect them with roads.

However, it is recommended that you keep the number of intersections to a minimum. Many types of workers, such as food distributors, prefects and engineers, will go a different direction each time they encounter an intersection. Having too many intersections, even with a good number of prefects, could mean that some houses will do without such services for some time.
Surrounded Buildings Burning: Tip
One thing that is always a problem for me is when I create a neighbourhood like area, with buildings built into oblong areas of space.

Unfortunately, this also have the side effect of enclosing some buildings, and if they do not have an prefect pass them in some time, then they may begin to burn.

Without access to this building, prefects will continue on, and may not come back in time until the fire has spread to many surrounding buildings. I recommend having a small walkway to a path in between the two rows of housing, so that all houses get equal protection if those in the middle two rows do burst out in flame.
The Arch of Triumph
If you send troops off to war in far off lands who are victorius and vast in numbers, and come back in one piece, than you will soon get the message that they have brought the materials to build an arch!

Merely take the arch from the building buttons and place it anywhere over a path.

Good luck with the game!

Note: To my knowledge, no materials are actually depostited, so you can only use them ofr an arch, and trust me, it does help out some aspects of your city!
Raw Resources, as you should know by now, are incredibly useful, but only if you can get them to the correct facility in time. Otherwise, there could be a finished product sitting there for minutes, months game time, before it goes anywhere.

If this is the case then it is time to lift up your manufacturing district for that product and dump it closer to that resource. Otherwise, any advantage you may have had with placing them all together and losing no space will be lost with transportation time.

The same goes to the buyers at the marketplace. They will go and find what the people around them want, and will go far and wide for it. If they can not find it, they will look elsewhere, but this also puts you out one of your employees.

Make it as easy as possible for transportation. Better to have those men waiting around for the product to be finished or mined then to have them always working far behind schedule.


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Instant Victory
Right click on a water well, type [ALT] K then type [ALT] V
More Cash
Works if you have less than 5000Dn. Right click on a water well, type [ALT] K then type [ALT] C for more cash and [ALT] V for instant win. Some versions require [CTRL] to be pushed with [ALT]
Turning Off the Gods
The Gods may be all mighty and powerful, however, the effects can be turned off, quite easily from the menu located at the top left corner of the screen.

However, this will not improve the citizens thoughts regarding the gods ('The Gods are angry, we're all doomed!') and it will not stop religion from playing a part in game objectives (Culture Rating: Build more Temples).