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Black & White 2 Cheats

Black & White 2 cheats, Tips, and Codes for PC.

Black & White 2 Tips

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Change The Villagers Names

To change your villagers name go to the where you installed BW2, and go into:
...\Black & White 2\Data\Text

here you should see a .txt file called Villager Names. Change the names in the file. Leaving the 'M' or 'F' before the name e.g. MJoe Bloggs

Load up your game and press 'S' which will bring up all the names of the villagers, and look for the ones your names!
Submitted by: 1david10 on August 22, 2006
How To Make Your Creature Grow Easier
Want to make your creature as tall as a mountain without all the effort involved? A good way to do this is to simply leave your game running while you sleep and while you are at school. It's simple. While you rest and are off doing something else, you're creature will grow. Be sure to train him in the evil/good ways so you can give him the proper alignment while doing this.
Submitted by: Darknet on March 05, 2006
Lionhead Manipulation
When the Lionhead studios picture comes up on boot of the game, left click on your mouse and you able to move it around and allow the physics make the cubes jump out of the box.
Submitted by: dinguk2001 on September 16, 2007

Black & White 2 Cheats

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Afford anything

This can be a complicated but nifty little trick that not everyone will know. This will NOT work on pre-saved games.
Go to the directory where you installed Black & White 2, and find the file "GameBalanceArtefact.txt" in \data\Balance\ directory

copy the file to a safe location--you may need it later. once you have done this, open the file stored in the directory listed above. You will see the values for everything on the tribute menu. Look for something similar to this:

disregard the other numbers. change the value directly to the right of any artefact and you WILL change it's tribute cost in the game. Do not change it below 1000 because it may not work properly. You can do this with every one, but make sure to change the total cost at the end of the file to whatever it now ads up to.

Submitted by: 1david10 on August 22, 2006
Easy kills

Use your fire miracle to set fire to a tree, and then pick it up. If you then hold it over enemy troops, there health will deplete and eventually the squad will die. This works even in the enemy's main city.
Submitted by: 1david10 on August 22, 2006
Increase Impressiveness

Go to your game folder and navigate to \Data\Balance. Find the file PlacementData.xml and open it in Wordpad. Find the third paragraph, which starts <object type="abode" name="greek_abode_c">. Change the line <basevalue impressiveness="0.2" /> to <basevalue impressiveness="20" />. Then open one of your saved games and place several villas. They will make your town massively impressive and you will win the land you are in. This will affect all saved games.

Submitted by: 1david10 on August 22, 2006
Infinite Evil Points

Take over a town anyway possible and remove all of the food and population. Now you should be getting evil points every few minutes due to the fact that you are not feeding the town, although nobody is living in it.
Submitted by: 1david10 on August 22, 2006
Infinite ore

Go into C:\Program Files\Lionhead Studios\Black & White 2\Data\landscape\BW2
Open one of the Land[numer].BWE files with notepad. Scroll down until you see something like:

CREATE_ORE_LODE("912.90,514.99", "Ore Lode Normal", 2914, 1000, 0.000000)

Change normal to infinite, and repeat in every Land file. Changes won't take effect until you move to the next land, however.

Submitted by: 1david10 on August 22, 2006