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Bionicle Heroes (PC) Cheats

Bionicle Heroes cheats, Tips, and Codes for PC.


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Faster way to defeat bosses
This way is to defeat enemies(like rahkshi and piraka and other bosses)
before you enter the battlefield go into hero mode so you can take hearts out the moment you get in


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Glitch: Fall Under
I found this glitch in the piraka playground and in zone select. First upgrade hewkii's rockets so once you fire it, you will be pushed back. try it first in the zone select. I recommend that you try it while you still have a locked area(ex.Hakann's Volcano). Back into the corner of the face and fire. Luckily, you will fall down. to get up, find the stairway that leads to vezon and climb up. Now for the funny glitch. go to piraka playground and go near the shore and back towards it. use it again and after that,RESTART.(SAVE FIRST BEFORE DOING THIS!!!)
To get Vezon You must get all 6 piraka And Vezon will replace all piraka.