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Level Passwords

Enter the following codes on the password screen in the D-Linc Cyberspace.
Amritah Cola Company704723
Anchor Insurance500228
Beaudin Beauty Salon293852
Blayde´s Emporium293944
Celestial Sandwich Sushi bar257303
Cole Brothers Gathering113668
Dreamtyme Imports127813
Frank´s Fisheries492123
Hammond´s Drug Store113322
Hvengelmir Heating Company180400
Keading Memorial Pipe Company520304
Lamb's Factory623845
Martell´s Wine & Winkle Bar127174
Mudd´s meat by-products305662
Nonesuch data system386253
Peejays Bakery284764
Richy´s Metal Heaven386651
Security Services Social Club815931
Sqwak Security Systems284291
The Piermont foundation704417
Ultars Eatery257925
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: anonymous on July 12, 2013