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Battlefield: 1942 Cheats

Battlefield: 1942 cheats, Tips, and Codes for PC.

Battlefield: 1942 Tips

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Get to the ground faster!
Hate waiting over a minute to hit the ground after parachuting from a high height? DON'T PARACHUTE! After you bail out of your aircraft, or whatever happened to get you high in the air, don't pull your chute. Wait until you're about 2 feet from the ground and pull it (take into account lag for your timing). This way, you get to the ground much faster, and the parachute doesn't attract enemy attention. You can also steer yourself much better without a chute up, as long as you look STRAIGHT in the direction where you want to go. Can't look down, can't look up, look straight in the direction where you want to go. Use your minimap to know where to turn.
Submitted by: JulFireray on October 01, 2004

Battlefield: 1942 Cheats

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Press the tilde (~) key, then enter any of the following cheats. They only work in single player mode:

Bots Cheat: aiCheats.code BotsCanCheatToo
Change Spawn Location: aiCheats.code WalkingIsWayTooTiresome
Invincibility: aiCheats.code Tobias.Karlsson
Kill Enemy Bots: aiCheats.code Jonathan.Gustavsson
Kill Bots: aiCheats.code Thomas.Skoldenborg
Toggle AI Stats: aiCheats.code TheAllSeeingEyeOfTheAIProgrammer
Submitted by: Silverwolf on December 13, 2003
Glitch: No hangar damage to plane:
Take a plane and fly it fast. Then, fly directly into a hanger. Your plane will hit the back, but will not blow up or get any damage. This sometimes does not work; try to get close to the bottom of the hanger before hitting the wall.
Submitted by: Elite on December 08, 2004
Glitch: Plane shadow:
Get into any kind of plane. Fly it very high, then crash it. When the plane is shown damage, it will have its complete shadow, even if it has a wing blown off.
Submitted by: Elite on December 08, 2004
Glitch: Walk on air:
Fly very high in an airplane, then eject by pressing E. You will then walk on air before falling to the ground.
Submitted by: Elite on December 08, 2004
Glitch:Bloody wall?
Go to Berlin join the allied team then spawn and turn around, go to the wall and knife it and blood will come out
Submitted by: mario64 on August 08, 2007
Hint: Easy win:
Take an airplane, fly it to the other team's side, then drop out and land on their side of the map. In there base, hide in a building and kill them as they enter.
Submitted by: Elite on December 08, 2004
Hint: Faster start up:
Note: This procedure involves changing game files; create a backup copy of them before proceeding. To eliminate the introduction and start the game faster, remove the movie files in the movie map.

Alternately, start the game with the +restart 1 command line parameter.
Submitted by: Elite on December 08, 2004
Hint: Get your parachute out:
Get in a plane, go up in the air, drop out with E, then after two seconds in the air press the 9.
Submitted by: Elite on December 08, 2004
Hint: Honk motorcycle horn:
While driving a motorcycle, click the Left Mouse Button and it will honk.
Submitted by: Elite on December 08, 2004
Hint: Jeep bomb:
When playing in any level, get into a jeep. If you see an enemy tank nearby, ride the jeep at full speed into the tank. Jump out immediately before it hits so you do not die. If you do this to a light tank, it will only have about three bars of health remaining. If there is a friendly tank nearby, they will finish the job. Note: This only works with the jeep, as it is the only vehicle that can go fast enough.

Drive a jeep to a opposing team's base. Exit the jeep and put a explosive pack in it. Then, hide so that the opposing team will not see you. Watch to see if the opposing team gets in it, then blow up the jeep.
Submitted by: Elite on December 08, 2004
Hint: Next multi-player map:
Press K during game play to send a message to everyone, then type !nextmap. The name of the next map will appear in the console.
Submitted by: Elite on December 08, 2004
Hint: Quick attack:
When you are parachuting or just jumping out of a plane, wait until you are about two seconds from hitting the ground before opening your parachute, This is useful when making a quick attack on the enemy.
Submitted by: Elite on December 08, 2004
Hint: Secret airport:
Play the Gazala level and start at the main base when you begin. Get into a fast vehicle (plane or jeep recommended) to get there before of any bots. Go to square 1-B, or just go to the edge of the base facing the nearest area boundary then follow the boundary all the way to the left until you get there. On the map, there should also be a small gray dot signifying an AA Gun at the secret airport to point you in the correct direction. Once you get there, you should immediately see two British planes and two buildings, one with the repair, and one with health for you. There should also be an ammo supply.
Submitted by: Elite on December 08, 2004