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Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal Cheats

Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal cheats, and Codes for PC.

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   (last update - Aug 17 2001)

Cheat Codes
Those of you who have already used cheats in BG and BG2 will find these procedures familiar. To get any of the cheats working in BG 2: Throne of Bhaal, you must first edit the "baldur.ini" file found in the game folder. create a backup copy of this file before proceeding, just in case!!.

Use a text editor to edit the "baldur.ini" file in the game folder. Add the line

Debug Mode=1

under the [Program Options] heading.

Begin a game and press Ctl + space to display the console window. Type one of the codes below (these are case sensitive), press Enter, and finally then press Ctl + Space again to close the console window and activate the appropriate cheat. Many of these cheats require that you know an item name, or map area, both of which follow in complete tables:

Enable in-game key cheatsCLUAConsole:EnableCheatKeys()
Reveal MapCLUAConsole:ExploreArea()
Set experience points for a character or groupCLUAConsole:SetCurrentXP([0-2950000])
Set available goldCLUAConsole:AddGold([NUMBER])
Teleport to specific areaCLUAConsole:MoveToArea([AREA CODE])
Spawn monsterCLUAConsole:CreateCreature([MONSTER NAME])
Spawn itemCLUAConsole:CreateItem([ITEM NAME])
Spawn multiple itemsCLUAConsole:CreateItem([ITEM NAME],[NUMBER])

In-Game Cheats

These cheats allow you to affect things while in game. To activate these, you must first follow the instructions for cheat codes (as above), and enter CLUAConsole:EnableCheatKeys() as the code in the console to activate the in game cheats that follow:

Heal characterCtl + R
Heal and remove harmful spell effects from entire partyCtl + T
Move party to pointer locationCtl + J
Kill selected monster/character/daemonCtl + Y
Change AC of selected characterCtl + 1
Previous character modelCtl + 6
Next character modelCtl + 7
Maximum stats at character generation screenShift + Ctl + 8

Creature names

To spawn a monster, use the CLUAConsole:CreateCreature([CREATURE NAME]) code in conjunction with these names:

Black Dragondragblac
Blue Salamandericsalcol
Bone Golemicbone01
Demi Lichhldemi
Drow Warrioruddrow27
Elder Orb Beholderbeheld01
Gauth Beholderbehgau01
Giant Trolltrogi01
Greater Ghoulghogr01
Greater Mummymumgre01
Iron Golemgoliro01
Mature Vampirevammat01
Mind Flayermindfl01
Mist Horrormistho01
Orog Warriororc05
Red Dragondragred
Silver Dragondragsil
Skeleton Warriorskelwa01
Splitter Trolltroluo01
Stone Golemgolsto01


These item names let you spawn items in singles using the CLUAConsole:CreateItem([ITEM NAME]) code or in larger groups using the CLUAConsole:CreateItem([ITEM NAME],[NUMBER]) code:

2-Handed Sword +3sw2h20
Abazigal's Wardstonebazplo01
Ageis Fangageis
Ammo Beltbag03
Amulet Of Cheetah Speedamul26
Amulet Of The Master Harperamul28
Angurvadal +4 (Ls)sw1h60
Angurvadal +5 (Ls)sw1h61
Armor Of Faith +3chan18
Arrow +3arow15
Asliferund's Elven Chain +5chan19
Axe Of Unyeilding +3ax1h14
Axe Of Unyielding +5ax1h15
Baalor's Clawcompon04
Bag Of Plenty +1quiver05
Bag Of Plenty +2quiver06
Bala's Axe (Wizard Slayer)ax1h07
Bard's Glovesbrac24
Bastard Sword +3sw1h72
Battle Axe +3ax1h17
Big Metal Rodsecret01
Big Metal Unitsecret05
Bigby's Clenched Fist (Mage, 8th Level)scrlb1
Bigby's Crushing Hand (Mage, 9th Level)scrlb2
Blessed Bracerbrac23
Blue Dragon Plateplat20
Blue Dragon Scalescompon19
Bolt +3bolt09
Bone Club +2, +3 Vs Undeadbelt23
Boots Of Lightning Speedboot10
Boots Of The Westmisc8j
Bow String Of Gondcompon10
Breath Potionbazplo04
Bronze Ioun Stonehelm27
Bullet +3bull05
Bullet +4bull06
Carsomyr +6sw2h19
Case Of Plenty +1quiver02
Case Of Plenty +2quiver04
Chain Mail +3chan07
Chain Mail +3chan21
Circlet Of Netherilcompon17
Circlet Of Netherilhelm28
Cloak Of Braveryclck30
Club +3belt31
Club Of Detonation +3belt26
Club Of Detonation +5belt27
Composite Long Bow +3bow24
Crimson Dart +3dart08
Dagger +2 "Ixil's Spike"dagg23
Dagger +3dagg24
Dagger +4 "Life Stealer"dagg20
Dagger Of The Star +4dagg21
Dagger Of The Star +5dagg22
Dark Elven Chainclolth
Darkfire Bow +4 (Sb)bow20
Darkfire Bow +5 (Sb)bow21
Darksteel Shield +4shld31
Dawn Ringring38
Deck Of Many Thingsdeck
Draconis' Headbazplo02
Efreeti Bottlebotsmith
Empty Breath Potion Flaskbazplo07
Enkidu's Full Plate +3plat21
Erinne's Sling +4slng08
Erinne's Sling +5slng09
Eye Of Tyrcompon02
Fflar's Scabbardcompon03
Firetooth +4xbow15
Firetooth +5xbow16
Flail +3belt32
Flail Of Ages +4belt30c
Flail Of Ages +4belt30d
Flail Of Ages +5belt30
Foebane +3 (Bs)sw1h62
Foebane +5 (Bs)sw1h63
Frag Grenadesecret03
Full Plate Mail +2plat23
Gargoyle Bootsboot12
Gauntlets Of Extra Specializaionbrac21
Girdle Of Fire Giant Strengthbelt11
Golden Girdlebelt02
Golden Ioun Stonehelm23
Gram The Sword Of Grief +5sw2h17
Gram The Sword Of Grief +5sw2h18
Grand Master's Armor +6leat24
Halberd +3halb12
Handsmaiden's Mace +2hlolth
Hangard's Axe +2ax1h08
Heart Of The Damnedcompon15
Heartseeker +3 (Lb)bow10
Heartwood Ringring44
Heartwood Ringring45
Heavy X-Bow +3xbow17
Helm Of The Rockhelm31
Hindo's Doom +3 (K)sw1h70
Hindu's Handcompon07
Holy Cloakclck21
Holy Symbol Of Helmbelt13
Holy Symbol Of Lathandarbelt12
Holy Symbol Of Talosbelt14
Horned Helm Of The Rockhelm32
Hundo's Doom +4 (K)sw1h71
Improved Cloak Of Protection +2clck31
Ixil's Nail +4sper11
Ixil's Spike +6sper12
Jester's Chain +4chan10
Katana +2sw1h55
Katana +2 "Malakar"sw1h45
Katana +3sw1h75
Kiel's Helmhelm14
Kiel's Morning Starbelt19
K'logarath +4ax1h16
Lavender Ioun Stonehelm26
Light X-Bow +3xbow18
Liquid Mercurycompon01
Long Bow +3bow25
Long Sword +2 "Varscona"killsw01
Long Sword +3sw1h73
Mace +3belt33
Magic Flutebrdflute
Malla's Soul Stoneamsoul01
Montilo's Claspcompon11
Montilo's Cloakclck32
Montilo's Cloakcompon16
Morningstar +3belt34
Nymph's Tearcompon14
Oaken Ringring43
Obsidian Ioun Stonehelm24
Paladin's Bracerbrac22
Potion Casebag06
Psion's Blade +5sw2h21
Pulse Ammosecret02
Purifier +4 (Bs)sw1h64
Purifier +5 (Bs)sw1h65
Quarterstaff +3staf24
Quiver Of Plenty +1quiver01
Quiver Of Plenty +2quiver03
Ravager +4halb10
Ravager +6halb11
Reversal Scrollbazplo06
Ring Of Anti-Venomring46
Ring Of Improved Invisibilityring42
Ring Of Protection +3ring41
Rod Of Reversalrods06
Roranach's Horncompon05
Rune Hammer +4hamm10
Rune Hammer +6hamm11
Rune Of Clangeddincompon09
Scimitar +3sw1h76
Scimitar +3 "Water Edge"sw1h52
Scorcher Ammosecret04
Serpent Staff +2staf23
Shadow Thief Cloakclck28
Shakti Figurinefigure01
Shapechange (Mage, 9th Level)scrl9y
Shield Of The Lost +2shld26
Shield Of The Order +4shld32
Short Bow +3bow26
Short Sword +3sw1h74
Short Sword Of Mask +4sw1h58
Short Sword Of Mask +5sw1h59
Shuruppak's Plateplat22
Silver Horned Helmhelm33
Silver Ioun Stonehelm25
Skull Of The Lichcompon06
Sling +3slng03
Sling +3slng10
Soultaker Daggerdagg10
Spear Of Withering +4sper10
Spectral Brand +4 (S/W/N)sw1h68
Spectral Brand +5 (S/W/N)sw1h69
Spell Strike (Mage, 9th Level)scrl9m
Staff Of Commandstaf09
Staff Of The Ram +4aurstaf
Staff Of The Ram +4staf21
Staff Of The Ram +6staf22
Starfall Orecompon08
Storm Ringring37
Storm Star +3belt28
Storm Star +5belt29
Studded Leather Of Thorns +6leat23
Taralash +4 (Lb)bow22
Taralash +5 (Lb)bow23
The Answerer +4 (Ls)sw1h77
Thieves' Hoodhelm29
Thieves' Hoodhelm30
Tzu-Zan's Bracersbrac26
Usuno's Blade +4 (S/W/N)sw1h67
Wand Of Cursingwand19
Wand Of Spell Strikingwand18
Warhammer +3hamm12
White Dragon Scalechan20
White Dragon Scalescompon18
Wish (Mage, 9th Level)scrlb4
Wondrous Glovesbrac25
Wong Fei's Ioun Stonehelm34
Yamato +4 (S/W/N)sw1h66
Yellow Dragon Eggbazplo03

Saradush - Fire Giant huntingsubmitted by Kenji Kensai - god_of_entropy@yahoo.com
When you're in Saradush, Fire Giants are attacking from the NE part of town. Deploy your characters at the battlement in that direction. You cannot see the Fire Giants but you can attack them. Give your characters a lot of missile weapons - buy if you must - then position them up there. Change script to aggressive and they will automatically shoot down any giant there. The giants keep coming so your experience keeps rising. Also, the giants don't fire back. Instead they shoot at any Saradush mercenary that fight with you.

Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal Cheats

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Create Item codes
book03 = manual of constitution
book04 = manual of strenght
book05 = manual of dexterity
book06 = manual of intelligence

The manuals will raise stats by 1.
Submitted by: Jim Garrett on February 07, 2003
Dragontooth Sword, Dragonbone Staff
To unlock these extremly expensive and powerful Dragontooth sword+4 (Fighter Only) and Dragonbone Staff+6 (Mage Only)In TOB You must have acess to BGII SOA and got The Chaos Blade from Haer' Dalis and portrait creation. Then Minsc may never have been in your party and he must be dead. In SOA Go to waukeen's promenade and start casting magic outside a building and the cowled wizards will come and if you keep on killing them about 20-50 times depending on your gold so if it is high your number is 20-30 and so on so forth. Then venture to Trademeet, every single citizen is being posessed and you must defeat The Illithid Mage and his favorite spell is imprisonment and he is immune to all forms of spells and magical weapons. Once you defeat him you take his stuff and among his treasure you will find Dragonbone Staff. But he is super hard and make sure your main guy doesn't fight whatsoever. Umar hills is out next stop.When you arrive there will be an ogre named hack and he is very mad because you killed his fellow wizards. Slay him very hard and he will drop 235 gold, crimson dart+1 (unlimited darts) and Dragontooth+4
Submitted by: Edwin on August 13, 2004
When you have typed in Debug Mode=1 into Baulder.ini under program options, press [CTRL+L] to show a picture and [CTRL+I] to change the picture, the pic comes under your cursor.
Submitted by: anonymous on August 29, 2002
Unlimited Gold
First you must beat the mage in the forest, then in your pocket plane, get all the characters and then kill them. But you may want to keep Viconia because she's really good. Then you must go to sarudush and kill Melissan. Then defeat saradush and go inside Lazaris Libraris's house and talk to him. Then kill him with a flail of ages. Then type D-E-B-U-G O-N. A Cheat list will definitely appear. You then check off Unlimited gold and then defeat one of your characters, but remember this cheat is exeedingly difficult to pull off.
Submitted by: KIVAN on August 12, 2004