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   (last update - Nov 03 2000)

Play against the "Indoor Off The Wall Invitational" teams
Win the "Indoor Off The Wall Invitational Tournament" to play against the "Rug Burners", "Carpet Sweepers", "Turf Mowers" and "Abominable Cherry-Pickers".

Play against other teams
Get to the P Division to play against the "Ticklish Tornadoes", "Salty Sea Cows", "Screaming Chihuahuas", "Spiffy Penguins", "Lumpy Gravies", and all the MLS Teams.

Play against the "International Tournament" teams
Win the "International Tournament" in The P Division to play against all of the International teams including the "Fancy Pandas" from China, "Garlic Gladiators" from Rome, "Funky Pharos" from Egypt and many more.


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Get Mr. Clanky

Win the Astonishly Shiny Cup of All Cups Cup,then
hold the shift key and click on the mr. clanky
on the trophy case.
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: Jen on August 09, 2003