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Backyard Football 2002 Cheats

Backyard Football 2002 cheats, Tips, and Codes for PC.

Backyard Football 2002 Tips

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Bad Weather
Tired of falling in the snow? or slowing down in the rain?
Ok. When it is snowing watch and if somone falls down look and you will see a small/long clump of snow. Make sure NOT TO GO THERE if you do not want to fall. Also, in the rain if you run into a puddle you will get slowed down.
Submitted by: anonymous on November 13, 2005
Custom Superstar
After you create your football player, play some games and earn some points. When you do that, try to earn one column that has all filled football stats in it (example; passing, all the way full). Then earn more points in another game. When you do this, delete all of the football stats from the full stats and the other stats, and put them in different columns, and it'll stay in your full column, and your other column that you put the stats in. It'll look like they're minus (-) football stats, but when you start the game, if you look back on the kid playing screen with your plays on it, it'll be full for the columns you put it in. Then keep doing this repeatedly and repeatedly and repeatedly, until all of your football stat columns are full. Your player will be almost unstoppable.
Submitted by: JLK_12 on November 10, 2005

Backyard Football 2002 Cheats

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to play as dummies from the pratice section, type in MRCLANKY for a coach name
Submitted by: DEL on December 17, 2002