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   (last update - Aug 17 2001)

Disco Dancing
Name a baby Travolta. Every time you use the record player, it will stand up and dance 70's style.

Unlock secret roomsubmitted by Sammy
press [ctrl] + P together and you'll get a secret room


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Dancing babyz

To do this cheat name a song "disco" and if your babyz are healthy and happy they will get up and dance when you play it.
Verified by: combatbev Submitted by: Shona Chorlton on March 23, 2003

feed 2 in the time of 1

put two babyz in their high chairs.
practically cover one by another by dragging over the chair with the mouse. then feed one with the bottle (it doesn't matter which one) and the other will be fed aswell you will know by their mouths!!!
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: sinead on March 20, 2002

Get magnets and a big bear!

To get magnets and a giant stuffed bear all you have to do is press the SHIFT button and the CTRL button (at the same time) while babyz is loading! A box will pop up that says something about not abusing your babyz or something press ok, then when you get into your babyz game you should have magnets on the frige and a giant stuffed bear in the play room!
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: bad_lil_angel_rachel on April 06, 2002

Groovy Babyz

name or rename your baby Travolta and when you put on a record it will stand up and start dancing 70's style!!
Verified by: everpet12 Submitted by: bettie on June 18, 2004