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Cheat Codes
While playing a game, press [Enter], then enter any of the following codes:

Mission skipkobayashimaru
Additional dilithiumshowmethemoney
Increase ship AIcanofwhoopass
Enter Gamma quadrantimouttastepwithreality
Faster ship productionyoustopmecold
Faster crew productionavoidance
Boot list in multi-player modescrewyouguysimgoinghome
Chat list in multi-player modephonehome

some codes submitted by jon Hobkinson


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+ 500 Dilithium
First of all, this tip requires a shipyard, at least 1000 dilithium and thats about it.

First, build a mining station, then decomission the freighter. Then decomisson the station. U should get 1500 dilithium from this. Repeat as needed.
B'rel and Gravity Mines
The Bird of Prey class vessel, or B'rel class, has the technology called Gravity mines which can be researched Klingon Research Facility.

This weapon has multiple purposes. I am sorry to say it does not have any destructive purposes, but it can provide some advantages to you.

For example, some well placed gravity mines can drop the speed of freighters down to something almost non existent, making the economy of that person's armada dwindle.

Another thing you can do is use these on faster moving ships that try to escape your grasp or are just scouting around. This way, scouts can't uncover as much of the map and larger ships can catch up to smaller ships and destroy them.

Adding these to a fleet of large ships can destroy any chance of enemies out running it ever again, if used correctly!
Black Holes and Disabled Engines
A nice thing about this game is that when a ships engines are down, the Black Holes are authentic enough that the ships are sucked into the gravity well and are destroyed. So if you see a ship near one of these places, try and damage the engines. The easiest way is, if you are playing as the Federation, the special weapon of the Steamrunner, the Engine Overload, will perform the required action nicely. If you are the Klingon's, then hope for hell that one or two Vor'Cha's firing a series of Polaron torpedoes will hit the correct system.
Borg: Assimilator Special Weapon
The type of Special weapon on the assimilator is useful in two ways, and if use to maximum efficiency can bring many new ships into your fleet to be decomissioned... or to be set upon the previous owners.

The 'Assimilation Beam', I believe it's called, does not send drones on board the other ship. Rather, it assimilates the people aboard and adds them to the crew pool. The ship itself takes damage, and the ship will fire torperdoes upon meeting the ship right off the bat. However, if you ever incounter a ship lane full of Latinum filled Cargo Ships, take them over, beam a small crew over, and send the ship to be decomissioned.

After only a few ships, these stockpiles can skyrocket. Under the assault of several assimilators. Warships and stations can fall in seconds and be retaken for the collective.

If used in the way described, only a few assimilators can change the course of a battle easily... and can be a deadly force.
Cloaking: Early Game Advantage
In this game, several races have the ability on their ships to perform the action of cloaking, turning their ships invisible at the cost of not being able to use shields or weapons.

Early on in the game for the Romulans, who have ships such as the Shrike and Talon class without upgrades, and the Klingons, who have the B'rel class vessel, they have ships, the same mentioned above, which can cloak. Using these ships as invisible remote sensor drones of a sort, you can set them near enemy shipyards, starbases or fleets to gauge movement, and even have them track the enemy movements by having them guard a ship or starbase.

These also can be used for choke points, such as a breach in an astroid belt that is likely they will use to get to your base. Even if discovered, these ships are cheap to replace. More than likely the ones by your shipyard will eventually be destroyed, so keep an eye out for when they are. This will tell you when your ships lose the ability to become effective at cloaking in bases.

They will still be useful if no scout class vessel is around. Entire cloaked fleets can appear in the middle of an enemies fleet, causing mass confusion, or suddenly appear on a mining facility top early for any of the bases to send reinforcements, and will disappear at first chance.
Cloaking: How to Counteract
In the case that your enemy has cloaked ships flying around, there are several possibilites as to what you can do.

The best one, however, is to update the nearest research station to have all scout class vessels and Sensor Stations to be equipped with the Tachyon sensor upgrade. With permanent installations of sensors at key points in the areas you want to be defended (key waypoints, mining stations) than you no longer have to worry as much about having sneak attacks pop out of no where.

The vessels act as a more mobile form of this, and can be used to defend fleets moving around the field.

With the clever use of this type of detection, such as hiding one sensor array in a purple cloud where sensors are obscured or dropping a vessle into a blue one where enemy weapons are ineffective, you can halt all the clever uses of cloaking technology.

Both types of sensor grids have large LOS.
Defending Buildings and your Base
If the starbase is being taken over, decomisson it instead of watching helplessly OR transport onto the starbase. Do the same with other crewed stations/ships.

Construction ships make good boarders. Blow enemy sheilds and use the construction ship(s) to board them. Arm your base and guard it so noting blows up or gets boarded.

PROTECT contruction ships from being taken over by a diferent race or you will face your own kind of ships (in multi player or otherwise).

For ambushes, put an ungaurded build ship somewhere (for multi player use). When the enemy comes use the ships that were in the area but not visible to the enemy to destroy the raiders. Repeat as needed.
Derelicts and Ferengi Marauders
If a ship is derelict, then make sure that you send out a ship with a crew or a construction vessel to tow the ship back in or beam a crew aboard.

Otherwise, the Ferengi will bring in a Ferengi Marauder Class Vessel to tow it away for their own use.

Note that even if it is in the Ferengi's tractor beam, sending crew aboard will make them drop their beam, and not only that, but you have right until they reach that ship to tow it yourself.

So if you see a derelict vessel... take it, or you may lose your chance in the future.
Federation: The Defiant Class
The defiant is a very versatile and useful vessle in the game. Equipped with a set of Pulse Phasers and now, in the second game of SW: Armada, a photon torpedo launcher as well.

In large swarms of perhaps 10 ships, arms with anitmatter mines, these ships can be deadly. They can take out installations in less than two minutes, useful for any person to have, and can outrun most, if not all the vessels that overpower them, and can catch a lot of vessels that are underpowered compared to them.

If you ever need a ready made assault fleet, not only useful at the beginning of the game but right to the end, then the Defiant is right for you.

Just remember when using it, that when a fleet of large ships comes in defense, run like heck.
If You Can't Overpower Them, Swarm 'Em
One thing that you may try often is simply overpowering the enemy with powerful phaser banks and great special weapons. Unfortunately, those specials weapons do very little if pitted against a starbase.

The number one thing I would recommend is swarming. Although more effective in the original Star Trek: Armada, you will have to make due because of unit constraints. Build up a giant fleet of the smallest or second smallest ships possible (For example, the Federation would send out the Venture and Defiant classes) as fleets to handle ships. A Borg sphere may be more powerful than a single defiant class vessel, but look at this; What about forty defiants firing at once, all pulse phasers and torpedo banks? One shot at one defiant in a fleet of forty is not going to make a difference in the long run.

Same works for larger ships. It even works well against starbases, as all those shots which can take down Nebula and Soverign class vessels in one round all aim at one small scout ship. Which means that all the others survive easily, which means less loss of resources and, overall, more weapons firing, and more targets to destroy.

Good luck with the rest of the game!
Jach'Eng and Pheonix: The Rips Of Space
The title is fairly accurate along those lines too. Although these ships take some time to build, take up a lot of your resources and need a personal shipyard for them, these machines of destruction can have horrible effects on those that face them.

Although they look different, the effects are the same. They will tear apart and destroy anything in the wave (Jach'Eng) or Vortex (Pheonix) that they are caught in. This destroys the ship itself but can have crippling and lasting effects on the enemy they are used on.

They are, however, brittle. So keep them away from too much enemy fire, or they will be quite useless, and will most likely, in fact, be destroyed. So be careful what you target. For all you know, that starbase could wipe out four or five as you target it with those waves.

I recommend using it on fleets of ships outside shipyards, etc, for maximum effectiveness. Who knows, it might strike the rest of the stations nearby as well.
Romulan Advantage: Shadow Class Science Vessel
The shadow class vessel is my preferable type of science vessel to use for a variety of reasons. I have a few tips to share with you all, for my two favorite types of weapons avilable.

Holo-Emitter: This little beauty I am quite particular to. It turns all enemy vessels in range to enemy vessels and causes all of them to target each other while your ship makes the escape. Or, just one or two of these ships can cause mayhem in a base.

Phase Cloak: This allows the ship not only to cloak, but phase for an allotted amount of time as well. Even if discovered, enemy weaponry won't hit them. Above all, it is useful to get to areas you can't normally get to.

For example, I once used a Shadow class vessel to penetrate the asteroid belt around a base and then used the Holo Emitter to do massive damage to a fleet that was stationed there, managing to escape and bring the ship back home.

Alternatively, you can go right through some nebula's other ships can't.

Psyonic Blast: This causes the crew to kill other memebrs of the crew. Very useful if you are trying to take over ships or buildings in those areas.
Romulan Advantage: Warbird Class
An interesting way to use the warbird is to charge into battles with the Shield Inversion Beam running hot. Sucking ship's shield's dry in seconds, and even starbases fairly quickly, this weapon is incredibly weakening against an enemy fleet.

Although it might require some micromanagement to get it to work as you want it to, it can be a valuble asset in any battle, especially since it replenishes the Warbird's own shields.

One last reminder, however, is that though the torpedoes impact on the shield, they can still do some damage to the hull or kill some crew, so watch those statistics. The hull should not be noticeable and easily repaired, but the second one is all important.
Unlock 5th Campaign
Sucsesfully complete (or skip) every misson availible. After this, the Omega particle should apear in the middle of the screen. Click on it and see what there is.


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Starbases don't attack you
Starbases (Borg, klingon, other federation team, and romulan) will not attack you.

1. Make a soverign class ship run into explosive tracking mines, and keep them on the hull

2. Make the crew at around 83 (In the yellows)

3. Go to a starbase and watch your ships not die by the starbase

Note: I don't know if this works on any other ships

Note: This trick only works on starbases, not ships

Note: It works on any other building (Plasma cannon, torpedo shooter, etc)


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enemys avoid you.code: avoidance
Cheats and code change

While playing a game press [Enter], then type one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.


Mission Skip: kobayashimaru
Additional Dilithium: showmethemoney
Increased Ship AI: canofwhoopass
Enter Gamma Quadrant: imouttastepwithreality
Faster Ship Production: youstopmecold
Faster Crew Production: avoidance

Multi Player

Boot List: screwyouguysimgoinghome
Chat List: phonehome


These procedures involve editing a game file; create a back up copy of the file befpre proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the "rts_cfg.h" file in the game directory.

- Invincibility

Change the values for the following lines to "0.0" so they resemble

float EASY_DAMAGE = 0.0;
float HARD_DAMAGE = 0.0;

Begin a game on easy or hard difficulty setting to have shields that can not be harmed by normal weapons.

- Better Transporters

Change the value in the "TRANSPORTER_MAX = 5" line to a higher number to transport more people.

-Better Resources

Change the following settings under the "// resource gathering parameters" to change the corresponding resource:

Edit the "int cfgMaxDilithium" value to change the maximum amount of Dilithium that can be mined.

Edit the "int cfgMaxOfficers" value to change the maximum amount of officers.

Edit the "int cfgMaxCrew" value to change the maximum amount of crew members.

Edit the "int cfgStartingDilithium" value to change the initial amount of Dilithium.

Edit the "int cfgStartingCrew" value to change the initial number of crew members

Finished A game? Really?
Sometimes, while playing a game of instant action, you will find that you seem to be finished yet that game does not register so.

I recommend selecting as many ships per mass select and click Control-K or search and destroy. This way, all your ships will go around trying to find something to destroy.

Above this, I would build many scout class vessels with a tachyon detection grid to send out to search for cloaked ships still hiding on search and destroy.

Sweep the map. Eventually, you'll find the enemy eventually!