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Age of Empires II: The Conquerors Cheats

Age of Empires II: The Conquerors cheats, Tips, and Codes for PC.

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Age of Empires II: The Conquerors Cheats

Cheat Codes:
Press [Enter] during game play then enter any of the following codes.

1000 foodcheese steak jimmy's
1000 goldrobin hood
1000 stonerock on
1000 woodlumberjack
Cobra carhow do you turn this on
Control naturenatural wonders
Destroy all opponentsblack death
Fast buildingaegis
Flying dogswoof woof
Full mapmarco
Instant lossresign
Instant victoryi r winner
Kill Opponent 1torpedo1
Kill Opponent 2torpedo2
Kill Opponent 3torpedo3
Kill Opponent 4torpedo4
Kill Opponent 5torpedo5
Kill Opponent 6torpedo6
Kill Opponent 7torpedo7
Kill Opponent 8torpedo8
No fog of warpolo
Saboteur unitto smithereens
Tall, fast moving, useless villageri love the monkey head


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Aegis Master
Aegis will make everything faster from constructing buildings to gathering resources. There is a problem though. When I am sometimes attacking an enemy stronghold after I have used aegis, I find buildings such as bombard towers very annoying and dangerous. Naturally, I destroy them immediately. The game is programmed to work if you didn't use aegis and therefore the enemy usually has an army of villagers. As soon as one bombard tower goes away, another replaces it. The solution is simple. If you type in aegis a second time, it will turn off. Keep it off while you attack. I will tell you when to keep it on. If you need to build something, tell a villager to start building with aegis off. If you need to build and army or even if it is only one unit, all you have to do is add the unit(s) to the list of units to be made. Then turn aegis on. As soon as the task is finished, turn aegis off again to prevent the enemy from recovery. You may want to keep aegis on at the beginning of the game to gather resources faster and build your empire. If you practice, you can get the most out of the aegis cheat.
Baiting the enemy
When possible I like to try to get the enemy units to follow me back to my castle. That way I can take out a few with losing any units. Normally I like to have my castles grouped in two's or more to maximize this tactic.
Capture bases
1. If you want to defeat an enemy quickly, send some villagers into an guarded spot INSIDE the base (you need to make sure they haven't got gates, obviously) and start building things like barracks. Then, just wipe them out from the inside!
2. After you have captured a base, check to see if they are allied with anyone. if so, don't knock down the walls, as this way your enemies can't attack as they can't attack their friend's walls
coastal maps
if your on a coastal map ALWAYS! have a dock with a passenger ships with 5 villagers a scout cavalry 5 foot troops 3 of the unique class and at least 2 archers. when needed if you get beat bad. set sail to an empty area and rebuild. it will give you a second chance but then you gotta move fast. if you dont youll lose hose guys too.
Hit "H" (without quotation marks) at any time during play to select a randomly selected Town Center. Then hit "C" (without quotation marks) to create a villager. Repeat this combonation like this: H,C,C,H,C,C,H etc... and you will be able to create 10+ villagers in seconds. This is a great tactic for rushing to Fedual and Castle Ages.
How "aegis" can be a problem
After you type in "aegis," you will (when you start to build) a building pops up instantly. The problem is, it also works for the enemies, too. This is what I do in order to stop it. First, get a lot of COBRA cars (about 10-30 of them) and go for an enemy base. Destroy the town center and search for all the villagers while destroying military buildings. Then you send in monks to convert houses if you need them. After that's done, that certain enemy should be defeated. Send in villagers to build gates and walls (make it two-layer) to cover the whole base. Then build you next base from there. Do it several times and you know how to be a true Age of Empires player!
Map Editor tip for a bunch of effects and no crash
I have had trouble with crashing game when too many effects or complicated triggers went on at start so I found out that by using the timer condition for like 5 or 10 seconds really helps and you can use more effects that way.
Quick Items
Here is a little tip. You know how it's really tiring typing "robin hood", "lumberjack", or "how do you turn this on" over and over and over again. Just follow these instructions for easy items...

1)Open the chat menu

2)Type in the cheat

3)Highlight the cheat

4)Press CRTL + C

5)Put something on the CRTL button to keep it down

6)Press: Enter, v, enter, v, enter, etc.

Ultimate Army!
I don't know why I didn't think of this at first. To make your army most effective against the enemy, first find out what type of unit is their special unit. Your army should be comprised of many units that have strengths against that unit type (If their special unit is a mounted one, then your army should be filled the highest level spearman you can create, etc.). In the same way, your army should be filled with units which have strengths against the other unit your enemy likes to attack you with most often. The rest of your army can be filled with whatever you like.


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When you attack an enemy base and the enemy priests try to convert you, just highlight your team and put them on 'No Attack Stance' and just tell your troops to attack manually. When one of you units is converted, he will just stand there and do nothing.
Defensive strategy
If you're like me and you like to have a nice secure base to launch your attacks from, then please allow me to give you some advice.

Age of empires is really easy to play and it's very easy to gather lots of resources, so i won't bother with that, let me tell you some ways you can defend your location so tighly you'll never be in danger of totall destruction!

First right away when the game begins get your villagers busy, then look around your castle/town center to see the "choke points" or the areas on the map where the forests, waters, and mountains form thin paths to go thru! If you can see with your mind a line of trees, water, mountains and your own walls making a perfect, unbroken line around your area, that's great! Now, once you have walls available to build, make them right away at all the gaps that you've found to make your wall around you. Don't build walls behind you, where the enemy isn't at, if you're in a corner only buile the walls to prevent enemies from reaching into the corner! Once you have walls and gates, build a second layer behind the first layer of walls, if you can afford it, make a thir layer, and THEN begin building towers and castles at the walls and gates, and send all your soldiers to the gates to guard them, now you're villagers and your home base are safe!
El Cid Campaign
When you the level in El Cid where there are Tropoli Guards(I don't know which level)you should go and attack the orange and the blue people. The reason why is that if your not careful they will sink your transport ship before you can land
Fast Villager
type in:i love the monkey head
and instantly this guy will appear in your towncenter. he's pretty useless, but if your map is unexplored this guy has great speed!
it isnt a cheat it is a helpful tip
If you do map editer you can make a casle like structure first get forifacation walls put it first where both of the screens meet 2nd you get like a palisade wall and put it behind the fodifacation wall last you skip 2 spaces to get 1 more firdifacation wall so after that you need to get your garde towers or some casles up after that (oh yea dont forget the gates)
Kill Enemies One by one
Press Enter & Type In "torpedo 1"to Kill enemy number one. To Kill enemy number Two Type in "2" and so on.


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Need resources?
If you need extra resources, push enter and type these cheats in the chat window during gameplay.

To get 1000 food, type "cheese steak jimmy's".
To get 1000 gold, type "robin hood".
To get 1000 wood, type "lumberjack".
To get 1000 stone, type "rock on".

Each cheat can be used numerous times.

(Take out the " " when typing in the cheats.)


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Very strong unit
furious the monkey boy

this can kill buildings very fast
only 5 hp though