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Airport Tycoon Cheats

Airport Tycoon cheats, and Codes for PC.

Airport Tycoon Cheats

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All Missions

Enter This While You Are On The Main Menu And You Will Have All Missions In 1st and 2nd Campaign
Submitted by: Sean Westwell on February 27, 2003
Fast Money
When you are in the main menu type: "Show me the money"
Submitted by: Jackyl on February 25, 2003
Go to the duty-free shop and buy the violin case. Give it to the East Indian guy on the bottom floor; there a fire extinguisher beside him. After giving him the violin case, the plant that's in front of the extinguisher will be moved, revealing a secret passage.

Go through the secret door and ask the army guy to sabatoge your opponent's planes or other equipment!
Submitted by: The Groove Master on December 13, 2004