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Debug Mode Codes

At launcher, go under Miscellaneous and check "run in debug mode", then run the game as normal. During gameplay, hold Ctrl+Alt and press C, then type one of the following codes and press Enter to activate.
PasswordWhat it does
NEXTTURNAdvance a turn
TASMANExplore map w/o turning off Fog of War
CRUIJFFFree movement
HUYGENSFree spells
GLOOMYCITYGive selected city -1000 happiness
BOSCHReceive 100.000 gold
THXBRIANReceive 100.000 gold & mana, all upgrades & spells, and reveals map
REMBRANDTReceive 100.000 mana
GERARDSInstant loss
PHILIPSInstant production of current queue in every city
HEINInstant win
LEEUWENHOEKInstantly research current upgrade/spell
HAUERLevel up hero(es) in selected army
BARENTZReveal map and lift Fog of War
RUYTERSpawn hero
SPINOZAUnlock all upgrades/spells
Verified by: this cheat is unverified Submitted by: anonymous on April 03, 2014