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Adventure Quest cheats, Achievements, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for PC.


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Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore. The numbers between the () is the points given for each achievement.
AchievementHow to unlock
Ctrl+Alt+DelThis badge was awarded to you for helping Ethan from Ctrl+Alt+Del recover the Winter-een-mas crown!


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10k in 10 minutes lvl 80+ (non-guardian)
UnlockableHow to unlock
Triple Mega Hit (90-120 damage)Select moglin skull, human skull, horse skull & horned skull
Regular hit (20-30 damage)Select everything
moglin skullhorse skull
triple Mega Hit(150-160 damage)moglin
the evil catgo to battle of science shop
helm of drakonnansinister 7 rewards
sila's staffsinister 7 rewards
helm of drakonasssinister 7 rewards
drakaxesinister 7 rewards
fangmawaxerip in the sky
Lesser Sila's Staff (Naga's Staff)Sinister 7 Rewards
Azru Blade Blue Dragonblade (Triggers when fighting Carnax)Rip in the sky > Loremaster's Room > Click the scroll next to the smoking one > Click the Chest.
Azru Blade Blue Dragonblade (Triggers when fighting Carnax)Rip in the sky > Loremaster's Room > Click the scroll next to the smoking one > Click the Chest
Select moglin skull, human skull, horse skull & horned skullTriple Mega Hit (90-120 damage)
sinister 7 rewardshelm of drakonnan
if u want awesome items like weapons sila's staff drakaxe misc helm of drakonnan and drakonass go on map to the battle of the sinister 7.NOTE:high level requierd(lv 80 or up.after ur done the quest you go to the reward shor .SICK STUFF find out the rest for ur self
UnlockableHow to unlock
sila's staffsinister 7 rewards
helm of drakonnansinister 7 rewards
helm of drakonasssisnister 7 rewards
drakaxesinister 7 rewards
fangmawaxerip in the sky
Lesser Sila's Staff (Naga's Staff)Sinister 7 Rewards
Azru Blade Blue Dragonblade (Triggers when fighting Carnax)Rip in the sky > Loremaster's Room > Click the scroll next to the smoking one > Click the Chest.
Azru Blade Blue Dragonblade (Triggers when fighting Carnax)Rip in the sky > Loremaster's Room > Click the scroll next to the smoking one > Click the Chest
You need to have:

Big Bag'o'Bones spell(1000gold in Mage Shop)
lvl 50+
UnlockableHow to unlock
Triple Mega Hit (90-120 damage)Select moglin skull, human skull, horse skull & horned skull
Regular hit (20-30 damage)Select everything
regular hit (20-30 damagemoglin skull
regular hit (20-30 damagehorse skull
sila's staffRip in the sky > Loremaster's Room > Click the scroll next to the smoking one > Click the Chest.
helm of drakonnanRip in the sky > Loremaster's Room > Click the scroll next to the smoking one > Click the Chest
helm of drakonassAzru Blade Blue Dragonblade (Triggers when fighting Carnax)
drakaxeAzru Blade Blue Dragonblade (Triggers when fighting Carnax)
fangmawaxeTriple Mega Hit (90-120 damage)
Lesser Sila's Staff (Naga'sSelect everything
How to get GOLD!!!!
this cheat will make you rich!
UnlockableHow to unlock
the evil catgo to battle of science shop
Triple Mega Hit (90-120 damage)Select moglin skull, human skull, horse skull & horned skull
helm of drakonnansinister 7 rewards
UnlockableHow to unlock
LightwolfFound in the Were-king's Lair.
FirebatFound in the Vampire's Castle.
StunflowerFound in Gibet's Pub.
lghtwolffound in the were-king's lair.
vampire batgo to guadian tower, go to armoury and click on the armor
nulgath larvaenulgath larvae|+|
the evil catgo to battle of science shop
UnlockableHow to unlock
Triple Mega Hit (90-120 damage)Select moglin skull, human skull, horse skull & horned skull
the evil catgo to battle of science shop
triple Mega Hit(150-160 damage)moglin
Regular hit (20-30 damage)Select everything
Super Rich
Lots of gold! Become rich in no time!
UnlockableHow to unlock
Triple Mega Hit (90-120 damage)Select moglin skull, human skull, horse skull & horned skull
Regular hit (20-30 damage)Select everything
moglin skullhorse skull
triple Mega Hit(150-160 damage)moglin
the evil catgo to battle of science shop
helm of drakonnansinister 7 rewards
sila's staffsinister 7 rewards
helm of drakonasssinister 7 rewards
drakaxesinister 7 rewards
fangmawaxerip in the sky
Lesser Sila's Staff (Naga's Staff)Sinister 7 Rewards
Azru Blade Blue Dragonblade (Triggers when fighting Carnax)Rip in the sky > Loremaster's Room > Click the scroll next to the smoking one > Click the Chest.
Azru Blade Blue Dragonblade (Triggers when fighting Carnax)Rip in the sky > Loremaster's Room > Click the scroll next to the smoking one > Click the Chest
Unlockable Characters
unlock character
UnlockableHow to unlock
the evil catgo to battle of science shop
Triple Mega Hit (90-120 damage)Select moglin skull, human skull, horse skull & horned skull
helm of drakonnansinister 7 rewards
Unlockable Stage
UnlockableHow to unlock
Triple Mega Hit (90-120 damage)Select moglin skull, human skull, horse skull & horned skull
Regular hit (20-30 damage)Select everything
regular hit (20-30 damagemoglin skull
regular hit (20-30 damagehorse skull
Triple Mega Hit (90-120 damage)moglin skull,human skull,horse skull&horned skull


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1)click on twilly. go to hello -> heard any roumors -> hunt the seed spitter
2)complete the mission (it's easy)
3)go to yulgers inn Click "go to lounge"
4)click on the mage looking guy and choose Drakel Black Market
5)buy the spell salad shooter (150 gold lvl-1)
6)repeat the seed spitter mission and only use that spell
7)thn flee after u beat it and repeat untill you get 35 potions
NOTE NON-GUARDIANS can only have 25

1)travel map
2)go to Granemore talk to the guy and say "because i said i wasn't *grin*"
3)click Boogs Tavern
4)click the guy in the black hood
5)go on his mission
6)some diamond guys want to fight you
7)click fight
8)when you beat them you follow one to a light sentinil
9)then you click More and go and get potion chest
10) the chests are often booby trapped bt it doesnt matter cause you just retreat the next battle and to it again>......
NOTE:you can full heal at the blue bird thing outside
8 Elemental Teams for Any Level Players and Guardians
Sample Teams to Beat opposite Element: Damage to urself and opponent varies

Damage to You per battle ranges from: 40-300
Damage to OPPONENT per battle ranges from: 100-Killed totally.

Experiment and see what teams suit you. My Darkness team kills anything light, no matter how high it's HP is (Ex: 3150 HP and I killed it with my darkness team.)

Remember, these are just suggestions. Some are the BEST teams ever and some are the best teams for lower level players or Guardians

Have Fun!!


Weapon: Dragon Slayer Axe
Armor: Obsidian Armor
Shield: Gyrite Sheild
Pet: Ninjat
Summoned Pet: Death Dog or Doom Wolf
Full Team: You, skeleton that comes with obsidian cloak, Ninjat and Doom Wolf
Total: 4


Weapon: Zardwarts Sturdy Wand
Armor: Paladin armor
Shield: Paladin Sheild
Pet: Dragonkitten
Summoned Pet: Daimyo
Full Team: You, Dragonkitten, Daimyo
Total: 3


Weapon: Super Psycho Sabre
Armor: Pyromancer Robes
Pet: Ultra Fire Were or Imp
Summoned Pet: Lava Rock
Full Team: You, Ultra FireWere/Imp and Lava Rock
Total: 3


Weapon: Orc Masters Blade (1250 Z tokens) or Great Blade of Rennd
Armor: Daulfin Rider
Shield: Gyrate Sheild
Pet: Blubber Squib (1500 Z tokens), a Tough Sea Squirt (Guardian Only) or an Octipirate available to all.
Summoned Pet: None
Full Team: You, Daulfin that u ride and Pet from above
Total: 3


Weapon: Ice Katana
Armor: Ice Breaker or Phobos Plate if u can afford it
Shield: Phobos Shield if u can afford it
Pet: Ultra Ice Were
Summoned Pet: none
Full Team: You and Ultra Ice Were-Phobos Shield helps a lot too…
Total: 2 or 3… with shield lol….


Weapon: Blade of Awe or Chopalot
Armor: Canine Armor
Shield: Gyrate Sheild
Pet: Thunder Troll or Bulldog Squib
Summoned Pet: none
Full Team: You and Pet from above
Total: 2


Shield: Gyrate Sheild
Summoned Pet:
Full Team:


Weapon: Bad Axe
Armor: Thunder Mountain Armor (Armor from Thunder Mountain Quest
Shield: Gyrate Sheild
Pet: BIG trobble
Summoned Pet: Summon Energy Dragon Spell
Full Team: You, BIG trobble and Energy Dragon
Total: 3
A Fire Mace
To get a fire mace, battle a "Drakle Captain" and click on his weapon. It will now be your auto-weapon (in place of your guardian blade or the blade you start out with when you log on) When you log off, the sword will go away, it hits usually around 30 if the monster you are battling has 100% fire.

Note: You dont need to battle a drakel captian to get this weapon temporaraly you can just buy it in yuglars shop from sage uldor (only when you click on twilly hunt the seed spitter and do the rilithia quest) its name is volcano mace.
a lot of easy gold
first buy the wolfbane gun at the vampire slayer store and also get the bludow then go to darkovia the third little dot (don't try if your a noob) do it when level 42 and fight the leader werewolf and vampire leader use the wolfbane gun on the werewolf and the bludow then it should be easy use it as many times you want
A lot of GOLD and EXP. EASY!!!!!!!!
For this cheat you must be level 32(I think) and be unafraid of a few vamps (girl vampires) or vampire warriors ( if you want the gold ) (with healing in between i think) and then fight some Undead Ribbers ( they give you 100 gold). First, go to the travel map. Then, go to "Epic Quest." Then skip Warlic's speech. You will then see a scroll. Click on "Into Fangmaw." You will then see Artix ( He's a Paladin dude and he'll help you and he's pretty good )Then you fight and get lots of Gold and Exp . Good Luck!
A Team That Can Beat Fire Elementals!
Ok you know those fire elementals that are really hard to beat?

Now you don't have to die and go to Death's Castle and try to escape!

I will show you a team that will totally knock em' out!

Armor: Fire Armor(Or any other armor that protects from fire)
Pet: Penguin(Or any other pet that attacks with water or ice)
Shield: Any shield that protects from fire
Weapons: Anything that is water or ice
Spells: Tendrils of Darkness, Avalanche Slide, or any other water or ice spell
Aaa lot of easy money and exp
First become lvl 9-10 necromancer and lvl 10 paladin. Then wear paladin armor for 90 turns. Then go get the dragonslayer sword. Go to the event and click on the treasure chest. Then battle dragons. Use undead mutant and undead giant for elemental attacks but use Holy might or holy light against dark or undead dragons. If u r ever about to die change to paladin armor and use lay on hands.
Adventure Quest Cheaters Guide
Adventure quest cheater Guide

Equals information

Equals cheat completed

2610 gold, 2 mana and 2 health potions in 5 minutes
Ok to make it easy you need to be a dragon slayer level 10, a Mega Dragon Blade, and a Big Clone, plus a Dragon Slayer Shield. Go to Vamprook Spyre help them out then you fight a weak Light Vamparagon then Loot Everyone's Potions. Then you fight a Dragon. Use all Dragon Slayer Specials plus Poison Dragon, Freeze, last Dragon Strike Keep Repeating until Fallen. Then you will have to fight Leeeeroy and friends Bring out the Obisidian Cloak and keep using Undead Mutant. Then the 2160 Gold is all yours and the potions.

6000 gold in 20 minutes
Go to Lolosia and take the Flower go Right to Sailor Boon and Do The Quest and at the End the Treasure Chest gives you 4000 Gold and the monsters you fight give you around 3000 Gold and 5000 Experience. For a Total of 7000 Gold and 5000 Experience. You Can do this Quest Repeatedly.

600 Gold and 100 Experience Every 5 Minutes (Guardian Only)
Go to Isle De Oriens then go to the Library and click the Brown Table then click the Second Scroll And Shoot Carnax. You have to shoot 25 Or More Targets. Then you will get a Treasure Chest and it will have 650 Gold and 100 Experience.

Change Base When You Attack
When attacking Click The Line Under The Attack Options then it will change. Keep Doing It To Change The Color.

Change Base When You Attack 2
Ok if the first one did not work try this. Click the Slash Bar at the Bottom. Continue To Change The Color.

Easiest Blade of Awe Ever! (Guardian Only!)
Ok to begin You Need to be a Guardian and be able to Kill 7 or 9 Monsters. Go To The Crossroads and Click Somewhere. You will Kill 4 Monsters then you will get a Potion Chest it can be a Mana Chest, Health or Trapped. (Usually Mana) Now Fight Four More Monsters and you will Come Across A Treasure Chest Containing 600 Gold the First Time and Then The Second Time You Will Get A Shiny Treasure Cheat Containing Either The Stone Write The Scripts, Handle, Or Blade. (Repeat Till You Get The Blade Of Awe)

Easy Killing The Inn Keeper (Guardian Only!)
Ok to Begin you need to get the Blade Of Awe and Level 10 Lich. Then Go To The Inn and Click The Arrow At The Bottom Twice and Drink The Potion Then Fight A Snail, Rat, Cobra, Demon Cat, And Then The INN KEEPER! Ok now Put On The Necromancer Cloak And Become A Lich Keep Using the Undead Assault And You Will Kill Him Real Easy.

Easy Gold And Experience (Guardian Only!)
First you need to be at Least Level Ten and a Level One Necromancer. Get the Light Seveus and Use Undead Giant. After 15 battles you Should Come Across A Treasure Chest Or The Dragon Blade.

Free Pet
1) Got to the Rip In The Sky.
2) Help Lady Tomo Catch Her 7 Doves.
3) She Will Give You A Seed Take It.
4) Scale The Wall at the other end.
5) Get a Free Flogg.
6) Must be Level 15 (I Recommend 60).

Warlics Potion Formulas

Ok to begin go to Warlics Shop then press Explore.

Health Potion Refill
Mermazon Kelp
Frogzard Tear
Magma Leaf

Mana Potion Refill
Mermazon Kelp
Moglin Essence
Bad Juice

Transport To Triple Challenge
Slattwobb Dust
Magma Leaf
Mermazon Kelp

Talk Like A Pirate Day Challenge
Put in the Teleport Challenge Three Times and you Might Go To The Talk Like A Pirate Day Challenge.

Green Hair (Temporary)
Mermazon Kelp
Frogzard Tear
Bad Juice

Covered In Charcoal
Frogzard Tear
Moglin Essence
Bad Juice

Backwards Potion
Mermazon Kelp
Frogzard Tear
Moglin Essence

Werepyere Form (Guardian Only!)
Ok to begin with you Need To Be A Guardian. Go to Darkvoia Forest and then go to The Secret now you will Fight Two Dark Monsters then press Become Werepyere.

How To Get The Vizalin Seed In Crystal Cave
To get the Vizalin Seed in Crystal Cave, first go to Valencia and click Crystal Cave. Then go Down, Down, Left, Up, Right, Right, Right.

Free Guest
Ok to begin with go to the Guardian Castle and go to the Armory and press on the Armour To The left.

If you have any problems with these cheats please notify me at or if you have any other cheats you would like me to add to this e-mail me again at Also if you would like to know where you can find any places on here just e-mail me plus! Email me if you want to have a print out version of this guide. All Cheats were found by, Sean Durbin and will almost 100% work find all cheats.

A.K.A – Sparks – Level 68 – Level 10 – Rogue, Necromancer, Mage, Dracomancer, Werepyere, Ninja, Gold – 84314, - Experience – 58246.
all enemies freeze for a turn--guardian only
This only works during the holidays while you have access to the area you need to do the cheat.

Go to "frostvale part 5" and click on the two Moglins, they will ask you if you want them to fight with you, say yes. When you fight monsters, if they decide to attack, they will freeze it for a turn, sometimes even two rounds, so you can hit twice in a row without it attacking back. I have only found one monster this didnt work for, it is was called a Shine or something.
AQ Tips!
This Tip is how to get a Sub-Race.
Train your character to Level 5.When you have, follow this - Travel Map >> Darkovia Forest.
If you want to be a Vampire, Go to Vampire Castle and Accept what Safira says.
If you want to be a Werewolf, Go to the Werewolf Lair and accept the Curse.
And know, you have a Sub-Race!
This Tip is how to join a Clan.
Train you character to Level 5.When you have, follow this - Travel Map >> Sail East >> Paxia Clans.There is a load of clans, one for each element.There is also some other things to do.But I will describe those later.If you Join the Clan, There you go!You have joined a Clan. -------------------------------------------------

To get Artix to be by you side in battles you should first be lvl 30+. Go to the epic quest and click on Into Fangmaw. Skip the talking and say take garlic. Then Artix will speak, skip through that. Then you will be facing Ribbers, Cancle and go to Battleon. The next monster you attack you will have Artix at your side!
artix as guest
Go to epiq quest, select the town after dragonstone and you'll get Artix von Kreiger as a guest.
Awesome place to train and get rich and all kinds o crap
Ok so click on Valencia (she's right outside the Inn) and then click on "ask about crystal cave (dragonfable crossover)". Go into the crystal cave. If you're like me (I'm lvl 45) there'll be a lot of easy monsters but there'll also be these things called emerald and ruby golems. Both are really good but the ruby is the better of the two. The emerald golem gives i think 150 exp and 180 gold per kill, and appears pretty often, and the ruby golem appears occasionally and gives 200 exp and 210 gold per kill. If you go here, there are only two types of monsters, light and earth, so if you go here, bring light armor + shield, and wind armor + shield. Happy battling.
Awesome XP/Money (1200XP at least per fight)
Ok. This is a simple TIP. GO to rip in the sky (Right corner of battleon screen.) Then go to first room to the left. Now click the little lectern (desk thing above the pool) Enter it. Look at the two rolled up scrolls on the table next to the dude. Click the LEFT one. Then click continue. Now fight carnax. Select from above or below (dosnt matter.) now pick who you wanna fite with (i like artix.) He is kinda easy to kill. Barely ever attacks ur hp. The head tends to be the hardest for me. Ussually its health will be 1000 to 2000. Halfway through his health, you win. Gives the lowest of 1200 xp, and like 300 coins per kill. ENJOW (IDK if it works for everyone.)
Back Words Potion
To create a backwards potion. Go to the mage Shop Pick explore shop then, Put in Mermerzon Kelp, Frogzard Tear and Moglin essence. If I did that my name would be Retsam exa! Do it again for normal name.
bag o' bones
Go to the mage shop just point your mouse to a bag its color brown and when you point it you will see a cursor that looks like a hand it just cost 500g for level 25 to 49 and 1000g for level 50 and above and when you use it cost 200 mana and you can assemble a creature just click a part.
Be a cat ninja!!(ninjat)
First go to the map, then to Safirias Flea and skip the talking part. After that you will fight a scale zard and then see a sheep once you kill it. The sheep will have red eyes and fight you. After you have defeated it, Safiria will pop out and talk to you again. Skip it. Then you will be a cat ninja and fight some wolves.
Be a lycan AND vampire
Note:Speacal Power are locked

First be a were wolf and but lycan armour!then go to Frostvile after battle monsters if your lucky it'll say:

You are not a full bloded werewolf speaicial power locked!

After go to darkiva forest and go to vapire castle!You'll have the vamp armour AND lycan!
Beat Akriloth
Here's what you need: Dragon Slayer Armour, at least 1000 Z-Tokens (to get MDB), fire shield and an ice weapon. Note: DO NOT DO THIS UNLESS YOU'RE AT LEAST LEVEL 70!!!!! First, go to Isle D' Oreions and go to Falerin. Click on the scroll with smoke coming from it. You will be transported to the Akriloth War. Battle 10 Fire Monsters then at the 10th monster, Equip the MDB and when you defeat it, you will face him. Kepp using dragon strike and you will probably beat him. Use spells and potions when needed.
beat alpha wolf and saphira!
Ok first get your partner as warlic, then goto nightbanes fortress and get through it and bye the nightbane's form then get darklaw (if you don't have it already) and then get potions from frogzard quest three and battle! when you have health potion as nightbane you throw the potion bottle at him!
beating vamprook spyke easily recc lv 68+

recruirments lv 9 dragonslayer and necromancer and an armor that lets u attack 3 times or more without mana and a mega dragon blade

first when fighting the light vampragon summon drakwing and use 1 undead mutant on it. if it doesnt die then use undead giant.

tip[loot every ones pots] when fighting the fire wyvern use undead mutant with maga dragon blade until u r out of mana but do not use mana pot.
after ur mana is gone then use the armor that hits three times or more.
when the fire wyvern is dead kill leeroy and his friends with undead mutant

plz rate cheat
Beating Yulgar
Ok this is pretty hard.Ethier be a lvl 5-10 berserker then go to the 3rd room to the right in the inn.drink the potion and then battle all the monsters then u come 2 giant shoes(yulgar).i think he has 2308 health.So if ure lvl 70+ use ancestor spirits or just get it at berserker class if u r lvl 50+ use berserk. i would use dragon kings heavy axe z. Make sure u dont turn into dragon king with the axe.lvl 50+ u will do 200 dmg 2 299dmg if u r lvl 70+ u do 300 dmg 2 400 dmg if u r like me lvl 130 ull do 600 to 800 and i use dragon kings battle axe z or i u have the blade of awe use that against yulgar and when u summon death u do 1000 dmg 2 3000 dmg or with guardian dragon 800 dmg 2 1000 is another way use sea slayer and keep using it cuz of the special
Become A DRAGON!!!!!
Go to the mage's shop and talk to him. Select "Become a... Dragon?" just skip through the talking, and it will come up with a list of types of dragons. Choose the type of the dragon you want to be, and poof! You are a dragon! (effective only on December of 2008)
Become a Werepyre (werewolf/vampyre)(gaudians only)
first go up to darkovia forest under travel map. then join either werewolf or vampyre subrace. after that go to "the secret" button at the left bottom cornor of the darkovia main map. you will have to fight several monsters so i sugjest you be level 40 or so. then you will enter a castle and you have to talk to this huge werewolf with wings his is level 400 so i sugjest you become a werepyre instead of challenging him. once he bites you you can buy his armor it is called werepyre form buy it and then where it and you will be a werepyre. but if you do this you will not be excepted into either of the subrace places so think carefully.
Become a Werewolf
To Become A werewolf, go to the inn and talk to Aquella and go to Willow Creek. Help all the farmers (there are full healing potions in the big house) and go to the middle cave after talking to one of them that shows you where they are. Defeat the Drakels and come back to the village and go into the farmer who showed you the cave's house. Read the diary and go to the cave specified. Once you get attacked by the Werewolf, you turn into one. Note: do not change armor or you will not be the werewolf anymore.
Become the richest player in AdventureQuest in just 1 day!
First, go to the crack in the sky then go to the second door on the left of the screen. Click the big robot that's leaning against the wall. A guy named Vince will come up, click him and then press "What is that machine?" You don't have to read what he says, but click "I will help you". Then skip all the talking and click "Shrink Me". When you're shrunk you have to go through the maze and find the pink globe like thing. When you find it, at the end you will get 1600 gold and I think 110 XP. Repeat it as many time's as you want. In about 9 minutes you can get more then 4800 gold. In one hour you can have the tripple, and in 1 day you can become one of the richest players in AdventureQuest!
Become Zorbak!
First, fight a monster, a hard one, and die. Then click on the hourglass around the feet of "Dead" ( although he doesn't have any ). Then agree to help him. Find a purple swirly thing and enter. If you are lucky you will get trapped in a wet well. Then after lots of talking you will become Zorbak lv 100! His weapon is good as, his spells are good, and he's got loads of health. If you don't find that place, who cares? Just flee, cancel or die and then click continue searching or whatever. Then continue until you find yourself in a wet well.
Beef Me Up, Twilly!
Here's a neat way to potentially double or even triple your HP and Mana (temporarily) for a big boss, etc.:

1) Get Twilly. You can do this through the method suggested in this forum, or, for as long as the event is open, by selectign him as your partner in a strike team through the portal in the future.

2) Fight lots of low-level monsters. You ought to be able to do this through a quest like Frogzard hunter 1, etc. Twilly ignores your max HP and MP when he heals you in battle, so you gradually beef up. With low-level enemies that don't require spells, it's actually pretty fast.

(A word of caution--Some pets with healing skills do NOT ignore the max. I had my fire vampragon un-heal me 50 HP down to my "max." Also, healing in town from uber-health is not only silly, but it destroys your efforts as well.)

3) Take on your boss with double, triple, quadruple (etc.) your hitpoints and mana at the start of the battle. Realistically, the only limit is your patience.
Behemoth Tip
When and if you get lucky enough to find a cave while doing some random adventures, say to be friends. It is a Behemoth and it is a pretty powerful earth type monster (stays with you as a guest if you chose to befriend it). If you already found one that same day and didn't log out and he is still there, then you may chose to attack it. If you kill it like I did, you will get a pretty large amount of money and gold! Also the Behemoth doesn't join you as a guest each time. There is a chance that it won't. (you need to be a guardian, otherwise you won't be able to get the behemoth to be your friend and fight along your side until you log out)
Best Darkness Team
Stuff U need:
Armor:Necromancer Robes
Weapon:Dragonslayer Axe
Sheild: ANY shield that protects you against light will help.
Go to Obsidias Lair on Map to become Necromancer. Buy any robe. Take the quest. With you, there is a undead person. Do level 1 on robes, Undead Giant. The Undead person grows and does HUGE melee attack. It does about 80-290 damage. Then once u get to level 9, do Summon Undead Mutant. Now, you have your savage undead mutant, your undead companion and your Ninjat. The 4 of you are invincible against light creatures or people.

Where to get ur things:
DragonSlayer Axe-Dragonstone, just below Battleon on the map.
Ninjat-Go to Inn and find Blackhawke. go to the Knight Quests (must be level 5 rouge) and buy the Ninjat there.
Necromancer Robes: Obsidias Lair
Necromancer Quests:Obsidias Lair
Undead Giant: Level One Necromancer
Undead Savage Mutant: Level Nine Necromancer.
You kill your enemies quick, and you still have about 3/4 of your life left. Undead Giant only uses 30 MP each time it's summoned and the Undead Mutant is summoned with ONLY ONE 125 MP summon.
Know this! Your Ninjat does wind and darkness, so that helps alot too.

All over Battleon, there are forces of light to be destroyed. You and your 3 companions will easily destroy them. Have fun!
Email me with any Q'S
Best darkness team
Note: All of these items require z-tokens (and the fact that some things might be wrong because I've never bought these).

Weapon: Grave Crowder-3610 Z-tokens or Gasparian-5840 Z-token

Rider: Nightraider-5500 Z-tokens

Armor: Soul banisher-5500 Z-tokens

Pet: Zorbak(better than being zorbak)-7500 or 3000 Z-tokens

Summoned Pet: Brain Spider-1200 or 2400 Z-tokens

Team members:4 members:Zorbak, Brain spider, You, Nightraider(5 members If you use the Gasparian it attacks with an enchanted wyvern).

Hope this helps.
By far the best guest i know of is Warlic. To Get Warlic you must Go To "Event" Right under the news forum on the left of ur screen in Battleon. then click the girl with the big huge gun on her shoulder gaurding the doorway. tell her u want to battle with a sidekick or something like that. then pick warlic. wen u fight the first monster with warlic press cancel (OR wait til he damages u half-way so u can flee without wasting a cancel). Warlic does a magic attack that is different for every monster. he uses critical hits depending on the monster's weakness. he hits from a range of proboly 13-40
(maybe up to 100+ if the monster's weakness is over 400%.

FYI:Warlic's face changes to ur face wen u use this trick.
Best Ice KillerTeam ( For High Levels )
Requirements: ice Breaker Armour
any sabour sybre (Level 40) and go to where the moglis live and click on somthing and you fight them and it sumans a red dude and it helps you to win
Best set up without any uber armors for lv 80-90 (guardian only)
lv 80 or up
a very high intelligence
decent charisma
lv nine bestmaster (ten is better)
at least 250k gp (maybe more or less i didn't caculate)

First, go to the guardian tower and buy megashock, megainferno, and earth fury.

Then go to warlic's shop. Buy illumanate ultra.

Then explore the shop. take the red thing, the green thing, and the rock and put it in the bowl. U then hav a chance to teleport to talk-like-apirate day. Keep doing the questions until u get to shop. buy riiiptide (not riptide lol) Exit talk like a pirate day

Go to travel map. travel south, then go to jagged peaks. Keep killing monsters until get to shop. if ur lucky, there will be the spell ninjatmaddness. buy it. exit store.

Go to beast master class. buy primal garbs.

then return to battleon and go to the inn. go to palidan shop and buy heal deep wounds.

When in battle, use primal garbs, and ur best magic weapon and pet (i suggest silas staff and nerf kitten) Then use beast mastery to summon the best guestsfor the monster ur facing against. then switch back to guardian armor and keep using one of ur spells to kill the monster while ur pets also kill it.

This set up is definitly the best setup for lv 80s who can't afford uber armors (I can so ha ha)
Best way to heal battling undead
What you do is u become a lich andif ur luck enough to have 100000 i would recomend big 100k must be lvl70 anyway lvl 10 necromancers u die easly make sure u hve done 10 attacks then just necro heal ur healh will go down quick the when u face a undead vampire or banshee somin llike that urbig 100k will turn in to a light weapon and when u press drain u will drain with light attack and it does alot off damage
Blade of Awe
This is good for members only. If you are a non-member then wait until you are a member.
First go to the travel map, then to granemor. Make sure you have enough potions and/or confidence to last a few battles. Then go into the haunted house. After 3-5 battles, there should be either a treasure chest (w/money) OR a rare treasure chest.
Afterwards, you can take a break and go to the inn to be healed. Then go back. Keep repeating these until you have all the pieces for the Blade of Awe. Then go back to Battleon by going back into the inn in Granemor and clicking on a poster on the wall then clicking on "go to Battleon" or something like that.
When at Battleon, go to Aria's Pet Shop, click on Aria, select Valencia, click on Valencia, select Blade of Awe and she should say some random stuff about it.
Afterwards you should still have your Guardian Blade. Dont freak out!!! Just log out then log in and you should have the Blade of Awe.
W00T for you!!!
Bludrunt Blade
Always wondered how to get the Bludrunt Blade. Well heres how! (Must be lvl 30) First go to yuglarrs inn and talk to Robina Hood, then go to Bludrit dungeon. Keep going in the rooms till you find a room with a carpet, then click on the carpet and a secret ladder will come. Before going in it, go to the room with the full healing potions and take 1. (theres 3 on each floor)Then in the 2nd floor keep going in rooms until you find a Blodrok or something, then fight it. After that go to the north room and there will be a bookcase. After you fight the monster in that room, click on the bookcase on the right and there will be another ladder (go find full healing potions before you go in it)This is the 3rd final floor. Keep fighting monsters until you get to a room with a red carpet. Once you beat that monster, get a full healing potion from that floor, then go into that room. You will have to fight the Groglurk again, but its angry and has more hp. Kill it then click on the chest, and Bludrut Blade will be yours until you log out. If someone else is going on computer DONT log out switch user so it wont be lost because its a lot of trouble getting it, as its fire and dark. It changes youll notice.
Carnax+Artix= money and power
If you need money and you want to level up fast, then go into the rip in the sky. Go into the library, and open the secret passage to the lore guy. Click on the scroll next to the one that is smoking. It will take you to a screen that is about Carnax. If you go to battle now, you will be able to pick someone to go with you. I suggest you be at least level 50. It isn't hard at all. Take Artix with you because he heals you occasionally. I chose to fight Carnax's upper body, but you can choose his lower body if you want. Either way, you fight parts of his massive body. He has a really weak attack, and doesn't hit much. You might feel intimidated by his massive hp bar, but you only have to get his health like a third of the way down. After you defeat four or five parts of his body, it will go to a cutscene. It will show Carnax dying. After he is dead, it will take you back to the lore guys place, and you can do it as many times as you want. It is a really easy way to get money and level up, and there really are not any hoops to jump through. Hope it helps!
change name / stats down
to change your name or put your stats down die.
then when the reeper comes up click the hourglass on the bottom of his robe he will give you a walk around quest. on it go into the purple swirly thing.
if you are in a graveyard click the gravestone.
a guy come up and you have to lose the battle to lower your stat. if twilly comes up then you can change your name. sometimes other stuff might come up just go along with it and then try again.
Change Your Looks
Go to the Warlock Shop and ask for the mirror.
Change your Sub Race
Note:Must be lv 39 at least

Go to the Cure in Darkivia Forest And Then To The Cure!After You'll encounter 3 Evil Eyes Then A Moglin Phanthom After You'll Get In This Cave Go Keep Going In The Paths Until You Find This Vapire Slayer AND This Green Goo If You Drink It Your No Longer A Werewolf Or Vampire!If your A Werewolf And You Do This Change To Vampire And If Your A Vampire And You Do This Become A Werewolf!

P.S:Also Good Leveling To Do This!
Cheat and Tip List
Ok heres all the cheats & tips I know so far.

No More Charcoal-Change your face at Warlic's mirror.

The Name Change-Fight a high-level monster (I reccomend level 50-100) and die. Then you'll see Death, and a hourglass behind him. Help him and go through a portal. Then you will see Twilly, while he is acting like at the beginning of the game. Skip the talking. Then you will change your name!

NOTE:Do NOT touch any blue orbs or rocks. Different portals lead to different places, even back to Death's castle! For the fight, I would reccomend you being a level 10-30. The easiest place to fight a high-level monster without being high-level is at Rugglm, Twilly's homeland.

Be Zorbak-Fight a high-level monster (EXACTLY like The Name Change) and help Death, go in a certain portal, then you'll be trapped in a well. Then a trobble will tell a female trobble to get help, she will tell Daimyo the Paladin Dog and Daimyo will tell Zorbak that you are trapped in a well. As Zorbak, you will have 3 spells: Ebil Pencil, Blue Lightning, and Heal Wounds. You will also have an Ebil Staff and an Ebil Cape. (The only weapon and cape you have) You will be level 100 and have 900 total health and fight 3 battles on your way: A paladin, 3

Clean Charcoal-Change appearance

Change Your Name-Die, click on an hourglass behind Death, help him, go through a portal, and voila!

Be Zorbak-Die, click on an hourglass behind Death, help him, go through a portal, there will be a video. Skip it if you can, and voila!

Easy kill in Death's castle-Die, click on the hourglass, agree to help him,
go near a rock. Then you will fight an opponent. If you are lucky, you will fight an Ice Knight. Equip your ice armor, ice shield, fire weapon, and fire pet. Attack. The Ice Knight will take a lot of damage. On your next turn, use your fire spell. The Ice Knight will take lots of damage. Keep using this method until the Ice Knight is defeated. If you do not have a fire weapon, a fire pet, an fire spell, a ice shield, and an ice armor, this will not work.

NOTE:I would also reccomend you use a DragonSlayer Armor because you can cause 1.2x damage using the lvl.1 attack and you can summon a fire dragon using the lvl.10 attack. The lvl.1 attack uses up 5MP and the lvl.10 attack uses up 0MP so I would reccomend you be a lvl.25.
Cheats, beginning, etc.
There are no cheats. Only better gaming.
Adventure Quest was designed to have no cheats, and no hacks. The only way to hack AQ is with a memory editor, which will result in getting your account deleted. With this in mind, getting started, and continuing is very easy.

First of all, you must choose to become a guardian and pay money, or not. Being a guardian makes the game more interesting, fun, gives you extra items, acess to more areas, and overal, better play. There are no advantages to being an adventurer, other than not paying money.

Either way, you first want to do the moglin tutorial, which Artix with walk you through. To start your day, pick Robina as a guest. As far as I've found, this is the ONLY time youll be offered this, and in the beginning, she overpowers all other monsters with a dual hit wind attack. (few monsters are strong against wind, especially in the beginning of the game.) Sign up for the email list, and get your free 1k for next time. Do not refresh yet, as Robina will eaze you through the first few levels. Grab a strong weapon if you can at first, or start saving. As a guardian, dont bother. Guardian blade will outpower almost anything you get without z-tokens until about level 15. Even with its element changing, you wont have a problem beating most enemies. Choose a build, mage, or warrior, and stick with it. Magic, melee, or ranged weapons. (the problem with ranged weapons and multi hit armors will be fixed within the next few updates, currently you cannot do multihits with them).

Stick with the stats that suit your build. For beginners, choose either a fighter or a mage. Start by increasing your stats with the stat trainers (you should be able to beat lanceler by level 5-10ish).

If you choose to be a fighter, stick with melee weapons. (rogues take dex as well, using ranged weapons, and since as a fighter you should increase it, dont worry bout ranged weapons either). Mages should use ONLY magic weapons and spells, and stick with inteligence to begin. Endurance is good for any build (except say, ninjas), and luck will help you once you start going to the crossroads.

Stats: A brief overview
Strength: Increase melee damage, ranged damage, blocking rate
Dex: increase blocking rate, ranged damage, bth
Int: Increase mana, magic damage
Endurance: increase health
Charisma: increase amount of cancels, pet damage
Luck: increase dodge rate, increase level of treasure chest you will find (full equations are available on the aq forums)

Choose stats that suit your build.

For starters, start gathering weapons that will last a long time. In the long run, this will save gold, and thus, allow you to get better weapons quickly. mages should be obvious: get warlics weapons, and whatever magic weapon you can get your hands on. try to use at least one weapon of each element. Sacrifice earth, or water if neccesary at the beginning. Energy enemies are few towards the beginning of the game, and earth weapons will rarely be needed until quests start. 100% is fine for most weapons in the damage modifier.
Keeping that in mind heres an idea of what you should get:
keep in mind, shields and armors are useful. In the beginning the guardian armor will be all you need. Dont spend money uselessly! you will regret it!
Glave shield and invisible shield are really the only useful low level sheilds, as the others are all pure elemental. If you feel ambitious, get things like the mooglo and shifter.
armors; depends on your build. the level 0 armors are useless, dont waste your money. Horse rider armor might be useful in the beginning of the game, but really, stick with guardian. Once you can get em, find and buy the dusk robes, the first really useful armor at all. When you hit the right level, go to darkovia via the travel map, and become a vampire or werewolf. The multi hit specials of these armors are useful in the beginning.

Heres my suggested list of low level weapons:
water gem staff (lv 10)
Deadly wind staff (lv 10)
Staff of Moon calling (lv 10)
arcane scythe (lv 10) OR vampire blade (yulgars)
Zin seed

(thats all youll need for a while, until about lv. 30 IF you play your cards right. Spells are more useful for mages.

Grab what you can, get a melee weapon in each element. Save up thouhg, at level 20 grab the soul katana, your friend until level 70. Possibly the best investment you can make.

When you feel competent in the game, start buying and leveling class armors. From there, it should be free sailing. I reccomened lv. 15 and moderate stats before trying these. Good luck!

There are no cheats, remember that.
Guardians: asap, lv. 15, grab the clone pet in the guardian shop... its the best pet for a WHILE, though the new ice and firewere pets can be strong as well, they dont invest as well as this little friend. (and arent as versitile)

Experiment and good luck. Oh, and if youre cheap, head to the rip in the sky above battleon. Go through the door (not that hard, circle, lever, latch) and head into the library. Go through the far door, and click on the machine. Ask about it, and do the maze. The path never changes, and even at lv. 90 its the fastest way to get gold and exp...
To be in a clan:
1. go to battleon
2. click on the travel map
3. click "sail east"
4. click on Paxia then go there
5. click "continue"
6. there are three clans you can go to: Aerodu, Geotal, and Nautica (the meduse) i chose aerodu because its good with attacking.
7. to go to Aerodu (which i reccommend), click on the spaceship in the left sitting on a cliff. to go to Geotal, click on the tower in the right. to go to Nautica click on the jellyfish thing in the water in the bottom right.
8. go into your clans place
9. join your clan (i still reccommend Aerodu, it has the most money =D and ztokens)
10. buy clan stuff then vote if you want your clan to fight or not.
class tasks easy waay to get through thm
recrirements:a great spell are lvl10 necromancer.
as most off u know tht in a class task u get 3 nights ofrest but there are 4 the first fight attak normally dont use any mp unless its an extremly hard monster after u killed the first monster fight the next monster no rest tht night make sure!!!!use all ure mp on the 2nd monster when the 2nd monster is dead u must rest thn kill the next monster thn rest and kill the next and rest again now u are all full health for the boss roll the dice if u win fight the monester u lose u will have full health to start agian
Cload ride
Go to the crater and use the catapult. when u get into the isle de orlens click on the wall to ur right. there u will see lady tomo. do not click on her, just look at the tree tops behind her. u will see something white moving back and forth. click on it and there will be a cload. u can ride it and go to a ship. if u fight alot on the ship eventually u will get to a chamber where some animals are being held prisoner. can u help them. (i did)
complete pirate challenge
go to the mage shop and then ask to explore shop after that go on then put these things in the mixing bowl it has to be this order magma leaf,mermanzon kelp and slattwob dust then teleport to there ok after that youll meet a priate then go on quiz the questions unfortunatlly i aint done it so i dont no wat you win lool

cool and strong dark wepon(for free or gaurdian accounts)
For this cheat u should get a good light wepon and be at least level 40 and have just got the ten poitons from frogzard 3 i would say.any way first go get a pet rock.then go to velclain and get the travel passes.then got to the place right above grenmor.wonce u are there go to the second house i think and talk to the pirate.he will talk and ask u to go somewhere.go to where he wants you to.when u go there u will see a goast(just skip whit says all it is is u make a promise.)then u will go down o hole and get hurt.then u will fight 2 monsters and it will say leave or something like keep going select the first kepp going thing.then u fight a gohst and it will tell u about a specter if u bet the specter u will see about 10 goast run and u get a cool sword and its specal is it summons a specter and it dose 3 attacks about 30-who knows damage well have fun with your blade but remeber it is olny temperary
cool gun in attic
when you do the second attic quest he makes a rare ion cannon but u have to buy it it is pretty good
Cool Sword (Level 50+)
GO to the travel map and click Canyon Of Lost Souls. Keep fighting until you find the Vrirtus Spectre. After you defeat it, you will get a cool sword called the Soul Carver. (Temporary but worth it)
Cool Temporary Weapon
First, go to the rip in the sky. Click on the farthest door on the right. Click on the axe by the snake. You get a really cool temporary weapon called Fangmaw Axe. The special is quite rare but summons a fire snake to do 6 hits of a lot of damage.
Crazy damage - with a simple spell!
If you have pyromancer's robes, and are fighting Yulgar, you can use diving magic and the level 8 fire spell, you could deal around 800-1200 damage per hit!
Crush just about anybody..
requirements are pretty tight, no room here,
level 10 wizard
Level 10 Ninja (ninja is better, costs less mp)
and level 10 necromancer
LOTS OF MP, my int is at 80 right now, so higher your mp, the better!

You can define their weakness...

1. buy a really good fire weapon (i use the fire lords axe, i'm level 63) and then buy wizard robes, and necromancer robes (i use obsidian, i reccomend getting these because it has double attack)

2. find a really really strong monster

3. use 'frostbite' or 'Sui-Ka Cast' on your opponant

4. look at his stats (bring cursor over his picture) he should have 200% fire damage

5. whip out your fire weapon, and use 'Undead Freak' on him. he should do 50-100 damage per shot, 5 times ( and buddy thought his 142 damage was good!)

level 40+
beat everything in cure go to southern way 2 times then western way
Darkness Killer!
Get The Shining Armour from The inn and a really good light wepon you can afford then a good sheild against dark monsters finnaly under a little of yugler inn press the mouse until you see a hand click and the you get a pit go into it and face monsters!!Thier all dark so you have the best defence and attack agast them!

Note:Must be lv 10 or higher
to make it easy you need to be a dragon slayer lv.10, mega dragon blade,a clone{i use big clone} and a dragonslayer shield. go to vamprook spyre help them out then you fight a weak monster[vampragon i think] then loot everyones potions. then you fight a dragon. use all the dragon slayer stuff and use the poison dragon. then freeze them. then use dragon strike cause there weakness to fire is 200%. keep freezing and striking it and it will fall. then you have to fight leroy and his freinds. if you can use the necromancer armor. i use undead mutent to make it quick. then you get 2610 gold and the potion each time you do it. i git over 200,000 in about 2 hours. have fun
Go to lolosia and go into gibets pub. then click on the flower and take it. leave the tub and go right and talk to sailor boon. Do the quest. I recommend u be 55 and up before u do this quest. the treasure chest at the end gives u 4000 gold and the monsters u fite give u lots of gold and exp too. u can do this quest repeatedly.
go to isle de orens go to lybraly and click thi brown think then click second scroll and go shoot carnax you hawe to shot 25 or more targets and a tresure chest wil come up and you wiil get 650 gold and 100xp ef you are an x-gardian you wiil get 10 bonus xp. hawe fun. I have 100.000 gold from this.
Click on yulgars inn and talk to Aquella and click on Willow Creek. Go to house on the far right and kill the snayls. Now this is the glitch! Sometimes when you die u talk to death and all that then you will reborn at the farm with 0 hp!!!!
Okay. Go to the In, then clik on the bag that Zorbak booby trapped until you are negitive health. Then go fight a monster. After you attack you will die.ok when ur fighting an ice monster and use the fire force ultimate and get the dragonslayer armor and then when u use dragon fire the last fire does up to 142 damage really cool
when i was doing d frogzard hunter quest lvl 2 he gave me a frogzard sword then i battled a phoenix then i turned into a frogzard bec of the sword and when i changed my robe and used the frost bow my bow is not ranged anymore it was a melee type i was shocked and bec. of that i still won
If you read the last one, the only thing you need to change is the armor. Use Golden Dragon Slayer armor after you MP gets low

Young dragons become easier with these two combos
Decent weapon at Lev 1
First you go to ballyhoo [the girl near the magic chest] choose to open the chest and get the reward. then,borrow the axe test weapon [i dont remember what its called] and if you use the axe in battle there is about a 30% that this will use a powerful rangedattack which does about 2 attacks of 30 damage
different potions
if you go in to warlics and ask to explore, he will go away and you can make potions using ingredints off the shelves, here they are: mermazon kelp+moglin essence+bad juice=mana restore potion.
bad juice+frogzard tear+mermazon kelp=turns your hair green!
Magma leaf+forgzard tear+mermazon kelp=health restore potion.
Magma leaf+slattwob dust+bad juice=pet rock!
frogzard tear+moglin essence+bad juice= charcoal explosion!
Mermazon kelp+frogzard tear+moglin essence=talking backwards!
Magma leaf+slattwob dust+mermazon kelp= random teleportation
Do 1000+ damage
reqiurments:level 9 Paladin

first go to Isle o driens and then go to falerin click on one of the scrolls on the table and u will battle Carnax click 'battle/fight carnax one on one' use your paladin armour and good light weapon use 'Holy might' and you will inflict 1000+ Damage!
double elemental attack
first get 800 gold go to the inn and buy the gemblade battle a monster that's weak against everything (I recomend void dragon) and it might do a double elemental attack
Become a level 4 Dracomancer and then u will be able to use dragons wing which does about 100 to 150 damage each time
Dragon Form!!! (any element and non-guardian and availible anytime)
First go to travel map go and to dragonspine. Click on dragon riders and click skip (on top left corner). Choose your element and click equip-voula.

NOTE:Only temporary and can only equip it in dragon riders quest.
Dragon Blade
Look boys this works for me. Go to travel and then epic quest. Go to Dragonstone and after a few battles you should come across the Dragon Blade.
dragon blade trick (guardian with big clone only)
first you find the dragon blade then you trigger it then after that you can get your big clone to use its trigger when fighting something that isn't a dragon by casting a spell instead of attacking (its trigger de/activates when you attack not when you use a spell) then there you go and use that trigger even tho you shouldn't
Dragon help
Having trouble with dragons then go to epic quest and go to dragonstone and the dragslayer will be your guest, now quit quest and do dragslayer quests with him!!!
Drakal Armor
If you've been looking for the armor go to the event and click galanoth's blade(to get the dragon blade).Then click to battle and at the top click male or female drakel armor disguise...BUT BECAREFUL IT GOES AWAY WHEN U LOG OUT AND YOU WILL HAVE TO DO IT AGAIN...
Drakath (noobs lvl. 1 to lvl. 20)
Do you suffer from zorbrak vs twilly 2 battling Drakath? well, heres an easy way to win, buy the blaze spell from Warlic and also buy a good light weapon like Axe of Radince and thatle help.
Drakel Air Raider
If u ever fight a drakel air raider and beat it, take its gun after it falls. It does pretty good fire damage. it did 22 fire damage when some enemie's fire stats was only 70% imagine what it could do when it is 200%. It is only temporary; it goes away when u log out.
Drakel Disguise Armor
First Go To Keld Naer then just skip the bla bla bla.....then after that click To Battle! Then you can use either Drakel Disguise(Female)or
Drakel Diguise(Male) then after you chose who do you want to battle with then just quit it and you have the Drakel Disguise Armor and if you logout it will be gone....Enjoy It!
Drakel Gun
Fight one of the flying drakels. When (or if) you defeat it, click on its gun. Your new Drakel tube will replace your long sword temporarily.
Drakel Market
first of all go into the inn and go into the to sage uldor about your go to twilly and ask him about will fight a seed spitter and then you will go on a quest.after you finish the quest go back to sage uldor and click on drakel black you can buy drakel stuff.
E-Z exp for level 40+(cant be a wearwolf)
you don't need to be a guardian !
click travel map and go south to gattan and fight the two guards felix & something else u will get 800 exp! then refuse the king to get 740 more but be warned if u dont use water wepons theses guys are pretty hard
easest class lvl 35 required
The easest class i am lvl 10 at is ninja in about a hour and a half the lvl 10class move ninja death is soooo cool but the draw back is it costs 150 mp but when the screen goes black it means that you are doing a 300 damage attack it's really cool
Easier "Strange Seed" Minigame
In "The Strange Seed" Minigame in the Isle D'Oriens, you need to catch a certain amount of bugs to get to the next level. Eventually this gets rather difficult but it is made much, much easier when you put your graphics on the lowest possible and close all other open applications. In short, get the game working as fast as possible. You move and turn much quicker.
Easier way to kill monsters
first go to the inn, then go to the devourer saga
do chase huntress when the intro is done you will have to go into battle, on the right it will say adventure galin gauntlet then have warlic as a partner during the first fight cancel it, you will realize next time you go to battle you will have the guantlet and warlic as a partner, warlic takes about ( 20- 30) damage suggest you do this at level 13 and above
Easier Z-Tokens!
Ok this is mostly for high level people (but any level doesnt matter) As you know high level people get high lvl monsters to kill most of the time , some of which give you z-tokens , but are hard and long to kill! Heres an easier way! Click on Twilly and click moglin forest ( dont worry he gives you back your potions and doesn't heal you with your potions) then kill monsters that are low level , and you'll get easy z-tokens!
easiest way to get regen and shadow sets
Okay first u need gold right? okay first u need to go to rip in the sky then find a drakel named vice or something like that but ya then go to the what is that mecine then wait until you shink and hop in his hamster ball and after you finsh the quest you get 1717 gold repeat 3 times. After all that go to darkovia and go to nightbane`s fortess and do 8 battles then go back to battleon and u have 10.000 to get more just Repeat! Repeat!! Repeat!!!NOTE This note was writen by RYAN and HADEN the two most powerful regen and shadow set collecters on lore!
First talk to Artix the click on Frogzard Hunter. Make the 3rd. quest. You can either choose of completing the quest or leave.

NOTE: you can only have 10 potions if you're not a Guardian,
Easy 2640 gold and 4180 xp
Required: lvl 10 knight
Suggested: lvl 50+, be at least lvl 1 necromancer (level 9 is better)

Do the King\'s special misson where you train knight class when you are a lvl 10 knight.

You fight 3 demon knights in a row each lvl 70 but they aren\'t as tough as their lvl, and with necromancer lvl 1 you can summon an undead giant to do 5x damage only 30 mp! With lvl 9 necromancer you can summon an undead mutant with does 5 attacks all 2x damage, alltogether dealing 10x power of a normal attack for 125 mp!

You heal after the first so go all out with undead mutant if you have it, if not then undead giant, if you don\'t have that you didn\'t regard my suggestion thingy up there. ^ It still should be do-able and quick though.

You don\'t heal after the second so don\'t go all out, and stick to undead giant at 30 mp each attack. Or whatever you do if you didn\'t look at my suggestion.

You heal after the third so do same thing as with the first.

Then the boss battle. The boss is lvl 80 but still with necromancer it\'s short work. It\'s the last battle so go all out and do the same thing as 1st and 3rd knights.

Enjoy your money and xp.

(P.S. Necromancer class owns, train it even if not doing my money making thingy.)
Easy 7,200+ Gold!
Ok first go to Lolosia and go into the house place. Click on the flower and say you want it. Leave the place and click on visit Sailor Boon. Go on the quest he asks you to do. It might take a while but at the end you find a treasure chest with little exp. and 7200 gold. Hope I helped
Easy against vampires
What you have to do is get the axe of radience (600g vulgars shop) and the dragonslayers armour and fire shield(100g). Then become a werewolf and do the first quest. When you're in the bit where you can choose if you want to go on a quest or go to the shop, there should be a gold wolf. Click on it and there will be a little scroll that comes up in the corner, click where it says I want it as a pet. Then do the werewolf quest. it should be really easy on the vampire warriors.
Easy beating leroy place thing on map
First you need level ten dragonslayer,dragonslayer shield,mega dragon blade.Get armors golden dragonslayer and regular armor,the a palidin to heal your self if you need it.Might as well be level ten necro too.Now be able call forth great fire dragon on both dragonslayer armor.Freeze the fire dragon boss. then sommon fire dragon once the boss is frozen.Repeat.If the dragon is not dead the just use undead mutant on necro armor.Heal using palidin.Then done
easy dialouge
if there is a lot of dialouge to go through, press the "tab" button on your comp., then press "enter".
easy dragon bane sword
bea lvl 53+ combat get sea slayer weapon and be a lvl 1 necro equip ur sea slayer weapon and obsidian cloak and click on dragobane n the trael map and when u get a bronze dragon keep using undead giat takes like 5 hits 2 get it kiled
first go to rip in the sky then go to the girl with the cat then click the dark green p-lant on the top then a cloud name nimbo appears then choose the 1st option and you will see a flying ship there was a lot of monster that will fight and it gives 200exp and 200gold mit has a 150 resistance to elements
Easy exp and gold lvl 45 and up
Go to rip in the sky and then into the library. Then you will have to find a secret passage to the battle chamber. Start fighting in the battle chamber(don't forget a good energy weapon and very good protection from water!) until you meet a monster that i think is called malrawth (probably something else). The monster has about 900 HP and does a maximum of around 30 of melee water damage per turn (usually he does twenties). After you beat him, you'll around 1600exp and 600gold.
easy exp and gold(easy for +35)
If you want to get easy exp and gold, go into the inn.Click the bottem right arrows until you see a potion on a table.Click on the potion and drink it.You will fight 3 or 4 easy monsters.Just keep on doing it and befor you know it you have a ton of exp and gold.
Easy exp and gp!!(GAURDIAN not requierd)
Ok first get you ninja class to five then click travel map and go to epic quest skip the talking and click on harry situation and do not say red fog you will have to fight the wolf king so get a good earth shield and a good fire weapon(in case you run out of mp)when you fight him put on your shinobi shozoku(ninja armor)and when you attack keep clicking dual katanas you can repeat this.
Easy exp. gold and z-tokens
Go to Alnaphar on the south map and then click on quest for reign set. I reccomend being level 40 to 50. You will need a fire, earth, ice, and/or darkness. light will also help. have very good dexterity and strength because there are a lot of traps. The monsters get harder the more you level up. It is a lot easier if you are a guardian because the blade of awe is a great weapon for this, because it does a lot of damage to creatures that like earth aswell. I got 6000 gold in ten minutes and about 8000 exp. If you are an adventurer you will never make it too far. Because there are a lot of paladins with almost 600 health each. Have the Black axe.
Easy Experience
First, you must be a level 10 Ninja. after all 10 ninja quests, Elizabeth will give you a special mission. before this, it is advised that you have the clone pet and a god bit of endurance. after fighting the 3 samurai, you will fight Elizabeth herself. She is tough, but if you have the clone and good endurance, you should be able to defeat her.
*note: it's also a good idea to be a guardian as well. if you are able to summon the guardian dragon, it will give you a HUGE advantage
easy experience (Guardians only)
Ok first go to the crater then take to the catapult to isle d'oriens then enter the libary and click on the podium looking thingy then press eneter and open the middle scroll then click on 'To battle' then pick a person to helpyou i'd recomend 'Artix' then go on battle low and you will face low parts of carnax's body and the cool thing is they may have high hp but u only have to take off a bit and u get xp and u may want to have at least liek 800 + hp as u may not get a full heal i think u get like 3200+ xp i wud also be like a level 10 necromacer and be a high level like 55 + at least
Easy Experience and Gold
Go to Aria's petshop and ask her about Valencia. Then take the DrakBot quest. For this quest, you must kill 10 DrakBots, which each give you 900 exp and 400 gold. If you are around lvl 40 or higher, the DrakBots are fairly easy to kill and will give you a ton of good stuff.
easy gold and exp
Go to Dravokia Forest and look at the 3 small red dots in a line. Click the last one. Then you will engage in battle first with the Alfa Werewolf and then the Lord Vampire. They both each give 500 exp and 600 gold. Alfa Werewolf is weak against fire. Lord Vampire is weak against light. NOT FOR NOOBS.
Easy gold and Exp (guardians only i think )
i know this has probably been told but i thought id tell those who havent seen it =).

1. go to the rip in the sky (top right of battleon).
2. go to the library (hole on left near geko).
3. go to the boiler room on the right of library.
4. click on machine on right.
5. vince appears and talks. ask him what is wrong with machine.
6.tell him u will help him.
7.he will shrink u, in the maze the orb is at the bottom right of it. u start off going right then down, then right then up, then right then up more, then right then down all the way to 3rd turning near the rat, folo the rat back and take the 1st right to make u go down, then go all way left til u see another rat coming down, go straight past it then go through the little bit and u will c a right turn, go up then left (make sure u dont touch the rats or walls or its game over XD) u will c the orb touch it and u get 1k exp and 1592 gold!! do 3 times then log out then log back in and do over. get rich and very strong. =). hope u like it.
Easy gold just gold and gold trust me
First of all you need to go to one of the new places benuju wetlands or something.then skip the speeches and then robina will leave you to 2 choices help the hunters or kll them select the 1 kill them.Then you have to battle an orc a drakel and galanoth which are no problem if you are a lvl 70 plus i did this when i was level 69 around there.Galanoth wont be difficult to kill just that he has alot of strength thats all.after that robina will let you enter a shop which has a dragoncat as a house guard or a pet or something.than she will give u a treasure chest containing 960 gold and 200 experience 220 if you are a guardian.just keep repeating the process and you will end up with 100k no kidding at not select help the hunters as it is not worth it you fight like 5 monsters and get no reward and no shops are eligible for u to go in hope useful
Easy gold, levels, and a powerful guest pet.
All you need for this is to be lvl. 5 and have 500
gold. Go to Darkvoria forest and pick to be a werewolf or vampire. Werewolves have the brightwolf for a guest, and vampires have the firebat. Buy the armour for that creature (500 gold), and take the quest. The battles are very easy and the EXP you get at first for the boss is 300 and the gold is 150. As you go up in rank, the exp/gold increases. You take the same quest over and over untill you get to 10th lvl., then you can't get stronger, but the EXP and gold still rock!
easy health potions
first you need the spell salad shooter. then you need to talk to atrix and say "heard any rumors" or somthing like that. then say "hunt the seed spitter" use salad shooter on him every time and you will sometimes get a health potion. then a elf shos up and you fight her monster then her.
then she takes you to her home and gives you 2 healt pots. then later when you have to fight the dreckal just run. unfortunatly you can only rune 20 times. =[ but you will get 40+ health pots.
First, Go And Click On Twilly At Batleon. Then Click On The FrogZard Hunter!. Then Click On Visit The Frogzard Hunter. Then Click On Quest 3. Then Talk To The Girl And Kill The Mosquito And The Swamp Trog. Once You Have Done That The Swamp Trog (Goborah) Will Give You 10 Health Potions. Once You Have Done That Click On Twilly Again At Battleon And Click On Heard Any Rumours? And Then Click Hunt The Seed Spitter! Finsh The Seed Spitter And Then Kill The Mawler And Then Finish The Elvish Warrior. She Is Still Alive Though She Is Your Friend. Follow Her And She Shall Give You 2 Health Potions, She Then Go's To Battle And DIES. You Then Have 2 OPTIONS, You Can Either Kill The Dude Who Killed Rilithia (The Elvish Warrior) Or Run Away With The Potions. REAPEAT THIS PROCESS AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WISH.
Easy Health/Mana potions
Go to Warlic's shop and go to explore shop. Once he walks away,put a mermazon kelp, slattwob dust and magma leaf into the pot and repeat until you get to the triple chalenge. After each win, you'll get one mana and one health potion.
Easy Hp Potions
ok, first get the salad shooter spell then go to the seed spitter quest. use the salad shooter alot then fight the golem thing. When your health gets to about half flee, dont cancel. then do the quest again and use salad shooter. when you get to the golem flee right away. and just keep repeating alot
Easy killings (recommended lvl 20 coz of yuu need lots of mana)
This is really easy all you have to do is train up 2 level 1 Necromancer and keep clicking Undead Giant the higher your leve the powerfuller it gets
easy lvl up
First get the most powerful light weapon you can handle, then become a werewolf in darkovia forest and get the brightwolf. When you're done that go to zorbak's hideout and go to the quest twilly vs zorbak. When the second fight begins roll the dice and if you win say you didn't win and fight drakath. He's very weak against light and you'll win easily and you'll get loads of gold and exp, that's how I got 10797 gold
Easy Mana potions
Ok you should have light of mana and be around level 30 for this. first go to Zorbaks hideout than click zorbak verse twilly go through dialog then when you fight the big dragon he is realy week agiens light just use light of mana and you will get lots of mana pots cuz he have alot of health. may want to bring a light pet.
first get lvl 60 then fight in the pit because you are so high lvl you kill easier hope this helps
easy money
just go to the inn and click on that girl with the bow and go to the ranged wepon shop. then buy the fire throwing knifes and then go to yulgar and sell them for about 1302 cash.

note: only works first time
EASY money (guardians only)
1.On your travel map go to the crater.2.When inside the crater click on the catapult and follow the instructions.3.when the catapult is set click hop in.4.make your way to the library and click on the alter and go inside.5look at the scrolls on the table and choose the second from the left (which ever goes back in time to the carnax battle.)5.Once there instead of actually fighting carnax click on the shoot caranx button.(whenever something on carnax lights up click it to shoot.)6. you can either go and try to hit him 30 times for a big prize, but to just get the easy money (you ca shoot him) but its easier to just let time run out then you will get a chest with money in it. (the amount depends on your luck).(you want to have 85 or more LUK to get 800 gold every time. Also carnax will not fight back so you will never get hurt, and you will always get money.
Easy money and exp
First become a level 10 paladin. Then go to the pit in battle-on and u can get tons of gold and exp becasue everything down there is dark type. And every 15 battles u get a treaure chest of incresing size.
Easy money and exp at low level
Go to epic quest and do the first part. There u fite 2 level 5 undead ribbers that give u 100 exp and 50 gold (go rape someone). However if u r 2 high a lvl then you might accidentally get a level 50 undead raper. So watch out little kids!
Easy Money and some Exp
Go to the Bennuju Wetlands south of the original map and do the quest where you fight the hunters. you get about 1000 exp. and gold for figting them and another 1000 gold and 200 exp. in the chest afterwards. easy and quick way to get lotsss of gold.
easy money and sometimes z-tokens
ok first go to ballyhoo and upgrades and click on ballyhoo and watch a short clip and it will give u about 300gp and 15 z-tokens
Easy Money!!! Really!!! (Non-guardians and Guardian friendly)
Suggested Level: 25
Suggested gold: 2000
Suggested weapon: Blinding Blade
Suggested Spell: Light of Mana

First, go to Drangonspine. Click until you get to the list of options. Pick number 3, the Void Dragon. Click until you can choose the person you want to fight with. Pick Warlic. Flee from the first monster. Go to Yulgar's inn and buy the best dark shield and armor you can. Go the the Paladin shop (Also in Yulgar's inn) and get the best light weapon and spells you can. Get to Zorbak's Hideout. Click on Twilly vs. Zorbak. Click until you roll the dice. Even if you do win, CLICK I DIDN'T WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Twilly will bring you out, but Zorbak will bring out a level 30 undead dragon. Put on your stuff and fight. If you have good protection and a good weapon, you should beat him. Then you fight a big guy. You can't win. Flee. THE END
Easy No-Damage
want to have unlimited health? Yes or No

If you do you'll need to be fighting a draco-robot, or a draco monster with any Robotic fetures.

During his first hit he'll take heavy/low damage. His second hit and all the rest, you may reverse. By doing this repeadedly press space. (do not leave your finger on space bar) Do not leave your finger on space bar. You need to tap it once and then again and then again, over and over again. If you lose health by doing this, you have made a current error of what you have been doing.

Have fun,
John Might
Easy to defeat the Dragon Boss ( Leeroy quest )
To defeat the dragon with ease, all you have to do is

1. Get Artix as a partner.
To get Artix to be by you side in battles you should first be lvl 30+. Go to the epic quest and click on Into Fangmaw. Skip the talking and say take garlic. Then Artix will speak, skip through that. Then you will be facing Ribbers, Cancle and go to Battleon. The next monster you attack you will have Artix at your side!
2. Go and get the 10 potions by going to frogzard quest 3 and fighting the darn insect and its master. Then the master will give 10 potions then press cancel for the next battle

3. Then go to the quest, loot everyone's potions


easy training
For this all you will need is to be a level 1 necromancer and have at least 7 weapons of different elements.

All you do is click heal me on twilly then click random adventure you will be taken some where and you will havew to kill a monster check out its weakness then find the weapon that is its weakness or the nearest to that weakness (if it doesnt have a weakness use your strongest weapon)
then repeatedly use undead giant then when you have killed it click twilly and press heal me and do it all over again! repeat until satisfied
Easy vampireslayer equipment
first you need to become a vampireslayer in darkovia forest. Click on vampireslayer "E" buy the vampireslayer armor or night vampireslayer armor. go to knightbanes castle ask for the gaurdian or adventurer Darklaw then quest with vampireslayer "E". Run from your battle got to the vampireslayer and tell him you want to go on a quest. Then begin Training.
Easy way 2 make gold+exp. be 40+
Go to rip in sky, click 1 door 2 left, then click on thing behind the water, it will open up. once inside, click on first scroll. If it works, u should have 3 options: To Battle, shoot carnax, and back to town. battle carnax and click low. he lv500, but he should once u get his health (very's from 804 to 2404) atleast 500hp points down. once u destroy it, u get 600xp and like 300g, and u can do as many times as u like!!
Easy way to beat alpha werewolf (level 70 Minimum)
Buy the solar incinerator it takes alot of mp but does about 250-350 damage very efective
Easy way to become a lich
Just charge your lich up
then go to vamprook spyre
just click next the whole time so you skip the time that they talk fast
then you will automaticly die
become a lich and cancel the next battle or just fight for fun
Easy way to kill Dragons an much Gold and Exp.
First, become lvl 1 necromancer and get Mega Dragon Blade.
Then go to Dragonspine Mountains and there is says "Meet Cyrus" and "The Uneasy Peace Between Dragons" (or something like that)
Then Put on your Necromancer Cloak (Or Obsidians Cloak if you are a Guardian)Use Mega Dragon Blade (1000 Z-tokens at Z-Tokens Shop)
Use Scull Swarm (will use the dragons weaknes) and the Mega Dragon Blade beaguins to burn.
Then use Undead Giant (Or Undead Mutant if you are a guardian). You will allways use their weaknes against them, and when you may choose "Slay more Dragons" or "Meet Cyrus" (Or something like that), you could choose Slay Dragons. Easy!!!
1.Go to warlic's shop

2.Mage quests

3.Mage quest

4.Mage shop

5.Buy as much of the mage staff weapons as you can(1500 gold for each staff)

6.Become a lvl 1 necromancer

7.Clik on Twilly

8.Visit the frogzard hunter

9.Quest 3

10.Fight the first 2 enemies

11.After fighting get the potions that the Troll gives you

12.Cancel your next fight in quest 3

13.Your ready to WIN!!!
easy xp and gold
when you are around lvl 30-40 just do the frogzard hunter quest 3 over and over you get alot of xp from the zards and 750 from the zard master
Easy XP and Gold (Guardian + non-Guardian)
Its simple, keep repeating the frogzard hunter quest 1, no matter what lvl, if ur a hi lvl,u will kill them in 1 shot, if ur a low lvl, it make take a while but its good xp on a low lvl, (each frozard gives u 50 xp, and in the process u get gold)
good luck =)
Easy XP and Gold - (Guardians Only) (lv 20+)
Go travel map, then go to vamprook spyre,now do this whole quest thingy mabob, ur fellow friends get killed, so loot their potions,continue, until u come across a light vampragon,kill it of corse..., then when u come to the dragon , kill it, and u get lots of xp and gold. good luck =)
easy xp+gold for lvl 10+
click the event button, kill wizard kill 2nd form, then click on morgan (women with the wicked bazooka like thing) then click on I wanna fight, then choose warlic or captain rhubarb, then kill lots of thing, THATS easy exp or gold
Elemental Mastery
Requirements:Gardian, lvl60, not a complete NOOB!!!!

First, go to the gardian shop and get the "Elemeltal Fighter" armour.
Now go to the inn and get the "Grand Tower Shield" from the Paladin section of the shop.

This combo is THE BEST EVEEEERRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It offers good defence, a range of elemental attacks(the armour is very special you know.) and pwetty wittle see-ould.

Ok ,heres some cheats about waht element you should use wen fighting monsters of differant elements
Hope dis helps!
Escape the Gecko of Doom!!!
We all know about the gecko in the rip in the sky that eats you. To escape, click all around in the stomach acid until you find a little box. First off, don't worry. You can't die with the stomach acid. You will go into negative health. After you find the box, type GEKKO into the first line, then NIDAE on the second. The third line is the password you recieve by escaping Gekko's memories. To access the memories you open the first drawer and click the gecko. Ignore the text, skip straight to the event. After you get the password, write it down and go back to Gekko's stomach. Open the second drawer to find a feather. On Gekko's left side of her mouth, click near the top and slowly move it towards the middle, still clicking. Gekko should say "Snicker" then "Giggle" and then "Hehehehe" once you have Gekko saying "hehehehe" keep clicking there. Gekko will spit you out and sell you Gekko Armor for 1,000 gold. It is very strange, you sit on the ground tied to a sign wobbling back and forth. Sometimes when you attack by wearing this armor you will get up and throw a pie. Yes, a pie.
Experience Tip

Go into the inn and go to the room in the middle ( has the sage and the blue lady) Talk to the lady with the blue skin and select the second option. you will go on a quest with the pirate captain. You will fight a big Kraken-like creature. beat it and it will give you 400 exp. There will be a storm and you will be thrown out of the boat and onto an island. Beat the two crabees. Next You will fight lots of little people( dont worry they aer one unit). they are pretty hard to hit so get somethng with a high hit bonus, they will give 3oo exp. After that you go to their villiage and fight a weak monster. Then you will fight the "Ultra Giant". He takes 400% damage or more from all attacks and has 1500HP. beat him to get either 300 or 400 exp.
Extra Help from Vampire Slayer E
WHat you need to do is go to travel than the epiq quest. The mage guy will be there and go to the quest big trouble, little granemoure. There will be a vamp slayer guy there after you do a bit of quest. Your will battle a bunch of vampires. When you battle the first one. Dont kill it. Run and he will be a guest player.
Hope you enjoy it
Fast and easy XP
Go to travel map then travel south and in the top right hand corner is a place called Keld Naer go into it. Skip the talk and press battle. go to the top button not the bottom because it does not give you as much go heal and press Auger of Brontus then fight chose warlic he is the best. then fight i promise it will work or you did not do it right. PLEASE RATE THIS. <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
fast money and xp
ok get the plunger from the rip in the sky and then go to the attic and do the list and on the second list on the corner click help and go to them place and keep killing every thing with the plungerizer i think you be lvl 30 and lvl 2 dragon slayer and keep killing the dragons and get the plasma dragons head horn i got $6000 and 30 z tokens.
Fast Xp and Gold (gaurdian only)
Get to lvl 75 and get Megashock and Earth Fury. Go to Benniju Wetlands. Do the talking crap and then choose "fight the hunters". You will fight a drakel, orc, and galanoth. Use the Beestmaster armor and summon snake and bat, use Megashock on drakel, Earth Fury on orc, and Megashock on galanoth. THIS WILL GET YOU LOADS OF MONEY! ALSO, THERE IS A TREASURE CHEST AT THE END THAT GIVES YOU 200 XP AND 960 GOLD!
Fiery Secret
The flame gaurdian armour's secret is that if it get attacked by a fire attack. It's its weakness against fire will get better and goes down all the way to 35%! (When you equip the starblaze sheild and you get it at Yulgars shop) And after that it will get a gaurdian fire power up!
Fight Dragons and get Dragon Blade
If you want to fight dragons go to the epic quest on the travel map. Skip the bit where Warlic is talking to you. Then click on number 7 (Dragonstone). Keep skipping the talking and then when Galanoth asks you whether to attack at night or attack now choose attack at night. Then you will be fighting dragons and sometimes orcs will appear but you still get decent gold from them. If you are a Guardian you can sometimes get the Dragon Blade but it will go if you log out or go to the shop. At level 60 it will do 10-50 damage and has a 20% bonus to hit.
finding how much xp you need
click in xp box and it will show you how much you need
Fire Goblin, or something
If you are Level 50 or higher (like me, I'm a level 52) and if you are interested in a strong fire blade and fire guest then buy the Super Pzycho Sabre (Level 50). Then I don't know if you have to but I wore the Golden Dragonslayer armor and kept on fighting then eventually I clicked attack once and I raised my sword and summoned this Fire Golbin or something like that. It does pretty good fire damage and it's not a pet, it's a guest. Just watch out for fire monsters.
Fire Team (Level 50 required)
Okay, first start off by going to the Pet Shop in the main area. Buy a Imp (if you are level 60) or a Fire Vampragon (requires level 30). The Imp is 18,000 Gold and the Fire Vampdragon is 5,000 Gold. Buy a Super Pzyscho Saber (requires level 50) for 6,500 Gold. Next go to Obsidia's Lair. Get level 1 Necromancer. Afterwards, buy a Necromancer Cloak (requires level 38) for 3,000 Gold. After you have used SPS's special attack, you will have a Fire Demon fighting along with you.

If you use the pet, demon, and sword, along with Undead Giant (level 1 Necromancer Spell) you can hit a average of 50 to 150 per turn.

Hope this helped you all out!
fireblood blade
for vampires only. if you buy a fireblood blade and fight against wolves especially alpha wolves you can get the special attack the the sword stands right up and get purple and you hit a high amount on alpha wolves between 40-110 dammage and you get that amount of life back
flogg plant
Help lady tomo with her pidgeons then get some wierd seed. then scale the wall. do the swarm thing. If you get to level five you get a shop display and you get a flogg plant for 0g.

If you wait till lvl 60 its stronger
Flower Pet
You can't beat those dark monsters? Well, if you want a pet that can defeat dark monsters easily. All you have to do is: Get travel passes from Valencia then go to Lolosia. Go into Giberts Pub. There you will see a flower in a pot. Click on it. It will say do you want this pet. Then say yes. Now, you will not have to worry about fighting dark monsters.
Forest Demon Defense
WHen you are fighting the forest demon his defense is a roulette and you have to time your attack to get his defense at zero, but if you wait a while it will stop at zero automatically and then attack!
Forest Demon easy
First you need a class armor and go to attack so the class armor screen comes up then wait and when the forest demons health gets to zero it will stay then do whichever attack you want.
Frankencarrot and Garlic head Vampire
There are 2 pets that arent in the shop called Frankencarrot and Garlic head Vampire or something like that. This is how to get tham. First click on travel and go to the farm. Try to pick the lock on Seashack's door , but it doesnt matter if you dont. Then try to convince SeaShack to leave Zorbak alone. Then 2 things can happen: Seashack can accidently do magic on the field and make mutant vegetables , or you tell him where to learn light magic or something and Zorbak will send his servant Skrow to try defeat you. Skrow has about 750hp , and the vegetables HP gets higher by the vege. If you deafeat Skrow or all the mutant vege's , a catalogue will auto come up and thats where to buy Frankencarrot or Garlic head vampire.
Free Fire Vampire Bat
First Be level 5+ go to Vampire Castle in Darcovia. Become a vampire. go into castle and click on the bat in the corner. click on take the cool pet.
Free health potions
Buy the spell salad shooter from the pet shop then fight the seed spitter with the spell u just bought and evry time u hit it with that spell and u'll get a health potion evry time u hit it!!!
free mana!!!!
while randomly fighting monsters you will come across "undead spellsword"monster.use "light of mana" spell and in return he will give u potins of manas.
Free money and a cool temporary weapon
Go to the map and sail east. Click on The Crater and click on the catapult. Then when you land click on the dial first, then the red lever, and last the handle. When you're in, click on the last door on the right side. Click on the axe and it does about 125+ when you activate the ability. Then click on the left, and click the altar. Then click on the middle scroll. It will take you back in time to when everyone was battling Carnax. Then click " Shoot Carnax " to begin. Let me give you a hint; when the body part shows up, keep clicking on it and it will shoot about 2-6 arrows at a time. And since you need 30 or more to get the big chest, I advise you to do this. The big chest has 100 experience, 650 gold, and 6 Z-Tokens.
Free MP Pots
Go to Gramour and then go to the inn. Talk to the person in black then do the quest given and on the second fight you get a chest. Open it to get a MP pot then on your next fight retreat and do it again as much as you want.
Free Spear
When you have defeated a Chrask click on one of its tusks and you will get a free spear. ( you lose the spear when you log out)
free water weapon!!!
if you go to island of origins and go to vince try to get out with the mixer and he will give you a punisizer(water weapon 9-21 damage and special attack: triple water( around 15 each so total 45!!))
Freeze him! (Guardian Only)
to freeze enemies without using the spell, go to stone rule at travel east then you will see artix with a vampdragon and 2 moglins the vampdragon lets you buy some and if you click on the moglins they will talk and it will say that they will help you then just go back to fight some monsters and they will be really usfly!


go to travle map and sail east. go to stonerule and click on the to little moglin things say "lets go with you" they will fight on your side and freeze most enemys!
frogzard challenge
go to the frogzard challenge and you get like 6 ztokens for the frogzard you kill
Frogzard hunter armor
For this cheat you would have to be atlese lv 30. click on twily and choose frogzard hunter part 3 and when you finish the frogzard hunter will give you the armor. it will also replace the steel plate armor!
Fulfillment, easy money, and easy exp
(Guardians only) Go to the dragonspine mountains and fight dragons until you get the dragonslayer sword. Then cancel out and go fight drakels in the war. (If you're not in the war yet ask twilly about the news.) Dragonslayer sword does extra damage against drakels. ( At the dragonspine mountains you should also pick up dragonslayer twilly.)
Galanoth as guest
Go to epiq quest, select dragonstone and you'll get Galanoth as guest. His dragonblade is very great against dragons. He will make your Dragonslayer quest much easier.
Gecko cheat
When in Gecko if you find the box and you do the gecko thing with pae put it on low graphics so its not so hard then keep jumping in the game to he gos back then jumps we jumps backwards quickly press the arrow pointing down when he jumps backwards
geko armour
to get geko armour you need to be lvl 10 and either guardian or not whatever i don't care

so go into the rip in the sky on poke the geko 3 times! he will then eat you! find a game thing by the left of the skeleton (imeddiate left) and enter in the top row: gekko. then in the second row enter:nidae and in the 3rd row enter:43703 a draw will then appear open! inside the draw there is a feaTHER click on it. then u will have feather in your hand, keep clicking on the geko's left side of his stomach! eventully he will shake and spit youour then he lets you buy some of his armour for 1000 and you look like a floppy geko who attacks by throwing pies or just hitting.

this has worked for me alot of times
good luck
Get 10 potions
Click on twilly. Go onto frogzard hunter part 3 and you will fight a windzard. Kill it then you will fight its owner. After fighting its owner you will talk to it. Thenit will give you 10 potions. Then you will have to fight zards but just press cancel.

Do this every time you are running out of potions
Get 1300 gold without battlin' any monsters
Go on travel map and sail east, you will see the crater click on it and you will see a pile of wood on the corner of the screen click on it and a bloke will appear if you go for a closer look. He will fix the thing and it will be a catapult. Press the arrow keys then hop on and target the catapult into a purple rip in the sky. Go to the library in the weird place then go on the next doorway and you will see a pile of junk. Click on the light and a drakel will appear go on what does that machine do and then I will help you. Skip all his talk and you will be in a maze use the arrows to move and find a purple ball at the end and Vince The Drakel will give you a chest full of cash! woohoo!

Note: Need to be a guardian to get it.
Get 2 potions from Twilly
Talk to twilly and ask him if he has heard any rumour and he'l tell you about a seed spitter and you can hunt the seed spitter and only hit him with salad shooter and if ur lucky enough u can get 3 health potions
Get 4 health potions, and a potion chest!
Pre-requisite: Have an energy weapon and (optional) some sort of attack spell.

Go to Warlic's shop and explore the shop. Say ok. Now add slattwob dust, bad juice and the magma thing to the pot. You should have a pet rock. Go to Aria's shop. Click on "Valencia?" and visit valencia. Click on Valencia and click travel passes. Go travelling, and go to Lolosia.

IF YOU KNOW HOW TO GET TO LOLOSIA, SKIP TO HERE:Click on the pirate guy. Say I can handle it and let's hunt that braken. Kill the squid thing. You get the chest. You could leave now if you want, but keep going to get 4 health potions. You'll jump off the ship and kill crabees, then some little people, who then give you 4 health potions and stay on as guest. You can leave now, or you can kill the fungus and the giant. The giant looks hard but takes 400% damage on every element, so bust out a blade of Rennd and you're golden. Head back to Lolosia, enter the pub, click on the paper Map, and go back to battleon. You have 7 more potions, a bit more XP, and a bunch of midgets as guests.
get 400 xp and alot of money!
well this is not relly a code but it helps you with money and xp (if you are i think 25 attack and over do it)you go it yuglers shop head upstaires and go right bathroom and kill the monster to get like 400 xp!
get a cool light guest pet!!!!!!!!!!!
u have 2 be a lycan first go 2 darkovia then go 2 lycan cave/den, then u will see a yellow wolf lokking thing click on it then say yes take the cool pet then u have a brightwolf as a temporary guest!!!!!!
Get a house!!!
If you click on twilly you will have a choise of what to do. click on house and home. you will see a green ogre and some people and a beaver with a chainsaw. click on the green ogre and buy a house! The cheapest house is a 200z token hut. To protect your house you can buy a very good guard so no-one can steal your stuff! you can put furniture in your house/hut/mansion and you can store your potions in a basket!
Get a Kayda Reaver Easily
If you want to get a Kayda Reaver Fast go to Yulgar's shop and buy the Trident of Editen and go to the drakbot quest make sure you have at least around 500 health if not train endurance until you get around 500. Anyways also have 4 or more potions keep fighting until you find a drakbot and use the Trident of Editen it's special is to very strong water hits each around 50+ damage. Keep doing this until you kill 10 and you will get your kayda reaver.

P.S. Make sure your level is 45+ before you start you don't want to lose all of those gems.
All you have to do is go to granemor go to the haunted house battle to the end of stage 1 and get the KING BURP ON YOUR SIDE!! And it does 3 hits!
Get any companion!!!
Level 50

Ok first go to the travel map and click on epic quest.Then click on the shadow master one.Then sage uldor will speak to you after that he will ask for some help,it will show a list of companions!Good luck!
Get Aquella as a guest
First click travel then sail east. Then click on the MaleStorm and go to part 2. Then choose which way to go, any doesnt matter, then cancel on the 1st battle. The next time you go into battle she will be with you as a guest. She does pretty good damage and shes an energy type even though shes blue.
Get good experience and gold.
To get a lot of exp points really fast, I would recommend having a lot of magic points (at least 400), a lot of HP (at least 400) and a level 9 necromancer. First, go to the Darkovia Forest and click the button that says Night Bane's Fortress. When you are offered a sword, take the one that you can (if you are a guardian, take the guardian one, its a lot better). Now when you start to fight monsters, use the necromancer attack "undead mutant" it will hurt above 50 each time. Keep on fighting monsters until it comes to a part that says
"there are too many, RETREAT," or one that says "keep on fighting" click on the one that says keep on fighting, and when it shows up a couple dead monsters later, click it again. You can go on forever or until you stop because when you kill a monster, your health and mana fill back up. this is an easy way to train, because you get almost 500+ exp points for each monster! For fast killing, I recommend buying the pet "ultra fire were" (guardian only). Note: the attack undead mutant uses up 125 mp, so bring some potions!!!
Get Heaps of Potions!
Go to Vamrook Spire. Skip what the people say then you will be given two options (Loot potions or leave potions). Click Loot potions. Do not defeat the dragon! If you do when you are finished your friends will kill you if you are not strong enough. Instead cancel or flee the battle go to the in and heal yourself.
You will still have the potions you stole from your friends.
Get horses and unicorns (Gaurdians Only)
Go to the guardian tower and click on the right hall. Click on one of the horses you see. It will say horse riding armor, unicorn riding armor etc.
get liliputions to fight with you
go to the inn go right and talk to the person on the right ask about danger at sea do the quest and you will get liliputions to fight with you! (you also fight a very big guy who has 450% on a lot of elements)
fun fun fun.
GET OUT The Crater
if you are stuck well ask THe Mattin, go on the left from where you enterd (the Libery)then click on the left you should be in a junk yurd if yes click on the ladder then ENTER click swarly time then the (wherdow) will ask if you want a Plunder.
Get potions
To get a lot of potions, click Twilly on the main page after you log on and click "Heard any rumors?" then click "Hunt the seed spitter!" and you will fight a very weak Seed Spitter then you will see an elf being attacked by a Mawler, just kill him then fight the elf. once you kill her, follow her to the village and just click "More" and you will get 2 health potions and you will have to fight a Drakel. Make sure you can cancel a battle. When you fight the Drakel, cancel the battle and you'll have 3 potions (if you had your start one). Just keep doing this and you'll get a lot of potions. It's really easy to do!
get the plungerizer
To get the Plungerizer fix the catapult in the crater, then click on "hop in" then find the purple thing in the sky and click on it. Then you'll go to the island. Go into the library and click on the thing at the end of the library you'll meet this guy talk to him if you want but you don't need to. Go back up and go through the door, you'll find loads of junk, click on the ladder then go up it. A drakel will ask you if you want to go down the toilet say yes and you'll get the plungerizer.
The plungerizer is really powerful, but when you logout you wont have it anymore.
Get three potions!
Go to granemor, the go on the quest from morgul. First you fight Prismix (3). After that you get a potions chest and the option to continue. Say no and you go back to the inn. Even if you beat the light sentinel you can still do the quest again. In half an hour I got all my potions refilled to 35. Beware, though, the chest is sometimes booby-trapped. This will take about 100 health normally so make sure you have some health remaining. If you have a high dexterity you will find the trap and remove it.
Get Twig for a pet
go to the crater and press test. twig will poof in. press fire, and you play this sort of minigamewhere you move twig with your mouse and avoid rocks and birds, if you win yu can buy twig and there re 2 versions for lower and higher levels
get twilly as pet
talk to twilly and pick how do i start then click visit rugglum then more then i want to ask you something then does rugglum need help more and bring it on they will kill you but you'll get twilly!!
get up to 65,000 gold and a LOT of experiance
go to explore paxia and accepte the mission you have to fight threw all the new clans and if you succeeed you get a moglin trophy and if you wait long enough it will be worth 65,000 or more gold i was shocked
Get Weapons of Salvation (make sure you have a descent level)
In Battleon, go in the Inn. Then click The Devourer Saga button on the South East part of the screen. Then, click "Weapons of Salvation."
Next, there will be people talking. (i just skip through that) And then you get to pick who to fight with. (I always pick Vince) Well then you fight. I never really got the weapons, but that's how. I,ve been so close. Well I was only 11 levels and I still almost made it. But make sure you a high enough level so you can get good weapons and armor.
Get your head on lycan armor
ok, first you have to be waering the armor.Next go to warlic's shop and the explore the place and do the green hair formula and there you go!But your hair will be green though
Geting a vampire bat (Gurdians only)
For gaurdians you can get a vampire bat.Go to the armory room and you click on the row of
armors.It will say A BAT WAS TRAPED IN THE ARMOR
geting EP and gold in 5 min
requires lvl 10 ninja

ok go to the ninja traning place and go on the
specil mission and at the end of the mission you
will fight the master of the ninjas and she has
lots of EP and some gold
gettin loads of health potions real easily
al u do is go 2 froghunter part 1 or 2, i think its 1 and battle them al after the hunter nearly gets chewed up by da frogzard and after u kil it he wil giv u 1 health potinn jus keep doin this and u xan fite loads of monsters bigger n better than u and u can get loads of xp real easy

try it!!!
getting 410 gold in 5 min
First go to the button above log out. Go to "visit Ballyhoo". There is a treasure chest you can open. Click ok after watching the ad and you get 410 gold.

You can only do this 3 times a day
Getting Money And Experience Fast
Become A Lev 5 wizard and Lev 5 knight and go to obsidian Lair And Do the Quest you be fighting Warriors or Monstes with Good MONEY and EXP
Getting Rich without battling by Codery Masters
You want alot of money, then follow these steps in the correct order:
1.Go to the rip in the sky
2.Go to boiler room on the machine
4.Talk to Vince the Drakel
5.Click the third option or button that pops up when you click on him
6.Click I will help you
7.Do the hamster ball quest over and over again

I got alot of money from it, you get 1000 gold each time and you can do it as many times as you want. I got 10000 in 5 mins. The pink ball thing you have to find moves from CORNER to CORNER. Check all the corners and once you find it vince will give you 1000 gold or however much depending on your level

Getting the dragon slayer to help you
First you need to go to the epic quest and skip all of his talk. Then you have to pick your quest, so pick DRAGONSTONE and the dragon slayer will offer to help you. Select "Yes" and he will work with you in the next fight. Now cancel the fight and he will work with you on other battles.
this isnt really a glich
In Battleon click on the options under your info pane(your info pane is the thing that shows you how much health points you have,mana points you have, and the amount of experiance you have.)
Now click on the graphics option untill it says the word \"low\". Now look at Twilly. (twilly is the red creature.) He now has black eyes that makes him look like he he posesed.
glitch on travel map
when youre in battleon and you go to travel map then look above paladin order and southwest of krovesport there is a little green line it looks like someone spilled paint on it or something (at least when i look at it)
Gold hints and tips from lolmac
when u log on it will say under battle monsters ballyhoo and updates. click ballyhoo and open the chest each time. depending on ur lvl u get a certain amount of gold. next is shoot carnax ppl its fun. i just shoot him in the head i get 425 gold and 25 xp or with thirty arrows u get 100xp and 650 gold. ok this is a good way to get gold and a cool armor. go to yulgars in and click on the devour saga button then keep clicking on the arrow to the right. then look for the quest called the protector. when u see the silver thing press yes. its a great way to get gold and the prize armor is strong. the highest lvl protector pet can do 50 damgae on 40%. my next tip is not to do the hybee quest. when i do it i get only 2000 gold and some people say u get 40,000 or 20,000. they're wrong u only get 2000. my final advice for gold is to go to the trans farmaers quest or alnaphar quests. also to get the good stuff don't spend anything for 5 lvls. plz plz dont make rude comments and email me for more tips and hints on where to get the gold the fastest quickest or easiest.
Gold tips and hints with lolmac
we love and dearly want the uber sets. fisrt get 2-5 inventory slots 2nd become lvl 60 third be a lvl 10 paladan and necromancer have a good light fire energy and water and ice wep. get 50 luck and 75 dex atleast. have the protector armor protector shield and protector pet. if u miss the second dex roll u only fight 20 enemies. third have 800-960 hp and 1000-1126 mp get 30-35 mp and health potions. get a good light pet and have 600,000 for umbral cloak and shiled or 900,000 for umbral set. or 1,000,000 if u want shadow cloak and shadow bones gold. light wep should be raynars superior blade. lighning blade from dinami clan, fire wep in dragon kings axe lvl 60. become a wereworlf and get the lycan magic slasher [ice version].
THIS IS HOW U GET THE SHADOW CLOAK ARE THE WEAKER VERSIONS. reign set is next reply and email me back
Good amounts of gold
Ok, im new and i and lvl 95 x-guardian U people always wanted the uber sets right. There are expensive. i saved up for one week doing some good money making quests. first go to yulgars inn and click the devour saga button. then clik the arrows until u get to the page that says elgubrud. i recomed having a good light wep a good dark shield and armor. he gives u 1200 gold and exp plus a bouus 120 xp for x-guardians. Do this for 3 hours and i got more than 200,000. do this for a day and get 1,555,000 thats enough to get the entire night mare set. i recomend u get that nightmare plate or umbral cloak to fight the dragon. he does 30-50 dmg. ill show u my character page but i only have the shadow cloak. another place to go is lolsia. go to the inn and get the flower pet. then click where it says go to sailor boon. give him 100 gold and ull get the quest. i recommend lvl 50 and up. some enimies like the sneak are tough to hit. in the end u get 4800 gold and 100 xp plus a bonus 10 xp for x-guardians. ill post more soon hipe this helps.
Good Blades
Ok... I think that you should be about level 50-80 to buy these cool weapons. These are some good weapons you could find in Yulgar's Inn (advanced weapons) and found many other places.

Water: SeaSlayer
Fire: Fire Lord's Axe
Energy: Blade of Rennd (found in Krovesport)
Dark: Soul Carver
Light: Draksaw (go to dragonstone then find dragonbane, when you finish you may buy special weapons made out of this dragonbane thing.
Ice: Ice Katana (Frostvale)
WInd: Eye of the Sphinx
Earth: Vorpal Edge (beginner weapons in Yulgar's)
Good combo
(I was level 51) Have Golden holy armour, Vorpal edge and cahos/Unite shield it works great.(Armour found in palidan armoury sword found in Yulgers inn starter coloum and shield found in the Devours clans at war)
Good Exp and gold and Travel Passes
First, go to Frostvale on the travel map. Buy the icebreaker armor after talking to the closest moglin and going to his shop. Now buy the crystal magic shield from warlic back in battle on in expert spells shop. Get the psycho blade and mix the Slattwob Dust with the Bad Juice with the Magma leaf. You will get a pet rock. Now go to Aria's Pet shop and visit valencia. Ask about travel passes. You will trade the pet rock for a travel pass. Now click on the arrow that says "Northlands". Equip your icebreaker, crystal magic and pyscho blade and kill ice monsters. (you will get a treasure chest if you defeat all of the enemies, it will have different amount of gold depending on your level.)

Moderator Edit: You only need to get travel passes if you are not a guardian. Just go to The Crossroads for easy access to the Northlands.

Good EXP and Money
Darksplatter helps alot for this:

in battleon, go to the pet shop and ask about valencia, go to the drakbots, take the quest...

You'll Fight some monsters, sometimes a Drakbot:
The drakbots give 1000 Xp Each, and at lvl 60 around 500 Gold,
3-hit kill with dark splatter and you can heal after every fight
Good Exp for low levels
Note must be at least level 10!

Get a really good fire weapon and then Go to Frostvile in the map (Make sure your good aghast ice)
On the side hunt monsters and then you'll get around 100-250 Xp for each battle!

Good way to level up!

P.S:level 10-25 might be okay for this!
good fire light sword + plus sub race
this is quite simple get to lvl 20 or above go to darkovia then go to wolf lair and go to the shop (must accept curse for sub race)
Good fire team (Guardian)
Here are some ideas for a good fire based team.

Fire Vampragon/Ultra FireWere.

Guardian Blade (Duh)/Fyre Force Ultimate.

Guardian Plate, Red Base and black trim and cape/Flame Guardian plate.

Spiky with Red colour and Red eyes.

Fire Shield.

Try MegaInferno or similar spells.

sparky The Dragon.

And thats it, here is a list of how much the above Items cost.

~Fire Vampragon~
Found: Aria's Shop
Cost: 5000 Gold
Element: Fire, Pet
Required Level: 30

~Fire Shield~
Found: Yulgar's Inn, Beginner Shop
Cost: 100 Gold
Element: Fire, Shield
Required Level: 0

~Ultra FireWere~
Found: Guardian Tower Shop
Cost: 8000 Gold
Element: Fire, Pet
Required Level: 45

~Fyre Force Ultimate~
Found: Guardian Tower Shop
Cost: 7500 Gold
Element: Fire, Weapon
Required Level: 70

~Guardian Blade~
Found: Automatic When you pay for guardian, also found in the Armoury
Cost: Free
Element: Fire, Weapon (Does all Elements though)
Required Level: 0

~Guardian Plate~
Found:Automatic When you pay for guardian, also found in the Armoury
Cost: Free
Element: ?, Armour (Go to Valencia and make the Colours, Red Base, Black Cape, Black trim)
Required Level: 0

Found: Guardian Tower Shop
Cost: 27000
Element: Fire, Spell
Required Level: 75

~Flame Guardian Plate~
Found: Guardian Tower Armoury
Cost: Free
Element: Fire, Armour
Required Level: 0

~Sparky The Dragon~
Found: Guardian Tower Stables
Cost: Free
Element: Fire, Guest
Required Level: 0

Whew, that took Awhile.

And I'm done, Theres Your Perfect Fire Team.

Good Gold and some exp
first go to travel map and go to sail east the crater obvioulsly click on the catuplult dont test it just fire away u appear at door first press compas like thing in bottom left had corner then pull red handle and then the silver bar in da middle when u in go to the left and u see libary then click on da altar it will open then click on da scroll beside the smoking one u be in carnax one then if u click on shoot carnax u have to shoot him blah blah dont shoot just do something else talk on msn play ps2 xbox 360 what evr until it done for shooting nothin u get 450 gold and 50 xp or if x guardian u get 55xp when this is done u can do it again and again without doin much also if u want alot of gold by say ur next lvl cos u wont be able to afford to lvl up ur stats but u dont wann fall behind in cash do this also say if u want the nightmare equip u cn get it from lvl 65 to lvl 70 if u lvl up cos of those 50s by the time u lvl 70 u would be able to buy it all but i think u might actually ave 200milion or soemthing or u might only have 2milion im not sue but ave enogh it easy to do while playing something
Good money
Talk to twilly in Battleon and click on hello, then go to "Space girls" and do that quest, you get 400cash per battle and before you fight, " The Goo " you get a treasure chest. I recommend a high level though.
Good money!!!
Okay to get some good money first go to the rip in the sky and then go to the library and go to the loremaster there[click on the podium]then click on the middle scroll you should go to carnax war.then click on fight carnax.All you do is fight him and he may have good hp but he dies when you get him down to 1700!Hope this helps!!!
good starting gear for begginers!
are you a level 5 or under hero? well then I have some good (and partly free) starting gear for you!

weapon:go to the gaurdian tower and click 'special cutscene',then click huntress chase and click adventurers 'gauntlet of the galin'.
guestnce again, go to huntress chase,but this time click 'go to battle' and choose to fight with 'warlic'. then cancel and go back to town.
Good water weapon and light fighter(temporary)
At the current time if you go to darkovia and go to nightbanes's castle do the quest,when a menu pops up if your not gardian take the adventurer darklaw and then choose to take "E" with you. "E" is good to fight vampires and weres because when you are fighting them he hits 2 light attacks and 1 earth attack. I am a lvl 10 were because of this combo. Along with my light lion from that one island.
Good luck
Good Weapons
Fire:Elemental Seeker
Water:Tsunami Edge
Ice:Ultimate Destroyer(Guardian only)
Earth:Blade of Awe(Guardian Only)
Energy:Storm Bow
Light:Platinum Edge (lvl 100 Guardian Only)
Darkness:Dire Staff Of Nihilus
Grandmotherzard (frogzard hunter 2)
Before you defeat the granmother zard you get the "FROGZARD SWORD". HINT-go to "event page" and use Twilly to raise your health/mana before fighting. And she is harmed with a 400% attack for earth.
Great fire team
First get either of the psycho blades i hink yoou can get them at the tower place and an ultra firewere the ultra fire were has a ranged and melee attack (ranged is better) and the special for psyco blade does 2 his
i suggest being 55+ because fire were powers up hen you lvl
Great Armor and Item Combo (Guardians Only)
When fighting fire monsters here is the best combo I have found:

ARMOUR: flame guardian armour and fight fire monsters until the armour is charged up and get the special bonus if you don't get it and you aren't charging any more put wear it again and try again

SHIELD: starblaze shield

WEAPON: frozen claymore find out how to get this from a different tip on this page

ITEM: magma leaf bought from the Z-token shop for 100 tokens

You will now have armour which fire can only do a measly 25% damage upon i am currently finding one that has zero so if you want to find out how I'm going or if you have found a better one, email me. Happy hunting
Great defense against Akilroth the fire dragon!!!
Note: Must be a guardian! Also must be level 80+!

1. Go to the Guardian Tower.
2. Go to the armory.
3. Get the Flame Guardian Armor
4. Go to the Crater.
5. Use the catapult to fling yourself into the Isle D'Orleins.
6. Go to the library.
7. Click on the alter behind the pool of water.
8. Go In!
9. Click on the scroll lying on the table that is closet to the elven lore master.( The guy with the pointy ears! )
10. Click on Twilly. He will give you the Ice Claymore.
11. Talk to one of the warriors standing on the cliff and begin fighting fire monsters.

Your Flame Guardian Armor will increase in Fire Defense every time you are attacked by a Fire Monster. Once you reach 50% Defense, you will be illuminated in flames! So when you reach Akilroth you will have great defense against him!

Note: Akilroth is level 100.

And viola! Have fun killing Akilroth!
Great Helper!
Ok first go to Stonerule (Sail East). Click on the two moglins, and let them go with you. If they attack and hit, they'll freeze your enemy. Hope this helped
Great Magic Weapons
Requirments:You dont need to be a guardianto do this...

Level 50
12000 gold
level 5 and up mage

Then go to warlic's mage shop,
Take the wizard's quest,
Go to Jackel Sano's/Wizard's shop,
Buy the following weapons:
Fusion staff - Fire and Energy
Liquiscepter - Water and Ice
AutumnDawn staff - Wind and Light
Staff of thorns - Darkness and Earth

This weapons rocks...
Great money-making
The best way to make money is the maze. You only get 100 exp, and lots of gold. In a way this is good because you can be a low level player with many rich things! The end of the maze is somewhere in the four corners. You can do this maze as many times as you want, and it's very easy to hit your gold cap doing this maze. In a week or so you can have about 1M gold if you had hit your gold cap.
first log in then in the town click around the area under yuglar's in u should find a pit and talk to the skeleton and do what he says theres lota monster that drop $LOTTA LOOT$ and gives you buncha the way.....
DON'T go if you're a noob under lvl 30...........
30++++ ONLY OR ELSE.... you'll DIE.......
THATS IT FOR NOW................

Green Gecko Escape
You have to get to the isle d'Oreins. When you get inside you click the green gecko until he swallows you. Once your in him you have to click at the very right bottom side near the Adventure Quest thing. You have to click carfully around there until this box appears and you have to click a handle,it will open and it tells you a story about him and you have to play a game. In the game this drakel is chasing it so when the drakel jumps ahead of you and it touches the ground you push the down arrow key.It can be hard but not impossible.Once you finish it will tell you these numbers and you have to type them in the box and after that you will get a feather.You have to tickle him until he cant take it anymore but it only works in a certain area.
Guardian Blade Specialty
If you attack with the Guardian Blade then it changes elements, wait a few minutes it'll be the same element.

Moderator Edit: The Guardian Blade changes specialties randomly.
Guardian Dying
If you die with the guardian plate on that has a cape, the cape will disappear when you die!
Guardian Farming Hint
Ok for easy farming go to Bennuju Wetlands and side with Robina(Chase The Hunters). Defeat all the three hunters and you will get a treasure chest giving 900 gold+ a shop selling the Dragonkitten a great light pet at 0 CHA.
Guardian tower
go into yulgars inn and click on robina hood, click on buy ranged weapons and go to armour get the frogzard rider armour. after that go in the gardian tower. need to wear the armour by the way and go to the stable. click on the mini dude on the left and go battle or whatever it says and then you battle monsters.
Guardian: 9,600 gold in a few minutes
Note: You must be a Guardian to perform this cheat.

Go to Isle D'Oriens; the rip in the sky over the guardian tower. Once there, go to the second door to the left, then click on that lowing reed light. Vince the Drakel will emerge, and yell at you. Click on him and tell him that you want to help him fix his machine. You will go through a cutscene where he shrinks you, and puts you in a mouse ball. You have to go through a maze. Once in the maze, go forward (being careful not to get touched by the mouse) then left, down, and take the first left. Once in there go up, then to the left, then up, and to the right. Go up, and to the left (avoiding the mouse) then go down, and to the left, and then up. Once there go to the right, and grab the purple ball.

Vince will reward you with $1,600 gold. You can only repeat this about 6 times until the purple ball disappears from the maze, but $9,600 gold is not bad. Logging out and trying again doesn't work, but waiting until the next day seems to work for me.
Guest Parrot
Go to Warlics magic shop and Put the ingredients in for teleportation and once you do this it brings you to a pirate ship (most of the time). Answer all 20 questions right and you will get the pirates parrot and he will be your guest till you log.
Guest Pet Moglin
To get a guest pet moglin, go to a monster hunt and click on the moglin and answer his question with "I'm coming with you>", then just go battle someone and he will be by you until you log off or get a new guest pet.
Half Dragon Form - No mp used (Gaurdians only)
If you are a gaurdian and you have made it past level 10 Dracomancer and received half dragon transformaition, sometimes if you click on normal attack (with the armour on) you do the attack without using any Mp (the chance for this to happen is 10%)
Half Dragon Skin Colour
This is for all mad dracromancers out there. Tired of the sickening pale skinned half dragon? Well, no need to be! If you have red skin, you will be a red dragon, and so on and so forth. Hope this saves your stomach.
half werewolf
if you have lyric armor use the green hair potion and wear your werewolf armor and you should have a human head and everything else will be werewolf.
Have Captain Rhubarb as Guest!
To have Rhubarb as a guest go to the "Maelstorm part 1" quest and he will fight with you. Click cancel and he will fight with you on other battles.
Have Famous Characters as Guests
You can have 4 different famous COM Players as guests very very simply!

Step 1: Go to the travel map, go to the east and click on the Crater

Step 2: Click on the Catapult. Have Manny build it for you.

Step 3: Launch yourself. Aim for the purple thing in the sky.

Step 4: Unlock the door by clicking first the goldenn spin thing, then the red lever, then the iron lock.

Step 5: Enter the library, click the podium-like stand.

Step 6: Click the scrolls on the right side of the table.

Step 7: Choose someone to battle Carnax after choosing "TO BATTLE!"

This is the person you choose as your guest. Either exit immediately or battle Carnax, they'll still be there. They'll stay with you until you exit the game.

The people to choose from:

Vampire Hunter E
Have the sea women as your guardian
Simply have the sea woman follow you on the maelstrom part 2 then die, voila. The sea women is following you!
Headles Dragon Rider (guardian only)
First you go to the armor in the Guardian Tower and get the Black Dragon Rider Armor. Then lose a battle. After the battle the dragon will rip your head off. The next battle you fight you will be a Headles Dragon Rider.
Headless! (guardian only)
Go to the guardian tower and get the black dragon rider armor, now go into battle and lose. When you die you will fall off your dragon and he will eat your head. Now after going through with the death thing, fight again. You will now be headless!
When you have lvl 10 Necromancer Armour, wait 10 turns until the button "Become A Lich!" in the centre says Passive. Then die! A button that says become a lich should appear. Click on it and wait for a couple of seconds. Then click continue. When low on health, use the drain ability. It does about 50 damage and heals about 70 health for 30 mana.

(Calculations may be incorrect.)

Thanks for listening.
Health and magic potions
Go to Graemore and talk to Dewlok (blue moglin). Do the Drakel quest. After the third battle you will get a treasure chest you usually get 3 health potions or 3 magic potions. Get a double attack armor (Nightbane, golden dragonslayer, golden holy armor are just a few of them), and get a strong light weapon and energy weapon. Repeat as needed.
health potions
first go to the catapult repair it and use hop on. then when u get to the gate use this order compass, lever, then hook. go to the door on the left and click the nearest torch on the left. then do eternal games do cups with lots of luck. in cups if u get it wrong u get health potions if u win u get the key.

thats how i got tons of potions =)
heaps of poitions and exp lv 30 or more
go to warlics shop ask him to leave put dust magma leaf and kelp into pot then it says u have made a telaport spell. click on telaport and you fight heaps of creatures and every battle u win you get 2 potions
Hecka exp and money
1st Buy Light Sevus for 1000 to 2000 gold with lvl 21(I think).
2nd Become werewolf subclass.
3rd Obtain Bright Wolf (see previous cheats).
4th Go to Zorbak's Lair and say"I didn't win".
5th Battle Dracolich and get hecka money and exp.
6th Repeat until satisfied.
helpfull hand
go to the event then go to battle then pick someone to help you then when it begins go back to the village then fight a monster and you have the warrior you choised for the battle {ps he/she will go away when you log off}
Hi people! Here is what I advise to do.
First of all I admit I am NOT an expert, but I have noticed what's worth to get and whats not. If you are a Guardian then just ignore this thing, this really only gives advice to Adventurers.

Here is what I advise for beginners to level up:

Until and including level 10:

There is not much you can or need to do, apart from battling monsters. Which you can do by clicking "battle monsters" button.

There isnt really a need to spend much money, just keep gathering money as you will need it later on. And believe me money does get spent pretty quickly. And sadly it's hard to gather.

From Level 11-25:

Start going on quests as Battle Monsters button doesnt give as much gold as Quests. Also after most Quests you get a special prize if you can complete it. Dont worry if you cant, just keep trying!

(It doesn't matter if your character dies, you dont actually die.)

The sad things about the Prizes after the Quest is that they cost a lot of gold.

There is a way to get rich easily:

Go to Warlic's Mage shop. Click Explore shop.

Put: Magma Leaf, Slattwob dust and Bad Juice into the Mixing Bowl on the shelf.

Then Go and see Valencia (The Person standing beside the Inn with a flying moglin above her) click Visit Grumbugly then click on Valencia again. Then click Travel Passes. Now you have a Travel pass

Before you ask: Click Travel map when you got back to the Main BattleOn Screen. On the Map click Crossroads. If you have not done the above step and you are not a Guardian you wont be able to go to the Crossroads!!

In the Crossroads do as many Quests as you can. At the end of each you get a lot of gold in a Treasure Chest!!

Also we can now think about getting better weapons. As using a monsters elemental weakness is important! If it says -20% for example, that means if you attack it with that element it will regenerate life. The bigger the % the weaker it is against an element. So always try and choose the one with the highest % Although to get a balance also check the enemy's Melee/Ranged/Magic Defense!! In those cases Lower numbers are the easier to attack. For example 20 against Ranged means you can almost always hit him.

So these are the weapons I would buy if I was you:

Ray of Light
Vanquish Shadow - those both attack with light element especially useful against the undead. You can Buy them in the Inn by clicking Paladin Shop.
Fire Bat Swarm - Warlic's Beginner Spells shop, it does a 4 hit Fire attack for only a little Mana cost, just a perfect weapon against Ice enemies.

In Shop Beginner(It's still in the Inn)
Pummeler lvl 15 -has a decent normal attack strength and also an amazing double hit special magical attack.
Bad Axe Lvl 15 -good against Ice creatures!!
When you reach Level 25 buying the Glave shield is a must. It will be your best friend until you can replace it by it's better version. The Glave shield offers good protection against Range and Melee. And IF I remember right it also protects some from Magic. When you reach the right level replace Glave shield with a Gyrate shield. - I might have spelled that wrong.

If you have any money left after this buy whatever you like. But Watch out! After you buy something selling it back only goes for half price!!

Oh also dont forget to visit ( through the Travel map) Frostvale. They have some amazing Ice weapon shop. Just go to chilly's shop. You can also test your Fire weapons there. They have nothing but Ice monsters. Just click on the Hut which is higher up than all the other ones.

I recommend buying a Frost bow as it is a 2 hit weapon! It will be your friend until lvl 50 where you van get a better weapon

I think That is all for level 11-25.

For level 26-45

The only thing I really need to tell here is what to buy. Oh and another thing your character can get classes... like Mage, Knight, Berserker Necromancer etc...

My favorite is Paladin ( did you guess:D?) to get to a paladin Class you need to be a Level 5 Mage(Visit Warlic), a Lvl fighter(Visit the guy upstairs in the inn) and a Level 5 Knight which is still the guy Upstairs the Inn. When you have achieved those:

Travel map and Paladin Order:

These are going to be useful:

Holy Blaze Bow
Holy Armor
Paladin Shield
Undead Axe of Sun when you get to lvl 58

The rest of the things you need to figure out by yourself. If you ever have any questions just ask me through my e-mail address which is I look at it very often and I dont usually take longer than 16 hours to answer unless it's weekend

Here is my Character Page In Adventure Quest :

(Just copy the link into the address bar if the link cant be reached by just clicking on it)

I hope I was useful. - sorry if my Post was just a waste of space

P.S. : Sorry about my spelling... I am aware it is really bad.
Hidden AirShip quest!
While in Island Or'leans(to get there Sail East on the travel map, click on "The Crater", then click on the pile of wood off to the left, a man will appear, he will fix it, it will be a catapult, after using the arrow keys to set it, click "Hop On", You will be at a gate figure out how to get past, and you will enter Island Or'leans!) Click to the left and you will meet an elf lady. Click on the branch above her until a nimbus appears. Click Hop On and you will be at the Air Ship!
Money and Exp
Go to explore Paxia and help the Moglo-habilis. You will first fight an Undead Paladin. Kill it using Darkness moves and you will get 350 XP and 250 Gold.sila's staffsinister 7 rewardsAzru Blade Blue Dragonblade (Triggers when fighting Carnax)Rip in the sky > Loremaster's Room > Click the scroll next to the smoking one > Click the Chest.bad batssee the nulgathbad batssee the nulgathLightwolfFound in the Were-king's Lair.sila's staffsinister 7 rewards
Hitting 99+ and gaining loads of exp!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is a long but fantastic cheat but only lasts until u logout. level 10+ but i recommend you be at least level 25.

First click on the drakel war event and get the drakel disguise male. choose warlic and cancel when u fight a drakel. so u hav the drakel disguise male then go to rip in sky. go to room in the left click on the altar and go in. then click on the scroll on the shelf on the right of the elf. you will be teleported to the war against akilroth. click on twilly and get the ice weapon. now attack fire monsters and you will flog them esp. with warlic, drakel disguise (male) and the awesome ice weapon. hope it helps cos i hit 105 just by myself and 135 with a pet and guest.
Holy might and as far as i know best anti-dark strategy!
i'm not sure if it is a glitch but after you have used holy might once, there is a chance that it activates itself in the same battle you used it without it's cost or even clicking on the ability

further on i'm having a hard time in the arena to beat the undead level (though i am lvl 67) and ive been making up the best anti dark armor. so far:
- paladin suit and shield (maxed lvl)
- Light vampdragon (magic ability!)
- summon poelala (750 Z tokens which IMPROVES MAGIC DAMAGE OF YOUR WEAPON AND PET!!
- nova wand (spec. does 6 magic attacks which are ALL IMPROVED BY POELALA INDIVIDUALLY )

i hope you find this info useful

horse steed armor
to get the horse steed armor , kill a lance kinght and click on his steed.a option will come up asking you if you want to use the steed click yes and your iron armor or guardian armor will become horse steed!
How 2 Be SUPER RICH (Guardian)
Ace Advisor Andrique speakin'. If u r a guardian, u can get really rich! just go to Isle D' Oriens, go into the door lefta the gecko on a tree. Click on dis weird brown thing in the middle of the room( looks like a tablethingamabob...) When u go into the Loremaster's room, click on one of the scrolls on the table. you will go to the war of carnax. Click "Shoot Carnax!". don't use the arrows, and after 2 min., you'll get 450 gold and 50 exp. Repeat, repeat, repeat, etc. if u wanna b RICH
how 2 get 1000 gold in like 2 min(Gardiean Only)i think?
ok first go 2 stonerule and if ur a gardiean click on da 2 moglins den click on da weird ((ebil))guy say yes and evrey time u do what he tells u u get 1000 gold!!!!!!!!
all you need is the gasparian,ultra icewere,2-3 ice spells and warlic as guest if needed. you need to go to one of falerins scrolls fight your way through the fire monsters and you will meet the spirit of vengeance akriloth!!You need high strength(40 or more,intellect if you use spells(50 or more) most especially ENDURANCE around 50 -200!! you will totally beat him if the gasparian uses the small dragon aroun 50-190 damage if you nueed earth spell you need earth rage
how to beat alpha werewolf
buy a dracomaner armor and do safiria`s quest.(Must be a level 4 dracomaner.) get to the alpha werewolf and keep using dragon wings.
how to beat guys you can't beat without potions
Its absolutly simple,but quite hard.

Now,say that you want to be a dragon slayer.
you have to beat grimfang but you always die,

lvl:5-10,about 10 potions(estimated)
lvl:11-18,about 5 potions.
lvl:19-25,about 3 potions
lvl:26 or higher,about 1-2 potions or nothing!

How to get health potions fast:

The hardway is to click travel and pick
vampye spooke or somthing like that,
the you have to join forces with leeroy.
first you rezzurect your self first,then
fight a light vampragon.
After you say " All right time to fight the boss!"or somthing like that.Pick the option:
Loot everyone's potions!.
Then press cancell when you're on the part
to fight the boss.
The easy-quite hardway is to first click on
Twitty,the little red moglin in battleon.
And then pick frogzard hunter.
Then click quest part 3.
You meet a person fist the got tooken
away by a wingzard.Then you go in forest and
fight a insect,after that you have fight swamp tard or somthing then just keep talking then
he says for you to take his potions,technicly,
he gives you 10 health potions.After that
you meet the zard master!After you talk,
a inferno frogzard will appear,just cancell
the battle.

Keep doing these steps and soon you can beat anything,...............maybe
how to beat hybee nest
get a fire-were and a dread staff of nihilis. a wind weapon would be usefull too. i met a hybee scout while i was doing a class quest so you might want to do some class quests. the beat the larva and the next monsters then you fight the queen. BE SURE TO LET THE MOGLIN HEAL YOU BEFORE YOU FIGHT THE QUEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! use the dread staff or Nihilis to get her hp down. have a good armor that is good against light attacks. the ice katana is really useful because it's special freezes the enemy and it becomes weak against fire by 200%. you might want to have a fire weapon and have your fire were as your pet because it will do some damage. the queen has 2 attacks. 1 is she sends hybee lavra out and they attack, then they turn into bees and they attack 2-4 times. her other attack is the stings you then hits you with her staff tingy. good luck and have some potions.
How to earn alot of XP and MONEY
Become a guardian if you are not one already.Go to the island east of battleon contenant and go to The Crater. Press on the pieces of wood near the bottom left hand side of the screen. Let the man repair it and press the arrows it tells you to than press the HOP ON button. Go into the Library and press on the Altar. Go in. There will be a table. pres on the second scroll from the left of the table. go into the past and when you are there click on the treasure chest and get the carnax blade! Than fight carnax with any hero.(level 50 recomended) Kill carnax all you want and get about 2000 gold a quest!
How to freeze a dragon
First you have to be a level 5 Dragon Slayer. Buy the Dragon Slayer Armor; the level five attack is called Freeze Dragonkind. Go somewhere and fight a dragon (for example Dragonspine and click the other option instead of meeting Cyrus and click the first one) Use it on the dragon (doesn't work on ice and water dragons) and you should be able to freeze the dragon for at least two turns.
Go on to Travel Map and then click on Darkovia Forest and click on 'Nightbanes Fortress' (you don't V.S Nightbane) then click on 'Enter the Fortress' go through all the rubbish and then click on 'Quest with Vampireslayer E' then cancel the battle and then you got Vampireslayer E as a guest!!!! he has prety good attacks, he has light attacks ( when you log off YOU WON'T HAVE HIM SO THEN YOU HAVE TO DO IT AGAIN)!.
how to get 10 health an 10 mana for any one
once you have a 200 or more tokens buy a house then click on vist neighbour and once you beat their thier gurads you can go in there house. then click on the bottles on the bottom shelf in the room and thats it.
How to get 10 health quick
Go to frogzard part 3 then kill the skeeter bug and swamp trog. The swamp trog will give you 10 health potions.
How to get 849xp
Go battle and die , when you see death click on the hourglass and accept the quest. Then go find purple portals until you find one with tombstones on it. Click on the one on the right. BATTLE AND ENJOY!
How to get a Black face and Green hair for PERNAMENT
First, you need to go to WARLICK'S SHOP and click on "EXPLORE SHOP"

Then, click-n-drag on the potions; Frogzard Tear- Moglin Essence- Bad juice and in case you don't where to mix them, find a medium sized tan cauldron below the bottom shelf by the scrolls. MAKE SURE that you only put one at a time in the cauldron.

Now, To make your hair green click on- Mermazon Kelp- Frogzard Tear- and Bad juice

Finally: after you've done that CALL BACK WARLIC and click on CHANGE FACE - use mirror and click buy!

EXTRA:You can also change your hair style while ur face is black but DO NOT CLICK anything else because you will go back to normal!!!
how to get a double attacking wolf free!!
1. press "travel map".
2. go to darkovia forest
3. then a map should show up showing you all the places of darkovia.
4. press werewolf lair, it should show up a thing saying "become a lycan" press it.
5. when you get there you should see a wolf kinda cave. he asks you to take the curse.
6. pick the first option.
7. next you should see a were-king talking to you. he will give you 3 choices: werewolf quests, werewolf gear and back to town.
8. next to him you should see a bright wolf click on him.
9. then a pop up in aq should show on the side asking you if you want this bright wolf.
10. press yes! take this cool pet.
it does double attacks and does good damage on dark creatures.

voila enjoy
How to get a living evil vegetable pet!!!
First, i suggest u hav 10 potions from the FROGZARD HUNTER 3 QUEST, if ur not above like 60 or 70).(Also, u should hav like 5,000 gold or somthin, cus u hav 2 buy them). Then, go to TRAVEL(wen u 1st log in), and click on THE FARM. Then it'll give u 2 options1).Go into seahawks shack and (2).Stay outside and wait. Click the second one. (u dont hav 2 listen 2 wat their saying, so u can just click through it). Then it'll giv u 2 more options. Click the bottom one:Let Seahawk do watever he wants. Then u'll hav to beat some vegetables. wen u beat them all, u can buy some of them as pets.
How to get a pirate to follow you.
Go to the travel map. Sail east and go to the Maelstorm. When you get to the page click on The Maelstorm Part 1. Fight atleast 1 monster and the captain stays with you!!

How to Get Good if You\'re JUST AVERAGE
(Guardian or free players-doesn\'t matter!) Go to Explore Plaxia in the East and after talking to the guys there will be a sack of potions in the right hand corner. Click it and you\'ll get 3 potions. Then reject their quest and go to Darkovia and go to the Werepyre quest thingy above Vampire Slayer \'E\'s spot and after talking to \'E\' he\'ll give you this cool blade and then you can just quit the quest and you\'ll have the blade until you log out!^.^
how to get into safe\vault in isle
Okay... first, do a battle with any monster but you have to have your guardian no drop\sell armour on... then, look at the leg on the back, click around the heel there... its really small so keep moving mouse until it looks like a hand. then when you get the key go to the isle thru the catapult at the crater... then go into the room with the big pool and the door... look at the wall with the candals on the wall... click on each of them until one opens up... after you get the key... set the top left number to 3 and the top right to 13... set the color in the middle to blue... then put the bottom left number to 8 and the bottom right number to 5 (P.S. the bottom right one is wierd but there is a 5 in there) then open it up and see the 3 heads and then blah blah blah plz post to me what happens after that cuz i dont get it
How to get lvl 5 in fighter mage and rouge easy
To get all these to lvl 5 first choose to be a mage then when you start out pick the warlock as your quest and keep on bringing him to the mage quest with you and keep on doing em at a low lvl cause the creatures will be easyer to kill and i found out when ever your a mage you can hit atamatic 50s with the right stats im just a plane wizard and im lvl 20 but my mage skill is 5 and i hit on all creatures for 100 cause the mage robes ups your magic attacks and magic deffense by 30% for each time you lvl as a mage and i am now a lvl 5 mage fighter rouge knight beast tamer and pirate and i did all this in 1 day email if you need any help with this
how to get quick 100 z-tokens
first when you log on click on artix or twilly and click the frogzard hunter then go on all of the quests (i got about 120 from those quest!)
How to get the best pet on the game!
You have to have at least 5000 Z-Tokens. You click on Valencia in front of the Weapon shop, and click on the Z-Token shop. THen you go down to to the Pumpkin Golemn and buy it. It only attacks every 2,3,4, or 5 turns. But it gets really high hits! Try this! It really works!!! I'm not sure if you have to be a guardian to do this. But I was. It works SOOOOO WELL!!!!!!!!!
how to get to level 25 in two days
ok, first get an account. then, after you log on to your new account, a box will appear asking your if you want to confirm your email. click yes, then type in your username and password in the given boxes. then type in your email. then about 10 min later, you should get 1000 free gold. once you do that, click on "battle monsters" in the bottom right corner of the screen. train to level 5. then go to the inn and buy an energy flail. once you have the flail, just keep training. you have to spend a couple hours per day doing this. i hope i helped you noob players out there. bye!

btw, i'll probably be posting more tips later on.
How to get to the Vizalin Seed in Crystal Cave
To get to the Vizalin seed in the crystal cave, first go down, then down, then left, then up, then right, then right, and then right again. Then you'll have to verse a monster (not sure what his name is), and if you beat him, you'll get the vizalin seed!
how to kill dragons .etc very easy!!!!!!!!!
ok guys if u wanan leqrn this first get necro to lvl 1-5 if adventure if guardian 1-10 if u want then wen u fight dragons .etc ith energy is 150% then use blade of renned,necromancer armour,and blqde of rennend sheild wall laa u got it!
u can only log in any time you want if this is your first time playing THE GAME :if the server says FULL go to the e-mail confirmation page and comfirm your account if you do so you will be able to log in for 48 or 2 days even if the server is full. and you will also get 1000 gil for each of your characters on you account!!!!
How to Lvl quick
Well If your new to the game i suggest you go to the devour saga in yulgar's shop and Go to the quest that says [into fangmaw] if you already know the basics and a high level then you could do it to get quick exp and some gold
Oh and Each Kill You will receive 250exp 100gold
hope this helps
How to make potions
Mermazon kelp Magma leaf Frogzard tear
Bad Juice Saltwab Dust Magma Leaf
Magma leaf Mermazon Kelp Saltwab Dust
Mermazon Kelp Frogzard Tear Moglin Ecsence
Bad Jucie Moglin Ecsence Frogzard Tear
Bad Juice Moglin Essence Mermazon Kelp
How to use undead mutant without using mana
For this cheat you need to be level 10 necromancer go into battle wearing the necromancer cloak press attack and then you no how the attacks for necromancer come up press [become a lich]wait for about 1 second or half a second and press attack on the attacks for necromancerand you should get a free undead mutant spell.If this cheat doesn't work keep on trying and you should get it.
howt to get a few man potion
for starter on visit twylli and click on stat trainer the train with neberon and rarely he might give you some mana potion
Hybee Quest
To do this quest i would recomend having a good dark wepon to hand. Whenever you go to "Battle Monsters" and you come up against a Hybee Scout click on "Track down Hybees" and start fighting!

This quest is guaranteed to get you loads of Xp and Gold

Ice Katana w/Psycho Reaver monster!
Use the Super Pzycho Sabre blade to summon the fire guardian (it's the special attack of the blade).

Then go buy the Ice Katana in Frostvale. The special attack of the Ice Katana will not only freeze your opponent for an extra round (even if the weapon misses its strike!) giving you a free set of attacks, but will also automatically make them take 200% fire damage as long as they are frozen, no matter what the fire % defense modifier was before. So the fire guardian will do a LOT of extra damage to your frozen opponent.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Ice Katana will NOT freeze a monster if their Ice defense value is under 100%.
If you go on he The Crater (and catapult) then your at a door i know the code i got a story...
1.round thing
2.door handel
3.lock (under door handel.)
Increased Chance of Ranged Attack(star wand)
If you click on the stars on each side of the wand swich every time, starting with the red side and ending with the blue side example: red, blue, red, blue, red, blue, in that order, you get an increased chance to get the special attack when it is your turn to attack, start clicking (also works with other weapons, sometimes, just click alot of times when its your turn to attack)

PS-Does not wotk all the time!
Incredible Fire Resistance
Items you need:

Armor-Tharg Hide (Complete Smoke mt. quest)
Shield-Starblaze Shield (At the Inn)
Misc. Item-Helm of Drakonnan (Sinister 7)

With this combo fire is 40%. Hope I helped
Inn Attic Quest
If you don't know the Attic Quest just go to the Inn and go upstairs then up to the Attic.

Where to find the things:
Snails tail: Go down stairs and then keep on going right and you will find a potion and drink it then you will fight a snail at first click on tail and flee.

A Fraction of Franken carrot: It's in farm on Zorbaks quest you will fight him first just click on him.

Seed spitters leaf: Go outside and click on Twilly and say "Heard any rumors?" then you will fight a seed spitter and click on its leaf and flee.
Invincibility glitch (for all)
K, to do this cheat u will need some kind of riding armor(horse, nightmare, etc.). Go into the guardian tower, and enter the stables. Talk to the kid who asks u if u want to train on a steed(make sure your riding a mount, before you talk to him) say "Yes". You will start fighting a monster. Hit him once or twice, then change to a non-riding armor... u will be disqualified and taken back to the main screen, were u select wat to do... but, you'll still be fighting the monster! Every time your hit you will auto-heal cuz of the main screen. Hope this helps...
items for guy in attic
so whatcha do is...

1:go to the inn and to the room with the mouse hole,then shrink yourself,click on the snayls tail,then flee.

2:go to the travel map and go to the farm,play along the story till ya get to the first battle,click on him and flee.

3:find twilly,click on him,go to rumors,read then click hunt the seed spitter,click on it and flee.

PS:make sure it says the fallowing at the top of the screen.

1:you've picked up a delicious snayl tail.

2:you've taken a chunk of carrot with you.

3:you've plucked your self a seed spitter leaf.

PSS:the one above this one it doesn't say leaf but lead for some strange reason.
click on democracy place on travel map and then wen the writing comes up click bottom right on the button and u will do a little quest but all u do is fight young water dragons and get loads of xp and gold fast.
Join a Race and class:
1.)click on travel on the bottom of the screen and click on darkovia and then choose either vampire or werewolf,and proceed if you are unhappy with your choice tough youll have to go to the cure and the same if you become a werepyre.
2.)Become a paladin and earn 10 speacial abilities: Level 1: Bless Weapon
Call forth the Elemental Lord of Light to bless your weapon. Increases its power and greatly increases your chance to hit.
MP Cost: 30

Hits: 1
Damage: 150% Base and 150% Random
BTH: 80%

Level 2: Resistance Bonus
Increased elemental resistance!

Level 3: Holy Rage
Gather all of your anger toward the evil creatures of this world and launch into them with a damaging melee attack.
MP Cost: 40

Hits: 1
Damage: 100% Base and 400% Random
BTH: 0%

Level 4: Summon Daimyo
Call forth the feisty dog Daimyo, clad in armor, to assail your enemies with earth and light attacks. He can even heal you a little!
MP Cost: 80

Level 5: Summon Steed
Summon your loyal armored steed and charge your enemy on horseback for 2 hits with greater base damage!
MP Cost: 60

Hits: 2
Damage: 250% Base and 150% Random
BTH: 0%

Level 6: Lay on Hands
As a Paladin you have the ultimate healing ability: once every so often you can fully heal yourself!

Level 7: Holy Light
Bring down a powerful light to hit your opponents! If they are undead or zombies, the light will hurt them more!
MP Cost: 80

Hits: 1
Damage: 500% Base and 500% Random
BTH: 20%
Element: Light
Attack Type: Magic

Zombie and Undead
Hits: As normal with an extra hit of
Damage: 300% Base and 300% Random
BTH: 20%
Element: Light
Attack Type: Magic

Level 8: Defense Bonus
Increased defense!

Level 9: Holy Might
Grow in size and power! Hit your enemy with up to 600% damage, converted to light with special stat modifiers.
MP Cost: 125

Hits: 1
Damage: 400% Base and Random with a special stat bonus (effectively the sum of 4x the bonus you would recieve for your Intelligence and Strength scores).
BTH: -5 + ((4*STR)+(4*INT)/16) + DEX/16 + LUK/20
Element: Light
Attack Type: As weapon except if ranged it is Magic if Intelligence is greater than Strength otherwise Melee.
Normal Stat Bonuses are not recieved.

Zombie and Undead
Hits: 1
Damage: 600% Base and 600% Random with a special stat bonus (effectively the sum of 4x the bonus you would recieve for your Intelligence and Strength scores).
BTH: -5 + ((4*STR)+(4*INT)/16) + DEX/16 + LUK/20
Element: Light
Attack Type: As weapon except if ranged it is Magic if Intelligence is greater than Strength otherwise Melee.
Normal Stat Bonuses are not recieved.

Level 10: Resurrect Yourself
If you are a level 10 Paladin, you have a chance to fully heal and recover when you reach 0 HP-- resurrection!

Charge: 15
Chance to Resurrect: 15% click on travel and click on paladin order if you are a level 5 mage,fighter and knight.
Armour(each version has a choice of cape or not): Holy amour Price: 3000
Level: 38
Location: yulgars inn
Attack: 1 hits
Golden holy amour (guardian only)
Level: 50
Price: 3000
Location: Guardian Shop
Attack: 2 hits
(for both amours)
Melee: 30
Ranged: 20
Magic: 30

Fire: 105
Water: 98
Wind: 98
Ice: 98
Earth: 98
Energy: 105/
Light: 95
Dakness: 90

Junior Zard Pack DESTROYER!
Ok I Was Very Weak Facing 1 Of Those (*&)(*) Junior Zard Pack... So This Is What I Did
LV 10 Lycan Armor!
Go On Frogzard Hunter Quest 2 Get Frogzard Sword
Aegis Shild Or Drakel Power Sheild
Keep Hitting Them...
And Then I Swiched To Weapon Darkeye (Z-Token Shop You Can Buy It From... And Also I Swiched To GATEKEEPER ARMOR and i destroyed its reinforcements an then it cryed all the way home!!! P.S Look Me Up On Google Video And You Can Actlly See This just type frogzard revenge!

keep maelstrom pets
It is easy....
You just go into maelstrom, press part 2, then go through all of the talking parts, go the fast way and when it comes to your turn to fight; press cancel and you will have them for the rest of the time you are on.
When you go to the rip in the sky you can go to the library so go there. after that you will see a candle by yor sid. click the big one. the combo im not sure but the other trick to this area is that you need to have a key thats hidden in your maine armors shoe.
Key location for vault in Isle de Oriens
Wear your guardian plate, and click on your right heel until you get a key. It helps you to get the safe in Isle de Oriens open. Don't bother with Eternal's games. They are rigged and you can NEVER win.
kill carnax!!!
1. get blade of awe (to get blade of awe go to granemor on travel map and go to the hnted house)

2.go to stone rule and click travle east then click on stonerule and click on the two moglins get them

3.then go to battleon and click on rip in the sky

4.go thruogh the gate on the space on the left on the chair in the middle

7.then click on the scroll to the right battle carnax one on one use the blade of awe andkeep fighting him untill it does power word die it may take sometime.
Kill Wolfwing EASY!!!
These are the armour, weapon and guest you should have:Full Nightmare, Golden Dragonslayer Eclipse, Obsidian Cloack, Blood wizard robe, Big Clone and Warlic.
LEVEL REQUIRMENTS:Level 10 DragonSlayer, Level 9-10 Necromancer and level 10 Wizard.
ITEMS NEEDED:10 Heal Potions and at least 20 Mana Potions
1.First put on your Golden Dragonslayer Eclipse armour then summon the fire dragon. Keep doing this until your Mana runs out.(The Golden Dragonslayer Eclipse armour is best, because you hit higher when you summon the fire dragon)
2.Next drink all your Mana Potions until you have restored all your Mana. Then put on your Obsidian Cloack and us the Undead Mutant spell. Keep doing this until your Mana runs out.
3.Then restore all your Mana till' it's full. Then put on your Blood Wizard Robes and keep doing the same until he dies.(Wolfwing will probably die after all your summoning of the fire dragon)
NOTE:Wolfwing is a level 400 and hits twice each turn dealing about 90-150 DMG.(He may not deal that much damage to you but he did to me because I'm a high level)
King B.U.R.P
The King B.U.R.P ( big ugly rat pest) can help you until you log out if you kill it. Heres what to do. 1st go to Warlics shop , click explore shop, then make a pet rock . (magma leaf, bad juice, slattwob dust) Then go to the pet shop and click Valencia? and then click go to her or something like that. Then show her the pet rock (it will auto do this when you click travel passes) then go to Granemor. Go in the haunted house and kill monsters till you find the King BURP. Kill him and then he will be on your side until you log off. He has about 400hp and energy hits the most on him. He hits 3 times when hes on your side. Good luck!
KOOL WHAPON (not tempoary)
This sord is not one that kind that when you log out you lose it. YOU KEEP THIS ONE!!in the gaurdian tower the man said "shapain whapon."(the vorpal edge!)it is in yuagle shop in begaining shop at the end of the whapon list.the vorpal edge is 10000 gold and lvl 45!!
(not gaurdian!!)
legendary sword
if u need a strong light type sword u only nid 2 fight the legendary warrior and defeat him but don't forget 2 get his sword u just click the sword and it's yours but its only temporary
Legends Blade and Dragon bade
you have to defeat a level42 legendary warrior (can be eventuallt found when clicking battle monsters)and once you defeat him his spirit will go into his blade and the blade will stay on the ground. Than, just click on the blade and it will be yours.(note:it is only temperary).
level up kwiker on palidan
for anything (i think) the undead axe of the sun

2.then be a level 5 mage & level 5 night
3.go to palidan order on travel map
4 send me a e-mail if good or bad
Light & Fire
in darktovia you can get powerful guests, firebat and brightwolf, but you have to be a vampire for the firebat and a werewolf for the brightwolf
Little People
First make a pet rock. Go to Warlic's Mage Shop and put Slattwob Dust, Bad Juice, and Magma Leaf. Go to Aria then click on Visit Velencia. Get a travel pass and go to Lolosia. Help the pirate hunt the Braken who ate his leg. When you're on an island, destroy the monsters, the little people, and the giant. Then go back to the pub and click on the map next to the lady. Go back to Battleon and have fun with your little spell casters!
First buy the flame guardian plate form the guardian tower shop, NOTE: do not use the free 1 in the armoury, it won't be a hundreth as good. Then buy the starblaze sheild from the inn and buy the magma leaf from the Z token shop. Then do the fire orb quest in the temple of hope repeatedly. Or do smoke mountain or for very high lvls do plasma dragon quest and use it against ultra Akriloth.
loads of exp and gold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
go to battle carnax and bring a good fire wind and ice weapon. do the left and right hand only then if you do it alot you get alot of gold!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Loads of Exp!
Note:Requires lv 30

To Get loads of Exp go to Robaia hood in the inn and ask for Rouge Quest then go to Krove spot after Go to the Class shop from the girl in Krove spot and get the Blade of Releld after leave!Go to the inn in the town and go upstairs go in the shower and use the blade of relend to beat the moster!

(the monster give you 400 Exp and 50 gold)
Loging in
This can help you login. As you should know, by the time you see that login is possible and quickly press play and type in you stuff, it will instantly be full again. A usefill technique is to have 2 internet explorers open. One on the thing that tells you how many ppl are on and has the refresh button and the other one on login with everything ready. Make the refresh one smaller so it doesn't cover up the login button on the other one. When the server is not full, then instantly press login.
look at your self
go into the rip in the sky and then click on the first door on the left. then click on the brown table and enter. you will see falerin click on one of the books under the table and his head will morph into yours!
Look like a knight. (GUARDIAN ONLY)
Requirements: 10x Health Potions, 10x Magic Potions, 1x weapon of each elemant, High Dexitirity and High Strength

First of all you need to go to the guardian tower, go inside the Guardian Arena, then finish all events until you finish the Golem Galore. After that go to the Treasury and click on the most right helmet on the bench.

You will now recieve a Kinghts helm, which will give you your first part of the kinght armour!

Then go to the pet shop, talk to Aria. Say "VALENCIA?" and Then click Visit Valencia.

You should now be at a place with Valencia and a weird-looking creature called Grumbugly.

Talk with Valencia. Then click the option "CUSTOMIZE ITEMS" Keep on clicking more until you get upon a screen with arrows pointing like this-> or like this <-.

Don't change the plate at all! Change the trim to grey.

Then you can take the cape of by clicking on the "HIDE CAPE" option otherwis change the colour of the cape or just make it stay the same.

Almost to the end people!

CLick the "MORE" option then click the "APPLY COLORS" options

To see your knight go to battle and wear the Guardian Plate and the Knight Helm!

Know your a true kinght
looklike an ordinary vampire
if you want to look just like a vampire warrior that you fight on werewolf quests,you have to be a vampire and have the vamp armor and a vampire blade/blood blade then equip the armor and sword then you will look lik an ordinary one!
lota health potions!!
go to yulgers inn and find the blue lady in there talk to her and click wat dangers out at see once ur der ul fight a braken easy to kill then a chest wil come up sometimes its a trap but most of the time its iether 3 mana pots or health pots then keep goin beat 2 sand spitters and these little pple after u beat them theyl givfe u 4!! health pots! and ul have to beat a giant soo easy! or u can jus run from it i got so many health pots that way
when you see the rip in the sky when you log in klikk the rip in the sky then go to to left door inside you find doors klikkon the door over the battle chamber inside you will se a pointy ear dude you will se a smoking scroll left on the smoking scroll thers a non smoking scroll klikk on it and you get to batlle against carnax klikk on "to battle" and chosse low part after you bet him you will have 10000 its easy its fast under 3 min
LOTS OF EXP (gurdians only)
First go to the pet shop. then click on valencia the drakbots. You will have to beat ten dracbots to get a Kayda of fire,darkness and energy that u can by.And each dracbot is worth 1000exp +you fight of drakels and get exp. So you should always get over 10000 exp a time.
Lots of Exp and gold And Truesure Chest!!
Note:Must be lv 10 AT LEAST

Go to the inn and get a really good light weapon and sheld of darkness and Dark Plate then leave the inn then go little down of the ground of the inn then when you see a hand on your cursor click and you unlock a pit go down it and use all the stuff (Light weapon Shild of Darkness and Dark Plate)THEN BATTLE!!!!After 15 battles you get a cheast of increseing size!


Lots of XP for KINDA beginners
For this, you need to be around level 30~35! <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
You also get cool armor! :3 Well, not really armor. You get a dragon lol.

Before doing this quest, I recommend getting 10 health potions from the Frogzard Hunter. And using him as a guest! <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> I'd also recommend having a strong ice weapon. ALSO! It's pretty helpful to have an ice pet. Like a Truffles! Or something along those lines.

1.) Talk to Twilly in Battleon.
2.) Say Hello! <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
3.) Visit the Frogzard Hunter.
4.) Click Quest 3.
5.) Fight the mosquito and the swamp monster thing. He(/She???) Will give you 10 potions. (It adds to your number of potions! Ex: You have 6, she gives you 4) Then after, you can just flee or whatever. (That quest gives you over 1000 XP points if you fight everything!)
6.) To have the Frogzard Hunter as a guest, you talk to the Frogzard Hunter again and choose INSECTOZARDS. The maximum attack points he gives is around 30 to 40! :3

CONSERVE YOUR POTIONS!!! (Ya know, just in case.)

Then continue...

1.) Go to the Rip in the Sky in Battleon on the top right corner. (You must be level 10 to enter!)
2.) When you are there, go to the first door on the left. There you will see some kind of altar in front of the windows.
3.) Click the altar thingy and go inside.
4.)You will see a treasure chest behind Falerin. (No, that's not where you get it!)
5.) A little to the left you will see two scrolls. The one on the right is smoking. (literally)
6.) Once you are in the realm, you click the weird chick on the horse.
7.) Go to Battle! <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
8.) After 3 or 4 fights, Twilly appears and gives you the Frozen Claymore. He also can heal you every 3 or 4 fights. :3
9.) After around 12 fights, you will battle AKRILROTH THE FIRE DRAGON! He has over 1000 HP so, use your potions wisely! <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />

After you defeat whats-his-face then you get the "armor" and the XP!

Good Luck! <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />

lotsa money$$$$$
Go to isle de oriens go to the hall(librRY) now clickon the altar enter it there are two scrolls
(a 1 wit stars abobve it and one wit nothin aboube it click on the won wit nothin above it
it will take you to battle carnax.
click on SHOOT CARNAX then skip through tha talkin and shoot watever body part comes up (only tha first one) if u want to u can try shoot all of em' but i suggest just wait till robina hood and warlic pop up say yes to all that crap then a tresure box ill pop up.....
p.s you can do it as many times as u want i made 900000 gp in 34mins
Low Quality makes the game run faster!!!
click on options under ur stats box click on the setting and set graphics to low. It will make the game run faster regaurdless of ur internet speed . trust me i have the fasterst Cox service.
lower stats to make other stats higher
ok first get youre self killed and right next to "death" there is an hourglass. click on the hourglass and then yes yes i want to help you. there will be portals and go to one. when you do this there will be many gravestones. two will have words on them. one will say nowhere and one will say sir pwnsalot. click on sir pwnsalot and fight him. pick the stat you want to lower, and then let him defeat you. then youre stat will be lowered and you can raise other stats
ps:go in the portal again for other things like this
Mage Shop Potions
Go to the Mage Shop in town and click on 'Explore shop' then make these potions:

a. Refill Mana Potions - Moglin Essence + Mermazon Kelp + Bad Juice
b. Refill Health Potions - Mermazon Kelp + Frogzard Tear + Magma Leaf
c. Teleportation - Slattwob Dust + Mermazon Kelp + Magma Leaf
d. Explosion - Bad Juice + Moglin Essence + Frogzard Tear
e. Pet Rock - Mermazon Kelp + Bad Juice + Slattwob Dust

a. The explosion covers you in charcoal
b. The pet rock is only temperary
c. Teleportation could take you anywhere!
d. Move your mouse over things to find out what they are
e. The Bad Juice is hard to find so I will tell you - Move right from the Slattwob Dust (the rock kind of thing) and there will be curly things next to it, next to that are three bottles, choose the biggest.

Have fun making potions!
Magic Potions
1.) Go to Mage Shop
2.) Click "Explore Shop"
3.) Click whatever the guy says.
4.) Click each potion/item and drag it to pot on bottom shelf.

--Restore Starting Health Potions
Mermazon Kelp + Frogzard Tear + Magma Leaf

--Restore Starting Mana Potions
Mermazon Kelp + Moglin Essence + Bad Juice

--Teleport to a battle (You fight 3 monsters at a time, continuously)
Mermazon Kelp + Magma Leaf + Slattwob Dust

--Make your name backwards
Mermazon Kelp + Frogzard Tear + Moglin Essence

--Green Hair
Mermazon Kelp + Frogzard Tear + Bad Juice

--Black Head
Frogzard Tear + Moglin Essence + Bad Juice

--Pet Rock
Slattwob Dust + Bad Juice + Magma Leaf
Major Advantage (Alot of reading but worth it)
Here's a good tip that will give you lots of advantage. First just battle monsters and DONT WASTE ANY OF THE GOLD! Give adventure quest your e-mail address so they'll give you 1000 gold free! It will pop up when you first log on. If you do that then youll only need to collect about 600 gold from battling monsters. Then go talk to robina hood and click on the option that says rogue training class or something like that. After you appear there just go to the armor shop and go to weapons and youll find a blade of rennd for 1200 gold. it might say 2 to 21 damage but its special does up to 100 damage. After that buy fighter armor for 500gp and train to level 5. Youll get lots of gold from that and you buy dracomancer armor and dragon slayer armor. (Level 32 at least recommended) Now go train with Cyrus at Dragonspine first and train to at least level 4. Now you can use the special ability from the armor called dragon's wings which does around 120 damage. Then go to the other place with dragon in its name to become a d slayer. Fight till you beat just two dragons and that gives you lots of exp and gold. (For dragonslaying) at least level 35 recommended. Ok now you've done lots of work so go back to the village and with all that gold buy a fire shield and energy shield both worth like only 600gold. Now go to the vamprook spire or something like that. Kill the light vampragon. I recommend using dark attacks so go train your mage too! After you kill it loot on everyone's potions. Now go fight the dragon only like 800 health and it takes good damage from your dragonwing attack. LISTEN NOW CAREFULLY ALWAYS STAY WITH THE FIRE SHIELD AND BLADE OF RENND AND ALSO THE DRACOMENCER ARMOR. ALWAYS CHOOSE ATTACK IF THE BLADE OF RENND DOESNT DO SPECIAL ATTACK CHOOSE DRAGONWING ATTACK! KEEP DOING IT AND YOULL BE DOING LIKE 100 DAMAGE EACH TURN. You get 1000 gold if you beat it!!!!!!! And your friends will try to kill you because you stole potions but you'll be healed from your battle with the dragon so don't worry. do the same thing that you did with the dragon. That's a total of about 800xp from only 2 monsters and 1500gold coins from 2 monsters!!!!! Now all you have to do is repeat the quest and you'll be rich!!! And powerful!!
Make a name
make a new account think for a name when you got one, white it backwords (reece:eceer)(KingRedeRginK)

In the mage shop (the madget shop) esplor shop then all the top roure (kelp frogzard, tear and the molgle stuff.then your name will be there!!

it will go when you log out
Make it easier on yourself
Here's a list of things, in this order, that it's pretty much a good idea to do the moment you log on.
1.) Get moglin as pet/friend
GO to the tutorial section under twiggy's list, click on the 'does rugglum need help?' button, flee that battle, and he's yours til you log off.
2.) Get 10 free health potions.
Go to the third of the frogzard challenges, fight two battles, flee the third, and 10 health potions are yours for the taking.
3.) Get the Fire Tube.
Go on the Reaver quest: go to the multi-adventure page, click on the woman in black, and go on the Reaver quest. Fight til you find an air-drakel fighter, grab his weapon when you win. (This is actually better than the mace...)
MaleStorm 2 walkthough
1st if u want to survive in the quest, u need potions. get the 10 potions at frogzard quest 3, and manas from stat trainer mage or light of mana on undead, when u think ur prepared begin ur quest. Have a energy weapon on you because ur going to need it for a while in order to defeat water monsters. I prefer the blade of rennd to slay water monsters,whenyou selecting a path, be careful! you might get stuck on a monter thats making u lost a lot of potions.these are the monsters that u'll fite: Water dragons, Hungry brakens, braken and more.but you don't have to worry about them if you have blade of rennd, it can be bought at rouge shop( i think ). The normal attack of the blade of rennd might be weak, but wate until u see it's special power. It will infelect a lot of damage.Once your finish with the quest, you should get a reward as a staff of water or energy.
P.S. I like to use the dragonslayer armor on water dragons
mana potions
go to warlics shop and add magma leaf mermazon kelp and moglin essence to the bowl
Mana Potions and Gold & XP!
OK, first, you need to go to Yulgar's Paladin Shop and buy the spell 'Light of Mana'. Then find Robina in Yulgar's inn and click 'Did you say dungeon?' select the Blurdurr or whatever and complete the course. If you used the spell, you should have at least 3 mana potions!
Mana Potions For Free!
All you have to do for unlimited potions is go to the guardians catle, ask the boy at the stables for a walk, and go into the walki around mode.
Behind a tree on the second screen you will find a gem and a mana potion in the chest. Take it and return to Battleon. repeat until you have as many mana potions as you desire-- up to 30 for guardians.
Massive Experience
For this, you must be level 30 (at least). Go to the rogue weapon store and buy "The Blade of Rennd", which is 1200 coins. It hits 4-21 by its self, fighting a water monster, you can hit up to 50. With its special attack (which is completly random, but you will know when its happening), it can hit up to 110.
*note- the rogue shop is in krovesport, which u get to by clicking the "travel" button

Go to Yulgar's inn, and go to the upstairs bathroom (the door on the right). You will fight a lvl 35 water monster with 450 hit points, BUT FEAR NOT! Your weapon will hit very high on him, usually hitting 20-40s with the regular attack, and the special attack will hit a wide variety of hp (one time I just hit a total of 29, another time I hit 106). You will kill him fairly easy, and because you are 30+ combat level, you probably won't have to use your starting potion, the first time I did this, I was level 34, and I didn't have to use the potion.
Massive Weapon
If you even see a Drakal Figher (one with a gun) and you win the battle, PRESS HIS GUN.
You will obtain this weapon. It has great strenght. It will replace your normal sword for the time your logged in.
The dmg sais 8-24, but 24 is most of the times the minimum dmg. If you got fire-weak monsters, it can do dmg 37-98!
Ranged Fire Damage
8-24 Dmg
10 % Bonus Hit (!!!!)

It is the best weapon i ever saw...
Especially nice for people lvl 0-50
Maze(only for guardian only)
up (beware of rat)
right (beware of rat)
down (beware of rat)
right (following the rat)
left (beware of rat)
left (should see purple orb)
up (beware of rat)
left (following the rat)
down (to the purple orb)

that's it.

And the Reward is:

mega advantage
heres a clue sick of earning and using all of your potions become at least a necromancer and earn the attack undead mutant it can like do multiple heavy damage so dont waste your potions istill have all mine and increase
mini people help you
go to the blue lady in uglars in and choose the 2nd option. then go through killing kraken and mini men. then at the end you verse a giant with 400% for everthing then after the battle the mini men will stay with you
Mini Salamander Rider Armor (Temporary)(Gaurdian only)
Click Travel, then go to "The Ring". Click on the golden chest, and you can ride a mini salamander. Hits 2X a turn, fire and your weapon element. When you log out this armor will be gone.
Go to The Crafter on the eastern map side. Click on the catapult. Let the guy repair it. Hop in. Once in the lore, find the library, click the altar in the center. In the room you are in, click on the second scroll on the table from the right. You are at Carnax War.

You can either shoot Carnax and get 450 gold (or more depending on your luck). Or battle him (LOW is better, higher level combat is better) using the Carnax blade found in the chest or by using the spell Holy Light from the paladin class (I reccomend this, you hit 200-500 per turn depending on your stats. Happy farming.
Go to Grameor or whatever it is and click on the moon or go to the teleporter in the Guardian Tower and go to the void then click battle I reccomend level 60+ for this because you may fight a VOID DRAGON level 70 and he has over 200 health now if u beat the dragon u will get 750xp and 750 gold and if your lucky u may get like 10z tokens
Money and XP
If you want to get good amounts of XP and gold (plus tokens) at the same time go to Fairwind Spring on the travel map and click on the shrine in the middle of the pond, it'll teleport you to a random battle where most of the time you'll fight a monster then get a treasure hoard which gives 200 XP and 960 gold (plus the XP and gold earned from the monster) once you're back in Fairwind Spring just click the pond water for a full heal and repeat.
Money Tip
Isnt much of a cheat, nor does it only take a few minutes. Keep going on the mogga idol quest in "explore pixia" everytime a new generation of the idol comes out. save them! do not sell them for 3k! save then until you really need money for a war prize or something. i did this and i was able to buy the sword of the frost king. i also buy items like leperachan gold or leperahcan gems that increase in valur after a while.

Note: the duma sunstone, nobu emerald, and razz sappire are not good choices. The prices take over 5 months to increase. only buy them when at their lowest prices.
i dont nkow about the other 2, bt nobu emerald's lowest price is 47500. the higheast is 108000 i think.
Money Tip
2610 gold, 2 mana and 2 health potions in 5 mins
ok to make it easy you need to be a dragon slayer lv.10, mega dragon blade,a clone{i use big clone} and a dragonslayer shield. go to vamprook spyre help them out then you fight a weak monster[vampragon i think] then loot everyones potions. then you fight a dragon. use all the dragon slayer stuff and use the poison dragon. then freeze them. then use dragon strike cause there weakness to fire is 200%. keep freezing and striking it and it will fall. then you have to fight leroy and his freinds. if you can use the necromancer armor. i use undead mutent to make it quick. then you get 2610 gold and the potion each time you do it. i git over 200,000 in about 2 hours. have fun
Money Tip
Requires the following:

Level 65+

Level 5 class mage/wizard

level 9+ class in necromancer.

Strong water wepon

Go to Arian's Pet Shop and ask about viola. Then take the drakbot challenge. Every monster you battle uses undead mutant every turn. After each battle get healed by the purple moglin by left clicking on heal above the purple moglin.
Money Tip
Go to isle DE Oriens or whatever and click go on the big brown thing and when u are inside click the left scroll after that go to "Shoot Carnaks" and shoot him and after that a big treasure chest will come up and you will get Ur Xp and Coins. Thanks
Money Tip
Note: must have upgraded to Guardian.

Alright. you can be absoluely any level with virtually no experience in the game ( in otherwords, you can be a noob) and make more gold that a noob knows what to do with. First, At the place where you start, (The town of Battleon) click on the small pink/purple (pinkle?) rip in the sky. you should see a door on the left that you can click on, and click on it. once you are inside, there sould be a brown thing in the middle (maybe a table or desk?) click on it and it will open up, then go inside. On the Table right beside Falerin, there should be two scrolls. click on the left one. Hit continue when you go through the vortex thing. you should now see all the main characters of adventure quest (Artix, Robina, Warlic, Aquella, Rhubarb and a couple others) now click on the" Shoot Carnax!" button. Finish talking to Robina and Warlic, and the next screen you should see is a huge monster thing (Carnax) all you need to do is let it sit ( you will shoot arrows at him when you click on his body parts when they light up, but no, you don't even need to shoot him to get the small prize(which is 425 gold, the big prize is 850 gold)) you can do this as many times as you like, gaining gold really easily! (I am lvl 63 and this is still the easiest way to get gold QUICK for me)
Money Tip
First,go to Warlic and create a pet rock.Second,give the pet rock to Valencia.(she will give you a travel pass).Third,choose to go to Granemor.Fourth,go to the haunted house & battle 4 or 5 monsters in the house.Fifth,After u have beaten the 4 or 5 monsters,you will come across a chest that contains 425 gold & 50 exp.Just repeat steps 4 and 5 and you will soon be rich.(you may also get a king burp inside the house who will join & help you and you will gain levels from battling the 4 or 5 monsters repeatedly,Have Fun
Money Tip
To get 1000 gold go to the travel map and then go to Vamprook Spyre and battle the first little monster. Its not hard then skip all of the people talk then say "steal the potions" or something. Then you will battle a dragon. If you win then you will get 1000 gold but then you will have to battle your friends. If you win again you get to keep your potions and an extra 400 points.
Money Tip
go to rip in the sky and go to the door on the left click on the stairs and there should be a trap door something like that and it will say battle chamber go into it and there should be treasure chest after each stage there is one called big trsure chest and that one has alot of money (depending on level)
money/exp FAST.... And a secret o_0
here are two tips of mine.The first one is a good way to lvl and get money.(id recomend lvls 30-40 or higher for this) Go to aria's pet shop and ask about Valencia. then ask about drakbots. When you do that quest u can heal between every battle and the drakbots give 1000 xp per kill, and they only have like 380 hp.(frost weapons are good for this quest) Remember.Not every battle you fight the drakbots, and when your not fighting drakbots your fighting drakels that are easy also.

also, the quest can be repeated over and over again if you please.

My second tip/secret (you should at least be lvl 20 and have a descent light weapon)in Battleon, go to the "battle monsters" button. Slightly to the left of that button and there is a hidden hole. click on it and fight zombies and other dark monsters. Good Luck, and i hope i was helpful =D
Monster Hint for beginnors
To know the elemental weakness of a monster move the courser over the picture of the monster at the bottom right corner. The percentages is how much it will hurt. the 100% is a normal for that weapon 50% is half of the normal attack and the 200% is the attack that does normal damage...

The best thing to use with this hint is to buy the highest attacking weapon of all elements and another good spell is the elemental doom (lvl 50). especially the grandmother zard which can go up to 400% (4x normal)

Theese are my stuff:
I'm a lvl:
50+ Normal warrior
5+ Dragonslayer
5+ Scholar
6+ Mage
1+ Wizard (coz da robes r to much)
5+ Knight
5+ Fighter
0+ Ninja (Not Started)
0+ Pirate (Not Started)

Elite Dragonslayer

Long sword / Auger of Brontus / Legendry sword / Crystal sword
Pumeler (Ice)
Edge of unity (wind)
Undead axe of Energy
crystal seed
Dragonlayer axe
Edge of unity (Water)
Beastslayer staff

Chaos/ Unity
Crystal Magic

Water Dragon bast
Salad shooter
Heal Scratches
Light of mana
Fire shower
Ice Dragon attack (3)
Elemental Doom
More XP and Money
Go to the rip in the sky and go to lady tomo\'s click on top of lady tomo. You will see a strange talking cloud, it\'s name is Humidius it will take you to a flying ship you will battle the ship\'s training ground. I was level 37 when i did this. It will give you 200Xp and 200 gold.
more Z-tokens!!!
To get more z-tokens go to darkovia on the travel map and go to vampire E n do the vampire quests n ull get lots of z-tokens!!! i got 1000k in 3 days!!
Most powerful combo
Get the dragon blade:go and travel and be a guardian.Get a Golden dragon slayer armor,Golden dragon slayer armor eclipse,dragon slayer armor and elite dragon slayer armor.Then be a level 10 dragon slayer.Find Galonth in the travel map and train.Then when fighting summon the fire dragon.If you don't have enough enough mana use mana potions.This is an effective combo when you fight the carnax or Nightbane
Mouse Hole
Go to Yulgar's Inn and click the more button & you will see two people and a shelf with a potion click the potion and drink it & you will shrink to a size of a mouse and go inside a mouse hole.

Moderator Edit: The last enemy you fight there is Yulgar himself.
My two secrets
1)When you're at battleon, click on the bottom rightside of the brown road and you'll find a hole. In the hole is a continuing battle, there are alot of darkness monsters in there so get a light weapon. Also get a energy weapon incase you come upon a demon cat.
2)When you die, you'll meet Death the reaper.Go to the bottom of the page and you'll find a almost invisable hourglass. Click the hourglass and then go up again and you'll notice Death saying something else. It's a quest for his/her (hard to say) hourglasses. P.S. To get back, go into the purple thingy and then sometimes you could go back to Death's Dorm and get out of there if you wish. Have fun with the challenge and quest .\ /.
Mystic Portal
When you click on Epic Quest on the travel map,Warlic will show up(blablabla)then click on the portal thingamabob...(The thing that Warlic goes into after his speech) Then, you will be transported to a weird place, with Jackel Sano in it.Since I was lagging, the easy monsters there were only Flibbity Gibbits...After you beat em, you will fight Jackel Sano...(Nice knowing you guys...).
Necromancer/Paladin Bonus
Necromancers and Paladins have a 10% chance to do the Lvl. 9 Skill when they have the Lvl. 10 Skill
go to yulgar's inn and click on the bag until u get 0 hp or below 0 hp. if u get exactly 0 hp then go to battle, you may attack once, but only once. then u die instantly. but when you go beneath zero, then go to battle...well you get full health =\.
this is just a nice glitch i just discoverd.
have fun
Night bane armour
Go to darkrovia and click night banes's fortress.Take the the normal darklaw.Keep fighting till you automatically find a note.Keep fighting then you'll have 2 options.Click "read the note now".After reading it keep on figting till you can retreat.Go to the place where it says on the note.Once you get there you must vr a weak nightbane.After that its really a girl and she'll teach you a night bane illusion for 800 gold.
Note:There is two night bane illusions choose either one but make sure you are level 15 and higher and you have more than 800 gold.If guardians buy it the get more attacks.
night bane form
some were on the game u can get an armour called night bane form it turns u into a dracopyre ( dragon, werewolf and vampire)gardians only i think
its ace!!!
Ninja Tortoise
If you become a ninja and get to lvl 6 you can summon a ninja tortoise, the tortoise does 20-30 damage nearly every turn and only takes up mp when you summon him (not while he is summoned)!
no blade???!!!
when you become a lich and use undead assult, if u use a aklorith blade the undead guys are only holding the handle and nott the blade!!!
No damage! No Hit!
When you fight with a Drakel Power Bot or any Drakel Robot, press "space bar" continuously until you block. This will not get you hit if you do it every time!
no head (gardian only)
first go to gardian tower then go to stable get black dragon armor (lvl 30 something) then go to the lerrrrrooooooooyyyyy quest with black dragon armor equiped and when u all die and u roll to see if leroy can heal u u will be alive with no head.
non-guardian adventures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
are you a non guardian who is sick and tired of not being able to do much because you are not upgraded?well then read on because i have a whole lot of stuff for you to do!!!!!!!!!!!

cheat number 1:
for a really good fire weapon for free,go to the guardian tower and click 'special cutscene'.then click on 'adventurers gauntlet of the galin.

cheat number 2:
for a really good friend,go to the huntress chase again,this time click 'battle',it will ask you who you want to battle with,say 'warlic',he always uses your enimies weakness,so he also does a lot of damage!!!!!!!

cheat number 3:
for LOADS of gold and exp [must be level 10 or higher for this]go to dragonspine [can be found on the travel map] and click on 'the uneasy peace'.then choose 'dracomancer saga' and you will fight dragons.after every 2 or 3 dragons a special dragon will come is called a 'bronze dragon'.it gives you 600 exp and 400 gold.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Non-guardian adventures/etc
More pots!!!
after the quest go to yulgar's inn and press the right button once (stated at top righthand corner)
den,press the person at the right hand side,press the second option and kill the monster there u will have a pot box maybe a trap or 3 pots(random)
if you want to constantly keep taking pots only, u wait after the quest,then press the captain in dark(the ship there only) to continue

King fight
go to the gatta island and fight there, after the first fight, press the second option and you will be able to fight the king(level 80)
a bow will be given for defeating him, if u wan to help and so wadever go on...

Yulgar defeat easily
people oways say that earth is the element yulgar has the most effect on him... but energy is the best (sort of to me),if u wan a gd energy blade, go to the krovesport (rogue quest) and click the shop there, find the blade called blade of rennd(warning high voltage lol...)
... then go find yulgar and kill him easily with the pots u had on you...

Water element medium-hard enemies
-go to rip in sky and go to the left door, inside,
try clicking the middle of the map and a dungeon door will open go in and many water element monsters will b there
not all are water monsters~!!!!

Ice element easy-hard enemies
-go to the frostville and try pressing monster hunt and there will be many ice monsters
not all are ice monsters~!!!!

dark element medium-hard enemies
go to darkovia forest stated in the the cure and there will be dark element monsters
not all are dark monsters~!!!!

dragon hard enemies
go to dragonspine and press the second option
click those craps they talk there and there will be dragons... now ish 100% dragons

non-guardians crossroads
go to the mage shop and den make a stone out
go to pet shop now and press Valencia? den go to press the valencia(the lady) den press travel passes den u know what to do
One of the Best Ways to get Gold
Go to the travel map and click on safria's plea. Do the quest (6 Enemies), and when safria asks you if you want to battle her minions, say yes. When you die, you redo choice.
one way to get more mp potion bottles
1st you will need the spell light of mana! now these were hard for me to find but i actually went looking for undead squirells but i found an undead frog instead on the quest in granamor where you search for the beast who took the knight in the towers daughters voice! what you have to do to get an mp bottle when you find an undead frog is use your light of mana spell and it MIGHT give you an mp bottle! this also works on undead dragons and undead moglins!
Opponent face changer
When you go to the Mage shop you use the explosion potion that makes you black. Then you mack your hair green using TH potion. Next go to stat trainers and go to sir Lanceler and choose endurance. Then beat him and his head will be black and his hair green
Opponent face does not change
When you fight the trainer, he looks like you when he takes his helmet off, no matter what you do to yourself, he will look like it.
Ownage Dragonslayer/Akriloth/Fire Combo (Guardians only)
  • LVL 40-60
  • LVL 10 Necro.
  • Strong ice Pet (icewere is very good)
  • Mogleets (I'll show you how to get)
  • Mega Dragon Blade (about 100 z-tokens)
  • strong ice weapon (arkridge is you can afford it)

    How to get mogleets:
    This is easy, just sail east and go to stonerule. Then you see these mogleets. Talk to them and press the button "Let us go with you". Now they are your guests for the day! The good thing about mogleets is that they can freeze anyone with 100% or more on ice, so very good against dragons.

    What to do:
    First kill yourself become a lich. Now go to the rip in the sky. Enter the hall and press the thing that looks like a table. Enter and you see this guy, and a smoking scroll. Click on it and you will be sent back in time to the war against akriloth. Now, with the lich keep using undead assault and in no time at all, you'll be fighting akriloth (don't worry, he has like, 2000 health). Now use mega dragon blade, and keep using undead assault. Each hit is 30-80 damage, so in no time at all, you will win!
  • Pae Armor Guide
    Go to Isle O' Driens. Click the gecko on the tree three times. She-he will eat you. Click everywhere on the top and bottom of the screen-mouth until a board comes out. Put Green on the first line. Put Gecko on the second. For the third one, you have to open the left drawer. Click on the gecko. Beat the minigame. It will tell you a random code.
    Paes Quest Info
    Im not going to detail on hoq to get to the Isle there are lots of cheats telling you that. But once on the Isle and inside click on the green Gecko Three times. Once the scene happens and you are inside the gecko click on the skull and read the note. Continue to click around the area until you find a box enter the following in to open up thebotom right drawer: gekkonidae77255
    Once entered the bottom right drawer will open and you will get a feather. Click in the correct spot to be let out and get the Gecko Form Armour.
    paladin holy might
    same with necromancer, u have a low chance of using holy might with 0mp. just click normal attack on (golden) holy armor. (must be level 9 or 10 paladin) hope this helps!
    Pet Rock
    this is what you do to get a pet rock so you can trade it with valencia for a travel pass

    1. you go to warlics shop
    2. you ask to explore his shop
    3. click on the ingredients and drop them in the pot

    heres the ingredients
    1. magam leaf
    2. bad juice
    3. slattwob dust

    then you have a pet rock!
    Plumbers Tool
    Also a nice weapon is the Plumerizer. It does Water dmg. It is temporary but also powerfull.
    IF your a beginner (0-30) you will have fun with it!
    How to find it:
    Enter the 'Rip in the Sky'(the rip in the clouds at the main screen BattleOn) and open the big gate. If you are on the village screen with the pink purp buildings, enter the most right.(click the opening).
    IF you are there click the hallway on your right in the next room. You should be in a cave with some machines.
    Moving on, click the ladder and if it is hovered to the right place, you can enter a door.
    Talk to Vince and exit in the toilet. Take the plungizer with you!

    Plunger Attack
    in the floating city (rip in the sky) go to the far left door past the tree with the gecko on it go to the far right door (into the boiler room)and click the ladder. then click the door and take the turbinater ejector to get out and take the plunger then battle a monster. you will be using the plunger and if it squirts out green stuff it will cause a lot of damage. it worked for me i beat 2 monsters like this
    plunger fingy
    go rip in ski go house on left den go 2 boiler room pwess on lader climb up den keep pwessing k den u get tempuary plunger fingy
    Buy the spell "Salad Shooter" and talk to the moglin when you first log in. Click on Have you heard any rumors. then click hunt the seed spitter. Keep using salad shooter on it. Do it over and over again.
    Potions and Green Hair
    Go to the Warlic's Magic shop in town. Then when you talk to him click explore shop. Then on the screen there will be a shelf with potions and ingredients.

    For the health potion click on the tall flask on the top shelf called (Frogzard Tear) and drag it to the pot on the fourth shelf. Then click and drag the orange leafe thing called (magma leafe) on the third shelf and drag it to the pot. Then click and drag green thing on the top shelf called (mermazon kelp).

    To get the mana potion click and drag the purple wide flask called (Moglin Essence} on the top shelf and drag it to the same pot. Then drag the small but skinny creamy coloured flask called (bad juice) on the 2nd shelf and drag it to the pot. Then the third one is the green thing called (Mermazon Kelp) on the first shelf.

    To make your hair green click and drag the tall flask on the top shelf to the pot then click and drag the bad juice which is a creamy coloured flask on the second shelf into the pot then click on the mermazon kelp on the top shelf and bring it to the pot.
    Potions For HP and MP
    Go into the inn and go to the bottom of the screen. Click the arrow then talk to Aqualla. Select "what danger out at sea?" then click "Aye, sounds fun" then kill the braken enemy. Open the treasure chest in the next battle and you get the 3 hp potions. Cancel the next battle then do the same thing and open the chest to get the 3 mana potions. Then cancel the next battle then log out and log back in and repeat as desired.
    Potions Refill in The Guardian Tower
    ONLY GUARDIANS! Go to the guardian tower click on the chest in the first room and then you will get 10 health and 3 mana potions.
    Buy Salad shooter at the inn (spell) and than ask to artix : heard any rumors?? ...hunt the seed spitter and use salad shooter.and......Free POTIONS!!
    Quick & Easy Gold and Exp
    #1:be a level 10 Ninja
    #2:recomended level 55 or up
    #3:have really good fire and light (wind/energy is alternative for light)
    #4:recomended Shinobi Shozoku (Ninja Class Armor)

    First do Frogzard Hunter #3 to get the potions from the trog and then cancel out. Then go to the Ninjitsu Temple (Ninja Class Training) and do special mission. Kill the 2 Samuri warriors and the Samuri warlord then u will face Elizabeth. beat her and u win.You wind up with about 2000 Exp and tons of gold. You can do this quest as many times as desired.
    Quick Boss Defeats
    First you need a Dragonslayer armor AND a GOLDEN dragonslayer. Then go to "The Uneasy Peace between Dragons" event, which can be accesed at Dragonspine, and kill until you can use "Summon the Fire Dragon."

    These two armors actually have seperate Summon the Fire Dragon Spells. Which means you can do it twice in one battle and one Fire Dragon is already capable of wiping out near 50% of a boss's entire health. Do this twice and you've set up an easy kill.
    Quick Cash and Exp
    The best farming spot is the Nightbane's fortress, you can choose to stay there and farm, but there's a better farming spot as well. When you choose to hunt Nightbane, go to the WereWolf's Den when it asks you. You'll fight a dragon with only about 200 health and about 700 exp and 400 gold. 1 iluminite ultra can wipe it out, and you can keep fighting him as when you beat him you're asked where you want go again. You always get healed when you fight him too!
    Quickest Gold Farming: Levels 70-85
    1. Become a guardian, level 10 wizard, 175+ INT
    - if you're not a guardian, get a job.
    - if you don't have level 10 wizard skills, or 175+ INT, delete character, delete battleon bookmark from browser, go back to school.
    2. Buy Hydromancer robes and a water weapon.
    3. Take a piece of notebook paper, and with a pencil, write down your 20 favorite curse words.
    4. Dismiss guests and pets.
    5. Open travel map, travel south, click on Bennuju Wetlands.
    6. Click "More" as many times as you can, then click "Fight Hunters," and "Fight by Yourself."
    7. Equip Hydromancer robes and water weapon.
    8. Open Armor Skills, click Imbue with Lore, then click Deluge.
    9. Kill first monster with two Deluge skills.
    10. If you do not kill in two Deluge skills, select a curse word from list (see step 3), say it out loud. Then use third Deluge. If third Deluge doesn't work, starve yourself and save food for those meant for survival.
    11. Kill second monster with two Deluge skills.
    12. Kill third monster with two Deluge skills.
    13. Collect treasure hoard.
    14. Go to shop, do not buy anything, but look at the silly gear. Then exit shop.
    15. Repeat.
    16. Think of me fondly as the one who delivered you from poverty.

    This method is slightly more gold-efficient than killing the Carnax parts in the Guardian tower >> Teleporter >> Fight Carnax section; however, killing the Carnax parts is more experience-efficient.

    Random Healing In Battle {GUARDIAN ONLY}
    In order for this to occur you must get the ultra guardian armor (I use might). In order for this, you must complete the Anti guardian quest.You get this quest y going to the guardian castle and clicking on the first man you see inside. Go to quests then go to Anti guardian. WARNING: Recommend doing if you are level 50 or higher. Go through the quest until you reach the point where you are asked which ultra guardian armor you want. Choose which ever one and then when you are asked to fight as a guardian or adventurer click fight as guardian. WARNING: If you choose to fight as adventurer this WILL NOT work. Defeat him then choose Ultra Guardian armor then choose which one you want. That's all! Good luck!
    ranged glitch
    if you get the frogzard sword and turn into frogzilla.....change youre weapon to a ranged weapon and switch armour to dracomancer armour.
    you should be attacking with youre ranged weapon like a melee weapon.(P.S. i used fire throwing knives & you dont do a second attack)
    RARE SPELL (ownage)...
    Ok this spell is very very very rare! U can only get this spell once a year. It is called ice needles it does 8 hits up to 30 each hit(240damage) to get this spell u have to wait for the wizard games. If u beat all the wizzards u will be awarded a prize chest. Use the spell with ur wizard robes. Use divine magic and then use the ice needles they hit up to 70!!!! 70x8=...alot of damage this will kill any monster thats weak against ice!!! and only costs 85mp...hope this helps
    Rare/Shiny treasure chests easy peasy
    First go to the inn and clikc the booby trapped bag at the bottom-right of yulgars desk go to the minuses then wait until above minuses but below 120 then battle monsters and flee then u'll
    have about 30/50 chance of rare/shiny treasure(repeat process).
    When you find a razorclaw dont use fire it damages it is 180% , but it absorbs the damage and his like over 100 with fire.
    Ok go and do the dark orb quest and choose one of your helpers like were king, artix, queen safiria, and people and then go to your first battle and flee and then if you go to fight monsters from the button in battleon, you will have the same person helping you kill the monsters.
    Really cool quest
    Go to the rip in the sky, then to the front door on the right. Click on the dark green plants above Lady Tomo's head. When it asks u if u want to go click 'hang onto the nimbo!' Fight all guards. Always go left when given the option. Click on every bag and box you can. Go into the basement when u can. When u kill the guard & it comes back get the piece it drops. Complete the puzzle. Fight all u have to.
    Really easy gold and exp!!!
    Go to vince in the isle place, ask him about the machine, and choose to help. after that make ur way to the left bottom corner, get the little purplr orb, and each time u do this u get 1000 gold and 1300 exp!
    realy kwl wepon
    to get rusty cleaver join the igneus or aerodu clan and go to the trophy room to get it
    Red Puzzle
    First you have to get into the cloud in the isle
    d'Oriens. If you don't know how then look around the cheats and tips that everyone has been sending.If you get into the thing that looks like an airplane and you make it into the basement you have to get the puzzles. Once you made it that far you have to put them together. Look into the pieces and that will help you a lot.
    refill beginner health potions
    put 1 kelp in the wizards pot then put a frogzard tear in and last put 1 magma leaf in and 1 potion you get from the begining is refilled.
    rip in the skies under water battle arena for awe blade
    when you go to the rip in the sky, go to the library then click on the puddle on the floor to go to a arena where u verse 3 monsters.. to own them all use this combo: guardian plate, water shield, and the ionic slasher ( from yulgars inn )
    the reason to wear guardian plate is that you can hit twice with your energy weapon or you will hit double 20+ with its super spec., use water shield because it gives you a good defence bonus against water monsters.
    salvation weapons
    well first you can go to twilly and say ello then visit frogsard hunter.Then battle the two fiends and flee after you get the 10 potions.Then tou travel east 2 times then you go to the necromancer place.I would avise you to be lvl 70+ as the hardest fiend is the end you get the salvation weapons.
    Scroll Combos
    The help thread that had them got deleted so I will put them here.

    FallowSea+Kad Morag+Lavai+Conflagration+Elder Saggidus=Star Forge

    Fallarion+Lavai+Elder Saggidus+Conflagration+Cayla's Mirror=Fireball Z

    And I still need to find whirl tide.
    secret gun
    when battlein a darkel air rader when you have killed it click on its gun and now it will be yours
    secret hole
    go the main page and you will see a circle of flowers next to valencia click on the dirt thats southeast from the circle and you will fight dead guys and you will win alot of money xp and mana potions
    secret passage
    when you go to the libarary at the island you will see 3 candles on the wall click on the last one and you will go in a have to find all then keys. but i dont know how to find the keys. you have to play games yo get them.
    Secret passage
    there is a secret hole in the main page while playing the game. Right in front of valencia click around and a secret hole will be there
    Secret passage to boiler room
    First go to the rip in the sky. Then go to the first door on the left then go into the battle chamber by clicking on the stairs then battle a monster then click on escape before its too late and you will see a open passage on the top left click on it and it will get you to the boiler room
    Secret Pit!
    When you first log on, you will be at battleon. If you click below Yulgar's in(like and inch or if its longer) and eventually you will come accross a "pit"! The game suggests you be in level 10. While down there a chained-to-the-cieling skeleton will talk to you. Choose fight or whatever and you will be in a series of fights that are endless! Will they may not be because I've never made it really far!
    Secret Void (Guardians Only)
    If you go to the updated town of Granemor Click on the moon. The moon takes you to the Void!
    See Through an Enemy Page
    When you highlight the enemy page in battle, in 3 seconds it will be transparant.
    setup for good dodging and making them miss + damage
    armor: invisible cloak
    weapon:ice-chill ripper electric: lectris
    pet :any
    Shadow Master Get 5000 Gold And Exp in 15 min
    First,Go to Epic Quest Next,go to shadow master Next keep fighting the monster and u will earn that much of gold
    shape shift
    goto travel map, sail east shape shifter training, buy spell train with crazy hair dude. Viola! you can shapeshift!
    Slaying a dragon
    Before u slay a dragon, if ur lvl 40 - 50 get at least 8 potions. Go to frogzard lvl 3 and defeat the giant fly and the swamp trog, then he'll give you 10 hp potions cancel once at your next battle and use the potions on to slay the dragon in dragonslayer.
    P.S. use the most effective weapon on the dragon e.g. use a light weapon on a dark type dragon.
    P.S.S. if ur a mage get the 10 hp potions and get some mana potions using the spell light of mana(i think) on undead or get some from the mage from stat trainers place.
    small head!!! (guardian only)
    ok what u need to do for a small head go to the mogloween event and get candy for the jason mask then get out and go to the tower and go to treasury and click on the middle helmet and you have a small head
    small update of my last post (so far best anti undead combo i know, though guardian only)
    as an add on of my previous post:
    Light orb (item 50 mana obtained from the epic quest) also improves your light damage and that of your vampdragon (which is 2k in the pet store)

    and holy might will be used as a second special attack which is just as random as the 6 stars random which i just figured out.
    So many lives!!
    Can't beat carnax? Wolfwing to hard for you? All those bosses you cant beat go into one conclution. NOT ENOUGH HP. Read this, and get pass that boss you always wanted to. Be 130 and Gaurdian for best effect.

    1. Use 35 health potions (25 If not gaurdian)

    2. Get 200 stat points on ENDURANCE. (endurance=Hp)

    3. Become a level 10 paladin (be able to fully heal your self when your dead at level 10.

    4. Become a level 10 necromancer (be able to become a lich when you die.

    If you do all of these steps in order on one boss, and you usually have 1000 Hp, then you'll be using over 7000 lives!
    Some things you might wanna know...
    It only takes about 60-80 minutes to become a ninja.

    If you arent a guardian, but still wanna play, when your done or have to go, just minimize the window, when you get back, you'll prbably get the blue scroll of death, but you'll still be loged in and playing! (this worked for me for about 2 weeks.)
    (also use this if you have a TEMP you wanna keep. )

    Differences beetween blade of awe and guiardian blade:
    guardian blade switches elements often

    blade of awe uses attack of light and earth, but has more special attacks and teds to do more damage.
    Some Useful Tips/Observations
    1. To get in the mouse hole click on the purple potion on the shelf.

    2. To get a pet bat click on the armour in the top right hand corner in the left room of the guardians tower.

    3. If you take the rock to Valencia you get travel passes.

    4. Click under Yulgars inn to get into the pit.

    5. In Bludrut keep to get from floor 1 to floor 2 click on the carpet.
    To get from floor 2-3: A book in the book shelf opens the next door.
    3-4: The metal grate...

    6. Sir lancerler has the same face as you.
    Space Girls! (event level 35)
    This is the method I used to beat the Space Girls event at level 35:
    1. Get 5 mana potions (go to Twilly) and click stat trainers, pick the mage then intellect.
    2. Get 10 Health Potions (e.g. from The Frogzard Quest 3)
    3. Go Dragonspine and choose number 4.
    4. Then skip until you can choose "To battle!" Pick any of those (especially Warlic)
    5. Get truffle (a pet)
    6. Start battling the space girls. Teach them a lesson!
    Special Earth attack always
    Just get the Beast trainer whip and when you battle a hirroo you always do the special attack!

    The only requirements are beast trainer whip and battle a hirroo.
    Special fights
    When you are comtable killing creatures at 400-550, Try this.
    Go to the inn, and go upstairs to the man called Blackhawke (he is the fighter) the click on the door with a tiny man holding a sword. Battle well to get special prizes, lots of XP and GOLD. These battles are good and well deserving.
    Have a good Energy weapon, and also Earth.
    Have a decent lot of health potions and Mana Potions
    Recommended to level 40+
    Special Stuff
    Below are some special things you may find, along with how to get them.

    Buy the Zin Seed from Yulgars Inn to become a different element each turn.
    Go to Keld Naer and choose either the Orc or Warlic. They will deal opposite elemental damage to your enemy.
    Defeat Lord Arrgthas and take his weapon (the Permafrost weapon)
    Click on one of the bags in Warlic's shop to get a Bag o Bones
    Strong attacks have strong attacks, you need to buy melee weapons.

    2.Go to train- strength.

    3. If you are a beginner, you have do fighters quest, knight quest, mage quest, this allows you to become a paladin, be a level 3 paladin to use Holy Rage, it is a really strong attack and it only needs 40 MP.

    4. And if you are already is a paladin, go to train as a wizard, get to level 5. Then know you can go to train as a necromancer. Become a level 1 necromancer to use Undead Giant. It is a stronger attack and it only cost 30 Mp.

    Everytime i use Holy Rage, it always hit between 40 to 120. Everytime i use Undead Giant, it always hit between 50 to 200.
    Often I hit 200 and something.

    This tip helps you be a strong player, and you do not need to get a lot of potions

    strong combination
    (must be lvl 50 or higher) go to the inn and buy the super pzycho sabre level 50 (6500 gold) then buy the golden dragonslayer armor at dragonstone and last buy the can-can cannon(sorry i dont remember where to buy it) then go into battle and put on the 3 things the armor helps u atak but it does a second atak at the same time,but of light then the sword summons a hero of fire but the sword has a second ability,the special atak is to tell the hero to jump and atak (strong indeed) thhat hero is ur partner as u already noticed so atak with the golden armor and it does the second atak then the hero ataks but the can-can cannon has 2 atacks a plant one thats a cannonball or an energy drakel laser enjoy its easy.
    Strong Weapons
    Go to the vampire slayer shop and buy the witch blade with its special. It hits up 2 60 costs 800g (melee, earth (with its special uses light fire light)

    Go to the rare item trader person and buy the razor fan with its special it hits up 2 60 costs 800g (melee, darkness)

    Go to Uglars shop and buy oh I forgot the name but costs 3000g hits 22 normally but with its special it hits 60 (melee, light(can hit any))

    Go to Uglars shop and buy juicy fruit - it normally hits 20 but with its special it hits 55s cots 200g (melee, water)
    Sun Flower On Your Team
    Ok this is a gd way to get a sun flower on ur team. For me he was taking off 6-22.

    This is how you do it:
    First make a pet rock. Go to Warlic's Mage Shop and put Slattwob Dust, Bad Juice, and Magma Leaf. Go to Aria then click on Visit Velencia. Get a travel pass and go to Lolosia. Then there is a bar or inn or sumfin like that there. Go in there. You will see a sunflower on the bench. Click on it. Now you have a really good sun flower on your team ! Have Fun !
    Super affective weapons! Part 1
    Dread staff of Nihilus:When it's special a effect occurs it will hit 15 times, most of the time it gets over 50.
    Super Pzycho Sabre:This weapon is vey useful on monsters that are weak against fire. You will summon a creature from the blade that will fight by yours side until you log out or replace it. When the blades effect occurs after the creature has been summoned the creature will use the blade and attack 2 times.
    Blade of Rennd:This blade is awsome! If the moster is weak against lighting this blade will kick it's butt!
    It usually goes over a 100 hits.
    super major damage!!!!!!!!!
    ok. first become a lvl 10 ninja at the nijitsu temple, or whatever. use the lvl 10 move and if it uses its special, it will automatically deal out 300 damage or more!!!!!!!! oh, 1 more thing. dont use this on something that has negative damage. have fun with this!!!!!!!!!!
    Super Plunger!
    Go to the sky place by catapulting. then go to the boiler room in the library. Click on the ladder, then go 'swirly time' you will get a super plunger with water atack. Goes away after you log.
    Super Rare.......Carnax Blade!!!![temporary]
    Go to the travel map and sail east,go to the crater.Wen u done that go to the catapult in the bottom right corner.Do the arrows and click "hop on".Do the door (compass,bolt barr then hook) then go to the libary and click the podiom stand,go in then at the right end of the table there are 2 rolled up scorlls.PICK THE 1 ON THE LEFT!Then after that click the golden chest and voila.....the earthern.....Carnax Blade!!!

    Email me for more info on adventure quest and ill help u with stuffs.
    super strong fire weapon!
    go to isle d'oriens by clicking on crater then the catapult then go to the place and click on the left door and there will be a axe click it and u will have a very strong fire weapon it dide 111 for me and it attacks 3 times! so it did 333 damage!
    super-tough companions until log-out!!
    ok click on the go to event and then go fight and when it asks who you want to go to fight with pick warlic and when you fight first creature in event click cancel and flee.

    then if you fight something else

    warlic's at your side!!!
    sweet stuff with a scroll(guardian only!)
    go to ile or drones go to libray then go to the basement and click on the FIRST by the 1 with steam coming out make shure its the FIRST
    Take off cape.
    I've only tried this on the Golden Dragonslayer Eclipse armor, but I think it works on any armor with a gold cape. Click on the cape and it should come off. To get it back on, click on the cape icon under your HP & MP bars.
    teleport and pet rock
    for the pet rock u go to the mage shot and ask to look around( mess with potions ). then u add slattwob dust, magma leaf, and bad jucie ( the pet rock will disipeer after u log out , so u doit agin =]

    for the teleport u do the same thing as u do for the rock but this time u put in: magma leaf, slattwob dust, and mermazon kelp ( it will teleport u to to a random spot or it might be the same in the pierate one u have to answer all the quesions and if u get one rong u have to fight a monster. if u beat all of the queations u get a parrot as a pet ( also goes away after u log out ). or it might bring u to a "triple challenge" where there are high lvl monsters...i mean really high lvl, when i did it before i had to fight a monster with over 1000hp !!!!
    Teleportation Potion in Warlic's Place
    You have to add (1) Magma Leaf, (1) Slattwob Dust and (1)Mermazon Kelp.

    It will teleport you to a special quest.
    the attic
    go upstairs in yulgars inn and click on attic and talk to the little man.go to twilly and click on have you heard any rumors to fight the seed spitter and click on its leaf for the item.then take willow creak quest and pluck the snayls shell.finnaly go to zobax hideout and get the franken corrot
    The behemoth
    When you find a cave they will ask you if you want to befriend the monster or fight it. say befreiend it. you must have a good amount of charisma needed to befriend. isay about 45-100 charisma. if you befriend it it will be your guest. damage50-68 good melee damage. if it does'nt fight it.
    the best armour in the game
    The best armour in the game in my opinion would be th obsidian cloak. All you really have to do is become level 1 necromancer to use \"undead giant\" which is a super good move. It can do up in the hundreds, even as a begginer. To get this spectacular armour, go to obsidia\'s lair. I think this armour is gardians-only but I am not sure.
    The best class, armor, and weapon (dark).
    The best class in the whole Battleon is Necromancer, and the best weapon (dark) is the bonethrill staff, and the best armor is the Necromancer Cloak.
    the best combo for armour

    the cooliest move ever (gardian only)
    olright first you need the blade of awe to get it go to the map go to cross roads then go to some where and finish that till you have all the peices to the blade of awe trade the gardian blade to valenaca go to battle monsters keep attacking until you use power world die the strongest move in the game you sommon the grim reaper he says "thy shall be killeed for my death" and it does 18000000 attack 4 times in a row!!!!!!!!!!
    The Pit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Go to the town and move ur mouse around the shop till it turns into the little hand. When it does then click and there will be a pit. Go down to enter an arena that dark monsters(zombies, werebats, moglin freaks, etc.)are in. Fight them to win money from chests. Kill 15 at fist to get a small chest with 275gold in it.
    THE ULTIMATE TEAM (guardian only)
    to get the ultimate u must be a guardian
    1.go on travel map and then click on ring and then click on the golden treasure chest so you get (salamander rider) then exit the quest and go back to town without doing the quest. on go on event and then click on(to war)then go on battle and take(262)with you,then win the 2 first battles and go back 2 town with out losing.
    3.then go to the guardian tower and then go 2 the guardian shop and buy a(fire wolf or ice wolf).I bought both and it worked 4 me
    and then after you've got the full team make sure you have good armour and a good weapon your ready 2 battle the evil of adventurequest.

    IT WORKED 4 ME I DID'NT EVEN LOSE 1 MATCH .............. LOL....... =]
    THE WHOLE TOPIC OF Non-guardian adventures/etc
    -In rip in sky,click the door on the left,
    in the room,try clicking the candles on the right...
    -In battleon,try clicking on the center of the map,
    a dungeon door will open...(lousy quest-not fun at all)

    Super pots!!
    -go to frogzard quest 3 and do the quest til someone give u 10 pots
    More pots!!!
    -after the quest go to yulgar's inn and press the right button once (stated at top righthand corner)
    den,press the person at the right hand side,press the second option and kill the monster there u will have a pot box maybe a trap or 3 pots(random)
    if you want to constantly keep taking pots only, u wait after the quest,then press the captain in dark(the ship there only) to continue

    King fight
    -go to the gatta island and fight there, after the first fight, press the second option and you will be able to fight the king(level 80)
    a bow will be given for defeating him, if u wan to help and so wadever go on...

    Yulgar defeat easily
    -people oways say that earth is the element yulgar has the most effect on him... but energy is the best (sort of to me),if u wan a gd energy blade, go to the krovesport (rogue quest) and click the shop there, find the blade called blade of rennd(warning high voltage lol...)
    ... then go find yulgar and kill him easily with the pots u had on you...

    Water element medium-hard enemies
    -go to rip in sky and go to the left door, inside,
    try clicking the middle of the map and a dungeon door will open go in and many water element monsters will b there
    not all are water monsters~!!!!

    Ice element easy-hard enemies
    -go to the frostville and try pressing monster hunt and there will be many ice monsters
    not all are ice monsters~!!!!

    dark element medium-hard enemies
    go to darkovia forest stated in the the cure and there will be dark element monsters
    not all are dark monsters~!!!!

    dragon hard enemies
    go to dragonspine and press the second option
    click those craps they talk there and there will be dragons... now ish 100% dragons

    non-guardians crossroads
    go to the mage shop and den make a stone out
    go to pet shop now and press Valencia? den go to press the valencia(the lady) den press travel passes den u know what to do

    sorry about previous ones because im new (sobs)PLEASE RATE Thanks~!
    tip 4 lving up + gold/ sumtimes z-tokens(for high levels only)
    Go to the Epic Quest fron your map. when the Mage Waric goes away follow him through the portal. When you go through you will be aproached by the Wizard Jackel Sano. He summons a bunch of wind creature for you to battle(i think its 5) when (or if) you beat them all you get to battle him. hes like lv 100 so be prepared. Its a tough battle but with a good reward so try it out
    Tip For the The'Galin
    Ok you need need to be a pretty high level. For me the real trouble is his stat modifier. Everything is 45%. But I know a move that also does a certain amout because it's the plus element thing. First you have to be at least level 2 Assassin. First, use duel wield, and choose any weapon. The use Yajuu Degeki. If it hits, it can do over 100 damage. Also something else it will probably help to get the Nerfkitten. Hope I helped
    Tip on Twig Cheat
    The Twig Cheat is one of my favorite cheats, but it took a long time to figure out why he kept falling and crashing. The cheat is 98% accurate. This will make it 100% accurate.

    Go to the Crater as usual. Click on the catapault if it is already build. If not, you have to click in the corner where it is and then the guy comes and u talk, blah blah blah. Then he builds it. Once it is done, you will see the completed one and an arrow facing left. Use the left and right keys on the keyboard according to the arrows, until it says Test! and Hop On! You click, Test and Twig appears. Then there are 2 more buttons that say, Jump, Twig, Jump or Fire!! Click Fire. Aim anywhere and click again. If you crash into a rock or a dove, you die. You go to Blackhawke in the Inn. Twig meets up with him and they blah, blah, blah. Keep trying until it looks like the ice/water is rising. Move Twig to the top of the screen. Then, when the water is almost at the top, bring Twig down into it. He should explode and then u can buy him. YOU MUST DO THIS LAST PART when the water is rising, otherwise, you just die again. Hope this 5 or 6th Twig cheat helps alot too.
    Tips for beginners
    1) If you need gold and you are at a low level, keep doing the Frogzard Hunt Part 1. It is very easy and gives you about 600 gold every time!

    2) Need an ally but can't afford a good pet? No problem! Travel to Epic Quest and do the quest, Big Trouble in Little Granemor, and Vampire Slayer E will be yours! Cancel the first fight and he will follow you every where!

    3=want easy experience?and you are low level?just ask the little moglin on the left when your are in battleon if he has heard any rumors! the quest is very easy and levels up well
    To be hard agenst Earth monsters (Werepyres only)
    Frist buy a Mogoo and equip it wile in the Werepyre stat and your defence of earth will increase.
    to change your name or put your stats down die.
    when you die u will come to a reeper
    then when the reeper comes up click the hourglass on the bottom of his robe he will
    give you a walk around quest. on it go into the purple swirly thing.
    if you are in a graveyard click the gravestone.
    a guy come up and you have to lose the battle to lower your stat. if twilly comes up
    then you can change your name. sometimes other stuff might come up just go along with
    it and then try again.
    To defeat Xyfrag without potions
    Okay, heres what you do, go to obsidia's lair and by the lumpy skull culb, next get sackelberry special then get invisibility cloak
    and most importantly get sleestak the mini dragon cousin of Sparky(you can get him from the event called dragons gone wild) because it does non-elemental so then it could do high damage to Xyfrag!The lumpy skull club will also do high damage in its special attack which is high life stealing! and does darkness attack as well! Hope you guys have all this stuff cause I defeated it and Im not even a guardian!I'm an adventurer.
    To hit 800+ (Guardian Only)

    Okay, first you have to make it to Yulgar, the Inn Keeper:
    1. Go to the furthest east room of the inn and drink the purple potion
    2. Defeat the Kitten at the end of the tunnel

    Now, Equip your guardian blade and keep attackinguntil you use special, Yulgar has +450 on earth so you will hammer him.

    Tons of Exp and gold
    1.) The first is zorbaks or zorboks hideout when u get there click on the second one help mu glen or wateva defeat all the monsters until you get to the lvl 80 moster i reccomend be lvl 55 befor you do this or lvl 50 either 1 but you have to keep battling them until they ALL die i think they have about 500Hp in all not sure but they atleast hit like 5-20 (give u i thik 1200 gold and 2200 exp =) happy lvling) onto the next 1.
    2.)The second one is first go to trvel map then click on sail east and click on crater get the catapult repaired and use the arrow keys to crank it thats every im important then launch your self do not test its waste of time then all you need to do i the code (first the compass thingy then the red thingy then finally the lock thats the combo) then go into the left door then you click on the brown desk click on the scroll thats next to the one that looks like its someking then click next that click on the treasure chest now the health bag now onto battle its pretty easy get aquella in yur partey shes the best then NOW ONTO BATTLE HAPPY lvling !! post something if you need help. Redhead1652 helping the adventures of AQ~!(reccomed to battle carnax lvl 40-130 if X-gaurdian) =)
    Tons of Health potions
    In town click on Twilly and go to Froghunter Part 3. After all the talking you come across a Skeeter. Beat it and a monster will come and attack you. Beat it and it will give you health potions until you have 10.
    Tower of Xyphos
    Beating the Tower of Xyphos is actually really easy. As soon as you enter the tower, you'll see two runes. Go right and you'll see three more (in a row on the wall). Remember them or write them down. You have to go down to the lowest floor as soon as you see a staircase that leads down. You'll probably end up fighting a darkness dragon. When you find the door with the runes in a circle on it, click on the five runes you found (in that same order) and it will open. It's not quite over though. Hope this helps.
    Transform Into GIANT WEREWOLF!!!!!!!!
    First go to the the map and click on Darkovia Forest. Then, click on werewolf lair and exept the curse. Click on werewolf gear and go to armors and there is one called lycan, get it and go on werewolf quests and then wear your lycan armor and it might make you transform when your only lvl 1 but if you defete the last really big vampire, who are really easy to beat your level of werewolf will increase and the more times you transform.
    Transforming into mega vampire
    When at the vampire and wharwolf place, go to vampire stronghold, a vampire will ask you if you want to be a vampire click yes. Then battle intill you get 500 coins. Then go back to the stronghold and click on the vampire. When she talks there should be a thing that says, Gear or something like that. Then clik armor, get the vamp and whenever your attacked and your halth is about half way, your guy(Or girl)will turn into a giant vampire, he or she will first attack the highest your weopen you were holding before then some 1s and 2s.
    Trophy Hunt Reward
    Ok, if you just flat out try and get the reward, you're just wasting z-tokens. The 100% way to get the reward which is right now a head of radius dragon item, first give him tokens, fight until you find a crask ( the animal that you can take his tusk and make a spear.) take the spear and next battle you will find the dragon.
    Turn Black
    Go to Warlic's magic shop then you put bad juice moglin essences and frogzard tear in the bowl your face and hair should turn black. It will go away when you log out.
    turn face completely black
    Go to Warlic's mage shop and go to explore the shop. You should see a big bowl on the shelves, you can drag and drop ingredients into the bowl. To turn your face black mix the Frogzard Tears, Moglin essence, and the Bad juice together.
    Turn into frogzard!!!!!!!
    Go to twilly and go to the phrase the frogzard hunter then choose part3 and (youll have to battle some kinda hard monsters)get the frogzard sword and battle some monsters and eventually youll turn into an frogzard.
    Turn into FROGZILLA
    Go to frogzard hunter quest two and defeat mother frogzard and use it a couple of times and you'll turn into FROGZILLA!
    turn your hair green
    in the wizards tower put 1 mermazon kelp in the pot, 1 frogzard tear, and 1 bad juice and your hair turns green.
    Turning fire orbs into ice orbs
    This is not really a cheat or tip but to turn fireorbs in ice orbs or crystals(not appears as a random monster i dunno) all you have to do is freeze the fire orbs with a freezing spell like that 9 lvl spell in ninja class

    Tip- you may not wanna do this if the fire orbs are low on health it will refill the orbs health completly which happened to me it may not happen sometimes.
    Twig (yellow moglin) as pet
    Sail East on the map and travel to the crater. Select the catapult and choose "Test". Twig will teleport to the catapult. Select "Fire" and click anywhere on the map for a destination. At the end of the minigame, the water will start rising. Land Twig in the water after it's near the top. If you do it right, he will land in a pile of fish. It might take a couple of tries. You have two choices to buy him: a low level and a high level. He has two attacks: an ice attack and a water attack.
    Twig as PET!!
    To get Twig as a pet go to the Crater and click on the catapult, Once you are done talking to the guy, click on the catapult again and choose "test Twig". Twig should be on the catapult and it will fling him; try to keep him from hitting the water, birds and rocks. At the end you will have no choice but to fall. At the end of this, you will find a shop where you can buy Twig.
    Two Pets
    Once you're a vampire or a werewolf, go to the place were you were changed and select the animal that is drinking. That animal will fight with you.

    The bat is fire and the dog is light.
    Ubers(path and shops)
    1st turn - go up
    2nd turn - go right
    3rd turn - go up
    4th turn - go up

    and whit pic
    after you finish scion do this

    1st turn - go up
    2nd turn - go right
    3rd turn - go up
    4th turn - go right

    and whit pic;
    then this for the shadow

    Phobos >>> Deimos >>> Nemesis

    go to Frostvale>>>Chilly's Shop

    RARE (Coming back soon)

    UberPlates cost
    1.Phobos , Scion , Penumbral - 100.000
    2.Deimos , Heir , Umbral - 400.000
    3.Nemesis , Reign , Shadow - 700.000

    UberShields cost

    UberWeapons cost:
    ultimate dragonslaying move(well sorta)
    ok, all you have to do is be lv5 ninja and have the mega dragonblade. NO dragonblade. the MEGA DRAGON BLADE ONLY. ok, you guessed it: wield mega dragonblade when facing a dragon. then, use dual katanas. two good hits of the dragon's weakest element!!! you can do this with other class moves but hey, this one looks kool!
    Ultimate Dragonslaying Team!!!!(Guardians Only)
    First, buy the mega dragonblade at the z-token shop, then train as a dragonslayer to level 10.Next,get the elete dragonslayer armour(optional,it makes you look cool), then go to the guadian shop and buy the clone pet or the big clone or the other clone. Then get dragonslayer twilly as your guest, equip all of these , then Voila, the ultimate dragonslying team!!!!
    ULTIMATE Equipment
    Darkness:shadow cloak,shadow bones,shadowspear

    Light:golden plate,golden shield,golden axe

    Ice:nemesis plate,nemesis shield,nemesis mace

    Fire,Energy,Light:riegn plate,riegn defender,reign bringer

    Energy:asgardian plate,asgardian shield,mjolnir

    Some where i know where to get..

    Shadow set:alphanar
    Reign set:alphanar
    Asgardian set:thunder mountain
    Ultiment dark defense and lich armour guide
    First the ultiment defense 4 dark. Get to lvl 10 necromancer and pirate (pirate is optional). Then go to paladin and buy the sheild "paladin". then get 2 lich charged up and do the pirate final quest. the monster should kill u as it can do 100+ each turn. Then become a lich and equip paladin (the sheild) and you hav a darkness of 50%. I beat a Dark Djinni and a Drakolich Rider at lvl 69 so its very good.
    now lich. the first one is drain. U do 2 attacks (both darkness) and u lose 10% mp and gain 10% hp. next is terror. u use it and u do 3 attacks. ones your weapon element, then dark, then ice. The ice can sometimes freeze enimies if their ice def is mor than 100%. Then theres undead assualt. 3 hits of your element.
    One of them sometimes lowers their stats. I havent figured it out yet.
    Ultra Akriloth
    You can find him at plasma dragons on the travel map.

    Here's how I killed him if you have the equipment:

    Nemesis plate
    Reign defender
    Ice Katana / Nemesis mace / Ultimate trench axe
    Fairy godmother
    Heal wounds

    First turn: use call forth the fire dragon. Then just attack normally for a few turns until he hits around 8000 health. Then use your health potions to get yourself to full health, the mogleets shoud be freezing him giving you time to. Once you're full or close to it, just keep attacking until he gets around 5000 health. Use a heal wounds or two if you need to. Once he gets to around 2000 health, this is when I would switch to a big clone if you have one and the charisma needed. Finish him of and you killed ultra akriloth ;D!
    If you have undead terror as a shield you can fight undead,vampires,ghouls or zombie you can fight them pretty easy.You can also use wolfbane gun to fight werewolf or bludbow to fight vampire.
    Undead Axe Of Light(Artix's Axe)
    NON-GUARDIAN ITEM! Go to yulgar's Inn and purchase it for 600 gold. You must be level 15+.
    Unequip Boreal bolt plate helmet
    Like Asgardian, Boreal bolt plate helmet also can be unequip, unlike its siblings, you need to equip certain MISC to unequip it such as Valkyrie helm. After using the misc, select the misc again to unequip it so that you can see your face..but again unlike its siblings, it will wore off after battle...
    Unlock Ultra Black & yellow Labrador Retriever
    You must to beat Fighter Quest and enter travel, Visit Any Clans and pay 10 token, now clans order "Now Black & Yellow Lab Dog are now can buy at Paladin shop." Both are with but not one, two in one. You can name up to two Black & Yellow. But Giant Powerful Dog same as Young fire dragon. Can up to 88-150 damage while Dog attack, If you're 50 level, all Breed Dog can be double attack. Dog can use any Melee, as lots Fire, ice, and other. Only buy with 300 gold. Also use Light of yellow's claw and Dark of Black's claw. Buy if watch for ice enemy, Fire will right match power. This very great Dog.
    up to 600 damage!!!
    first u need 2 b lvl 70 and lvl 7 wizard. first u by the ice katana around 11k(frostval) then eny wizard robe around 500gp(wizard training) and the enfinoratore spell 2k(at mage shop) battle a monster use divine magic then atack till u freez them from the ice katana ones frozen use the enfinorater spell and done
    1> (GARDEAN'S GO TO STEP 5) go 2 warlics shop and mix slattwob dust,bad juice and magma leaf to get a pet rock.
    2>go to aria's pet shop
    3>go to vanicia
    4>give vanicia the pet rock-she gives u a travel pass
    5> go to crossroads
    6>go to somwhere
    7>kill all the monsters and when u r don u get a treser chest or rare treser chest.
    8>after that go battleon and re-heal
    9>if u av lots of gold then go to stat trainer and train on LUK
    10>continu steps 5-10 then in no time u should hav blade of awe

    use smlle wapine and big hits
    win you are a bot to atake cike the mose on atakk for 5 sce and clike 1 more time and see wut it dose
    Useful Tip for Innkeeper Battle
    After you complete the mousehole thing where you drink the potion, you fight the inkeeper. He has a 450% damage response to earth element attacks, so if you've done frogzard hunter quest part 2 and turned into frogzilla, stock up on potions and fight the inkeeper because frogzilla attacks with earth, and the innkeeper is weak against it.
    Vampire/Werepyre killing team
    First go to Drakovia. Then go to the battle grounds. Skip the talking and say battle. Then say invite the were king. Exit and go to the pet shop and buy a fuzzle. Buy a fearsome dual light sword in darkovia. Then go to Yuglar's inn and buy a psycho blade. Then buy a darkovian tent. Go to your land and clear the trees. You can keep trying to get werepyres and vampires. Switch to fire for werepyres and light for vampires. Don't worry the were king will switch powers as well. If it isn't a werepyre or vampire his power will be earth.
    VampireSlayer Armor Glitch
    If you wear Elite VampireSlayer armor for a couple turns, then your character will hold the Longsword and a weird triangle shield.THey will hit with and block with the same as what your actually holding,but will freeze the game when you do your special ability.
    Varrinsqu Keep Rare Spells Combinations
    Elder Saggidus + Conflagration + Lavai + FallowSea + Kad Morag = Star Forge

    Elder Saggidus + Conflagration + Lavai + Fallarion + Cayla's Mirror = Fireball Z

    Elder Saggidus + Conflagration + Lavai + FallowSea +Shadow Storm = Whirl Tide
    Vault in Isle d Oriens (Guardians Only)
    Move your mouse to right boot, keep doing so till you find the key. The combo to the safe is:
    top: 3 13 || color: blue || bottom: 8 5
    Volcano Mace
    If you fight a drakel with a volcano mace after you beat it click on the volcano mace and it will be yours until you log out. (I fought the drakel in fighter quest level 3 boss)
    wana fight yugler reccomended 70+lvl and a helper
    go to the inn then the 3rd room click potion then drink it then your in the whole fight a couple of guys then your out then u have to fight a cat then yugler
    If you go to Dark lands then fight the levitating rocks you will meat a young girl named Wanda.......after you fight the the rino that comes after you find her she will be your guest........She hits around 10 with the water element
    Want potions read this
    If you really want potions then dont do stupid things like wasting your time at the frogzard hunter.For guardians like me just go to the crossroads and click any sign except for back to battleon. You will ever have 8,9,or 10 battles one of them is a potion chest or a trapped potion chest all the guys except for the last guy is easy the last guy normally has high hp but hits weak attacks. for adventurers go to warlics shop explore it use magmaleeaf bad juice and slatwoob dust. mix them in the pot then go to valecncia(thats the girl where you have to go to the pet shop to meet ) and click travel passes.
    Warlic's Potion Formulae
    Mermazon Kelp
    Frogzard Tear
    Magma Leaf

    Mermazon Kelp
    Moglin Essence
    Bad Juice

    Slatwobb Dust
    Magma Leaf
    Mermazon Kelp

    After putting in the Triple Challenge Formula, click the scroll that appears three times but on the third time don't let go. Then, quickly drag the cursor over the teleport button and click it. You'll arrive at the Pirate Challenge no matter what time of year it is.

    Mermazon Kelp
    Frogzard Tear
    Bad Juice

    Frogzard Tear
    Moglin Essence
    Bad Juice

    Mermazon Kelp
    Frogzard Tear
    Moglin Essence
    Warlic's shop combinations here:
    Teleportation potion: mermazon kelp + magma leaf + slattwob dust
    Pet rock: slattwob dust + bad juice + magma leaf
    Health potion: mermazon kelp + magma leaf + frogzard tear
    Green hair: mermazon kelp + forgzard tear + moglin essence
    Backwords potion: mermazon kelp + frogzard tear + moglin essence
    Mana pottion: mermazon kelp + bad juice + moglin essence
    Black head: frogzard tear + moglin essence + bad juice
    Way to beat all guardian tower matches(guardian only)
    1.Frogzard face off- easy uness you encounter a vorpal zard or an elite frogzard but if u do this at a low level you will not encounter either of these so it should be easy.
    2.underwater melee- get a decent enrgy weapon and be a class level 10 fighter, level 10 knight or level 1 necromancer. also try to have water elemental sheild or armor.
    3.the hot zone- get a decent water weapon and be either a level 10 knight or fighter or a level 1 necromancer. also try to have a water elemental sheild or armor.
    4.Frostbite fun- get a decent fire weapon and be either a level 10 knight or fighter or a level 1 necromancer. also try to have an ice elemental sheild or armor.
    5.arena of the dead- become a paladin and have a decent light weapon.
    6.creepy crawlies- be level 40 and become either a level 10 knight or fighter or a level 1 necromancer. if u see a level 80 burp try to beat it but u might have to restart.
    7.beasts of legends- be atleast level 55. get the spell spectrum swirl. have lay in hands ready once ur a level 8 paladin. also be a level 1 necromancer. youll beat the cyclops and the griffen easily. against the spynx keep using spectrum swirl till the sphinx'es mana is lower than 80. then youll beat it with a pretty good dark weapon. then youll beat the miinotuar and you might need a few health potions and a good wind weapon.finally the hydra have a good energy weapon. the hydra will almost kill you so use lay on hands. now switch to necromancer and keep usind undead giant. u will finally kill the seemingly unbeatable hydra. much mayham- be atleast level 45. just be good all around. you might encounter a hydra but if u dont youll take this no problem with only a few tough corithlions in your way.
    9.dragons revenge- be atleast level 60. be a level 9 necromancer. a level 9 paladin.the monsters come randomly but there almost all going to be supierior to you. have lay on hands ready. have many health potions. if you have all of the elemtal weapons and theyre all decent you should have a chance. Edan is nearly impossible so you might want to quit. trigorras is also very good. if you encounter him before the fifth battle quit if you encounter him on the fifth or after battle him. keep going. if ur losing by a lot use lay on hands if u arent try to win. if u win on ur next battle u will have little hp if u didnt use lay on hands against trigoras so use it now if u werent healed. if u dont encounter edan you could win. chalange-be level 125. be level 10 everything. have lay on hands. have 175 in every stat. battle ur heart out.
    Way too get 2000 coins in about 15 min (level 40)

    First you have to be part werewolf and then go 2 Gatta island then they will say you are part dog and you will fight Gatta people. They will give you 200+gold each battle. I reccomend you be at least lever 40, maybe like lvl 35 and up could work too. Pretty much all weapons r good but earth is the worst (in the third battle its 70%). You wont get healed between every battke but you will get healed a couple times. there is a potion bag before that give you potions if you have less than 4. One weapon I found to be good is the sharpened gatta axe wich you can get before you are a werewolf if you come to the island and win some battles, Wind and water are the best elements at 110%. But if you are already a werewolf you cant get the Sharpened gatta axe until after you beat them all. I did this as a level 45 and it was pretty easy and I didnt have to use any Health Potions until the 3rd Gatta soldeir because he had over 500hp but that is the last battle. I needed to use 5 health potions total so i would bring some, I got about 2000 gold in 1 time (you get a good amount of xp too). if you beat all of them they will want you too help them defeat their enemies, I said yes and then if you defeat 2 enemy camps ( i did and if you are a level 45 its not that hard) they will let you buy stuff from their shop and that is where i got the sharpened gatta axe, i did it before i was i werewolf but you should still be able to get the shop while you are a werewolf. Oh, and also when i went to the island as a werewolf I had Lycan Armor that i got at Darkovia Forest in the Werewolf Lair ( wich is also where you can become part werewolf by joining the king or becoming brethren. The way you do that is there should be a big gray guy and you can click "RUN!!!" or the other button wich is the one you click to become part werewolf). Well i spent forever typing this so hope SOMEONE finds it useful! Please verify this if you find it accurate (wich i did )
    werewolf with human head (lycan armour needed)
    get the lycan armour and battle and put it on then go to warlics shop and ask to explor shop then put in the ingredience for green hair
    White Eyes
    ok,first you must be a mage level 5.Go to warlics shop and go to mage quest, then wizard quest.go to wizard shop weapons. buy the liquiscepter. In battle when using its special attack, your eyes will light up white.
    Wicked sword
    If your an adventurer, go to warlics shop. click explore shop. then put in the pot the orange leaf, bad juice and slattwob dust. go to valencia and click travel passes and select lolosia. then go to one of the buildings. you should see a pirate dressed in red in one of them. click him and the he will ask you to go to the canyon of lost souls. go there and help the ghost girl. after two battles it will say you can turn back. do not turn back.(must have heaps of health and mana potions). keep battling and you will end up facing victrus spectre. Defeat him and you will get a sword called a soul carver. Enjoy.
    wickidly awsome fire demon
    Okay first get to level 55 get 5000 gold and buy super psyco blade level 50 then go to froastvale and hunt monsters the during the battle the blade will instantly summon a fire DEMON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Wierd glitch
    I was bored and i fought a bright sunbeam... i used a hybee spear and ued undead mutant spell (necro class) and they got like 3000 health really fast and then they died... wierd... maby i overloaded them lol
    win all battles in no time beginners!!!!!!!
    ok first create a guy then the game will ask u if u want a charecter to help u select the wizard and when u battle monsters u will always win he attacks 25 or higher!!!!
    Windzard Glitch
    If you have a truffle, and you are fighting a Windzard, when the truffle attacks it will say a number with a minus sign at the front, but actually it is not giving it more life. It is taking life off it!
    Don't pick the spring wizard wrob unlesse u r a girl cuz it is bright pink.The white wizard robe is light blue and white (it kinda looks like a ice suit).The dark wizad robe is black and purple and the blood wizard robe is black and red.
    You can get 10 potion
    Go to the Frogzard Hunter Quest Part 3 you defeat it and you will get 10 potion!(you don't have to defeat the frogzards!)
    You only get one rock as a pet.
    Ok, no matter how many times you create a pet rock, ye only get one. I tried it 57 times and when I battle monsters I only see one rock
    Now you know why I hate rocks but still, even though they suck,rocks ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Your opponents weakness
    Hover the cursor over your opponents head, Underneath Element Modifier, is their weakness.
    Z tokens weapons
    Mack sure you have at least 250 z tokens. Then go to the person next to the inn. Talk too her and click z token shop. Look at weaponds and buy any(DARK EYE IS THE BEST FOR ME) and keep using it unless you get a monster that is super strong agenst its element or is negetive percent. You can get 5000 per 30 minute or more if your 10-30. But remeber to update your weapon every time you get a good amount of Z tokens.


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    beat space girls
    die but when you die on them make sure you wear the armor that comes with the game also make sure the first one kills you but they'll attack again but you'll win repeat
    gained and lost fisherman
    if you get on the game and are still in the purple thing go to greenguardwest until u see the fisher click her and then u click start fishing, when you get on there on the fish rank bar it says "I can Has Broke Da Bar" and you will have all the items and where she says the stuff when you do or dont catch a fish, she says 1-10 in an order througout the entire order and 999 bait and 999 dynamite and your character has a lot of different colors on his body but you will see through his body and the bait and dynamite you will not be able 2 use them.
    Glitch to Increase Health
    Go to Travel Map, Then go south and go to the Groph Swamps, Once there choose "Search for magical plants" find the larsham flower, once you have it go to the pet shop and get the Fairy Godmother, also go to the paladin shop in the Inn and get the "heal scrapes" or "heal scratches" spell then, also it would be helpful if you have a magic spell to summon or get one of the other "heroes" from quests such as granthor or whatever from the devourer saga or some dracomancer quests. go to a quest where the monsters are very weak, use the larsham flower then heal yourself with the fairy godmother, attack the monster until it would take one hit to kill him heal your self depending on how low it is until it is maxed out then kill the enemy, your health will have increased by 5-10 points i had 750 and now im at 809 from 4 battles. This may seem complicated but once you get it it gets much easier.
    How to get a non-elemental weapon!!
    you must have the assassin armour and the sifters blade, when u get in to battle, equip the whispering raiment and the sifters blade and it'll be non-elemental so you can hurt any enemy.
    Sawbot Armour
    When you buy a house you might see treasure chest at the bottom click on it and you get Sawbot Armor

    Easter eggs

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    death easter egg easy exp and gold!!!
    well in order to get to this area, you first have to die. once you are dead, death should row onto the screen. after about two seconds, a little hourglass(not the one death is holding) should appear in the bottom right of the screen.(it will be semi-transparent) click on that and start death's quest. you can basically ignore the whole quest objective. all you need to do is go into the portals and you will get cool easter eggs and whatnot. here is a list of the portal locations in order. (notice they only change once you have completed or failed in the portal. if you fail death will let you go back, but not with the same portal location.)

    first time- sir Pwnsalot (un-trainer no guardian required)800+ exp

    second time- snowy village. stay on first screen for a few seconds to heal then you will fight a fire monster 700 + exp 300 + gold(this fight is very hard)

    third time- sends you back to death. you can get right back in there dont worry

    fourth time- you find twilly in the darkness and he says he'll help you make your character. he then says he will be willing to call you anything. this means you can now change your characters name to anything you want. (if you want to change it again just go through the portal 4 times again and you'll go right back to this page.)

    fifth time- you find yourself in some frozen wasteland when before you stands frosty the snow golem. you have a choice here after some dialogue: you can either help him, which i do not recommend, or you can fight him which you should only do if you are level 25 + with the correct weapon armor and shield to fight an ice monster. it may take a short while, but its soooooooo worth it. the first time i did it. i got 1400 exp and 800 gold. and it increases steadily as you play it more and more. second time gives you 1500 third gives you 1600. same increase for the gold. 800; 850; 900 etc.

    (if this is your first time doing it then you can move on, if not then just stop here because the next section is fun but doesnt give any exp or gold.

    sixth time- you fight as zorbak in an effort to save, yes save, your character who is trapped in a well. you fight a paladin a protestor and you even fight the great Leeeeerrroooy jeeeenkins!!!!! and pals.

    seventh time- you find a throne that has been tipped over and it talks to you and actually gives you 3 hourglasses. so if you are actually trying to do the quest this is a lot, but it is however extremely out of the way of the quest.

    now this is where the portals stop and repeat. but if you are looking to get easy exp and gold. i suggest just stopping at frosty the snow golem, going behind one of the rocks, and fleeing. this will take you back to death and you can leave. after that all you have to do is die again anywhere, and you'll be taken to the exact same place as you were before. then repeat the process and you usually get over 2000 - 2500 exp depending on if you beat the fire monster or not. which means you can level up really really fast.

    i hope this helped some of you. thanks for reading! <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
    different damages in frogzard form!
    if you learned the shapeshift spell,you first use it to transform into a frogazard.then you choose a weapon of any damage (it can't be bow or an item that you throw.)then when you attack it does the same type of damage that the weapon does!with the pzycho blade some times it is like it is floating when it does a special attack!when you cast a spell the weapon is floating!
    Fish Head
    Go to Yulgar's Inn and click on the guy with glasses on and ask him what happened to Yulgar. Then Twig comes down and he will tell you about the story of Yulgar and then it changes to a story about fish. You will have to battle some fish enemies and your head will be that of a fish throughout the game until you log out.
    Get Twig?!?!
    Get Twig as a pet!!! he does waeter and ice damage. heres wat u hav 2 do, goto travel map, go to the crater, let the guy fix the machine, its a catapult, clik test,FIRE!keep twig alive until he hits the water(dont hit ANYTHING,or twig goes poof).Buy twig!
    how to get eseglee as your guest
    If you want eseglee on your team,follow these instructions:

    1.Click todays event

    2.pick volu's pride

    3.skip the chat,or read it

    4.pick fight alongside eseglee

    then....hes on your team,he does 2 attacks on each turn,but they're weak <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> .
    Sawbot Armour
    When you buy a house you might see treasure chest at the bottom click on it and you get Sawbot Amrmor.
    take cape off (all armors with cape)
    First obviously have the armor,


    put it on then in the battle press

    the cape and its gone!!!

    To put it back on look under

    the stat bar

    and click the cape and there you

    have it

    ENJOY!!! <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />