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Another Crook trick
I use "gaurd towers" to stop the crooks before they get on the property. Simply biuld a one square one floor tower in the far corner of the lots and put three alarms on each tower, to stop him before he starts.
Now there are 2 ways of doing this, you can either a) get a bunch of dogs to chase him away, which doesnt often work.
or b) , when he comes press "p" for pause, then ctrl shift c, move_objects on , buy mode, click on him and delete him! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!
BYE BYE SKUNK!!!!!!!!!!!
When the skunk comes to ur lot, simply ctrl shift c , move_objects on , buymode, click delete!

Chip Money!
First, make sure that the move_objects on cheat is enabled. Next go to the fridge/pantry and buy a bag of chips (have a snack), drop the chips, go to BUY mode and then sell the Chips for $15!! Easy money!! Woot.♥_♥
Depressed No More!
If your Sim is very depressed, and you want them to be happy, enable the "move_objects_on",( ctrl, alt, shift and c) code and pause the game. Click on the Sim in buy/sell mode and click the delete butten on your keyboard to delete him/her.MAKE SURE YOU SAVE THE GAME BEFORE YOU DO THIS!!! Once deleted go to the live mode and click the person's head icon. Everything should be close to full. This is a prefect cheat if you are close to getting promoted and you just need your sim to be happy when they go to work. Make sure you try it! :-)
Dog Attack!
Do you dislike a neighbour that just keeps coming and coming and you can't get rid of them? Simply delt with!
Get a dog and whenever a neighbour (or another member of the family) is anywhere on your lot, you can get the option attack and then a name! It's so fun
Dont Let the the adoption poeple take your baby away/change ur babys gender and name.
if u dont feed,sing, and play with your baby the adoption clinic will come and take ur baby away from u. so 1st u type the cheat "ove_objects on"
then when the adoption lady comes she will tell u something and as soon as u close out the the message box u go to build mode then click on her and delete her then once u did that go back to live mode then u will get to start all over and if u had a boy to start with then u will have a girl(same backwords)and u can re-name them and stuff but be shure u treat the baby well or u will have to re-do this whole process.

NOTE: this will only work if ur kid is still a baby.
Get Money From Fire Works
all you have to do is launch of a fire work and either before it hits the ground or while its exploding hit buy mode. Click on the fire work and deleat it and Wah la you have money without using a cheat
Get Santa Claus to come!
First, you need a 2 story house with the bedrooms upstairs and the living room downstairs.

In your living room, have a fire, a plate of cookies and a christmas tree. (Make sure you don't have Servo, he hates santa and will do anything to try stop him coming!)

Make sure the fire is not lit then all of your sims need to be in bed by 8pm.

Shortly after, Santa will arrive and leave you a present!
Going out of House Advice
Make sure your Sims are in good shape and every family member is present before heading out. When getting back you should raise any low Mood Bars and look at the clock.
When your sim is sad or hungry or tired or anything, just do this:

ctrl shift c , move_objects on , then go to buy mode and click on ur sim and delete them, then go back to live mode and click on their face, they will come back fully happy!.
...This tip would always work...

...first you must gather the needed materials: Diamond Rings (you may have atleast 4 for this but it would always be better if you would have more), a house that has a dining place, toilet room, and bedroom (always make sure that when your sims are in those rooms, the room meter is full since a nice living place will attract a future husband or wife...in the bedroom, you must have the most expensive bed that has the options of sleeping and for vibrating this is where the making love will happen...go to downtown in purchasing the diamond rings...you could select the best man or best girl and give him/ her the diamond rings through giving it as a gift, after giving 4 gifts to the selected character, the character would fall in love with your simulated character and a faded heartshape would start to appear on top of them...for an effective wedding...give more gifts until the purely red heart appears (probably 7 gifts will turn it super red)...serve dinner and call the selected character and let him come over, let him in and wait until the character finish eating, don't do anything to him/her, let him/her decide...probably all sims are predictable that after they eat, some will probably get their plates washed before going to the toilet, but some directly goes to the toilet...when the selected character started to go to the toilet, immediately click the red heart bed and vibrate...let your sim vibrate and let the selected character pee in the toilet and wash their hands (this will enhance the mood of the selected sim)...the selected character will go to the bedroom and play with you in the bed without being asked to...after they play...(maybe the sims are having their own thoughts that if something happened between two couple, they have to be married...lol...probably in some traditions)...you may or you may not let them kiss for the last time...but from this moment, you can make your sim propose to the selected character and the selected character will never reject you proposal since he/ she was probably on the mood...now you got a wife or a husband...you may have many husband or wives as desired...
How to make ghostes come!
Well first you have to kill a sim by getting your sim to light a fire by cooking or any other way then a grave will come and around midnight(12:00) your sims ghost comes.
Make Money With EEEK mice!!!
I think this only works when the mice first appear, but if you use the move_objects on cheat (first press shift, control and c, and then type move_objects on) and then go into the buy menu, you can sell the mice for $200+ dollars per group of mice. This works well when you don't want a cat, or your cat refuses to hunt!
Money Money Money
put the cheat mode tingy on and type in rosebud;:
and hold down enter. something will pop up saying no such cheat put keep holding down enter and watch your money go up!
never have to bring in the newspaper
go to buy mode and click on the news paper and bring it in the place you want it to be in
If you had a family or friend that just died ,before the grim reaper appears put pumpkins around all of your house and the grim reaper will run away!
Pet Raccoon?!?!?!
Yes, it's true! Get a pet raccoon! All you have to do is wait for El Bandito to come to your house, pause the game, use the move_objects on cheat, and build a fence around where you want him to be kept! Then just pick him up and put him in his "cage"! It totally works! Try it! I have a collection of raccoons now! <img src="http://i.neoseeker.com/d/icons/smile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> It's like my own little wild petting zoo!
Potion Master!
1: quick promotions.

Getting skills up for a promotion is easy. Agreed? Well, getting over 10 family friends for some careers is practically impossible as far as doing it the right way goes. BUT, you don't have to do it the right way. get a potion making kit. Then keep on going until you make a red potion. drink it, and someone will fall in love with you. This gives you an instant family friend. You will kiss, then you can carry on making potions.

2: personality reverse.

Beware. Many good sims have come off badly because they underestimated the power of the yellow potion. This will reverse your personality so that the one you had most points in, has now been swapped with the one which had the least points in.

there are others of course, but these two are the most useful and the most dangerous for me.
Potion types
Pink = Zombie (Bad)
Blue = 3 of random mood goes up (good)
Green = All mood types go down lots (bad)
Yellow= Personality Reverse
Orange= Invisable
Red = Love Potion

WARNING! may blow up!
Potion Types
Buy a Concoction Station (Misc) and make a potion (which raises logic). Your Sim may make different potions. They are:
Blue- fills up any 3 needs to full randomly.
Green- decreases all needs down to nearly zero.
Purple- makes Sim a hard-to-control monster.
Orange- makes Sim invisible.
Yellow- reverses personality permanently.
Red- makes another Sim fall in love with your Sim.

These can be useful for a Sim's promotion.
Quick Personality Points
When you create your Sims, don't give them any personality points. When you buy all your furniture and everything, buy a science lab. Keep making the potions until you drink one that ends up reversing your personality points. It is so c.
Selling Fire??????
You cant sell fire because When a fire starts the
Buy and build modes become unusable, and if you wasted time trying the cheat, here is one for you.

Then buy some fireworks (You need Livin Large)
Set off some fireworks
When it's about to hit the ground, go to buy mode and click on the floor tile it's about to hit and move it somewhere inside. When it hits the ground,
it will start a fire.
Servo--too much service.
If you have downloaded "Sims Unleashed Expansion" with "Sims Deluxe" this cheat is useful. If not, it is worhtless. To those that CAN use it, however, may know Servo the robot, and have him cleaning their house. Trust me in this tip-the job is much better done without him. Servo has so heart-he cleans Santa's cookies away, throws out your birthday cake, and when he is lazy and you want him to do more, he turns off. The thing I do is I turned Servo off whenever I saw him doing something bad to my sim's cake-then, after doing it for three sim months, he did things by asking me. The pop-ups were not annoying...they were helpful! Now my house is cleaned to my satsitfaction, but not Servo's. His fits are entertaining to watch. Enjoy my tip!
Simple Money
Hit shift+ctl+c and a box will pop up, this is the cheat box. In the box write rosebud;: then press the enter key. The game will tell you there is no such cheat but that is not true, if you hold down the enter button your money will go up. If you have homework,all you need to do is put something heavy on the enter button,like a stapler, then do your homework. If you use a stapler I'd suggest you use the enter key on the number box beside the letters not above them. This way you have something to do while your sim gets rich. You can only get up to 999,999,999 sadly. If the heavy thing you use touches and presses any other keys it doesn't work so be careful.
Instead of putting move_object_on. Put in the cheat box move_objects on!
The other way doesnt work
Star Points
I'm not totally sure if it's going to work all the time, but it did the first couple times I did it--When you go to Studio Town and pick a place there is more than likely going to be a famous person there. Get them to autograph your book 3 times in a row and then go to the paparazzo and hit "pose for picture". If he was around when you were getting autographs he will most likely take a picture for you.
Start off with lots o' skills
Create a new family, if ur gona make adults make them as kids but don't change anything(atributes,outfit,ect.) but make a name then edit your sim and make him or her as an adult but this time change atributes and outfit and your name to what you want it. Move ur family in to your house and look at they're job it will have all your atributes will be high.

P.S.You are still going to school when u start off so make sure that u get a job.
The Flight of Bumblebee
Max your Sim's Creativity skill level. Then make him play piano. If you can recognize the melody Sim is playing it's "The Flight of Bumblebee".
Walk Through a Mirror
If you want to walk through a mirror you have to: get a door, and then get a wall mirror, and click mwhere you want to go. Then it will look like yousim is walking through a mirror.

Easter eggs

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Move your Sims
Do you have a big house? Are your sims tired of walking around? Then use the move_objects on cheat to pick them up and put them next to the task you want accomplished. It's easy and it works!


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Change Time
Set_hour to #-put a number 1-24 in the # area to change the time of day.
Create Your Own Pets
At Create A Family Press Ctrl+Shift+C And Enter edit_pet.
easier way to get money than rosebud
before you open the sims go to microsoft word or whatever you have as a writing tool. type rosebud

then put a space in between and type ;!;!;!;!;!
then select JUST the ;! part and hold down control and c. it should now be copied. then delete the space in between the rosebud and the ;! and it will look like rosebud;!;!;!;!;! put your cursor at the end of the line and hold down control and v for 5 seconds. you should have a thing that says rosebud;!;!;!;!;!;! except the ;!;! continues for a while. then selct all of what you have and hold down control and c. it should be copied again. then when you open the sims, go to the cheat box and hold down control and v. it will give you about 1 million dollars
Full needs meter
If your Sim is very depressed or has another low attribute, enable the "move_objects_on" code and pause the game. Click on the Sim in buy/sell mode and click the bottom of the screen to delete him/her. Once deleted go to the live mode and double clock the person's head icon to go to where that Sim is located. Everything should be close to full.
Note: Save the game immediately before performing this cheat, or you will lose any career changes or points you have earned.

get full needs!
to get full needs first type the cheat move_objects on then go to buy mode then click a person and delete them. then go to live mode and click there piture that has the red thing. then u have full needs!
Get loads of neighbourhoods
First of all, go to your main SIMS directory e.g. c:\maxis\the sims or f:\The Sims. Now, you know when you flick through your neighbourhoods in Unleashed, you may only get 1,6 and 7. Or 1, 3 and 9. Well, in your sims directory, there will be some folders starting with 'UserData' followed by a number (one for each number in your neighbourhood) (excluding one folder( which is just called 'UserData)). If your neighbourhoods are 1, 6 and 7, the folders will be UserData, UserData6 and UserData7. Now, it is best if one of your neighbourhoods is empty, but it really doesnt matter. If neighbourhood 7 is empty, go to UserData 7, open it, copy all the files and folders from inside it and return to the main SIMS directory (if they are all used just pick a randon folder out of the UserDatas). Now, make new folders with 'UserData' and then 2,3,4,5,8,9,10,11 etc. You can make as many as you like (to an extent). Make sure you dont make 2 UserData7s or UserData6s. Now, paste all those files you copied earlier into each of the new folders. Then, start up the SIMS, and voila! You have many more neighbourhoods! It sound complicated, but really it isnt.
Get money with fireworks
First enter the cheat code: move_objects on. Then you buy fireworks and launch them. Just before it hits the ground, pause the game and select the square that is about to explode on. Once you have it selected delete it for about 50 thousand dollars!
Get your kids off of skool!!!!!!!!!!!!
type in the cheat move_objects on (when you do Ctrl + shift + C first like!) and when the school bus comes to pick up your child go on buy mode and delete the bus and it wont come anymore!!!!!! It worked for me!!!!!
Instant cake table!
...wanted to have an instant table for your cake!?...well? you don't need to buy!...you will sims won't be moving because the is no enough space for them to celebrate!...outside is a nice plays so that everyone will see the cake using the mail box as your table!...instant table!...
Keep your Kid!
When a social worker comes 2 get your baby, just select control shift c and there will be a gray box in the top left hand corner. Type in move_objects on and push enter click on her and she is deleted.

Note I would pause the game cuz that's the only way it works.

Another Note This doesn't keep the lady from coming back so take care of the baby again.
Keep your kitten/puppy!
If you have 2 cats or 2 dogs of the same species and one is male and one female they may have a kitten/puppy(If they snuggle/cuddle). The "momma" cat/dog will not always take very good care of it(Make sure you take good care of the momma cat/dog). When the man comes to take your new kitten/puppy away just go to buy/build mode, hit ctrl+shift+c, and type move_objects on, then delete him. Problem solved!

P.S. You don't have to do move_objects on before everything, just once!!

<3 Sims!
ok well press ctrl+shift+c and type remote_67 hold it done and it will say no such cheat kepp holding it done and each time it says no such cheat u will gain 500,000 coins try it it works
Mice? Roaches? Flies? No problem - just sell them!
Flies, roached and mice - each 'collection' is worth $460 - if you know how to do it right!
(NB: To trigger appearances of mice, you must have a cat at some point (even if it later dies).)
The initial appearance of mice/flies/roaches won't be worth anything. You must leave them to multiply and spread on their own. Then, press [Ctrl]+[Shift]+C. The cheat box will enter. Put in 'move_objects on'. In buy mode, pick up and 'sell' the infestations. Each will sell for $460! Note: The initial pests will still sell for nothing.
the quickest way to gain money is by typing


in the cheat box. Hold down enter, and it should come up 'no such cheat' but ignore this, and keep holding down enter, and you should get around, 3000 per second!!!!
Go to the neighborhood screen and enter the cheat: Nessie and Nessie will pop up in the corner swimming in the river. She also appears if you leave the neighborhood screen still for a few minutes, like a kind of screensaver.


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No More Bills!
Okay, if you dont want anymore of those annoying bills its simple. All you have to do it type in ctrl+shift+c and a box will pop up in the top left hand corner. Then, once there, type in move_objects on and then press enter. After doing this, go to the buy/sell mode and click on the mail box. Then press delete and that's how you dont get any more annoying bills!

An addition from Austinb17:

Instead of deleting the mailbox, tell your sim to get the mail and do ctrl_shift_c and enter "move_objects on". Delete the bills. If you delete the mailbox no one can find your house.


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Quick money
While playing a game, press [Ctrl] + [Shift] + C and enter the "rosebud" code. Then, display the cheat prompt again and type "!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!" (up to sixty total commands may be entered).

While playing a game, press [Ctrl] + [Shift] + C and enter "rosebud;:" as a code. Then, hold [Enter] so that "No such cheat" begins to flash. Keep the key held to gain up to 99 million simolians.

Refreshed once again
You know the pets are uncontrol-able and they die of something, so here is one way to make them very refresh like not hungry, a lot of energy, etc. So, just press ctrl + shift + alt + c ,then type "move_objects on" and press enter. Go to buy mode, try to sell your pets. After that, pause then go to live mode. You will notice there is a signal below your sim's picture, so you click the picture and there!
Note: This also works on sims in ALL The Sims games like The Sims original, Living Large, etc.
Stopping a Robber
First of all, it really helps if there is a burglar alarm in any room with a door leading outside. That way, the police can come without having to wake your Sims up.
After the robber breaks in and the burglar alarm goes off, hold your mouse pointer over the burglar while he attempts at stealing. This slows him down tremendously while the police make their way over.
When he is caught, you get a hefty award adn insurance for any items stolen. This cheat REALLY helps!
The Sims Unleashed New Careers Job list
>>>The Sims Unleashed New Careers Job list<<<

Careers Job names Salary(Simoleon)
Fashion Department Store Clerk 130
Tailor 190
Makeup Artist 210
Painters Model 235
Fashion Photographer 450
Tradeshow Model 600
Runway Model 650
Supermodel 875
Fashion Columnist 1050
Fashon Designer 1350
Circus Popcorn Vendor 90
Ticket Taker 130
Midway Carnie 140
Sideshow Barker 180
Clown 200
Human Cannonball 240
Acrobat 500
Trapeze Artist 610
Lion Tamer 775
Ringmaster 815
Culinary Dishwasher 90
Drive Thru Order Taker 120
Fast Food Shift Manager 130
Sous Chief 180
Head Chef 220
Restaurant Critic 335
Cook Book Author 580
Restaurateur 690
Celebrity Chef 760
Candy Bar Magnate 930
Education Playground Monitor 120
Substitute Teacher 180
Kindergarten Teacher 190
Junior High Teacher 210
High School Teacher 290
Principal 310
Assistant Professor 490
Tenured Professor 600
College Dean 700
Minister of Education 900
Animal Care Dog Walker 100
Pet Groomer 160
Sheep Custodian 180
Aquarium Technician 250
Zoo Keeper 345
Dolphin Trainer 435
Animal Acting Coach 560
Alligator Relocator 700
Veterinarian 780
Animal Magician 1050

unlimited money
if you type rosebud;!;!;! ... ect. till you cant type anymore, replace the last ;! with ;: and press and hold enter. you will have maxed out money in less than 10 seconds.
Wanna keep your sim home from work more than three times in a row without getting Sacked???
>>>>>Miss work without getting sacked

Do you really feel like your sim deserves a day off from work (or evan a week!) well problemo solved!

All you need to do is type in the cheat bar: move_objects on and then wait untill the carpool arrives, when it arrives go into buy mode and simpley delete it there problem solved! and now you sim can enjoy a day off the job!

P.S. the carpool always comes back the next day. if you want more days off just repeat the instructions above (but you dont have to put in: move_objects on, again)

From Lozzybabie xxmwahxmwahxx
Want some Cheats?
While playing, press [CTRL] + [SHIFT] + C, then type the following codes:

klapaucius - $1000 Simoleons (v1.0)
rosebud - $1000 Simoleons (v1.1)
water_tool - Make your home an island surrounded by water
set_hour # - Change time of day to # (1-24)
sim_speed # - Game speed to # (-1000 to +1000)
interests - View personality and interests of your Sims
autonomy # - Change how Sims think on their own (1-100)
grow_grass # - Grow grass # (1-150)
map_edit on/off - Edit the map
route_balloons on/off - Basic tutorial on/off
sweep on/off - Shows ticks of the game
tile_info on/off - Show or hide tile info
log_mask - Set event logging mask
draw_all_frames on/off - Draw all frames on and off
history - Dumps family history file
edit_char - Open Create-A-Character screen
lot_size # - Change lot size to #
draw_floorable on/off - Floorable grid
draw_routes on/off - Selected person's path displayed
draw_origins - Draw colored dots at each person's origin
move_objects - Move any object
prepare_lot - Check and fix required lot objects
hist_add - Add new family history to family
auto_level - Architecture tools automatically set the level as needed
house <#> - Automatically load indicated house, no questions asked
asssert - Force an assert for testing
log_animations - Log animations in the event log window
tutorial off - No tutorial object generation when tutorial house is loaded
browser_failsafe - Prevent web browser crashes
preview_anims on/off - Preview animations on/off
tile_info - Programmer stats
quit - Quit game
restore_tut - Restore tutorial
rotation <0-3> - Rotate camera
route_balloons on/off - Routing debug balloons on/off
fam_test - Run series of random operations on unhoused families
save - Save currently loaded house
plugh - Say "plugh"
porntipsguzzardo - Say "porntipsguzzardo"
xyzzy - Say "xyzzy"
autonomy <1-100> - Set free thinking level
edit_grass <number> - Set grass change value
grow_grass <0-150> - Set grass growth
lot_size - Set lot size
set_hour <1-24> - Set time of day
<directory path> - Sets the neighborhood directory to the path
sim_log begin/end - Start sim logging
sweep on/off - Ticks on/off
tile_info on/off - Tile information on/off
visitor_control - Toggle allowing visitors to be controlled using the keyboard
auto_reset - Toggle automatic object reset feature
cam_mode - Toggle camera mode
all_menus - Toggle display of unavail. interactions in control menu
music - Toggle music
quats - Toggle quaternion transformations
sound_log - Toggle sound log window
sound - Toggle soundshtml - Toggle web page creation
reload_people - Total reload of people skeletons, animations, suits and skins

Quick money
Enable cheat mode and enter rosebud;: as a code. Then hold [Enter] so that "No such cheat" begins to flash. Keep the key held to gain up to 99 million simolians.

Enable cheat mode and enter rosebud as a code, then enter !;!;!;!; and so on. Every "!" results in another 1,000 simolians.

Enable cheat mode and enter rosebud as a code, then enter !;!;!;!;! and so on. After your last exclamation point, type a semi colon then a colon. The end of your entry should look like !;!;!;!;: Then, hold [Enter]. The "No such cheat" message will flash. Hold [Enter] to quickly get up to 9,999,999 simoleons.