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The Sims: Livin' Large cheats, Tips, and Codes for PC.

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The Sims: Livin' Large Cheats

More Money
If you push Ctrl,Alt,Shift and C together a grey box will pop up on the top left of the screen. In it type rosebud then press enter. It should give you $1000. You don't have to keep typing rosebud. If you want more money, bring up the grey box then type !;!;!;!;!;!;! etc. You can do this as many times as you want.
submitted by Diana and Brian (etphone5638925@yahoo.com)

10,000 dollars
Press Ctrl,Shit,C then type in "gimmie". This code will give you 10,000 dollars and can be used multiple times

Full mood bars
Enable the MOVE_OBJECTS ON code when your sim is asleep. Delete the bed that your sim is sleeping on. The sim will disapear. When you return to live mode the sim will appear somewhere else in the house with all mood bars full (note: the bars will not stay on 100%)
submitted by Kory (ktonnesen@psinet.com)

Full traits
Create a Sim with no traits (0 nice, 0 active, etc.). Make him/her a yellow potion, and have them drink it. Your Sim will have a personality inversion, with all traits now at 10.

99 neighborhoods
Note: This procedure involves changing a game file; create a backup copy of the file before proceeding. Enter The Sims folder and copy the "TemplateUserData" file to the Desktop. Rename the file to "UserData" followed by a number from "6" to "99" for the corresponding neighborhood.

Get $127,000
To get $127,000 push Ctrl + Shift + C. Then type in rosebud just as you would to get 1,000 dollars. Then push enter. Now type Ctrl + Shift + C but now put in !;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;A. Make sure you have the ; right behind the A or it won't work. Now press enter.

You will see it says no such password, but just push enter and you will still get $127,000. You can also hold enter down the whole time and your money will add up. With this cheat you can become a millionare in seconds.

New car - No work
Push CTRL + SHIFT + C then type in Move_objects on. Now when your sims carpool arrives go into buy mode and pick up the car and place it in your house and everyday you will get a new car, but you will miss work.

No more billssubmitted by Damon Nelson
Push CTRL + SHIFT + C then type in Move_objects on Then go to buy mode and Delete your mail box. You won't ever get bills!


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Faster Promotions
Study all the skills and get them as high as they will go, then start to work in any desired field. No matter what field you work in, you will receive one promotion per day. Your Sim's happiness level and friends count affect it in the later stages. This works well when you are using the money cheats, however, it is possible to do this without cheating by painting pictures and selling them; and creating potions and drinking them (as this will increase all your happiness levels, except sleepiness and hunger, saving you time). Every once in awhile, use a day or two to call a friend and talk to them all day. This will help you get family friends faster.
Genie's Lamp!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Buy the Genie's Lamp under "+" in miscellaneous items. When you clean it, the Genie will appear. He will give you one of two choices. Choose one. It seems that if the Genie hesitates once, he will do something bad. If he hesitates twice, he will do something good.

Luv ya all! Bettyboop
Keepin burgars out
If you want to keep burglars out and have a female Sim go into buy mode and buy a Female Powder Room Door as your front door. The burglar will wonder where the door is and simply walk away. Female Sims can enter with no trouble. The only drawback is you have to have all female Sims as friends. The advantage is that it is better than buying a security alarm and a door, as it serves both purposes.

Luv Bettyboop
Potion Effects
It seems liek the potion effects are as so:
Yellow: Switches your Sim's traits around. For example, if at 10 nice, after drinking it will be 0 nice.
Red: Love potion, works randomly on anyone of the opposite gender.
Blue: Refreshes almost all feelings, hunger, comfort, etc.
Purple: Turns the Sim into a monster that walks around your house breaking everything. Turns back when there is nothing to break.
Green: Does the opposite of Blue (makes you sad, weak, hungry, etc.)
Orange: Makes your Sim invisible; becomes see-through and half of his or her legs disappear.
Dark Green: Creates a Clone.
If anyone else tells you it's not, they are SO wrong!! I'm a Sim-o-holic and i have the potion maker in all my houses! Bettyboop x
Santa in the sims
If you want santa to show up at your house you put a bed, fire place,and christmas tree (cookies?) all in one room. You have your sim in by bed at 12:00 in the room.Then santa will come and give you presents (eat the cookies?) and leave.


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Cheating Death
Don't you hate when your sims die because of a miss hap.Well I found a way to cheat death.
1.You press Ctrl+Alt+C and enter "move obects on"
2.Then when Death comes delete him at buy mode.
3.After that do the same thing to your guy,or ladie.
4.Then just click on there picture and the should be back to normal
Choosing your potion types
Enable cheat box.
Red potion always red_potion on
White potion always white_potion on
Yellow potion always yellow_potion on
Blue potion always blue_potion on
Green potion always green_potion on
Empty trash
To empty the trash without going to the garbage can, just go to buy mode when the trash is full, sell the full trash can and the buy a new empty one, and put it where the old on was.
Floating guy/girl
Click on your bed and wait till your guy/girl is getting in half way in, Then Press pause then Ctrl+shift+C, type in MOVE_OBJECTS ON , then click on your guy/girl and put him/her over nothing but the ground/tile/carpet no furniture and your guy/girl will lay in the air sleeping and floating!!
Infinite Money
To get infinite money u have to press ctrl + alt + Shift + c. this will bring up a box in the top left hand coner then type in rosebud and ;! higlight these 2 symbols and then press ctrl and c and v at the same time do this until u har kinda bumping noise then delete 1 of the symbols and put 9 in it's place the press enter it will say " sorry no such cheat " but if u keep pressing enter and look down at the money bar u will see ur money is going up u can stop when u want because the money will never go down.
Island Home
Press [shift]+[ctrl]+[Alt]+c and type in water_tool on/off. Then with the mouse, place the water around your hose, in your house, or on the road!
Living High
Have your persons personality blank. Get a potion table and make potions until on is yellow, don't mistake it with light green. When he/she drinks the potion, the Sim's personality will ris to the fullest.
More building room in a lot
Press Ctrl+Shift+C and a grey cheat prompt will appear in the top-left hand corner. Type "map_edit on" and your map will consist of normal grid squares and white ones. click on the white ones and they will turn normal. Then type in "map_edit off" and you will now be able to build on the normal squares. This way you can make the most of your lot.
No Bills (so you can still socialize)
If you delete the mailbox after using the Ctrl+shift+c move_objects on cheat to get no bills, you can't greet people. If you delete the mail lady every time she comes round, you avoid bills, and can still socialize.
Don't you hate burgalurs? Well, Get 4 sim safety burgalur alarms and put one outside on each corner of your house, when a burgalur steps in your lawn the alarm will go off right away!
Only Cheats you need
Press [ctrl]+[alt]+[shift]+[C] to open a cheat command prompt. Then type in:

rosebud- 1,000 dollars
!;- 1,000 dollars per !;
move_objects on- you can move anything.

The main advantage to the move objects chea t is the ability to delete your Sim. If you delete them, then go to the live mode (careful! it wil start on ultra speed!) and click on their icon they will re-appear fresh and all their stats will be up (hunger, bladder, comfort, room, social ect...)

With the move_objects on cheat you can move or delete bills, people (you can get them back by clicking their icon in the live mode menu), food, water spills, cockroaches, your mail box, and pretty much anything else!

Note: Deleting the mail carrier or your mailbox prevents you from delivering your bills and the repo man will come.

Note2: If your person is deleted and you dont make them appear before the time that their carpool arrives, it won't come at all.
Play your own music on the stereo
To play your own music on the stereo, go to Maxis/The Sims/Music/Stations and put your own music in it (make sure the music is mp3). Keep the same name as the music already in there, and copy the existing files. If there is no music in the folder, there is in the music folder on the CD. Just rename the file, and when you turn on the stereo, you can play the files you chose.