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Omikron cheats, and Codes for PC.

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   (last update - Nov 16 1999)

Free Advice
Go to the save point, and save the game, then buy advice. Read the advice and quit the game. Load the saved game and continue.

Spell List

Truth Spell
Forces a liar to say what he or she knows. Mix a Wiki and a Dead Man's Tongue in a Beshe'm.

Love Spell
Makes a woman fall in love with you. Mix two Sham Testicles and nine Mouse Teeth in a Beshe'm.

Invulnerability Spell
For temporary invulnerability. Mix a Virgin's Blood and a Tear or Ether in a Beshe'm.

Unmask a Demon Spell
Forces a demon with a human appearance to reveal his demon form. Mix a Sham Horn and Dew Of Light in a Beshe'm.

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