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The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind (PC) Cheats

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind cheats, Codes, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for PC.

Command codes

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additem longsword_umbra_unique Longsword Umbra
additem bonebiter_bow_unique Bonebiter Bow
additem Azura_star_unique Azura Star
additem banhammer_unique Banhammer
additem dagger_fang_unique Dagger Fang
additem daedric_scourge_unique Daedric Scource
additem daedric_club_tgdc Daedric Club
additem ebony_bow_auriel Ebony Bow
additem dwe_jinksword_curse_unique DWE Jinksword Curse
additem misc_soulgem_azura Misc. Soulgem Azura
additem glass_dagger_enamor Glass Dagger Enamor
additem katana_goldbrand_unique Katana Goldbrand
additem katana_bluebrand_unique Katana Bluebrand
additem ebony_staff_tges Ebony Staff
additem ebony_dagger_mehrunes Ebony Dagger
additem magic_bolt Magic Bolt
additem spark_bolt Spark Bolt
additem shard_bolt Shard Bolt
additem flame_bolt Flame Bolt

ToggleFogOfWar Turn fog of war on or off
ToggleAI Toggle for AI
ToggleGodMode Toggles god mode
FillMap Show all the towns on the full map
FillJournal Add all entries to journal (takes a long time )
coc Clutter Warehouse - Everything Must Go! This will teleport you to a secret trading area that you cannot access otherwise. Save before entering.
COC ToddTest Go to an otherwise inaccessible debug room with chests containing every single item in the game
coc ken's test hole Will teleport you to an otherwise inaccessbile room with some very valuable weapons in it.
help List of console cheats included in the game
setlevel {number} Player Level
setsuperjump 1 Super Jumping
setwaterwalking 1 Walk on water
setmagicka {number} Max Magic Level
setfatigue {number} Max Fatigue Level
setwaterbreathing 1 Infinate Underwater Breathing
createmaps {filename.esp} Create Map image file for Xbox
setflying 1 Flight Mode
sethealth {number} Health
additem gold_001 {number} Gold Boost
setx y Raise skills/attributes (Example: player->setillusion 99 )
COC Name Of City Travel To Cities Instantly (Example: COC Balmora)
TGM Toggles god mode on/off
TFH Give you a lot of extra information about an item when you put the pointer over it.
ra Send all NPC's and monsters back to their starting location. This can solve many problems such as a Stilt strider operater falling off his platform or a monster blocking a door and keeping it from opening.
COC Mark's Vampire Test Cell Go to a room w/2 vampires and a bed
TKS keep track of all the kills you make
COC "Character Stuff Wonderland" Transports you to Character Stuff Wonderland, which has all armor and weapons in the game. Guarded by several monsters, so be careful!
Enablelevelupmenu Enables the level up menu

Here's how to get any Daedric weapon in the game without having to trudge through a bunch of nasty dungeons.

Open up the console by pressing ~ (tilde key) and enter the following for each weapon (must be exact), then hit Enter:

player -> AddItem daedric club 1
player -> AddItem daedric arrow 1
player -> AddItem daedric_crescent_unique 1
player -> AddItem daedric battle axe 1
player -> AddItem daedric dagger 1
player -> AddItem daedric claymore 1
player -> AddItem daedric dagger_mtas 1
player -> AddItem daedric dagger_soultrap 1
player -> AddItem daedric dai-katana 1
player -> AddItem daedric long bow 1
player -> AddItem daedric staff 1
player -> AddItem daedric warhammer 1
player -> AddItem daedric war axe 1
player -> AddItem daedric mace 1
player -> AddItem daedric longsword 1
player -> AddItem daedric tanto 1
player -> AddItem daedric warhammer_ttgd 1
player -> AddItem daedric katana 1
player -> AddItem daedric dart 1
player -> AddItem daedric spear 1
player -> AddItem daedric_scourge_unique 1
player -> AddItem daedric shortsword 1
player -> AddItem daedric wakizashi 1
player -> AddItem daedric wakizashi_ttgd 1

Player->AddItem "pick_secretmaster" 1 Secret Master's Lockpick
Player->AddItem "probe_secretmaster" 1 Secret Master's Probe
Player->AddItem "repair_secretmaster_01" 1 Sirollus Saccus' Hammer
Player->AddItem "apparatus_sm_mortar_01" 1 SecretMaster's Mortar and Pestle
Player->AddItem "apparatus_sm_alembic_01" 1 SecretMaster's Alembic
Player->AddItem "apparatus_sm_calcinator_01" 1 SecretMaster's Calcinator
Player->AddItem "apparatus_sm_retort_01" 1 SecretMaster's Retort

Vampirism for dummies

Press ~ during gameplay to access the console, then enter the following. WARNING: You will not receive the first dream sequence unless you enter the code while you sleep.
Cheat Effect
StartScript "vampire_quarra_PC" Turns your character into a Quarra Clan vampire
StartScript "vampire_berne_PC" Turns your character into a Berne Clan vampire
StartScript "vampire_aundae_PC" Turns you character into a Aundae Clan vampire
startscript "vampire_cure_pc" Cures vampirism

Press the tilde (~) key to open the console, and then type the codes in.
Cheat Effect
setdisposition 100 Makes the targeted NPC love you.
setdisposition 0 Makes the targeted NPC hate you.
player->setreputation 255 Makes you really famous.
player->setreputation 0 Makes you not famous.
setpccrimelevel 0 remove bounty on your head (no longer breaking the law)

Immunity To Diseases

During the game open up the console with the "~" key and type in the following:
Cheat Effect
player->addspell "Common Disease Immunity" Gives you immunity from all common diseases (also gives immunity from vampire bites)
player->addspell "Blight Disease Immunity" Gives you immunity from the Blight Disease
player->addspell "Corprus Immunity" Gives you immunity from Corprus

Guild Codes

During the game use the "~" key to access the console and enter the following:

(note: "factionname" is replaced with the name of the faction you want to affect. For the three Great Houses, just the name will suffice, such as "Redoran" "Telvanni" or "Hlaalu". The Fighters, Mages, and Thieves Guilds all require the word "Guild" after it in the console, such as "Mages Guild")
Cheat Effect
pcjoinfaction "factionname" Forces player into faction
pcraiserank "factionname" Raises player's rank in faction
pclowerrank "factionname" Lowers player's rank in faction
PCClearExpelled "factionname" Clears expulsion status from faction

Use the console to give your character Abilities and Powers (Such as Fortify Attribute, Chameleon 100%, etc.)

These codes may be entered in the console (bring up the console by pressing the '~' key). They give your character constant effect abilities (If you want to find the codes for more abilities, check the Editor).
Cheat Effect
player->addspell "Vivec_Abilities" Fortify Strength 100, Attack 50.
player->addspell "Royal_Blood" Fortify Heavy Armor, Block, Long Blade, etc.(Tribunal only)
player->addspell "Royal_Resistance" Resist magic, fire, ice, paralysis, etc. (Tribunal only)
player->addspell "regen_imperfect" Regenerate Magicka and Health (Tribunal only)
player->addspell "magicka mult bonus_15" Fortify Maximum Magicka 1.5x INT
player->addspell "immune to normal weapons" 100% Immune to normal weapons
player->addspell "Her_mirror" A series of reflect and shield effects; *very* powerful (Tribunal only)
player->addspell "Her_mirror_2" A series of reflect and shield effects; almost as powerful as the first Her_mirror ability. (Tribunal only)
player->addspell "Chameleon_100_unique" Chameleon 100%.
player->addspell "ghost ability" Chameleon 50%

Modify any of your stats or skills through the console

You can use this command in the console to modify your stats to any value. Press ` (~) to enter the console. then follow instructions below.

player -> setstatname value

For example,

player -> setstrength 1000

will change your strength to 1000

Any stat or skill that has a space or a symbol in it, just remove it like so,

player -> sethandtohand 100
player -> lightarmor 100
Cheat Effect
player -> setstrength 1000 Modifies your strength to 1000
player -> setstatname value Modifies your statname to value

Change your character

Press the tilde key (~) to bring up the console.
Cheat Effect
Enter "enablestatreviewmenu" Enables you to change all your stats, from your name to birth sign.

Another easy way to unlock doors, chests, etc.

Press ~ to enter the console. Left click on the object you want to unlock, so it's "name" should appear in the title bar. In the console, type "unlock" (no quotes) and poof! It's unlocked! Easy way to get passed level 100 locked chests.
Locking doors, chests, etc.

Press ~ to enter the console. Left click on the object you want to lock, so it's "name" should appear in the title bar. In the console, type "lock (lock level)" (no quotes) and poof! It's locked! a great way to train your security skills. if you do this on a npc the game will freeze.
Artifact Codes

Press the tilde key (~) to bring up the console.
Cheat Effect
Wraithguard left wraithguard_jury_rig
Wraithguard right wraithguard
Sunder sunder
Keening keening
Shadow Shield shadow_shield
Moon-and-Star moon_and_star
Stalhrim Longsword of Flame BM ice longsword_FG_Unique
Mace of Aevar Stone-Singer BM_Mace_Aevar_UNI
Spear of the Hunter BM_hunterspear_unique
Hunter's Amulet of Strength bm_amulstr1
Hunter's Amulet of Speed bm_amulspd1
Hircine's Ring BM_ring_hircine
Trueflame (without flame) nerevarblade_01
Trueflame(with flame) nerevarblade_01_flame
Hopesfire Sword of Almalexia
Barilzar's Mazed Band mazed_band_end
Change Name, Race, Class, and Birthsign of character.

Open the console with ~ and type in the following.
Cheat Effect
enablenamemenu Opens name change menu.
enableracemenu Opens Race change menu where you can change your race and head.
enableclassmenu Opens class change menu.
enablebirthsignmenu Opens birthsign change menu.

Change AI movement behavior

While playing a game, press ~ to bring down the console then click on the NPC you want to affect. Enter the code to change the NPC's movement behavior. The two "Get" commands should be ignored by those who are not intrested in modding or do not understand the programming aspect of variables.
Cheat Effect
ForceRun Make NPC run
ClearForceRun Undo ForceRun
ForceJump Make NPC constantly jump
ClearForceJump Undo ForceJump
GetForceRun Return "true" if NPC is in ForceRun
GetForceJump Return "true" if NPC is in ForceJump
ForceSneak Make NPC sneak (if it wants to run, it will only walk)
ClearForceSneak End ForceSneak
GetForceSneak Returns "true" if NPC is in ForceSneak
ForceMoveJump NPC will jump when moving (as opposed to always jumping)
ClearForceMoveJump End ForceMoveJump
GetForceMoveJump Returns "true" in NPC is in ForceMoveJump

Revive the Dead

If you are dead, but haven't hit the ground, or you want to bring a NPC or monster that was killed back to life (doesn't work on Perma Corpses) open the console with the tilde key (~)

All dead NPCs will remain dead when it comes to quests involving them
If you resurrect yourself, you will no longer be able to cast spells and your stats will have dropped
Cheat Effect
player -> resurrect Revives you
resurrect Revives the NPC/monster that you selected for the cosole
Cheat list of spells

In the console, type Player->addspell "spell name". If it has two words (like God's Frost), type it in quotes.
Cheat Effect
Spirit Knife Adds Spirit Knife
Soul Trap Adds Soul Trap (useless without soul gems)
Water Breathing Adds Water Breathing
Levitate Adds Levitate
Mark Adds Mark (Useless without Recall)
Recall Adds Recall (useless without Mark)
Summon Scamp Adds Summon Scamp
Summon Winged Twilight Adds Summon Winged Twilight
Summon Frost Atronach Adds Summon Frost Atronach
Summon Daedroth Adds Summon Daedroth
Summon Bonelord Adds Summon Bonelord
Summon Flame Atronach Adds Summon Flame Atronach
Detect Creature Adds Detect Creature
Restore Strength Adds Restore Strength
Restore Intelligence Adds Restore Intelligence
Restore Willpower Adds Restore Willpower
Restore Agility Adds Retore Agility
Restore Speed Adds Restore Speed
Restore Personality Adds Restore Personality
Restore Luck Adds Restore Luck
Quicksilver Adds Quicksilver
Bound Boots Adds Bound Boots
Bound helm Adds Bound Helm
Bound Shortsword Adds Bound Shortsword
Bound Longsword Adds Bound Longsword
Bound Longbow Adds Bound Longbow
Bound Axe Adds Bound Axe
Bound Spear Adds Bound Spear
Bound Dagger Adds Bound Dagger
Bound Club Adds Bound Club
Fire Bite Adds Fire Bite
Fireball Adds Fireball
Flamebolt Adds Flamebolt
God's Fire Adds God's Fire
Frostbite Adds Frostbite
Frost Adds Frost
God's Frost Adds God's Frost
Spark Adds Spark
Shockball adds Shockball
God's Spark Adds God's Spark
Hearth Heal Add;s Hearth Heal
Water Walking Adds Water Walking
Buoyancy adds Buoyancy
Chills adds Chills
Vivec's Feast adds Vivec's Feast
Vivec's Fury adds Vivec's Fury
Vivec's Humility adds Vivec's Humility
Vivec's Kiss adds Vivec's Kiss
Vivec's Mercy adds Vivec's Mercy
Vivec's Mystery adds Vivec's Mystery
Vivec's Tears adds Vivec's Tears
Vivec's_wrath adds Vivec's_Wrath
Vampire's Kiss adds Vampire's Kiss
Summon Clanfear adds Summon Clanfear
Summon Golden Saint adds Summon Golden Saint
Summon Least Bonewalker adds Summon Least Bonewalker
summon_centurion_unique adds Dwemer Animunculi
Summon Dremora adds Summon Dremora
suicide_test adds Suicide (if you have less than 30 health, don't bother casting)
Slowfall adds Slowfall
Shockbite adds Shockbite
Shrine *skill* skill adds Shrine *skill* skill (put a skill in the *skill* part like Shine Axe Skill)
Shard adds shard

More unique items

just type ` to bring up the console and then type "player->additem" and then the code below
Password Effect
dagger_fang_unique fang of heynekutnawhatever
spear_mercy_unique spear of bitter mercy
katana_bluebrand_unique eltonbrand
katana_goldbrand_unique goldbrand
daedric_crescent_unique crescent
daedric_scourge_unique scourge
staff_magnus_unique staff of magnus
staff_hasedoki_unique staff of hasedoki
ring_phynaster_unique ring of phynaster
ring_denstagmer_unique denstagmer's ring
ring_warlock_unique warlock's ring
ring_vampiric_unique vampiric ring
ring_surrounding_unique ring of surroundings
ring_wind_unique ring of the wind
ring_mentor_unique mentor's ring
ring_khajiit_unique ring of khajiit
cuirass_savior_unique cuirass of the savior's hide
boots_apostle_unique boots of the apostle
helm_bearclaw_unique helm of oyren bearclaw
spell_breaker_unique spell breaker

During gameplay, press "~" and type in the following codes EXACTLY.
Password Effect
BC Beta Comment
PT Purges' Textures
RA Resets Actors
SA Show Animation
SG Shows Group
ST Shows Target
SV Shows Variables
TB Toggles Borders
TG Toggles Grid
TL Toggles Lights
TM Toggles Menus
TS Toggles Sky
TW Toggles WOrld
ORI Output Reference Info
SCT Stop Cell Test
SSG Show Scene Graph
T3D Test Models
TAI Toggles AI
TCB Toggles Collision Boxes
TCG Toggles Collision Grid
TCL Toggles Collision
TCS Toggles Combat Stats
TFH Toggles Full Help
TDS Toggles Dialog Stats
TGM Toggles God Mode
TKS Toggles Kill Stats
TLF Toggles Load Fade
TMS Toggles Magic Stats
TPG Toggles Path Grid Display
TSO Toggles Script Output
TST Toggles Stats
TTS Toggles Texture String
TVM Toggles Vanity Mode
TWA Toggles Water
TWF Toggles Wireframe
MOTO Moves one to one
TFOW Toggles God of War
FixMe Fixes Me (No idea what for though)
TestCells Starts Exterior Cell Test
TestInteriorCells Starts Interior Cell Test
ToggleScripts Toggles Scripts
Raw Materials

Not many people can be bothered finding glass and ebony mines and stealing the raw materials. The easiest way to do this is to hit the tilde button and type in of the following:
Password Effect
player->additem ingred_raw_ebony_01 (value) Gives the amount of raw ebony specified
player->additem ingred_raw_glass_01 (value) Gives the amount of raw glass specified

took me 5 hours please use!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Alchemy Guide -- By Darliandor
Alchemy Guide
By Darliandor

What is the Alchemy skill?
Alchemy is one of Magical Arts skills. With this skill you are able to identify properties of ingredients.

These ingredients can, in combination with the required apparatus, then be used to render powerful potions, that can provide cure from diseases, fortify your attributes or restore the characters attributes.

As with any skill, Alchemy comes with a governing attribute, which is Intelligence. Like all governing attributes, it has a substantial influence on the power of your skill, in the way of increasing its effectiveness.

Why using the Alchemy skill?
Alchemy, though it might seem difficult to understand and use, is the one most powerful skill in the game. Creating potions, hording ingredients and carrying around the required apparatus might seem a tedious task, but the benefits of not having to rely on buying potions and the immense benefit of selfmade potions that have a higher magnitude and duration, unlike any Excellent/Superb Potion you might obtain, speak for themselves.

Getting your way around and into alchemy is the key factor and might occupy some time to understand, which is actually about the only drawback that you might consider.

What do I need to practice Alchemy?
You will require to either train your Alchemy skill by eating ingredients or obtain training from a trainer, aswell as getting hold on a mortar and pestle and ingredients to make potions yourself.

What are ingredients?
Ingredients are mundane substances that can be retrieved from plants, dead animals, mines or bought from vendors. Ingredients can be distinguised from other items, as they will show up to 4 effects when you hover your mouse over them.

What are ingredient effects/properties?
Ingredient effects are properties that have been attributed to such an item.
They range from restorative effects, damaging effects and fortifying effects, as they can also be found on spell and scrolls.

Are there different ingredient properties?
There are 71 (74 with the Tribunal Expansion) ingredient properties in the standard game, which can be grouped into the following categories: Cure, Damage, Detect, Drain Attribute, Feather, Shield (from natural powers), Fortify Attribute, Resist and Restore Attribute.

Effects that are not categorized are: Burden, Dispel, Feather, Levitate, Light, Night Eye, Paralyze, Poison and Reflect.

How many effects/properties can appear on an ingredient?
The number of effects attributed to an ingredient ranges from 1 to 4.

Where can I obtain ingredients?
Obtain ingredients from their respective plant, animal, location or vendor, alchemist.

When do grown ingredients respawn?
Grown ingredients will respawn after a month, gametime.

When are bought ingredients restocked at their vendor?
If you spot ingredients that an amount of 5 or higher, in the vendors barter screen, you will notice that those ingredients respawn as soon as you have bought the amount and quit the barter screen. Open it again. Voila the ingredients are back.
If the amount is lower than 5, the respawn time should be 24 hours, gametime.

Why are ingredients stacked in 2 heaps in your inventory, instead of 1? OR better said: What are cursed ingredients?
The only time this will happen, is when you pick an ingredient which is cursed. They have a spell attached which will summon a Daedra or something likely, when you pick them up.

This is a flaw in the game, since you will be able to combine a ruby and a cursed ruby when creating potions. They both come from their own stack, and so you can make a potion that has all the 4 effects of rubies.

This is only possible with the cursed versions and not any other "normal" ingredients.
What are the Alchemy apparatus and what are they used for?
Mortar & Pestle:
The one apparatus that is required is the mortar and pestle. This is the basic apparatus you need to combine two or more ingredients into a potion.
The retort is optional and increases the magnitude and duration of all positive effects.
The calcinator is optional and increases the magnitude and duration of ALL effects, both postive and negative.
The alembix is optional and decreases the magnitude of all negative effects. So if you are planning on creating just positive effect potions, you will not necessarily need this apparatus.

Are there different qualities of apparatus?
Alchemist aparatus come in different qualities, as each higher quality will improve the respective function of the apparatus:
(listed in ascending order)
1. Apprentice's
2. Journeyman's
3. Master's
4. Grand Master's
5. Secret Grand Master's
The Secret Grand Master's apparti are not present in the standard shipped game and could for now only be added with a mod.

Where can I find/buy/get Alchemy apparatus?
Most lower quality apparatus can be found at vendors that sell ingredients. (see the vendorlist on this site for more information on that topic)
A Master's set can be found in the Caldera Mages guild, at the top of a little tower, and seems to be free to use and take home
There exists also some Grand Master's apparati, which can be obtained from the Secret Alchemy Master trainer, in the Valenvaryon stronghold.

How and at what Alchemy Level will I see ingredient properties?
Open your inventory and point your mouse-cursor at an ingredient to see effects.
1st effect, Alchemy Skill level 15.
2nd effect, Alchemy Skill level 30.
3rd effect Alchemy Skill level 45.
4th effect Alchemy Skill level 60.
Thank you HETT for this correct info.

What Skill level do i need to practice Alchemy?
Actually, you can start out with zero as with any other skill.
At least level 20-30 is where the skill starts to get useful, the higher the better. Only around Skillevel 50-60 will you be able to see all ingredient properties.

How do I train my Alchemy skill?
You can either eat ingredients, get a Trainer to teach you the alchemy skill or last but not least, practice by making your own potions.

Does my Intelligence have any influence on my alchemical skills?
From all the things needed for alchemy, the characters intelligence is the highest multiplier when it comes to determine the duration and points that go into a potion. High intelligence, possibly achieved through drinking potions themselves, are the key to extremly powerful potions.

How do I mix potions?
Drop any of the Alchemy apparatus from your inventory onto your character portrait.

A menu will appear where all the apparatus will be shown, that are present in your inventory. Below those there are 4 free slots where you can place ingredients by lcicking on the respective slot. Clicking on the empty slots you can select ingredients, and the desired ingredient will put in the clicked slot (one slot can hold more than ingrdient of the same type!).

An effect will be added to the potion, if 2 effects of the selected ingredients match. With this procedure potions with a maximum of 5 effect can be created. A maximum of for ingredients can be put into one potion. Last but not least, before pressing "Ok", you can name the potion. If no name is given, this menu will provide a name of its own for the new potion.

How are duration and points that go into the potion effects, calculated?
As nobody besides Bethesda knows what the exact potion generation formula is, I will just list some general information concerning that here.
The quality and the kind (Retort, Calcinator) of apparatus have an effect, your amount of alchemy skill and MOST of all the characters intelligence attribute! One rule, the higher/more the better!

Do potions of the same kind stack?
Yes potions of the same kind do stack, though it does not count for all kinds of potions. For example Levitate does not stack, but all the Fortify and Restore attribute effects do! So there is nothing in the way of some insanly high attributes.

Are there ingredient effects/properties, that can not be made into a potion?
Those effects are Damage Intelligence, Resist Fatigue, Vampirism and Weakness to Poison.

What about the myths, that have popped up about the alchemy skill?
Can Skooma be made with the alchemy skill?
Nope there is no way to make Skooma out of any ingredient combination. Sorry for you, you addicts!!

Can a Vampire Potion be made with the alchemy skill?
Since vampire dust is the only ingredient with the effect "vampirism" there is no possible way to make vampire potions in the standard game. Though there is a mod around that can let you make such a potion.

Is it possible to contract Vampirism by eating vampire dust?
Some people seem to have made the conception that this is possible. Sofar it has not been proven and is so considered a mere speculation.
First of all "vampirism" is not the first property of vampire dust and can so not have an effect on you when eaten. That is at least what the game rules say.

A way to find out, if there is any proof of this myth, would be to get your alchemy skill to 100 and your characters intelligence and luck up to some insane few thousands points with potions. Then eat alot of vampire dust, without having any fights before or inbetween with vampires, since else you might just have contracted vampirism from the vampires and not the ingredient.

Another fact that this idea would be a mere myth, is that whoever tells you about this, will have had contact and fights with vampires and will mostly then have tried eating the vampire dust found in the vampires corpse. So they will have contracted vampirism from the vampire and not the dust, though it might seem otherwise (or wishing to be seen otherwise).
Further investigation is going into this, since it would be funny to be a part time vampire

More About Alchemy
From: www.phuphus.com translated from french by JohnnyRTFM

The ingredients:
You will find all Morrowind ingredients in this table. Finally, to mix them, you will require the proper implements.

Your PC will be able to identify the effects of various ingredients based on his/her Alchemy skill level:

Alchemy skill of 15: First effect
Alchemy skill of 30: First two effects
Alchemy skill of 45: First three effects
Alchemy skill of 60: All effects

The implements:
There are four basic alchemical implements in Morrowind; the mortar and pestle, the retort, the alembic, and the calcinator.

Mortar and pestle: Required to make any potion, this is your most basic tool
Retort: Increases the duration of all positive effects of a potion. The value of this increase is fixed and does not rise in proportion to the base potency of the potion. As such, this is only useful for relatively weak potions.
Calcinator: Increases the potency of all effects of a potion. While it increases the potency of positive effects slightly more than it does for negative effects, the difference is not significant enough to make this apparatus worth using.
Alembic: Reduces all negative effects of a potion. Unlike the calcinator and retort, the effects of this apparatus are not negligible.

All implements are available in five qualities:
Apprentice: Quality 0.5
Journeyman: Quality 1.0
Master: Quality 1.2
Grand Master: Quality 1.5
Secret Master: Quality 2.0

Note that the Secret Master apparatus are not in the official game, so don't waste your time looking for them; they exist solely in the editor. You may find them included in third-party mods, however.

Quality of created potions:
The potency of potions created depends above all else on your competence in alchemy, and on the quality of the apparatus used. In any case, even with a low alchemy skill score, you will still be able to create potions more powerful than those commercially available. A potions effects are calculated as follows:

Duration = [ ( Alchemy + [ ( Intelligence + Luck ) / 10 ] ) / Cost ] * Quality

Potency = Duration / 3

Duration: Duration of the potion's effects
Alchemy: Character's alchemy skill score
Intelligence: Character's Intelligence attribute score
Luck: Character's Luck attribute score
Cost: Base magicka cost of a given effect. Consult this table for a detailed breakdown.
Quality: Quality of the mortar and pestle used in the creation of the potion (see values above)
Potency: Potency of the effect

Potions created will follow the format: "Drain fatigue 'Magnitude' for 'Duration' seconds." Mixing two or more ingredients posessing the same magical effects has no effect on the potency of the potion.

I will not detail the effects of the secondary apparatus (Calcinator and Retort) as they are largely anecdotal. The alembic, on the other hand, has a worthwhile effect on a potion's negative effects. Using an alembic, the formula (only for negative effects) becomes:

Duration_Alembic = Duration / ( 1 + Quality) (ie. a Journeyman's alembic will reduce negative effects by half)

Potency_Alembic = Duration_Alembic / 3

Quality refers to the quality of the alembic listed earlier.
Alt 'Slave Location+key counts' Guide -- By RandomThoughts
Slave Locations/Key Counts
by: RandomThoughts

For freeing or killing, here are the slave locations/key counts:

Dren Plantation/3
Gateway Inn/0
Molag Mar/0
Sadrith Mora/0
Tel Aruhn/0
Tel Brandora/0
Tel Vos Jail/0
Telvanni Canalworks/1

If freeing and there is no key for an area, take the slaves to any area you do have a key for and it will work on them. Example = Arvel plantation slaves can be freed on the Dren plantation with the Dren key.

Sleeper Locations
Vidian & Lady Callipyge

Alvura Othrenim-Vivec, Arena Waistworks (Assemanu)
Assi Serimilk-Maar Gan (Subdun)
Daynasa Telandas-Arano Plantation (Assemanu)
Dralas Gilu-Pelagiad (Hassour)
Drarayne Girith-Tel Aruhn (Plot and Plaster) (Yakin)<---missing from posted list.
Dravasa Andrethi-Ald-Ruhn(His house) (Hanarai Assutlanipal)
Endris Dilmyn-Khuul(His shack) (Subdun)
Eralane Hledas-Vivec, St. Olms, North-One (Assemanu)
Llandras Belaal-Balmora (Hassour)
Neldis Llervu-Suran (Assemanu)
Nelmil Hler-Vivec, Redoran Waistworks (Assemanu)
Rararyn Radarys-Balmora (Hassour)
Relur Faryon-Vivec, Hlaalu Canalworks (Assemanu)
Vireveri Darethran-Ald Velothi (Subdun)
Vivyne Andrano-Vivec, St. Delyn Waistworks (Assemanu)

You need to dispose the Dagoth in the Sixth House base. The base is noted down between the ( ). The sleepers wake up when the Dagoth is dead. You'll get a reputation point for each awoken sleeper.

NPC / Creature List

1) Dremoras are leveled creatures, which means you will find them randomly when you're their level or exceed their level. Dremoras are level 9. But, there are certain places where you'll find them regardless of your level:
-Berandas, Keep, Top Level
-Berandas, Keep, Bottom Level
2) Dremora Lords are leveled creatures, which means you will find them randomly when you're their level or exceed their level. Dremora Lords are level 12. But, there are certain places where you'll find them regardless of your level:
-Vemynal, Hall of Torque
-Rotheran, Arena
-Endusal, Kagrenac's Study
3) Gathal Llethri can be found at Dren Plantation, Guardhouse
4) Ulms Drathen can be found at Molag Mar, Armigers Stronghold
5) Divayth Fyr can be found in Tel Fyr, Hall of Fyr - beware, he's essential for main quest.
6) Mistress Therana can be found at Tel Branora, Upper Tower, Therana's Chambers
7) Archmagister Gothren can be found at Tel Aruhn, Upper Tower
8) Darvasa Vedas can be found at Tel Branora, Tower Guardpost
9) Ronerelie Philulanie can be found at Tel Vos, Central Tower
10) Golden Saints are leveled creatures, which means you will find them randomly when you're their level or exceed their level. Golden Saints are level 20. But, there are certain places where you'll find them regardless of your level:
-Odrosal, Dwemer Training Academy
-Bal Ur, Underground
-Ald Daedroth, Inner Shrine
-Ald Daedroth, Antechamber
11) Bolvyn Venim can be found at Ald-Ruhn, Manor District, Venim Manor, Private Quarters
12) Llaro Llethri can be found at Dren Plantation, Tower Shack
13) Corpse of dead hero can be found at Maesa-Shammus Egg Mine
14) Severa Magia can be found at Ald Sotha, Lower Level
15) Galos Farethi can be found at Dren Plantation, Dren's Villa
16) Relas Arothan can be found at Assernerairan, Shrine
17) Arver Rethul can be found at Dren Plantation
18) Corpse of wizard hero can be found at Endusal, Kagrenac's Study
19) Gordol can be found at Ashalmawia, Shrine, Sunken Vaults

Location, Location, Location
Evidence Chests
If you were carrying the items, and they are now missing, chances are you broke the law somehow, and the guards took them. Since guards can spot stolen items, if you commit a crime and pay the fine (Or go to jail), all of your stolen items are removed as well. The good news is you can probably get them back, since the guards move them to the closest 'Evidence Chest'. The evidence chests can be found in the following locations:

Seyda Neen, Census and Excise Office
Sadrith Mora, Wolverine Hall: Fighter's Guild
Pelagiad, South Wall
Moonmoth Legion Fort, Prison Towers
Ebonheart, Hawkmoth Legion Garrison
Buckmoth Legion Fort, Prison

If you find the 'Evidence Chests' in the nearest location to where you paid the fine, your items should be there. If they aren't, try some of the other Evidence Chests listed above.

Secret Library in the Hall of Justice:
Go into the North entrance to the Hall of Justice, take your first left and go upstairs to the Justice Offices. Go into the office of the watch in the halls of justice and find the trapdoor in the back-right corner. Search around on the floor, and you will find a locked trapdoor that barely sticks out from under a rug in that office. Use sneak and pick the lock. Down there is the secret library. There are actually two entries, both to the Hall of Justice offices. You can safely ignore the stern warnings of the librarian there, but be careful what (and how) you take anything.

How to find the Morag Tong
It's hidden under the Arena. Go from the Waistworks down to the Canalworks, investigate the storage area on the west side, exit the main storage by the southeast door, you'll find a small room with a trapdoor in the floor. This leads down into a three-level suite of rooms with it's own magic shop and trainer. In the bedroom at the back of the top level you'll meet Eno Hlaalu.
Arena Waistworks -> western side of the Canalworks -> Arena Storage Area -> trapdoor to Hidden Area
The Dren Plantation. end of story. its north a bit from vivec, south from the Arvel plantation. you can get a daedric claymore, katana, longsword, shield, pair of greaves, and dai-katana. also ebony spear, and boots, and two full sets of dwemer armour. a glass shield and longsword, a couple of glass daggers, and an ebony cuirass. the place is MENTAL for good equipment.
Calculating AR and SPC -- Credit Given In Text
Calculations: Armor Rating, Spell Chance

To determine your Armor Rating
by Monica21 & Elric_Melnibone

BaseAR * ( ArmorSkill / 30 )
This will give you the armor rating for an individual piece of armor. Assume a character has a Light Armor skill of 91 and wears only Light Armor, all pieces with a base AR of 50.
50 * ( 91 / 30 ) = 151.67 AR for each piece. The game will round this down, and the individual AR will appear as 151.
To determine your total AR, multiply each armor piece by its weighted factor, and then total them. The factors (shown as Percent of Total Armor Rating) are actually listed incorrectly in the manual. Following are the correct weight factors:
Cuirass - 30%
Shield - 10%
Helm - 10%
Greaves - 10%
Boots - 10%
RPauldron - 10%
LPauldron - 10%
RGauntlet/Bracer - 5%
LGauntlet/Bracer - 5%
(I tested these factors on my own character. Wearing just the cuirass, her AR should have been 60 with a factor of 0.40, but it's actually 45, the same as if the factor was 0.30.)
For the cuirass, multiply (151 * 0.30). This equals 45. Repeat for each piece of armor you have equipped, and then total the numbers. If your character does not wear a helm or equip a shield, the total AR will be 121.
NOTE: These numbers do not take into account how your Unarmored skill factors in for any unarmored body parts, and the numbers also assume fully repaired armor.

To determine your Unarmored Armor Rating:
( UnarmoredSkill * 0.10) * ( UnarmoredSkill * 0.065 )
Assuming that your Unarmored skill is 100, this will yield a max AR of 65, with no armored body parts.

Armor Damage
To determine how much damage is absorbed and how much damage is taken, use the following formula:
( Damage / ( Damage + AR ) ) * Damage
Assuming that a 25 point blow is landed and using the above armor rating, ( 25 / ( 25 + 121 ) ) * 25 = 4.28 damage to your health.

Calculation for Spell Chance:
( [Luck / 8] + [Willpower / 4] + [Spell Skill * 2.5] - [Magic Cost * 1.25] ) * ( 0.6 + [0.4 * Current Fatigue / Max Fatigue] )
This goes to show that Fatigue and Luck really does matter.

Constant Effect Items
by Korana
Korana's List of All the Constant Effect Items in Morrowind and its Expansions:
Long Swords-

Fury: damage heavy, medium, and light amour 20 points on self. Damage unarmored 20 points on self. Blind 20% on self. Fortify attack 20 points on self.
Fury is found in Kogoruhn, more specifically on the body of a dead hero locked behind a door in the Hall of Maki. Please note that equipping the sword will permanently send your amour skills to 0, however they can be reinstated with training.

Blunt Weapons
Sunder: fortify attack 30 points on self, fortify strength 20 points on self, drain fatigue 1 point on self, fortify endurance 20 points on self, fortify luck 20 points on self
A Main Quest Item. It is found in Vemynal, which is northwest of Dagoth Ur's facility. Please note that using this weapon without wraithgaurd will damage your health considerably.
Skull Crusher feather 15 points on self, fortify attack 5 points on self
East of Sadrith Mora is Omaren Ancestral Tomb. The tomb leads to a forgotten forge. Also an imperial cult quest.

Short Swords-
Keening: fortify magika 50 points on self, fortify health 30 points on self, fortify agility 20 points on self, and fortify speed 20 points on self.
A Main Quest item. This is found in Odrosal, a dwemer ruin found southeast of Dagoth Ur's facility. Please note that using this weapon without wraithgaurd will damage your health considerably.
Dagger of Symmachus (Tribunal): fortify short blade 10 points on self, fortify endurance 10 points on self, and reflect 10 points.
Tribunal Main Quest Item, obtained from King Helseth after a "duel".

Illkurok: fortify spear 10 points on self, night-eye 15 points on self
Found in the dwemer ruins of Nchurdamz, which are north east of Molag Mar.
Greed: spell absorption 20 points on self, drain personality 5 points on self
This spear is found in the Telvanni vaults in Vivec.
Blessed Spear (Tribunal): shield 30 points on self and fortify spear 10 points on self
Tribunal Main Quest Item. Obtained as a reward for completing the Shrine of the Dead quest.

Helm of Oreyn Bearclaw: fortify agility 40 points on self, fortify endurance 40 points on self
Perform the daedra quest of Malacath to gain this helm.
Helm of Graff the White: reflect 10% on self
Complete Frald the White's Imperial Legion Quests and gain the helm as a reward.
The Icecap: resist frost 30% on self
Travel the road west of Ald Ruhn and you will run into a paralyzed nord named Hisin Deep-Raed. Cure him or kill him for the helm.
Mask of Clavicus Vile: fortify personality 30 points on self
Ask the residence of Dagon Fel and you will be told of a necromancer in a tower to the east. Also an Imperial Legion Quest.
Helm of Bear Scent (Bloodmoon): detect animal 150 ft on self.
This helm is in Eddard Barrow on Solstheim Island.
Helm of the Wolf's Heart (Bloodmoon): fortify agility 5 points on self and fortify sneak 5 points on self.
Bloodmoon Main Quest Item. Received as a reward for solving the crime in the Skaal village.

Dragonbone Cuirass: resist fire 100% on self
This is located inside Mudan Grotto (southwest of Ebonheart). Inside, you will find a sunken dwemer ruin. The cuirass is located inside a locked closet, in a locked section of the ruin (lock level 100). A key is available from a desk in the ruins.
Ebony Mail: resist fire 75% on self, shield 50 points on self, and resist magika 20% on self.
This is only available from the Tribunal Temple quests as a reward for the final mission.
Mountain Spirit: shield 10 points on self
Main Quest Item, it is carried by Ashu-Ahhe of the Erabenimsun Camp.
Cuirass of the Saviors Hide: resist magika 60% on self
The cuirass is found in a lock level 100 closet in the Hall of Fyr, Tell Fyr.
Soscean's Cuirass (Tribunal): fortify health 50 points on self
This cuirass can be obtained by doing the quests provided by the people in the Abandoned Manor in Godsreach.

Boots of Blinding Speed: fortify speed 200 points on self, blind 100% on self.
Following the road signs from Caldera to Ald Ruhn you will run into a redgaurd named Penemie. You can either do what she asks, or kill her, for the boots.

Paws of the Wolf-Runner (Bloodmoon): fortify athletics 10 points on self and fortify speed 10 points on self.
Skjoldr Wolf-Runner in Thirsk Mead Hall is wearing these.

Fists of Randagulf (left hand): fortify agility 20 points on self
Fists of Randagulf (right hand): fortify strength 20 points on self
These gloves can be found in the cave of Ilunibi, which is on a small island north of Gnaar Mok. These are rather tricky to find, and are located behind one of the rectangular containers. It is recommended that the main quest is done first.
Wraithgaurd (right hand): shield 10 points on self, reflect 20% on self, resist blight disease 50% on self, resist fire 10% on self, resist frost 10% on self, resist shock 10% on self, resist poison 10% on self and resist magicka 10% on self.
A Main Quest Item. You are given this by Vivec himself.
Wraithgaurd (left hand): the same effects as the right hand.
In order to obtain the second wraithgaurd you need to kill Vivec and then acquire the books "Kagrenac's Planbook" and "Kragrenac's Journal". Bring all of the items to the last living dwemer (Yogrum Borgan) living in Tel Fyr's corprosarium. Please note equipping the wraithgaurd will cause you to loose 200 health points permanently.
Boneweave Gauntlet (left hand): shield 10 points on self
Boneweave Gauntlet (right hand): fortify agility 5 points on self.
Found on Ranabi in the Erabinemsun Camp.

Goblin Buckler (Tribunal): drain personality 50 pts on self, restore health 1 point on self, drain speed 10 points on self
Following the main quest of Tribunal will lead you to Old Mournhold, the Tears of Amun-Shae. This shield is found in Durgok's chest.

Full Amour Sets-
Her Hands High Ordinators (Tribunal)-
Helm: Reflect 5% on self
Cuirass: Fortify Heavy amour 10 points on self
Left Pauldren; Resist paralysis 5% on self
Right Pauldren: Resist poison on self
Left Gauntlet: Fortify attack 5 points on self
Right Gauntlet: Fortify strength 5 points on self
Greaves: Fortify medium amour 5 points on self
Boots: Fortify agility 5 points on self
Follow the main quest in Tribunal, you will be sent to track down a former Her Hands Ordinator.
Snow bear (Bloodmoon): Resist frost 5% (all pieces)
Throughout the island are white bears. Take their hides to the armorer behind Thirsk Mead Hall to have a set of amour made.
Snow wolf (Bloodmoon): Resist frost 5% (all pieces)
Throughout the island are white wolves. Take their hides to the armorer behind Thirsk Mead Hall to have a set of amour made.

Ring of the Wind : fortify agility 30 points on self.
Galmis Dren wears the ring, and is found in the cavern of Nammu.
Marara's Ring: reflect 20% on self, fortify acrobatics 10 points on self, resist normal weapons 40% on self
This ring found in Drethan Ancestral Tomb. The entrance to the tomb is found in a cave named Shallit, found on an island south of Dagon Fel.
Mentors Ring: fortify intelligence 10 points on self, fortify willpower 10 points on self.
This ring is found in a trapped urn in Salmarys Ancestral Tomb (west of Seyda Neen, on the shore)
Ring of Phynaster: resist magika 20% on self, resist poison 20% on self, resist shock 20% on self
Found in Senim Ancestral Tomb, which is southeast of Dagon Fel.
Denstagmer's Ring: resist fire 30% on self, resist frost 30% on self, resist shock 30% on self.
Found in Falas Ancestral Tomb, which is on the river south east of Gnisis, in a trapped urn.
Sheograth's Signet Ring: drain willpower 10 points on self, fortify personality 10 points on self.
Perform the quest for the daedra Azura.
Moon and Star: fortify personality 5 points on self, fortify speechcraft 5 points on self
A Main Quest item. It can be found in the Cavern of the Incarnate, south of the Rotheran Stronghold. You can only enter the cavern and dawn or dusk.
Ring of Azura: night-eye 20 points on self, restore fatigue 10 points
A Main Quest item. This ring is a reward for defeating Dagoth Ur.
Royal Signet Ring (Tribunal): reflect 100%, resist Magicka 100%, resist paralysis 100%, restore health 10 points, restore fatigue 10 points.
You can only gain this ring by killing King Helseth.
Ring of Raven Eye (Bloodmoon): fortify marksman 20 points on self and night eye 20 points on self
Found in a hollow tree stump behind Thirsk Mead Hall.

Necromancer's Amulet: resist normal weapons 25%, fortify intelligence 25 points on self, restore health 1 point on self, spell absorption 25 points
Trebonius Artorius of the Vivec Mage's Guild has this amulet. You can either kill him for it, or complete his odd quests.
Teeth of the Urshilaku: resist paralysis 10% on self
A Main Quest item. You get this amulet by being named the Nerevarine of the Urshilaku.
Gaenor's Amulet (Tribunal): fortify luck 15 points on self
A wood elf named Gaenor is in the Temple courtyard, speaking to him about a favor will eventually lead to a duel. The amulet is on his body.
Helseth's Collar (Tribunal): Fortify security 10 points on self, fortify sneak 10 points on self, fortify speed 5 points on self
A Tribunal Main Quest Item. Prevent an assassination plot from occurring.

Redas Robe of Deeds: feather 50 points on self, detect animal 25 feet
Found in the Redas Ancestral Tomb, which is south of Molag Mar.
Robe of the Drake's Pride: fortify intelligence 10 points on self, resist fire 25%, reflect 25%
Sinse Thindo in Tel Aruhn (the tower's upper level) is wearing the robe.
Whitewalker (Bloodmoon): Chameleon 50% on self, frost damage 5-10 points on self, weakness to frost 5-10% on self, drain health 5-10 points on self
This robe is found on the body of mage's guild member (a tragedy) in the ice cave of Benkongerike.
Mantle of Woe (Bloodmoon): drain personality 100 points on self, weakness to normal weapons 20% on self, fortify maximum magika 5.0x Int. on self, Sun damage 20 points on self, fortify conjuration 50 points on self
This interesting robe is obtained through a miscellaneous quest from an elderly man in the Skall village.

Surefeet: fortify acrobatics 6 points
Baladas Demnavenni in Arvs-Dralen in Gnisis has these shoes. Also a House Telvanni reward for his quests.
Shoes of St. Rilms: fortify personality 5 points on self, fortify endurance 5 points on self
Found in a locked chest behind the statue in Ald Sotha.

Misc. Clothing-
Ralen Family Belt (Tribunal): Fortify personality 5 points on self, fortify speechcraft 5 points on self.
This is a reward for matching Marena Gilnith (in the Great Bazaar) with Goval Ralen in the Temple courtyard. However, if you match her with the trader in the Great Bazaar you will gain a very interesting sword.
Belt of the Horator: fortify magika 20 points on self.
A main quest item. This belt is obtained by having yourself named horator of the three houses.
Right Hand of Zenithar: fortify personality 5 points on self
Left Hand of Zenithar: fortify luck 5 points on self
These are obtained by completing the Imperial Cult missions.
Deceit (Bloodmoon): fortify sneak 20 points on self
This glove is found in a hollow tree stump behind Thirsk Mead Hall.
Treachery (Bloodmoon): fortify security 20 points on self
This glove is found in a hollow tree stump behind Thirsk Mead Hall.
Tailored Trousers: fortify personality 3 points on self
These pants are given to you by the clothier in Caldera while completing an Imperial Cult quest for Lulus Truptor in the Imperial Chapels, Ebonheart.

Vampire Items-
Fathasa's Ring: fire shield 15 points on self
Once a vampire, speak with Fathasa Llethri in Llethri Manor, Ald' Ruhn. Complete her quest for the ring.
Darksun Sheild: drain magika 100 points on self, reflect 20% on self, restore fatigue 10 points, night-eye 10 points on self.
The second mission of the Aundae clan. You are sent to kill a vampire hunter, who carries the shield.

Sanguine Items-

1. Amulet of Sanguine Free Enterprise—Fortify Mercantile 5 points-- Eno Hlaalu has this already.
2. Belt of Sanguine Balanced Armor—Fortify Medium Amour 5 points on self—Relas Arothan at Assemerairen Shrine in the St. Olm's underworks.
3. Belt of Sanguine Sureflight—Fortify Marksmen 5 points on self-- Durrus Marius at the Assemerairen Shrine in the St. Olm's underworks.
4. Belt of Sanguine Hewing—Fortify Long Blade 5 points on self—Durrus Marius at the Assemerairen Shrine in the St. Olm's underworks.
5. Belt of Sanguine Deep Biting -- Fortifies Axe 5 points on self -- Relas Arothan in Assernerairan, Shrine, St. Olms Underworks.
6. Glove of Sanguine Horny Fist—Fortify Hand to Hand 5 points on Self—Guirl Retheran, Flowers of Gold, Redoran Canton, Vivec.
7. Shoes of Sanguine Leaping—Fortify Acrobatics 5 points on self--Dro'Zaymar, canal South-Three of the St. Delyn Canton.
8. Amulet of Sanguine Nimble Amour—Fortify Light Amour 5 points on self—Severia Magia, Ald Sotha Shrine.
9. Ring of Sanguine Fluid Evasion—Fortify Unarmored 5 points on self-- Severia Magia, Ald Sotha Shrine.
10. Glove of Sanguine Swift Blade—Fortify Short Blade 5 points on self-- Severia Magia, Ald Sotha Shrine.
11. Ring if Sanguine Red Wisdom—Fortify Destruction 5 points on self—Llandrale Varam, Ald Sotha Shrine.
12. Ring of Sanguine Transcendence—Fortify Conjuration 5 points on self-- Llandrale Varam, Ald Sotha Shrine.
13. Ring of Sanguine Transfiguring—Fortify Enchantment 5 points on self-- Llandrale Varam, Ald Sotha Shrine.
14. Belt of Sanguine Fleetness—Fortify Athletics 5 points--Hrodis at the Halfway Tavern, Pelgiad.
15. Belt of Sanguine Martial Craft—Fortify Armorer 5 points on self—Carecalmo at Ashalmimikala shrine.
16. Shoes of Sanguine Stalking—Fortify Sneak 5 points on self—Thovasi Alen, Assamatamat shrine.
17. Belt of Sanguine Denial—Fortify Block 5 points on self—Movis Darys, Ald Ruhn Mages guild (speak to him about joining Morag Tong…do not kill).
18. Glove of Sanguine Safekeeping—Fortify Security 5 points on self—Inganar, Ularradallaku shrine (inside Ghostgate)
19. Belt of Sanguine Stolid Armor—Fortify Heavy armor 5 points on self—Mindeli Saren, Yasammidan shrine.
20. Ring of Sanguine Sublime Wisdom—Fortify Alchemy 5 points on self—Anel Rethelas, Yasammidan shrine.
21. Amulet of Sanguine Glib Speech—Fortify Speechcraft 5 points on self—Shotherra, Thongar's Tradehouse, Hull.
22. Ring of Sanguine Silver Wisdom—Fortify Illusion 5 points on self—Earmil, Assurnabitashpi shrine.
23. Belt of Sanguine Smiting—Fortify Blunt Weapon 5 points on self—Domba, Ald Daedroth shrine
24. Ring of Sanguine Green Wisdom—Fortify Restoration 5 points on self—Gnaw Tooth, Ald Daedroth Shrine.
25. Ring of Sanguine Golden Wisdom—Fortify Alteration 5 points on self—Talis Veran, Ebernanit shrine.
26. Belt of Sanguine Impaling Thrust—Fortify Spear 5 points on self—Gluronk gra-Shula, Gateway Inn, Sadrith Mora.
27. Ring of Sanguine Unseen Wisdom—Fortify Mysticism 5 points on self--Erundil, Indoranyon.
Commands and some Items
Go to the ES Construction Set, and make a random item in any tab. Click on the "..." button next to the script box. Click Help and then the button I belive is functions (its one of the help menus) and it will bring up a menu with ALL of the commands. (This doesn't have the codes for every person place or thing in the game, but it will show you all the commands)

If you like special weapons, you can find a book with the name of MOST of the very powerful, very hard to find items in the game, as well as some VERY vague hints as to where to find them. (of course, the codes are probably up above here if you feel like cheating)

Counter arrows
The way it works pretty much is that when an arrow, magic or other projectile hits a surface they are destroyed ,and in the case of magic with area effects explode, so the magic or arrows (also throwing stars, etc.) work as the surface to destroy the projectile. The magic counter works well against Dagoth Ur but you should probably use enchantments to shoot at his magic (remember that you canonly use and counter on target magic so touch and self won't work).
Daedric Quests -- By superdude113
Daedric Quests

Shrine of Azura
-SE coast of Vvardenfell, built into the cliff. NE of Tel Branora. Really big statue, can't miss. Advise levitating to get to it.
-Azura's Star
--Go to the Shrine of Azura and speak to it. Set a Mark spell there (just a bit of helpful advice.) Now you get to travel all the way up to Dagon Fell, no it's not there you still have more traveling to do. take the road west, over the rise and to the beach. Cross the river and take a left the first chance you get, continue west past Habinbaes. The road should turn south, don't turn with it! Instead go up the slope westyou should end up at the base of a mushroom tree eventually, when you do turn northyou should be on the beach and infront of you is the island go there and kill all the Dremoras and be sure to take the ring off the golden saint, you need this!!!!!!! Recall back to the Shrine of Azura, talk to her and she will award you with Azura's Star.

Shrine of Boethiah
-NW of Hla Oad
--Go to Caldera and set a Mark, then go to Hla Oad and go to the west side of those daedric ruins... Ashurnibibi. now swim west directly and go under water eventually you should see some sunken ruins. talk to the fallen head and and use recall. Go to the Ghorak manor (the one with Creeper) and talk to the orc in the up most part of the house. He will tell you he needs plans and 2000 gold. So go to Jobasha's Rare Books in Vivic's Foreign Quarter and buy the book. Sorry, I didn't write the name of the book down so youll have to remember on this one. Use recall again to get back to Caldera, go back to him and give him the book and the money. Forty (40) days later the shrine will be complete, it is at Khartag point, near the stronghold Andasreth. Talk to his new statue and he will award you with Goldbrand.

Shrine of Malacath
-West of Sanctus Shrine. NE coast of that long Island
-Helm of Oreyn Bearclaw
--Go to Dagon Fel and travel west to the furthest coast. Remember Azura's quest. the same directions except now you get to swim out a little bit further. On land go to the daedric ruin Assurdirapal. Walk through the shrine, once inside the inner shrine talk to the statue. Drop your Mark spell here. Now go all the way back to Vivic. Once in Vivic ask anyone in the Forien Quarters about Bearclaw then Farvyn Oreyn. THEN go to Gnaar Mok and ask someone there about him. Now go a little way south of town. TALK to Farvyn Oreyn then when him and his men attack you kill them. Recall back to the Shrine of Malacath and talk to it to be awarded the Helm of Oreyn Bearclaw.

Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon
-West of Ald Velothi. Past the Dwemer Ruins. (Yes, it does go further...)
-Mehrunes' Razor
--Go to Gnisis and travel North until you reach Ald Velothi, then head west past the Dwemer ruin Arkngthunch-Sturdumz to the daedric ruin Yasammidan. You will pass what looks like the starts of a new village building supplies and all. Anyways, go inside and activate the statue. he wants to squash you (Id like to see him move his leg.) Set a Mark spell and make your way to the Erabenimsum (Ashlander) Camp, the one south of Tel Fyr. Once there take the trail west then STRAIGHT south no turns until you reach Alas Ancestral Tomb. Go inside, down the stairs, take a left, then a right, and take the dagger from the corpse of Varner Hleras and recall back. Talk to The Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon to have the rusty dagger transform into another worthless dagger, Mehrunes' Razor.

Shrine of Mephala
-Morag Tong headquarters. (under Vivic Arena, in the storage room through the canalworks through a locked trapdoor)
-Ring of Khajiit
--Go to the Morag Tong headquarters and go up and down the stairs until you reach the main room. Look right, see that man with the Chitin Mask helm on, go talk to him NOT THE SHRINE BEHIND HIM. Talk about "sensitive matters." He'll give you 5 cured Bittergreen Pedals. Now Mark the spot and go to Balmora, go to Balyn Omarel's house, it's the one west of Caius Cosades' House, It's the on with the trap door on the roof. Slip the Cured Bittergreen Pedals into his cauldron, you just have to click on it and it will give you the option. Once there in Recall back, talk with the man in the mask and he will give you permission to approach the shrine, talk to it to receive the Ring of Khajiit.

Shrine of Molag Bal
-West of Tel Aruhn
-Mace of Molag Bal
--Go to Tel Aruhn and go two Islands to the west first the smaller one, then the stop at the next one, the coasts should be jumping distance, well, for me that is. On this Island you will find the Daedric ruin Yansirramus. Once inside talk to the shrine and set a Mark. Now go on over to the stronghold take the path heading northeast. It will turn north at a little Ashlander camp them eventually turn east. When you pass Bensamsi go southwest. You shouldn't see the dwemer ruin. If you do you went too far. The path will soon fork, take the one that goes south (it has some trees marking the way.) It should go up a slope and to Kora-Dur. You should have gotten the key from Molag Bal. In its inner most chamber you should find that lazy Daedroth, hack it to pieces collect some of the loot, some of it is okay. Then recall back and talk to the Shrine of Molag Bal to be awarded with the Mace of Molag Bal.

Shrine of Sheogorath
-Vivic St.Delyn sewers
-Spear of Bitter Mercy
--Go to Vivic St Delyn and head way don to the sewage place, below canalworks. There you should find a door stuck into a wall somewhere down there. Go in kill the cultists talk to the Shrine and set a Mark spell. Off you go to Dagon Fel, ask around about "mad herrmit." Remember that long Island with the daedric ruin Assurdirapal on it, the one for the Helm of Oreyn Bearclaw? go as far west as you can until you run into Ald Redaynia, it will be gaurded by a skeleton. Guess what now you don't get to go inside, ha ha. Now go swim, levitate whatever north-east a little more north though. You will come across a large island and guess what, if you don't see the shack, just follow the trail, it leads right to it. Go in and talk to Big Head. talk about the "Fork of Horripilationand hell tell you to take it. its the one on the table that look more like a fork. Now your off to kill the bull netch with IT! You cannot KILL the bull netch with any other weapon and there are NO second chances. The giant bull netch is located directly east on another Island. Just go directly east and youll have no excuse no to find it the netch really stands out. Once it's dead recall yourself talk to the Shrine of Sheogorath to see that your fork is now the Spear of Bitter Mercy.

Sanguine Items

1. Amulet of Sanguine Free Enterprise - Eno Hlaalu already has it.
2. Amulet of Sanguine Glib Speech - Shotherra, Thongar's Tradehouse, Khuul. Unlike most sanguine holders, she is peaceful. Taunt her and kill her.
3,4,5. Amulet of Sanguine Nimble Armor, Ring of Sanguine Fluid Evasion, Glove of Sanguine Swiftblade - Severa Magia, Ald Sotha Shrine, NE of Vivec
6,7. Belt of Sanguine Balanced Armor, Belt of Sanguine Deep Biting - Relas Arothan, Assernerairen shrine, Underworks, Vivec St. Olms.
8. Belt of Sanguine Denial - Movis Darys, Ald'Ruhn Mages Guild. He is peaceful, and will hand the belt over if you persuade him to.
9. Belt of Sanguine Fleetness - Hrordis, upstairs, Halfway Tavern, Pelagiad.
10,11. Belt of Sanguine Hewing, Belt of Sanguine Sureflight - Durus Marius, Assernerairen shrine, underworks, Vivec St. Olms.
12. Belt of Sanguine Impaling Thrust - Gluronk gra-Shula, 2nd floor, Gateway Inn, Sadrith Mora. Taunt and kill.
13. Belt of Sanguine Martial Craft - Carecalmo, Ashalmimikala shrine, west of Balmora, north of Hla Oad.
14. Belt of Sanguine Smiting - Domba, Ald Daedroth shrine, NW of Ahemmusa camp, SE of Dagoon Fel, large island to the east of the main one.
15. Belt of Sanguine Stolid Armor - Mindeli Saren, Yasammidan shrine, NW of Gnisis
16. Glove of Sanguine Horny Fist - Guril Retheran, lower level, Flowers of Gold, Vivec, Redoran Canton. (Take care of 2 jobs- get the item by killing him- you will need to ice him for the Morag Tong if you didn't already.)
17. Glove of Sanguine Safekeeping - Inganar, Ularradallaku shrine, inside ghostfence, NE of Ald'Ruhn.
18. Ring of Sanguine Golden Wisdom - Talis Veran, Ebernanit shrine, northern central coast, position 4100, 143000
19. Ring of Sanguine Green Wisdom - Gnaw Tooth, Ald Daedroth shrine.
20,21,22. Ring of Sanguine Red Wisdom, Ring of Sanguine Transcedance, Ring of Sanguine Transfiguring - Llandrale Varam, Ald Sotha Shrine.
23. Ring of Sanguine Silver Wisdom -Earmil, Assurnabitashpi, East of Khuul, just west of Urshilaku camp. (Two entrances and areas. If you miss him, try the other area.)
24. Ring of Sanguine Sublime Wisdom - Anel Rethelas, Yasammidan shrine.
25. Ring of Sanguine Unseen Wisdom - Erundil, Indoranyon, north of Tel Aruhn.
26. Shoes of Sanguine Leaping - Dro'Zaymar, Canal South-Three, Vivec St. Delyn. Taunt and kill.
27. Shoes of Sanguine Stalking - Thovasi Alen, Assarnatamat shrine, NE of Balmora, SE of Caldera.

You need to join the Morag Tong under Vivic Arena. Talk to Hlaalu (guy in the upmost part of the underground) and talk to him to join, then give him all the sanguine items to receive Mephala's Skill It is the only way to receive a spell that fortifies a skill i.e. Short blade, this now allows you, when making a spell, to fortify ANY SKILL!**
** NOTE: The fortify skill component of this spell has been deleted with the first patch for the PC version of the game, as well as the Game of The Year edition (for both PC and X-Box).

Propylon Index Locations

Go to Khuul and go southeast to the shrine Maelkashishi. Enter and make your way to the forgotten galleries. Levitate up to the very top ledge and there should be a corpse there. with him a scroll, daedric longbow, (4) daedric arrows, and the Index for Falensarano. Take them, I doubt he needs them anymore.

Go to Rotheran. Enter the Communal hut on the roof. The guy in there has it, umm Rols Ienith. Get it from him, the only way i see it try pick pocketing him. And if at first you don't succeed, give up and hack him to tiny pieces. Now take the Index for Rotheran from his lifeless corpse.

Got to Telasero. For this one you must actually enter the stronghold and go down to the lowest level. Once in the lowest level of the stronghold check the trough, is should be in there.

Head over to Hlormaren. The dome has its own entrance, Levitate up to in if you can, if not you can fight your way up, ha ha. The Index for Andasreth is on a shelf on the left wall. Its really hard to see, if you have night eyes, it'll make it stand out a little better.

Go to Gnisis. Now go to the house with the rope fence in front of it. WARNING TO THOSE IN TELVANNI! Do not kill the man at the top of this house, or his little pets that are in the same room, he doesn't like that, and you need him to advance to mouth, there is no other way. Well, in that room, look over at the book shelves, the Index for Berandas is on one of them. Take a guess.

Go to the Urshilaku Ashlander Camp. Go inside the Wise Women's Yurt. The Index for Valenvaryon should be on the table to her right. Try to sneak to take it, don't get her mad and don't talk to her unless you have already done the portion of the Main Quest that involves her.

Go to Maar Gan. Go to the house with that rock shrine and the dremora. Inspect the offerings, the Index for Falasmaryon should be resting there. Try to sneak to take this one to.

Go to Caldera. Enter the Pawnbroker's shop/house. The Index for Hlormaren should be on that window ledge right next to him. This is a tricky one to get, I advise getting a chameleon spell to help you sneak this one out.

Go to Tel Fyr. The Index for Indoranyon should be right inside on the table next to Divayth Fyr.

Go to Vivec St. Olms Temple, lower level. Go through the hall it will be in the last room on you right. In there will be some rats. Kill them if you like. Now this is a lot easier with night eyes. The Index for Marandus should be right in front of you among the crates.
The only way to get this sheild known before this faq was a random loot amoung golden saints. However i have discovered a much easier limitless way. Create a summon golden saint ring.....in somthing with good enchant level so you can cast a lot of them. Start casting Golden saints.....when one comes up with a deadric tower sheild kill it, this is the part you must be quick with, before it falls to the ground hit A or search it for items, quickly take all and then you have your sheild! This may take some practice as you must be very quick in searching the Golden saint.
easy start
This is short but an extremely good way to get at least 3grand and bonemold for free. First start off and the place with the dagger steal everything else as well no one can see u. then give the ring to fargoth so arille likes u.then sell all your stuff u stole u should get about 450 unless good mercantile then more then do the mission for the hiding place of fargoth but don't give back the money as hes not a guild leader. Then silt strider to ald ruhn, their is 2 guard towers each 1 has 1 guard who moves up and dwonstairs. whatever place hes isn go on opposite floor their is always a few weapons on the table and in the crates their is weapons and sometimes full sets of bonemold armour- make several trips as its quite heavy and make friends with meldor in balmora sell your armour to him { the spare sets } and you should be able to buy dreugh so that gives u a good 4000gp overall. thanks!
Easy Stealing and killing withought cheating
If you want to steal an object in a store like some of the Dreugh armor in Balmora or the items from the vaults in the Redoran area in Vivec but don't want the guilt of using cheats then here's what to do:

STEALING ITEMS: Walk around the people in the store or area and get them to face away from the object you wish to steal. Once all of the characters are faced away sneak away from them and quickly (while still holding the sneak button) steal the object, easy way to get items without fines/cheats.

KILLING PEOPLE: Whether the person is guarding an item or has an item you want or if your just THAT kind of person then do the same as I said before about getting the people to face away. Example: In the Redoran vaults in Vivec, there are 2 guards in each room. They both have good items but mostly they are guarding the vaults. Get one of them to face away from you and the other guard, then proceed to taunt the guard that is facing you until he attacks. Kill him and take his items and then dispose of the corpse. The next guard is the same but without having to bother about another guard, taunt and kill him and take his stuff, then enjoy stealing the items.
Enchanting Guide -- By Umrahel
Enchanting Guide

All biological creatures in the game have souls and can be caught, including ghosts and skeletons. Mechanical units, such as the Dwemer Centurion Sphere, Dwemer Steam Centurion and Dwemer Spider have no souls. Each kind of creature has a different size of soul. The easy low-level creatures will have lower valued souls then the more difficult high-level creatures.

Creatures, soulvalue, and level of creature
- Alit, 20, 3
- Alit-blighted, 25, 7
- Alit-diseased, 25, 3
- Ancestor ghost, 100, 1
- Ascended sleeper, 400, 25
- Ash ghoul, 250, 15
- Ash slave, 100, 5
- Ash zombie, 100, 8
- Atronach Flame, 105, 7
- Atronach Frost, 138, 9
- Atronach Storm, 150, 15
- Bonelord, 100, 8
- Bonewalker, 75, 4
- Bonewalker Lesser, 65, 3
- Bonewalker Greater, 75, 7
- Clannfear, 100, 7
- Cliffracer 20, 4
- Cliffracer Blighted 20, 8
- Cliffracer Diseased 20, 4
- Corpus Lame 160, 8
- Corpus Stalker, 100, 5
- Daedroth, 195, 12
- Dremora, 100, 9
- Dremora Lord, 200, 12
- Dreugh, 75, 5
- Dwarven Ghost, 200, 5
- Golden Saint, 400, 20
- Guar, 20, 3
- Guar Wild, 20, 3
- Hunger, 250, 11
- Kagouti, 20, 4
- Kagouti Blighted, 20, 8
- Kagouti Dieased, 20, 4
- Kwama Forager, 15, 2
- Kwama Forager Blighted, 15, 6
- Kwama Queen, 30, 6
- Kwama Warrior, 20, 3
- Kwama Blighted Warrior, 30, 7
- Kwama Worker, 8, 2
- Kwama Blighted Worker, 8, 6
- Kwama Diseased Worker, 8, 2
- Kwama Entrance, 8, 2
- Mudcrab, 5, 1
- Mudcrab Diseased, 5, 1
- Netch Betty, 75, 10
- Netch Bull, 50, 4
- Nixhound, 10, 2
- Nixhound Blighted, 10, 6
- Ogrim, 165, 11
- Ogrim Titan, 70, 15
- Rat, 10, 2
- Rat Blighted, 10, 4
- Rat Diseased, 40, 3
- Scamp, 100, 5
- Scrib, 10, 1
- Scrib Blighted, 30, 4
- Scrib Diseased, 30, 1
- Shalk, 30, 6
- Shalk Blighted, 30, 10
- Shalk Diseased, 30, 6
- Skeleton, 30, 3
- Skeleton Archer, 30, 3
- Skeleton Champion, 200, 10
- Skeleton Warrior, 30, 7
- Skeleton Entrance, 30, 2
- Slaughterfish, 10, 2
- Slaughterfish Small, 10, 2
- Winged Twilight, 300, 15
- Vivec God, 1000, 100

The creatures listed here are all the common creatures as they will appear in the game. The unique creatures bonded to certain places and quests are not listed. Such as the different Dagoths, but these all have souls with a value of at least 250, so grand soulgems are needed to trap them. Only Vivec I put in. Know that Dagoth Ur himself has no soul.

BTW: Not important for the enchanting itself, but you will notice loaded soulgems can be worth quite some drakes. The price of a loaded soulgems is made up by this formulae; -> value soulgem X value soul.

Trapping Souls
Before you can use souls, you have to 'trap' them. You'll need a soultrap spell to do this. Cast the soultrap on the creature which soul you want. A purple kind of twinkle will start swirling around the creature after you've cast the spell successfully. Now you have to kill the creature before the spell wears of. If you succeed, you will get a message which will tell you; "you caught a soul".

NOTE: Always make sure you have the proper kind of soulgem in your inventory to trap the soul in.
BTW: Some of the creatures you encounter use 'dispel' after you trapped them. Cast the spell again.
BTW 2: NPC's have no souls! (At least no souls which can be trapped)

Not every soul will fit in every gem, it's good to know which soul fits in which gem.
The basic rule is this. Each kind of soulgem can contain a soul which is maximal three times as big as the value of the soulgem.
For example: Petty soulgems can contain souls which are max. 30. Common soulgems 120 and Grand 600. That means that if you wish to trap Vivec's soul you'll need Azura's star.
If you have different kind of soulgems in your inventory, the caught soul will be trapped in the smallest gem possible.

The different soulgems in the games are the following:
In order of value, and thus containment size:
- petty soulgem value 10
- lesser soulgem value 20
- common soulgem value 40
- greater soulgem value 60
- grand soulgem value 200
- AZURA'S STAR value 5000
NOTE: Azura's star is a special case compared to the other soulgems. All soulgems are used up, and disappear, when you actually use them. Azura's Star however is a reusable soulgem. This means the gem will not disappear after you use it, but only the soul it contained. The gem itself will be empty again and can be used again.
BTW -> Azura's Star is a unique item!

Grand Soulgems
Grand Soulgems:
Though GSG's will start showing up as random loot round about level 15, these are the known locations where you can find them at any level.
Trunks2603 and Sorcerous Nord
Ald Redaynia,tower - on the table next to the Bitter Cup
Ald Sotha, shrine - on the offering plate
Ball Fell, inner shrine - on the chest in front of Sheogorath
Balmora, Guild of Mages - on Galbedir's table (filled)
Derelict Shipwreck, cabin - by skeletal remains
Dren Plantation, Dren's villa - in small chest
Dun-Ahhe - next to skeleton on rock above water
Hanud - behind the barrel a skeleton is leaning against
Kora-Dur - on a plate
Maelkashishi, shrine (2) -one is obvious, the other is on the fire pedestal near Sheogorath's
Sardith Mora, Gateway Inn, west wing - on the table
Sardith Mora, Tel Naga, great hall - on a table in one of the alcoves downstairs
Salmantu, shrine - in one of the sixth house troughs
Tel Fyr, Hall of Fyr (2) - (very easy) on shelf
Tel Mora, tower services (3) - look up high above Salam Andrethi's head for two of them.
Tel Uvirith, Menas' house - only after a stronghold built
Tel Uvirith, Omavel's house - only after a stronghold built
Tel Uvirith, Seleth's house - only after a stronghold built
Tel Vos, Aryon's chambers - on a ledge behind and above Aryon
Vivec, Telvanni vault - on a table
Vivec, Redoran trader - on shelf (he will sell it to you)
Zebabi - on a bench in hidden alcove above Draryn Andrano

On the following NPC's:
Felen Maryon, Tel Branora, Upper tower, Therana's chamber (also sells the summon GS spell)
Nevena Ules, Ules manor
Goris the Maggot King, Venim ancestral tomb

Npcs would have to be killed or pickpocketed to get their gems.

Need it now?
Player->AddItem "Misc_SoulGem_Azura" 1
Player->AddItem "Misc_SoulGem_Grand" 1
Player->AddSoulGem "golden saint" misc_soulgem_grand

Fadase Selvayn, a trader in Tel Branora, sells an infinite supply (restocking) of common, lesser and petty soul gems.

Speaking of Golden Saints
There are a few places you can always find them;

1. Ald Daedroth, Antechamber
2. Ald Daedroth, Inner Shrine
3. Bal Ur, Underground
4. Ibar-Dad
5. Odrosal, Dwemer Training Academy
6. Azura's Star quest
Levelled creatures in the Grazelands.

Summon Golden Saint spell: Felen Maryon, Upper Tower; Therana's Chamber, Tel Branora.
Summon GS scrolls: Folms Mirel, Mage's Guild in Caldera.

Enchanting Process

To make an enchanted item you can either try to make it yourself, or visit a 'qualified' enchanter. To make an item yourself, just drop the loaded soulgem you want to use on your portrait and a menu will pop up. This menu will let you choose between making a new enchanted item, or charging up an existing one. When you choose to create a new item, the rest of the process will be the same as visiting an enchanter.
Know however that when you do it yourself your success depends on your enchanting skill. A skill level of 100 will give the highest chance of success, but still no 100%. When you fail to enchant, the soul is gone but the gem remains. Visiting an enchanter cannot fail, always success but you have to pay for the services.

1) To make an enchanted item, one needs a loaded soulgem and an item. The items you can enchant are all non-magical weapons, armorparts and pieces of paper like writs, white paper and written notes. If you enchant papers, you will create scrolls. They can only be used once. When you select the enchanting service at an enchanter or drop a loaded soulgem on your portrait a menu will pop up.

2) At the top of this menu you can give your item a self-made name. You'll see there will be already a name in the namebox when you've selected an item, this is the official name of the item. You can just delete this name and rename it.

3) Under the namebox, there are two small empty squares. The first is used to select the item you wish to enchant. When you click in the empty square, a little version of your inventory will pop up with all the items you have in your inventory witch can be enchanted. The second square is used to select the soul you wish to use. Click the square and a little menu will pop up with all the loaded soulgems you have in your inventory.

4) After you selected an item and a soulgem, you'll see at the upper right corner of the menu three terms; enchantment, cast cost and charge.

Enchantment: is shown as xx/xx. Every item has it's own specific enchantment points, that's the number at the right side of the slash (/). The effects you'll select cost a certain amount of enchantment points, that's the first number, left of the slash (/). The first number may never exceed the second number.

Cast cost: is the amount of charged points you lose when you use the item. (You can also see it as magicka. Cast cost is the amount of magicka it costs to use the item, this is not your magicka, but kind of the magicka from the item)

Charge: is the amount of points you have on your item. This is determined by the soul you use. If you use a soul with a 150 soulvalue (storm atronach) you'll have 150 charge points. If the effect you have on your item will take 10 points, you can use it 15 times before the item is empty and has to reload. (Same here, see it as magicka. When using a 150 pts soul, the item will have 150 magicka points)

5) Under the namebox all the magic effects you can use are listed. This list depends on the spells you learned. You can only select spells you've in your 'possession', the spells you bought. So just buy every spell you see, gives you lots of possibilities.

6) When you select an effect you want to use another little menu will pop up. This menu will show you the following options:

Range: Here you have to choose between: target/touch/self. If you choose 'touch', the effect is cast when you touch the creature. 'Self' means the effect affects yourself. 'Target means that you 'shoot' you effect, meaning you'll have to go into spellmode.

Magnitude: This is the result your item will have when used. For example: the amount of damage when used. Increasing the magnitude uses more enchantment points.

Duration: This is the time your effect will be active. Increasing the duration will significantly increase the amount of enchantment points used.

Area: This is the area in which your effect is active. Increasing the area also uses more enchantment points.

7) The last thing you have to select is which type you want your enchantment to be. This can/must be chosen below the list of effects. You can choose between; 'cast when strikes', 'cast when used', 'constant effect' and 'cast once'.

Cast when strikes: This means that your effect is cast when you swing your weapon. Weapons are the only items which can have 'cast when strikes'. If you select 'cast when strikes' make sure you select 'touch' either. This is chosen under 'range'.

Cast when used: This means you will have to go into spellmode (with your hands out in front of you) to cast the effect. You first have to select the effect in your 'magic items' menu.

Constant effect: This means that the effect is constant active on self. This means that 'self' is the only option you have under range when selecting 'constant effect'.
NOTE: If you wish to select 'constant effect' make sure you have a trapped soul with a value of min. 400. This means that only Golden Saints, Ascended Sleepers and Vivec's soul provide this possibility.

Cast once: This is only possible to select if you enchant a scroll or paper. The effect can only be cast once, same as scrolls already in the game.

8) When you're done adding the wished effects and completed all the other options, all you have to do is click the button 'buy' and your item is created. If you enchant yourself click the button 'create'.

NOTE: Not every effect you wish to add provide you with the same options. For example; 'bound armor/weapon' is only possible on 'self' and not on target or touch. So the options also depend on the chosen effect.
Explosion spell
If you like massive destruction, fire, and\or utter domination, the following spell would probably meet your needs (or wants):
for this, your gonna have to have a lot of gold, but it's worth it. go to a spellmaker, and click fire damage (to the left part of the screen. if you don't have it, go to a person who sells spells.) then, set it to the following;
Magnitude 100
out of 100
Range 50 ft
Duration 25 sec
Also, you could do the same thing with frost and spark damage. If you don't have enough gold, enter ~ (as most people know, the button to the left of 1),then put player->additem
"gold_100" and put the amount you want after the quotes, but make sure that there is space between the quotes and the amount you want. Tell me if it works.
Get all of "Her Hands" armor.
Okay, for this you will need the extention if you do not have it. The first thing you do is --- (~) player->coc ebonheart --- Now, go to the temple. I forgot the name so bear with me. After you are inside, try every one of the doors untill you come to a room with five elves standing in a pentagon shape. You will see that all of thier armor is enchanted. Now, put in --- (~) [click on one of the elves] sethealth 0 --- This WILL NOT get you reported, as you may or may not already know. Now, take all of the armor. BONUS: You will get "Her Hand's Ebony Longsword" as a weapon. For best results, I would do --- (~) player->setheavyarmor 100000 --- (~) player->setmediumarmor 100000 --- (~) player->setlightarmor 100000 --- So this armor lasts a very, very long time before it needs repairs (if ever, I have never played long enough to find out) Also another tip, for the longsword, put in --- (~) player->setlongsword 200 --- player->setstrength 150 --- I have found that setting your strength to 150 will take a short time to kill any enemy, and will not segnifagantly harm your weapon. Also, this armor looks very cool on an either High Elf, or Dark Elf. Wood Elves are too short and all the rest of the races are too beefy, tall, skinny, or have werid legs (Argonian or Khajit). I won't bother with a description and let you figure it out for yourself!
Get Templar Armor
Are you one of those people who don't like killing innocent NPCs, or is it just that you couldn't find any templar greaves, like me? Well, I have a list of all the templar armor you need.

helmet-player->additem templar_helmet_armor "1"
cuirass-player->additem templar_cuirass "1"
greaves-player->additem templar_greaves "1"
boots-player->additem "templar boots" 1
left bracer->player->additem templar_bracer_left "1"
right bracer-player->additem templar_bracer_right "1"
left pauldron-player->additem templar_pauldron_left "1"
right pauldron-player->additem templar_pauldron_right "1"

That is all the Templar Armor in the game, so use it well, or not, just use it. And remember, always love domestic cats and kittens, even if they're black. I have 2 black cats and on torbey cat.
getting the "legendary" sword of white woe
simply go to balmora/suran(maybe gnisis) guard towers & bloodthirstily kill all guards in the guard tower.then search the building for the sword.in balmora, the sword is on top of the upstairs dresser.you should be able to see a "doorknob" on the dresser.ive seen the other one mentioned in a guide book.NOTE:there are numerous guard towers in balmora and the other place.search them all.unlike my unlock door cheat many o' you already read, there are no restrictions EXCEPT you need to be able to beat a guard.(email me!)
Great Houses -- By HETT
Great Houses

As 'they' say: "If you are thinking of joining a Great House, study all three Great Houses, and think carefully before you join, because once you've joined one house, no other house will ever consider you for membership. Loyalty is very important in the Great Houses. When you join, you become family, and, by Dunmer standards, it's a matter of blood and kin, and irreversible. Even if you get kicked out of one house, no other house will have you." - No Lore.

House Hlaalu. Favored Skills Are: Light Armor, Marksman, Mercantile, Short Blade, Security, Speechcraft.

House Redoran. Favored Skills Are: Armorer, Athletics, Long Blade, Heavy Armor, Medium Armor, Spear.

House Telvanni. Favored Skills Are: Alteration, Conjuration, Destruction, Enchant, Illusion, Mysticism.

The three Great Houses each allow its' members to build their own stronghold. For House Hlaalu and Redoran, you get to start construction when you reach the rank of Kinsman. For House Telvanni, you must be the rank of Mouth.

House Hlaalu. It's Skill requirements favor the thief/assassin. Speak to Nileno Dorvayn at the Hlaalu Council Manor in Balmora, to join. Dondos Driler, in the same building, is in charge of strongholds.

House Redoran. It's Skill requirements favor the fighter. Speak to Neminda at the Redoran Council Entrance in Ald'ruhn, to join. The Redoran Council Entrance is inside the Ald'ruhn Manor District. Galsa Gindu, in the Redoran Council Hall, is in charge of strongholds.

House Telvanni. It's Skill requirements favor the magic user. Llunela Hleran, in the same building, is in charge of strongholds.

The Redoran stronghold is the "X" on your paper map, south of Maar Gan, at Bal Isra.

The Hlaalu stronghold is the "X" on your paper map, South of Balmora, at the Odai Plateau.

The Telvanni stronghold is the "X" on your paper map, due West of Tel Fyr, at Uvirith's Grave.

House Vaults:
Hlaalu and Redoran are both accessed from the waist works. Look for the treasury. Telvanni is in the tower in the plaza. I went from the Plaza Level, Telvanni Canton to the Telvanni Tower. Go in the tower and follow the outside wall all the way around to the intersection. Then down the stairs, around the corner and pass the Prison Cells to the Telvanni Vault. Inside the vault, pass the desk with the ledger and go through another door. In that room there are two ordinators along with two trapped & locked doors. There are a couple of Storm Atronachs behind each one but in the rooms there are only two chests each, one is empty and one has 25 coins. Dispatch the two critters and pick the lock to get out again. This time you will find yourself in the real treasure room with a pair of ordinators. Those tricky wizards!

Hlaalu Keys: Key One: Baren Alen, by the first door in the vaults.
Key Two: The Ordinator in the corridor between the two doors.

Redoran Keys: Lower Vault: Chest of drawers, upstairs in Dralor Manor, Redoran Plaza
Upper Vault: Beldrose Dralor, right by the upper vault door.

Telvanni Keys: The Ordinator past the unlocked door, before the two locked doors.

Reputation Points
Sorcerous Nord

Somebody asked how many reputation points were available to a player. In order to give a fairly accurate answer I searched the construction set for the commands that increment the count. I then discovered that I would have to sort and catalog them to eliminate duplications and mutually exclusive entries. The following is the result of that exercise that, hopefully, some may find of interest.. The journal names aren't needed, but helped in the sorting and are often descriptive.

A1_7HuleeyaInformant When Huleeya gets to Jobasha's bookshop (1 point).
A1_4_MuzgobInformant Giving the skull of Llevule Andrano to Sharn gra-Muzgob (1 point).
A2_6_Incarnate Given by Nibani Maesa after getting Lost Prophesies. (1 point).
A2_6_Incarnate When Sul-Matuul gives you the third trial (1 point).
A2_6_Incarnate Get Moon and Star ring (5 points).
B1_UnifyUrshilaku Sul-Matuul names you Urshilaku nerevarine (2 points).
B2_AhemmusaSafe When Sinnammu arrives at shrine, again when she names you nerevarine (2 points).
B3_ZainabBride Become Zainab nerevarine (1 point).
B4_KillWarLovers Named nerevarine by Han-Ammu (1 point).
B5_RedoranHort Becoming Redoran hortator (4 points).
B6_HlaaluHort Becoming Hlaalu hortator (4 points).
B7_TelvanniHort Becoming Telvanni hortator (4 points).
B8_MeetVivec Accept Wraithguard (5 points).
C3_DestroyDagoth When heart is destroyed and player is leaving heart chamber (10 points).
------subtotal - 42 points.------

HH_EggMine Take Avon Oran's gold then kill queen for Nileno to double (2 points).
HH_Retaliation For killing Nine-Toes, and/or Thanelen Velas (Ralen Hlaalo's murder, 1 point).*
HH_IndEsp4 Shutting down Sudanit mine, or convincing Ponius. Doubled for both (2 points).
HH_GuardMerchant Edryno Arethi Quest (1 point).
HH_Odirniran Killing the Telvanni in Odirniran (rescue Vedelea Othril for better reward, 1 point).
HH_AshlanderEbony Convincing the Zainab to sell their ebony through house Hlaalu (1 point).
HH_TwinLamps1 Helping the Arvel family (ald Velothi) for Ilmeni Dren (1 point).*
HH_TwinLamps3 Saving Hides-His-Foot for Ilmeni Dren (1 point).*
HH_CaptureSpy When mining contracts delivered (whatever you do about Elmussa Damori, 1 point).
HH_RentCollector Kill the farmers, or pay the taxes (with or without Curio's help, 1 point).
HH_DestroyIndarysManor Killing Banden Indarys (1 point).
HH_DestroyTelUvirith Killing Reynel Uvirith (1 point).
HH_WinSaryoni Control the ordinators (1 point).
HH_WinCamonna Infamous Hlaalu GM back-door. Control Cammona Tong (1 point).*
HH_Stronghold Beginning second phase of construction (1 point).
* May be possible to non-Hlaalu players also.
------Subtotal - 17 points.------

HR_GuardGuarHerds Helping Drulene Falen protect her herd (1 point).
HR_FoundersHelm Endure Alvis Teri and retrieve helm (1 point).
HR_ShishiReport Added facrep if Faves Andas was found and killed (1 point).
HR_ClearSarethi Getting Vavur off the hook (1 point).
HR_MadMilk When you tell Arethan Mandas that Delyna lives (1 point).
HR_SixthHouseBase Killing Hanarai Assutlanipal, Ald'Ruhn (1 point).
HR_AttackUvirith Kill Reynel Uvirith (1 point).
HR_AttackRethan Kill Raynasa Rethan (1 point).
HR_BillCollect Get Giras Indaram to pay his armor repair debts (1 point).
HR_MorvaynManor When statue is destroyed (support on council, 1 point).
HR_CalderaDisrupt Freeing or killing Dahleena. Killing operators doesn't get rep point (1 point).
HR_Stronghold Get women for Hetman Guls (stronghold third stage, 2 points).
------Subtotal - 13 points.------

HT_SlaveRebellion Ending rebellion. One low value ring added for killing leader, two for killing all (1 point).
HT_Monopoly End the monopoly of the Mages Guild (1 point).
HT_BaladasAlly When Baladas agrees to join the council (1 point).
HT_DahrkMezalf Baladas Demnevanni's quest for the Ring of Dahrk Mezalf (1 point).
HT_MineCure Curing the kwama queen in the Mudan-Mul Egg Mine (1 point).
HT_Odirniran Killing Remassa Othril in Odirniran (Saving Milyn Faram gets best reward, 1 point).
HT_Shishi Ending the Redoran siege of Shishi and rescuing Faves Andes (1 point).
HT_RecruitEddie Getting your mouth gets glove and often grief (unwanted rank increase, 1 point).
HT_AttackIndarys Kill Banden Indarys (1 point).
HT_AttackRethan Kill Raynasa Rethan (1 point).
HT_Stronghold Beginning second phase of construction (1 point).
HT_Stronghold Deliver Secrets of Dwemer Animunculi to Llunela (1 point).
HT_EddieRing Fast Eddie gives you the Ring of Equity (1 point).
HT_EddieAmulet Fast Eddie gets you the Amulet of Unity (1 point).
HT_Archmagister Become magister (may not be able to get this one if hortator, 2 points).
HT_Archmagister Become archmagister (defeat Gothren, 2 points).
------Subtotal - 18 points.------

TT_MountKand Pilgrimage to Mount Kand (atronach riddles, 1 point).
TT_GalomDeus Killing Raxle Berne (1 point).
TT_SanctusShrine No talking (1 point).
TT_HairShirt Hair Shirt of St. Aralor returned (1 point).
TT_FelmsCleaver Return the Cleaver of St. Felms the Bold (1 point).
TT_LlothisCrosier Return the Crosier of St. Llothis the Pious (1 point).
TT_DagonFel First corner of the House of Troubles (1 point).
TT_AldSotha Second corner of the House of Troubles (1 point).
TT_BalUr Third corner of the House of Troubles (1 point).
TT_AldDaedroth Fourth Corner of the House of Troubles (1 point).
TT_Assarnibibi Reporting the recovery of the Ebony Mail (become Archcanon, 3 points).
------Subtotal - 13 points.------

IC0_Maran_token Simply speak to IC quest giver while you are an initiate (1 point).
IC0_Stendarr_token Simply speak to IC quest giver while you are an acolyte (1 point).
IC0_Septim_token Simply speak to IC quest giver while you are a disciple (1 point).
IC0_Akatosh_token Simply speak to IC quest giver while you are an oracle (1 point).
IC7_netch Delivere one unit of netch leather to Synnolian Tunifus (last healer quest, 1 point).
IC14_Ponius Give Iulus Truptor the 1000 gold Canctunian Ponius pledged (last almoner quest, 1 point).
IC25_JonHawker Returning the Ring in Darkness, doubled if you freed and mention Jon Hawker (2 points).
IC25_JonHawker_free Given at time of rescue (1 point).
IC26_AmaNin Return boots of the apostle (1 point).
IC26_AmaNin_free Additional point granted when Ama Nin was rescued (1 point).
IC27_Oracle For rescuing Adusamsi, doubled if you have the Ice Blade when you report (2 points).
IC28_Urjorad Recover the Fiercely Roast Thy Enemy scroll, then do second part below (1 point).
IC28_Urjorad Killing Carecalmo and Meryaran (2 points).
IC29_Crusher Recover Skull-Crusher (best reward if your blunt weapon skill is less than 40, 2 points).
IC30_Imperial_veteran Telling Lalatia Varian about Wulf (2 points).
------Subtotal - 20 points.------

MG_StolenReport Retrieve Ajira's reports (1 point).
MG_SpyCatch Tell Trebonius that Ranis is a spy, or tell Ranis that Tiram Gadar is (better rewards, 1 point).
MG_KillNecro2 Killing, or saying you killed Tashpi for Ranis Athrys (1 point).
MG_ReturnBook Chimarvamidium returned to the chest in Sirilonwe's closet (1point).
MG_Excavation Deliver excavation report from Nchuleftingth to Edwinna (1 point).
MG_Bethamez Deliver dwemer plans to Edwinna Elbert (1point).
MG_WiseWoman Arrange the meeting between Minabibi and Skink-in-Tree's-Shade (2 points).
MG_VampireCure Skink-in-Tree's-Shade book quest (Galur Rithari's papers, 1 point).
MG_StaffMagnus One of Ajira's 'secrets' quests (1 point).
MG_WarlocksRing Ajira's second 'secrets' quest (1 point).
MG_Dwarves Solving the mystery of the disappearance of the Dwarves (1 point).
MG Deliver pink slip to Trebonius (2 points).
------Subtotal - 14 points.------

MT One point at each advancement.up to master (7 points total).
MT_DB_Assernerairan Killing the leader of the Mehrunes Dagon cultists (1 point).
MT_DB_AldSotha Kill Severa Magia, the Night Mother of the Dark Brotherhood in Vvardenfell (1 point).
MT_Grandmaster Allowing Eno to retire, or killing him in a duel (3 points).
------Subtotal - 12 points.------

IL_RescuePilgrim Rescue a pilgrim from an outcast Ashlander camp (1 point).
------Subtotal - 1 point.------

A1_Sleepers_(15 npc IDs) Can be cured after killing Ur, or one of four sector preists (15 points total).
A1_SleeperDreamer02 'Strange man' quest from Gindrala, Ald'Ruhn (after you get corprus, 1 point).
MS_HatandSkirt Letting Ingwold in Palansour keep clothimg after getting him a levitation potion (1 point)
Town_Ald'ruhn This is the deadbeat quest given by several merchants (Ienas Sarandas, 1 point).
Town_Sadrith The Gateway Haunting quest (Angaredhel, 1 point).
Town_Vivec The woman with a dagger (Elam Andas, 1 point).
Town_Balmora The Bloodbath quest (Larius Varro, 1 point).
Town_Tel_Vos Establish trade links with the Zainab (Turedus Talanian, 1 point).
------Subtotal - 22 points.------

So playing Telvanni, doing all other possible quests (including the Hlaalu non-member ones) could result in 146 points. Notable by their absence are the thieves and fighters guilds.
Now if u got the morrowind that has The Elder Scrolls Construction set use that go 2 load then click on the box of the main file and look at the I.D of the stuff
oh and BTW DONT GET MORE THAN 1 KEENING IT KILLS U oh and u cant get the real sunder u hav 2 get it from one of the Dagoths and now if u cant get the stuff simply type this command in Player->additem Dragonbone_cuirass_unique"1" u can add any number u want and ull get the ammount
How to get 10,000 gold
get three open 100 scrolls/spell, go east of delgidad to dren's house, inside you can find a key on a desk, you can use it to open the room downstairs, two people will attack you from there, kill them, open the chest near the bed and the closet, altogether in both you shall find 10,000 gold, there's a small chest on the shelf near the door where if you open it you will find a letter which will help you in your quest and some good stuff.
infinute money
this is a lot of money your about to get.
this is how you do it go to tel branora and go to the top tower and buy the golden saint spell
and the go to and person how buys stuff(if you have the game of the year version do the raven rock missions for the east empireand later go to the trader with ten thousand gold).
just summon the golden saint and kill it and then right when her health hits 0 check the body
and get cool stuff!
instead of waiting untila you are like level 6 or 7 for to go to mournhold and do that money cheat just get atleast level 3 and i would try to make a fortify health spell to atleast 30 health and to atleast 20 duration then got to the mudcrab merchant and sell until getting to 10,000 and then do that money cheat and that would be good for leveling up faster so you can get to mournhold.
Keep bound weapons and armor without them dissapearing
To keep a bound weapon first use the spell of the item you want now when you have it put it in a crate, chest, barrel, or any other container it will fit in now wait until the spell wears off. now check the container and the item you summoned should still be there now take it.Now it will never dissapear
P.S.you can't sell the item but it is still a good weapon to use.
Level Multipliers -- By Sapphidia
Level Multipliers

Every skill point you earn also provides 2x, 3x, 4x, or 5x multipliers for increasing the skill's controlling attribute when you hit your level-up screen. This is true whether the skill is a major/minor skill or just a miscellaneous skill. It doesn't matter whether you "earn" the skill points through usage in game or whether you pay for training, even for miscellaneous skills. (This changed with patch 1.1--it used to be that if you paid for training misc skills, you would not earn multipliers for that.)

The breakdown for how many multipliers you get goes like this:
1-4 skill points = 2x multiplier
5-7 skill points = 3x multiplier
8-9 skill points = 4x multiplier
10 skill points = 5x multiplier

Any combination of skills will work, as long as they're all for the same attribute. For example, if you put 5 points into Long Blade and 5 points into Acrobatics, both of which are Strength-based skills, then you'll trigger a level-up and you'll have a 5x multiplier for Strength.

Fallen Murk
Agility............Light Armor
Endurance.....Heavy Armor
Endurance.....Medium Armor
Personality....Speech Craft
Speed...........Short Blade
Strength........Blunt Weapon
Strength........Long Blade
Will Power.....Alteration
Will Power.....Destruction
Will Power.....Mysticism
Will Power.....Restoration

Training, a primer
Valkrist and Sheepie (Umrahel)

Open up your inventory/skills list. Move your mouse over a given skill. See how a box pops up telling more about that skill? At the top of that box, it tells you the stat that governs the skill. Example: Spear is governed by Endurance.

Ok. Now, trainers. Each trainer has a set limit they'll train you up to. The so-called Master Trainers have a limit of 100 (although there's a bit of a cheat-bug there, but I'm not going to get into it here).

HOWEVER, a trainer (ANY trainer) will only train a skill up to the value of the governing stat, no matter if they are a Master Trainer or not.

So, if you have a 30 Endurance, and you go to a trainer and ask them to train your Spear skill, they'll only train you as high as 30 (your endurance stat value).

Ways around this: There are two. One is that actually practicing the skill does not have the same "only to the level of the stat" limit that training does. So, you could go out with a spear and stab mudcrabs for hours to get your Spear skill up.

The other solution is to train a DIFFERENT skill that uses the same governing stat 10 times before you level. Then, when you level, you get the 5x option for, say, Endurance. Now, you can train your Spear up to 35. You only level by training/practicing your major or minor skills 10 levels. Multipliers are calculated based on your major and minor skills if you play the regular X-Box version of the game, or an unpatched PC version. Players who play a patched PC version or GoTY also receive multiplier bonusus for upping their Misc skills.

So, to review.
A trainer will train you to their max train value, or the value of your governing stat, whichever is LOWER.
Skill increases due to actual practice don't have that limit.
Getting 10 increases in skills governed by a given stat gives you a 5x bonus when you level.

Master Trainers
* mean something's wrong I'll say at bottom

1) Acrobatics~Senyndie~Vivic Arena, Wasteworks, Fighters Quarters
2) Alchemy~Abelle Chriditte~Varenvaryon, Propylon Chamber
3) Alteration~Seryne Relas~Tel Branora
4)*Armorer*~Sirollus Saccus~Ebonheart, Hawkmoth Legion Garrison
5) Athletics~Adibael Hainnabibi~Kaushtababi camp, Adibael's Yurt
6) Axe~Alfhedil Elf-Hewer~Falensarano, upper level
7) Block~Shardie~Buckmoth Legion Fort, courtyard
8) *Blunt Weapon*~Faralenu Henim~Vivic St. Delyn, Abbey of St. Delyn the Wise
9) Conjuration~Methal Seran~Ald'ruhn Temple, lowest level
10) Destrustion~Leles Birian~East of Peligiad, on the road east of Piernette's farmhouse
11) Enchant~Qorwynn~lear the exit of Indoranyon
12) Hand-to-Hand~Taren Omothan~Holamayan Monastery
NOTE: The door is only visable after 6:00 PM
13) Heavy Armor~Seanwen~Vivic Arena, Wasteworks, Fighters Training
14) Illusion~Erer Darothril~Sadrith Mora, Dirty Muriel's Cornerclub
15) Light Armor~Aerin~Maar Gan, Andus Tradehouse
16) Long Blade~Ulms Drathan~Molag Mar, Armigers Stronghold
17) Marksman~Missun Akin~Missun Akin's Hut atop Falasmaryon
18) *Medium Armor*~Chinia Urtius~Tel Fyr docks
19) Merchantile~Ababael Timsar-Dadisun~Zainab Ashlander camp, in his Yurt
20) Mysticism~Ardarume~Sadrith Mora, Gateway Inn, West Wing
21) Restoration~Yakin Bael~Vos, Temple
22) Security~Hecerinde~Balmora, in his House
23) Short Blade~Todwendy~Balmora, Lucky Lockup Cornerclub (room upstairs)
24) Sneak~Wadarkhu~Gnaar Mok, Dreugh-jigger's Rest
25) Spear~Mertis Falandas~Ghostgate, Tower of Dusk, Lower Level
26) Speechcraft~Skink-in-Tree's-Shade~Sadrith Mora, Wolverine Hall, Mages Guild
27) Unarmored~Khargol gro-Boguk~Vacant Tower once inside use the trapdoor (located next to Dagon Fel)

* What's wrong
4) Although we all know Sirollus is the Master, apparently he doesn't. Sorry, no Armor Master.
8) The creator made a mistake saying he was the master, it's really the girl downstairs. Furthest door on the right. Her name... Ernse Llervu.
18) What can I say? SHE DOESN'T EXIST!
Make some quick cash, without feeling like a cheater!!
If you want some money and dont want to feel like a cheater, all you need are a grand soul gem, a summon daedroth, or dremora, or any rare creature spell, and a soul trap spell. First, buy a Grand Soul Gem, the price is pretty high, but when you summon a (insert rare creature name here), soul-trap and kill it, the value of your Grand Soul Gem sky-rockets!! The last step is to find a trader with a lot of money and sell it to him/her/it. Cha-ching!! (this will work with any soul gem)
For this tip to work ull have to get ur speechcraft up until u can taunt people repeatedly to get them to attack so u can kill them then u go and get an ordinator in vivec and steal his armor and if u taunted him u wont get a bounty then u take it to the talking mudcrab which is on a small island east of vivec and has 10,000 gold to offer or creeper in caldera which has 5,000 and sell teh armor and repeat the process since ordinators respawn ull have an unlimited supply of armor to sell but it gets tedious but its effective
Redoran Vault Robbery
Ok people ready for The big Job, If u like the italian job You will love this Find the redoran sector of Vivec, Enter Find a room With a woman in it face the doorway from the outside And you will see on your left a chest of draws with a key laying upon them Jyst stand out side of the room Facing directly atr the woman and go as far directly back wards as you can before touching the wall now you just stare at her and wait Eventually she will approach The doorway But not actually leave the room get past her by jumpig/walking through her whatever and attempt to close the door from the inside it will bounce off of her a few times satnd so she cant re-enter the room and she will eventually ryn out of the door way and the door closes behind her shes not calling guards shes just letting the door close now pickup the key and what ever else you want from her room then leave find the vault in question open it take what you want and just walk out with it theres some magic bonemold stuff a collection of glass and ebony A fair ammount of money
Sell your expensive crap and make money...w/o the guilt of cheating!
Quite a few people who've played the game have probably figured out that if you visit Ghorak Manor in Caldera (easily accessible via the Mage's Guild teleportation service) you can sell items to an interesting scamp on the second floor. He has a seller gold of 5000 gold and after you play around with it a bit you realize you can sell him just about anything and buy back other stuff so long as your total sold isn't more than 5000...this allows you to easily sell those daedric katanas and ebony cuirasses you've been piling up. And the best part is, there's a bed right across the room from the scamp...so you can go sleep for 24 hours (aka 3 seconds in the real world) and go sell more stuff till you've made as much money as you can. FYI...I've noticed that if you move to the left of the bed and slide against the far wall so that the wall is to the left of your character and the head of the cluttered bed is directly in front of you...you won't get the annoying 'you can't sleep in someone else's bed' prompt. Another great person to sell expensive stuff to is the talkin mudcrab merchant east of Vivec's Foreign Quarter. From the quarter, head basically due east past a daedric ruin as well as dwemer ruin and you find a small island with a single mudcrab. all you have to do is talk to it and you realize it has 10000 gold! Follow the same deal as with the Scamp...only this time animals will wake you from your sleep half the time...but the excess gold is worth it.

My character has well over 2 million drakes from using these tricks and I don't have the guilt of cheating! Have fun!
Simple cash for advanced players (made 425k this way)

OK with this method you can make massive loads of cash. But you will need a few things first

1 high skill in summoning or mysticism
2 knowledge of the mudcrab merchants’ local
3 a decent a mount of cash
4 a way to kill enemies in mass

Now first of all go to Tel Branora. Go to the top of the tower and buy a summon golden saint spell. Then travel to any mages guild (or your stronghold) and find a person to make a spell for you. Have them make you a spell of soultrap on target for 2 seconds and summon golden saint for 1 second. (Note: if you are better in mysticism put soultrap first or vice versa this will make the spell easier to cast) Now get plenty of magic and health restoration potions. Or use these codes, which are as follows
Health: black white black black black
Magica: black white white black white
Now go to the Mudcrab merchant and stand back far from him or stand on a nearby island. Now save your game, this can make the game freeze and remember to save at least once every 2 minutes. Now look at your feet and cast the spell to summon your golden saint. The saint will appear but don’t look up. Cast it a few more times and always wait to look up until all the flashing lights have disappeared. Now use your weapon or (as I prefer) a spell or ring of toxic cloud. Kill the saint and gather all of their weapons and shields I don't know why there isn't any dedric hearts on them but this makes this useless for alchemy. Anyhow now save and do it again, and again, and again, and so forth.

When you have enough gathered items go to the mudcrab. Now sell him everything that is under 10k. Also make sure to sell some deadric daggers to him as they are worth 10k each. Now when it comes to items over 10k it gets tricky. First buy a deadric dagger from the mudcrab. This will mean that he has 20k now so sell all of the items worth under 20k but more than 10k (such as those glass long swords which are about 17k I think) Now sleep for 24 hours. 24 hours latter the mud crab will have 10k again. Now sell him back those deadric daggers one at a time sleeping 24 hours after each. Now for extremely pricey items (such as deadric tower shields) you will have to be able to buy at least 4 deadric daggers from him so he will have the 50k required to buy it from you.

After a short time of this simply stop to look at your cash. You should have more than enough to go out and buy levels of all of your skills. Thanks to this I can take anything out from under anyone’s nose with my sneak and security skills and my alchemiy can make $300 potions of reflect and such.

P.S. be sure not to sleep right next to the mudcrab if you do you are libal to kill him when fighting the creatures that attack you in your sleep.

Good luck and let the good times roll.

Soul Gems For Free
To get a couple of good Soul Gems, just steal them while on the fake Soul Gem quest in the mages guild in Balmora. While the cat lady sends you upstairs to put the fake Soul Gems in Galbedir's desk, just take the ones that are on top of the desk.

Nobody will know. If you don't try selling them or using them to create an enchantment with Galbedir.

Good way to get new char's started with a little money.
Trick Merchants into Giving You all of Their Cash!
I did this to Ra`Virr in Balmora who had 600 gold; I had a skill of 5 mercantile (will work on other traders).

This trick is for those of you who don't want to "cheat" to get your money, cause it sucks the fun right out of the game. Well this isn't cheating, its fooling those dumb merchants into giving you every penny, here's what you do: Open the barter screen and look at how much gold the merchant has, let's say he has 600. Ctrl+Click gold in your inventory until you are giving him half of what he has (yes you are putting money into his trade window and yes you are adding them one by one, trust me it has to be done this way).

Okay so now you feel like you wasted 300 gold, well go to the Total Sold meter and make it say DOUBLE what the merchant has, in this case 1200. Click offer, he will say he can't afford. No problem, shift-click the gold you offered him to take it back, notice how the total sold meter is still up? Leave it alone. Ctrl+click gold in your inventory until the total sold reaches his total gold.

Note: The offered gold and total sold numbers will NOT be equal because of our little trick earlier. Click offer and the poor fool gives you his money. Congratulations on sabotaging him and earning 600 bucks.
Vampirism -- By Montezuma
by Montezuma

How To Contract Vampirism.
In order to contract Vampirism (however you spell it). Go somewheres where a vampire is you can either let them keep hitting you and try to contract it that way or you can try to kill them, once there dead keep going to there body until you contract the disease. The name of the virus is 'Porphyric Hemophilia'. After you get it Wait 3 days or 72hrs then rest and you will be a vampire.

How to Contract Vampirism After the Main Quest (by kharne)
In order to catch vampirism after you have been cured of corprus, you need to do the following:
Go to Caldera mages guild, and find the NPC Medila Indaren. From this NPC, you will need to purchase the spell "Weakness to common disease". Take this spell to a spellmaker. You need to create a stronger version of it, that will be set to cast on self. Once you have done this, go find a vampire and kill it. Having done this, cast the spell, and you will temporarily lose your resistance to common disease. Repeatedly search the sorpse as normal, and you will eventually catch the disease.

All vampires receive 20-point boosts in the stats Strength, Willpower, and Speed. 30-point boosts in the skills Sneak, Athletics, Acrobatics, Hand-to-Hand, Unarmored, Mysticism, Illusion, and Destruction.
Berne Vampires receive a 20-point boost in Agility, Sneak, Unarmored, and Hand-to-Hand skills.
Aundae Vampires receive a 20-point boost in Short Blade, Willpower, Mysticism, and Destruction Skill.
Quarra Vampires receive a 20-point boost in the Blunt Weapons skill, Strength, Hand-to-Hand and Heavy Armor Skill.

Berne Clan Specialization - Rogue**
Berne Clan HQ - is at Galom Daeus observatory in northern central part of Molag Amur mountain Range.
Additional Tombs of Berne Clan
*Raviro Ancestral Tomb - west of Molag Mar.
*Othrelas Ancestral Tomb - Near Balur Salvu's farm outside Vivec.
*Andrethi Ancestral Tomb - South East of Hlormaren.
Other independent lairs of the Berne Clan
*Marara - in the Drethan Ancestral Tomb.
*Merta - in the Reloth Ancestral Tomb.
*Irarak - in the Ginith Ancestral Tomb.
*Calvario - in the Nerano Ancestral Tomb.
*Marara's base is - on the south of the Dwemer ruin Ncardahrk.
*Merta's base - is south east of Khull.
*Irarak's base - is just off the Gnisis-Ald Velothi road and southeast of the Dwemer ruin Arkngthunch Sturdumz.
*Calvaio's tomb - is southwest of the Ahemmusa Ashlander Camp.

Aundae Clan Specialization - Mage**
Aundae Clan HQ - Based at tomb Ashmelech on an island southwest of Sheogorad.
Additional Tombs of Aundae Clan
*Sarethri Ancestral Tomb - northwest of Dagon Fel
*Dulo Ancestral Tomb - west of Galom Daeus
*Aralen Ancestral Tomb - south of the Zainab Ashlander camp.

Quarra Clan Specialization - Fighting**
Quarra Clan HQ - Based at the Dwemer Ruin Druscashti southwest of the Urshilaku Ashlander camp
Additional Lairs of Quarra Clan
*Serano Ancestral Tomb - near Galom Daeus
*Hleran Ancestral Tomb - west of Ald'ruhn
*Alen Ancestral Tomb - Southeast of Khuul.

Vampire Cure
by superdude113
How to be Cured of Vampirism

1) Get a copy of Vampires of Vvardenfell, volume II
2) Go to Bal Ur, North of Suran
3) Go all the way down to the depths of this daedric shine
4) Talk to the shrine of Molag Bal to get this quest.
5) Go to the cave Dubdilla, directly south of Vos' Temple
6) Enter the cave and travel to the depths of this cave turned daedric shrine, hope you hava a levitate spell, makes it a bit easier.
7) You know youve found them when you see a Frost Atronach(Nomeg Gwai) and a Winged Twilight(Molag Grunda) with each other.
8) Kill them both
9) Report back to Molag Bal
10) Your cured!

Vampire Quests
by superdude113

Clan Quests
Berne Quests
1) Go to Druscashti. North north-west of Maar Gan or south-west of the Urshilaku Ashlander Camp. Go inside and go to the room furthest to your right. Go inside and continue along the twisting path. You will run into 3 Vampires. One wearing netch leather, another wearing ebony, and the last one wearing glass. Do not go upstairs, the blood you need is in the keg with the cattle and the vampire in glass. That vampire will have the key to the keg. Take the blood and report back.
2) Go to Reloth Ancestral Tomb. West of Maar Gan. Fight your way through the tomb untell you reach the room with stairs going right and left to a giant room. Merta's in here. Find her, kill here, and report back. DO NOT TOUCH THE CATTLE!
3) Easy Quest. This is the only time I will list were you can go, the other clans can go to the How to become a vampire and look it up. So, from the entrance to Galom Daeus go north, Serano Ancestrial Tomb is built into the side of the same mountain. Kill all the vampires. Now back to Galom Daeus' entry. Go directly west this time, and built into the other side of the mountain is Dulo Ancestral Tomb. Kill all the vampires in here too. Now go all the way north to Falensarano. Take the road that winds around the stronghold and follow it north. A ways after the road starts to go east, go south. You will find Aralen Tomb. Go inside and kill the vampires. Now report back.

Aundae Quests
1) Go to Sadrith Mora, Wolverine Hall, Mages Guild. Talk to Tusamircil about "family crest." Agree to deliver the potion to her son. Now go to the Gateway Inn. Sinyaramen is on the second story. Give him the potion and talk about "family crest," "killed by your kind," and "Vilandon." Report back to Dhaunayne to find out that you arn't done. Now go to Druscashti. North north-west of Maar Gan or south-west of the Urshilaku Ashlander Camp. Inside on the same level, behind closed doors straight ahead of you (may be on the lower level, I didn't write it down). Behind those doors is Kjeld, kill him and report back.
2) Go to Ald ruhn. Inside the Mages Guild as about "vampire hunter" and go outside. He's the one pacing back and forth with the shinny ebony shield. Make sure its daylight out, I advise resting in the Magees guild til about noon. Step outside, yes it hurts but you have to. Make sure someone is around to see you kill him. Kill him and report back.
3) You need to kill a total of 12 vampires from the other clans, not 12 each 12 total. Look up the locations.

Quarra Quests
1) Go to Ginith Ancestral Tomb. Between Gnisis and Ald Velothi, well, not quite, just look it up. Gi inside and leave the others alone, the one you want is Irarak. Talk to him and you will eventually get 1000 gold, either way it goes you must kill him. Now just report back.
2) Gather together: 5 extravagant sapphire amulets, 2 void salts, a daedra's heart, ectoplasm, vampire dudt, and a skull. Take the items and report back.
3) You need to kill a total of 12 vampires from the other clans, not 12 each 12 total. Look up the locations.

Misc Quests
Kill me!
Go to Drethan Ancestral Tomb, SW of Ald Daedroth. Once inside talk to Marara. She wants you to fight for your life as well as hers, and if your up to it youll get her enchanted ring. But like Umbra, she too wants to die. So just talk to her until the goodbye message pops up and kill her using spells and take the ring. Done.

I wanna be a Vampire
Go to Ald'ruhn and go under SKAR. Go inside the Llelthri Manor. Go to the back and talk to Fathasa Llelthri to find out that her son wants to ba a vampire. Turn a round and there he is. Talk to Sanvyn and discourage him about being a vampire. Eventually a goodbye message will appear. Now this is the easy part. Putyour swprd away and let him beat you up. DO NOT FIGHT BACK! When your half undead he'll stop. He thinks your a winnie, Haha. Now just talk to his mother again and your done.

Go to Salvel Ancestral Tomb, beyond ghostgate, way in the back, the south-east corner up against ghost fence. Inside talk to Mastrius about "my imprisonment" and "way to escape." Now go to the Dwemer ruin Bthuand. The shield is behind some fallen stones in the ruins inner extermity. For the daedra's heart just visit the neighboring daedric ruin. Now go back and talk to Mastrius. Give him the stuff, now as if that wasn't enough now he wants you to share your strength. If you agree he will drain half your health and stamina. Then guess what he'll do. He attacks you! Just kill him and take his stuff. Your done and hanging on by a thread.

Kill Him!
Go to Sadrith Mora, Telvanni Council House. Talk to the mouth Raven Omayn about "Rimintil." Your job: to go to Tel Vos' Central tower and kill Rimintil. When he's dead report back to Raven Omayn.

Get me Blood
Talk to Raven Omayn again to get this quest. If you're Berne just go kill Raxle Berne and get the blood back, if you arn't follow these steps. Go to Druscashti. North north-west of Maar Gan or south-west of the Urshilaku Ashlander Camp. Go inside and go to the room furthest to your right. Go inside and continue along the twisting path. You will run into 3 Vampires. One wearing netch leather, another wearing ebony, and the last one wearing glass. Do not go upstairs, the blood you need is in the keg with the cattle and the vampire in glass. That vampire will have the key to the keg. Open the keg and take the blood. Now that we're all on the same page go talk to Raven Omayn again and give him the blood. Your done.

Only do these two quests if you do not have Goldbrand. If you do skip down to Eltonbrand.
Get me the Key
Go to Vivecs Foriegn Quarter, Mages Guild. Talk to Sirilonwe about "someone killed." Now go to Ald'ruhn's Ald-Skar Inn. Inside you will find Shashev. Talk to him and he will attack. Kill him. Take his key and whatever else you want and report back to Sirilonwe.
Vampire Dust
Now talk to Sirilonwe again about "vampire dust." If you have completed the clan quests you should already have some dust on you. If not, your on your own to come up with it. She want 3 portions. When you have it just talk to her and your done.


- You have to be a vampire!!
1) Go to the Mages Guild in Vivic Foreign Quarters.
2) Talk to Sirilonwe about "Someone Killed"
3) Go to the Ald-Skar Inn in Ald'ruhn
4) Talk to Shashev then kill him.
5) Take his key
6) Go back to Sirilonwe, but don't talk to her yet!!!
7) Drop one stack of >11171 GOLD< and another with the rest of your gold. Make sure that Goldbrand is in your inventory
8) Pick up the stack and talk to Sirilonwe about "Someone Killed."
9) Now watch as your Goldbrand turns into Eltonbrand.
Vivec Vault
Enter vivec with the console ~ (player->coc"vivec"). Walk in and go into the waistworks. Keep going through doors. When you see a door that says "Vivec plaza" enter and go to a circular room. Go all the way to the right and go down the stairs. Go to the left all the way and enter the vault. Right when you enter, press ~ and type "player->TCL". It'll say "Collision>>off". Then go backwards and look around. There will be one room that has no guards. Go in and type "player->TCL" in ~ and It'll say "Collision>>on". Then open the chests and everything and get items and gems worth $$$$$!
Where to find best armour in game in all catagories.
Light armour-Theres a guy in one of the ghostgate towers,think its one with bouyant armigers that has a near full set of glass and one of the daedric helms. also in divayth fyr's closet on top floor is the best bit of unique light armour, cuirass of saviours hide.
Medium armour- all ordinators carry full sets of indoril. i haven't found any unique bits of medium yet.
Heavy armour-divayth fyr has a full set of daedric except for the helm, but he's vital to the main quest until a certain bit.He's also very cool, but there are three people with full sets of ebony, minus the helms. Duke Vedam Dren on Ebonheart, but he has guards so i wouldnt, might also break the thread of prophecy. Also there's a trainer in vivec arena fighter training with full ebony, but theres ordinators. however, in the ahsalmawia daedric shrine (southwest of khuul) theres a guy with full ebony, again minus the helm. he's a very hard fight, so i would use a cheat (cheat menu-click on him-then put sethealth 0)


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Cheap Training
It's hard to find those trainers that are masters at a certain skill, but you don't have to pay lots of money to get those higher levels.
First of all, buy any drain skill spell on self (some will not be labeled 'drain (skill)' but it will be in the description of the spell)if you can't find one for self then go to a spell maker.
Next go to any trainer that trains whatever skill you want up.
Cast the spell, then quickly talk to the trainer and choose what skill you want increased and train. Your skill will be put back to it's normal level but +1
first you get a frotify willpower spell then get soultrap from the balmora mages guild guide and then go to the highelf in the balmora mages guild then put fortify to 100-100 magnitude and put soultrap on target and do that maybe to 1000 0r 2000 and then the potions would really have a price to it a really big price to it i would probably recommend to go to mournhold to the armory or like to the mudcrab merchant.
Not an actual glitch, it's like a bonus
now i've comme aboute this just trying and trying, until i had sucsses.

step 1: open TES construct...
step 2: doble click on any item, weapon. armor etc...
step 3: change any thing u want

EX: double click on the spell feather in spellmaking box. now u can change the valeu to 5000 insted of 50.

NOTE: do this with EVERYTHING and enjoy....

step 4: click SAVE
step 5: close the TES, as you do, it will ask to save. click yes and save the .esm file under a diferent name.

step 6: PAY ATENCION before u run the game, click on data files (before cliking on play) and simply click on the .esm file u've just created. and then hit play.

NOTE: any item u change will appear in the game with the numbers u puted in.

EX: exclusive fortify magicka potion, mine has no weith (0kg) so i have about 30000 of them <img src="http://cdn.staticneo.com/neoassets/smileys/bigsmile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
the piont is, from now on, any potion that i normaly faind has 0kg and runs for 20 sec insted the normal 5sec and gives 400 magicka per sec. fun fun fun


try activating an enchantment in a weapon / armor.

EX: daedric arrow, i've taken the weight of them to 0kg and activated the "dagger_mts" enchantment witch has absorve health for 30 sec and blind also 30 sec a think... again 30thou arrow weying 0kg <img src="http://cdn.staticneo.com/neoassets/smileys/bigsmile.gif" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> normally 1 arrow takes about 10 to 20 sec to kill any NPC ore creature

NOTE: u can also change the valeu of any enchantment. double clicking on any enchantment

EX: fether_en, mine has 500 and i activated it in all the daedric armor, so i have almost 0kg all the time


to make things simple:

1: open TES
2: double click and change
3: save
4: activate and play.
5: enjoy...
Weird glitch
If you press the "~" key and right-click while still in the console,you can move around with the console open.


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Boost Sneak Skill
There's a really easy way to increase your sneak skill. Just get behind an NPC (one that doesn't walk around) I found that the guy at the entrance of the Fighter's Guild in Ald'Ruhn is good. Make him turn away from the door first. Then get something to hold down your sneak key, and go watch TV or something. When you come back later, your sneak skill should have increased.
Easy as Hell Quests
This cheat can be used to make your guy super, uber powerful or if you don't feel like working your ass off to get these things the right way. For example. if you feel like kicking Dagoth Ur's ass strait from the get go of the game then follow this...

Go to the construction set and activate morrowind under data files. just hit enter a bunch of time or hold it down, the error messages are a bug but there is no true errors.

next look under the areas or maps or what ever they are called and find "Seyda Neen" which is the starting town. Note from this point on, you will need levitate since you will make the items appear high in the sky. a tip is to scroll close to the ground a bit or else they will be above the clouds.

On the top left should be the tabs for creatures and stuff. find the armor tap and scroll to the very bottom to find two sets of Wraithguard. spawn the one that is not labled "Jury Rigged" this is the fully activated, fully functional wraith guard and will allow you to use Sunder and Keening without getting it from Vivic or doing any sort of quests to power it up.

next find on the weapons tab and find the S for Sunder, in the F section you will find False Sunder, well obviously we don't want the fake now do we? Spawn Sunder in the town and then look under K for Keening and spawn that. this will give you all three items needed to kill Dagoth Ur's giant heart. now you save this and go under Data files. the result is that these new items are inclluded in a MOD. so when you start the game, go to data files and activate the mod.

Start playing the game, I seriously recamend making a new game or risk screwing up your saved ones. do the character intro and creation then track down to the place where you spawned the items. look up in the air and depending on how far your camera was from the land, they should be tiny specks in the air, use trusty console to give you about 1000 magic, 100 in alteration, and wild levitate spell, fly up and get your items. now you just need to train a hell of a lot before you take on dagoth ur but otherwise you're set to kill him now.

NOTE this cheat also works for other mods such as lichcraft where instead of getting the lich potion and the phylactery, you simply spawn them in the town. the correct phylactery is named "Empty" but you spawn these and with the lichcraft mod, you don't need to gather all that crap to become one. this cheat works for any item gathering quest as you can spawn any item you want instead of tracking it down.
Fill Your Journal
To complete all of your journal just type in Player->FillJournal

It takes a little while but you get read your entire Journal.

Note: If you fill your journal, that means all your quests are done (even if you havent done the quests). You cant do any quests.
have you noticed that in morrowind you sometimes get completely stuck or if you use coc?
Well if that ever happens press the ~ button then type fixme and you will be completely fixed.
Free/Steal items (+open chests) on the counters without being reported
Just jump up on the counter in a shop, then look down on an item on the counter you are standing on. Jump, and while in the air,pick the item up.

Wolia.... there you have it.

As well as for the chests, just use the lockpick while in air.

PS: some items dosn't work to pick up like this, so I reqomend you save it beforehand.

have fun plundering
Get Rid of Bountys and Raise Rep.
ok, if you owe a fine or the guards are beating you up, type 'player-> setbounty 0

Ta Da! no more fine!

If you want to raise your reputation, just type
'player-> setreputation 255'

255 is the highest, trust me, i've tried to set it higher, but thats as far as it'll go
Ghosting/Master Thieving
To be able to walk through anything (chairs, tables, walls, floors, the roof) enter the console by pressing the (~) key and type in TCL. This will remove collisions allowing you to walk through anything. [Be careful though as NPS can 'fall' through the floor and are quite difficult to find once you revert back to normal mode]

When is this mode you can go to the Palace Treasuries and go underneath the floor, bypass all the guards and the hard to pick locks and loot the entire room of its millions of dollars worth of equipment, money, spells and jewells. Enjoy having Daedric armour at the start of the game
God Mode
Hit the "~" key to bring up "the console" and in the type "tgm" all lower-case. The letters stand for Toggle God Mode. God mode allows you to have infinite magicka (mana is what most of us know it as), health, and stamina. Have fun!
Handy cheats
Type in : help,
and you get a list of cheats...

Press ~, click on any enemy you want,
the type the following thing:
sethealth 0
Then you'll hear a noise and the enemy's killed!
(Can also be used to set your own health)
how to die the easest way
oh its simple all u need is a gard ans something to steel. o.k after you do all the knote stuff and the rest find some thing to steel that belongs to someone then take it when a few people are around and maby a guard. steel the tiem that belongs to some one and whatch your life and health. if the guard seas some thing dont klick on :go to jail or pay for what u have stolen for. (what a dum idea) klick on pay the penelty or die.
IF u want many itmes
Step 1: press (~) to open console
Step 2: press on an Item so it wil show the items code.
Steo 3: "player->additem" the code here (and x of the item

NOTE: if the code is exemple ebony longsword so u need to sayb "ebony longsword" if u dont do that i dont would u do it.

The item u take code from need be on teh floor
Infinate levitation
this cheat works well but makes you move really, REALLY slow.

first cast a levitation spell, I suggest wild levitate by doing console and typing player->addspell "wild levitate" (yes with the quotations)

next, cast this spell then while it is active, use the coc teleport cheat. if you type coc then the name of a town, you instantly teleport to it, I recamend using the levitate then typing coc balmora. this should teleport you ontop of a hill just above where your first main quest mission guy is.

the result, permanent levitation unless you cast the spell again.

Note: while levitate works, you can only move at walking speed, while this allows you permanent fly until the spell is cast again, you will find it has a serious drawback on speed.

I first discovered this cheat by pure accident.
Item cheats!
additem katana_bluebrand_unique Katana Bluebrand

additem katana_goldbrand_unique Katana Goldbrand

additem glass_dagger_enamor Glass Dagger Enamor

additem misc_soulgem_azura Misc. Soulgem Azura

additem dwe_jinksword_curse_unique DWE Jinksword Curse

additem banhammer_unique Banhammer

additem Azura_star_unique Azura Star

additem bonebiter_bow_unique Bonebiter Bow

additem longsword_umbra_unique Longsword Umbra

additem dagger_fang_unique Dagger Fang

additem daedric_scourge_unique Daedric Scource

additem daedric_club_tgdc Daedric Club

additem ebony_bow_auriel Ebony Bow

additem ebony_staff_tges Ebony Staff

additem ebony_dagger_mehrunes Ebony Dagger

additem magic_bolt Magic Bolt

additem spark_bolt Spark Bolt

additem shard_bolt Shard Bolt

additem flame_bolt Flame Bolt

You must type in player->additem (item)
Jump real high and move like your flying
When you open the consle type in
Player->setspeed 1500 (Hit enter)
Player->setacrobatics 999 (Hit enter)
And you should fly
NOTE: Don't enter whats in the brackets they are instructions
Kill someone without getting fined
Press ~ to bring up console. Click on the person you want to kill and the title on the console will change. Type 'sethealth 0' and then press enter. Leave the console and the guy/girl will fall down and die. Happy killing spree!!

Note: If you type 'player->sethealth 0', you will die so be carefull. DON'T TYPE 'player->'
Lock Random Containers!!!
Ok, just so you know, this so called "cheat" is pointless.

First, go into console mode (press `, it's next to 1). Once in console mode, click on ANY CONTAINER (these include all chests, barrels, crates, kegs, even dead bodies-anything!), and type this in:
lock [level]
By [level] I mean the lock level.
Ex: lock 50
The container will then be locked.
One time I did this with 9999999999 as the lock level, and it turned out to be -3891203. I have no idea why.
You can also unlock containers by clicking on them in console mode and typing: unlock
Mass Murder/ Strong Guy ON XBOX!!!!
OK first one first(for pc). Ok pres ~ button and type it exactly! like this player->setdestruction \"big number here\" after that player->setmagicka \"big number here\" and get any frost, fire, poison, shock, drain health and damage health all of em! and use this in console player->additem gold_001 \"big number here\" and go to a spellmaker and make all that crud with frost fire etc and make 100 magnitude and 1440 secs and 50foot and use it on a crowd and TADA U HAVE JUST MADE URSELF WANTED AND KILLED INNOCENT PPL!!!!! ok now for xbox guy Q:have u heard all that crap about ordinators like always bein hard this is true NOT!!! im owning em at lvl 20 how? ok this works on all but mage (it works but with some extra crap) ok first get 5k go to caldera and sell all ur money to the creeper in ghorak manor upstairs sleep 24 and do this for a long time and then kill him and all the money u sold will be in him EXPLINATION:u sell ur money and u get it back from him and he loses his SELLER money and ur sold money is in him sleep for a day and his SELLER money is there again with ur sold money NEXT for ur skill go on internet and look for master trainers and lvl up and when ur really good on stuff then go to vivec and kill seanwen in arena trainer place (full ebony for heavy) or go to a shrine north west of hla oad (has full orc medium) or go to the armiger stronghold in molag mar (almost everyone has full glass!!except helm) ok thats it thanks for reading
Master Code A More acurate version
Ok this may look like the cheat above but i noticed some probs with it so i'm writing a better one for every1.

press ~ to open the console. for brittish computers it's the key next to 1.

type in player-> then the cheat. in order for cheats to work you need a space between-> and the rest of the code.

to increase stats type player-> set(stat) 100

for the acrobatics stat i suggest you put 200 or 300.

and for athletics put 1000. yes i said numbers higher than 100 because with the cheats you can. i noticed this when i looked properly at the jumping mans scrolls and it said fortify acrobatics 1000. this sounds great but u cant see where u are going so u want a lower number.

other usefull cheats are:

player-> setwaterwalking 1 (place a 0 if u need to swim)

player-> setwaterbreathing 1 (unlimeted underwater breathing)

the reason i put 1000 for speed is u run really really fast (so fast u need to learn controll) and and run is the same so u dont drain fatigue while fast walking.
Master script.
Alright, this may seem a bit complicated for those of you that are just starting out, but I'll break it down.

Step one.
Hit the ~ button while in game.

Step two.
Type in this...

step three
Put in skill you wish to improve on. Example

Step four
Make the stats, max is 100 I think.

Your end thing should look something like this..

player->setmarksman 100

Here are some other small scripts

Boost gold- player->additem gold 100 (How much)

Fly- player->setflying 1

infinateair- player->setwaterbreathing 1

fatigue anyone?- player->setfatigue (as much as you want)

How about Magic?- player->setmagicka (You know the drill)

Level up- Player->setlevel (Number)

Megajumps- player->setsuperjump 1

walk on water- player->setwalkonwater 1

Note: when putting in hand-to-hand. type in handtohand. Same thing goes with short blade and others.
What "Mod" does in the console menu is adds whatever number you put after the command to the attribute(Ex: player-> modhealth 15)
Money, Health, weapons and more.
Money, Health and magic. Press ~: player->coc"toddtest"

Press spacebar to the first thing on the right 10+ times.

Weapons and Armor. Press ~: Type

Bring a good Weapon! (I suggest the Daedric Claymore)
PC Command Console Codes v2
>>>PC Command Console Codes v2!!!>>>
Before enter a code, put:
in front of every command meant to effect 'YOU'.
Ok, now that I know about 90% of what the below do, I will put explainations as to the specifics.
*PayFineThief - ACTUALLY pay the crime fine as though you were paying it from the guy at the Thiefs Guild.
*GetSoundPlaying - Select a target and type this command in. It should show if the selected target is playing a specific sound or not.
*ModInvisibile (+/-)[#] - SPECIFICS UNKNOWN.
*SetInvisibile [#] - Set selected targets status as invisible.
*GetInvisibile - See if selected targets status contains the 'invisible command' set, and its var.
*ModParalysis (+/-)[#] - SPECIFICS UNKNOWN.
*SetParalysis [#] - Set selected targets status as paralyzed.
*GetParalysis - See if selected targets status contains the 'paralysis command' set, and its var.
*ModBlindness (+/-)[#] - SPECIFICS UNKNOWN.
*SetBlindness [#] - Set selected targets status as blind.
*GetBlindness - See if selected targets status contains the 'paralysis command' set, and its var.
*ModSilence (+/-)[#] - SPECIFICS UNKNOWN.
*SetSilence [#] - Set selected targets status as silenced.
*GetSilence - See if selected targets status contains the 'blindness command' set, and its var.
*ModCastPenalty (+/-)[#] - Change targets the cast cost penalty.
*SetCastPenalty [#] - Set targets the cast cost penalty.
*GetCastPenalty - View targets current cast cost penalty.
*ModArmorBonus (+/-)[#] - Change targets armor bonus.
*SetArmorBonus [#] - Set targets armor bonus.
*GetArmorBonus - View targets current armor bonus.
*ModFlying (+/-)[#] - SPECIFICS UNKNOWN.
*SetFlying [{0=Off}|{1=On}|OR|#] - Set target to flying mode.
*GetFlying - View targets current 'flying' status.
*ModSuperJump (+/-)[#] - SPECIFICS UNKNOWN.
*SetSuperJump [{0=Off}|{1=On}|OR|#] - Set target to super-jump mode.
*GetSuperJump - View targets current 'super-jump' status.
*ModSwimSpeed (+/-)[#] - Change targets swim speed.
*SetSwimSpeed [#] - Set targets swim speed.
*GetSwimSpeed - View targets current swim speed.
*ModWaterWalking [{0=Off}|{1=On}] - Change targets water-walking status.
*SetWaterWalking [{0=Off}|{1=On}] - Set targets water-walking status.
*GetWaterWalking - View targets current 'water-walking' status.
*ModWaterBreathing [{0=Off}|{1=On}] - Change targets water-breathing status.
*SetWaterBreathing [{0=Off}|{1=On}] - Set targets water-breathing status.
*GetWaterBreathing - View targets current 'water-breathing' status.
*GetForceSneak - View targets sneaking status.
*ClearForceSneak - Stop 'ForceSneak' command.
*ForceSneak - Force targeted NPC to sneak untill cleared.
*EnableStatReviewMenu - Open up stat review menu on command.
*GetPlayerMagicDisabled - View players current magicka (disabled/enabled) status.
*DisablePlayerMagic - Disables players ability to use magicka.
*EnablePlayerMagic - Enable players ability to use magicka.
*GetPlayerFightingDisabled - View players current physical combat (disabled/enabled) status.
*DisablePlayerFighting - Disables players ability to use physical combat.
*EnablePlayerFighting - Enables players ability to use physical combat.
*EnableLevelupMenu - Brings up players level up menu, without having to sleep 24 hours after gaining a level.
*GetLevel - View targets current level.
*SetLevel [#] - Set targets current level.
*PlayBink ["Video/FILENAME.bik"(OR)"FILENAME.bik"] - Play a Bink video media file from the Morrowind data folder. (Examples: "bm_bearhunt1.bik" , "bm_bearhunt2.bik" , ""bm_ceremony1.bik" , "bm_ceremony2.bik" , "bm_endgame.bik" , "bm_frostgiant1.bik" , "bm_frostgiant2.bik" , "bm_wereend.bik" , "bm_werewolf1.bik" , "bm_werewolf2.bik")
*GetHealthGetRatio - View targets health-gain-per-level ratio.
*GetFactionReaction - SPECIFICS UNKNOWN.
*ShowMap - ...Show map?
*StopSound - Stop target from continuing their sound loop.
*GetTarget - View targets current (???).
*PayFine - Pay crime fine as if giving it to a gaurd without being attacked or arrested.
*GetVanityModeDisabled - SPECIFICS UNKNOWN.
*DisableVanityMode - (AKA. 'TVM')Disable vanity mode.
*EnableVanityMode - (AKA. 'TVM')Enable vanity mode. A circling camera that has the potential to zoom farther distances out than normal (and closer too). Player becomes powerless as to where and how the camera is angled and used.
*GetBlightDisease - View the current blight infection status of a target.
*GetCommonDisease - View the current common infection status of a target.
*GetSecundaPhase - View Secunda's current phase time. (Secunda=1 of 2 Morrowind Moon)
*GetMasserPhase - View Masser's current phase time. (Masser=1 of 2 Morrowind Moon)
*GetPlayerLookingDisabled - SPECIFICS UNKNOWN.
*DisablePlayerLooking - SPECIFICS UNKNOWN.
*EnablePlayerLooking - SPECIFICS UNKNOWN.
*GetPlayerJumpingDisabled - View jumping-disabled status.
*DisablePlayerJumping - Disable jumping.
*EnablePlayerJumping - Enable jumping.
*PCJoinFaction ["FACTION NAME"] - Join faction from wherever, whenever.
*XBox - Export XBox map(?) file.
*GetRace - View selected targets race.
*GetEffect - View selected targets effect.
*Unlock - Unlock A-N-Y lock level of a target door.
*Lock [#1-999] - Lock anydoor(any lock level) [CAUTION: locking door levels 1000+ can result in a game freeze of crashing.)
*HurtStandingActor [#(?)] - Hurt the selected NPC.
*ModCurrentFatigue [(+/-)#] - Change current fatigue.
*ModCurrentMagicka [(+/-)#] - Change current magicka.
*ModCurrentHealth [(+/-)#] - Change current health.
*COE - (1 below)
*CenterOnExterior - SPECIFICS UNKNOWN.
*EnableBirthMenu - Bring up birth sign selection menu.
*EnableClassMenu - Bring up class selection menu.
*EnableRaceMenu - Bring up race selection menu.
*EnableNameMenu - Bring up name selection menu.
*ChangeWeather ["WEATHER TYPE"] - Change current weather. [TYPES: "Clear","Cloudy","Foggy","Overcast","Rain","Thunder","Ash","Blight"].
*Cast ["SPELL ID"] - Cast any spell.
*RemoveEffects - Remove targets effects.
*GetSpellEffects - View all spell effects.
*RemoveSpellEffects - Remove all spell effects.
*GetSpell - View targeted NPC/Creatures active/inactive spells.
*RemoveSpell ["SPELL ID"] - Remove a spell from your, or targets, spell list.
*AddSpell ["SPELL ID"] - Add a spell to your, or targets, spell list.
*EnableMagicMenu - Show magic menu window.
*EnableMapMenu - Show map menu window.
*EnableInventoryMenu - Show inventory menu window.
*EnableStatsMenu - Show stats menu window.
*HitAttemptOnMe - Force targeted Creature/NPC to attempt an attack on you.
*HitOnMe - Force targeted creature/NPC to attack you.
*GetStandingActor - SPECIFICS UNKNOWN.
*ModFactionReaction - SPECIFICS UNKNOWN.
*SetFactionReaction - SPECIFICS UNKNOWN.
*RepairedOnMe - Repair all busted and broken items.
*GetPCRank - View your rank.
*GetInterior - View interior ID.
*ModHello (+/-)[0-100] - Change NPC 'Hello' chances.
*SetHello [0-100] - Set NPC 'Hello' chances.
*GetHello - View targeted NPC's 'Hello' chances.
*ModAlarm (+/-)[0-100] - Change NPC 'Alarm' chances.
*SetAlarm [0-100] - Set NPC 'Alarm' chances.
*GetAlarm - View targeted NPC's 'Alarm' chances.
*ModFlee (+/-)[0-100] - Change NPC 'Flee' chances.
*SetFlee [0-100] - Set NPC 'Flee' chances.
*GetFlee - View targeted NPC's 'Flee' chances.
*ModFight (+/-)[0-100] - Change NPC 'Fight' chances.
*SetFight [0-100] - Set NPC 'Fight' chances.
*GetFight - View targeted NPC's 'Fight' chances.
*GetItemCount - View targeted NPC's item count.
*GetLOS - (1 below)
*AIWander - Set targeted NPC to wander.
*AITravel ["CELL ID"] - Set targeted NPC to travel.
*AIFollowCell ["CELL ID"] - Set targeted NPC to follow you till you've reached a specific cell ID.
*AIFollow - Set targeted NPC to follow you everywhere in general.
*AIEscortCell - Set targeted NPC to escort you to certain cell ID.
*AIEscort - Set targeted NPC to escort you everywhere in general.
*AIActivate ["ACTIVATION ITEM ID"] - Set targeted NPC to activate stated activation item ID.
*OnMurder ["COMMAND"] - What happens on the murder of a targeted NPC.
*OnKnockout ["COMMAND"] - What happends on the knockout of a targeted NPC.
*OnDeath ["COMMAND"] - What happens on the death of a targeted NPC.
*DisableTeleporting - Disable teleportation.
*EnableTeleporting - Enable teleportation.
*DropSoulGem - Force targeted NPC to drop a soul gem.
*RemoveSoulGem - Forces the removing of a soul gem.
*AddSoulGem - Forces the adding of a soul gem.
*HasSoulGem - Forces the target to act on the knowledge that it owns a soul gem.
*GoToJail - Send yourself/targeted-NPC to jail.
*ForceGreeting - Force NPC to greet you.
*Resurrect - Bring back any creature/NPC from the dead.
*PlaceAtPC ["NPC ID"] - Places an NPC at stated cell coords.(To place one right next to you, use coords: 1,1,1)
*ShowRestMenu - Bring up the rest menu.

>>>>>>>>MORE TO COME>>>>>>>>>

*COC - (1 below)
*CenterOnCell ["CELL ID"] - Teleport to cell.
FIN!... Again!
Permanent Combat Boost
Find a mage guild Spellmaker (I Like The Mage Guild), create a bound Weapon, armour, item spell for 0 Seconds. (Yes 0 seconds!)

The spell gives +10 bonus to the appropriate skill, but because the weapon, etc does not appear it cannot disapear so the bonus is not removed.
cast as often as you like, I don't know the upper limits and guilds use the UNMODIFIED values for advancement.
really simple way to make lots of money
okay, this I have found to be the easiest way to make money.

FIRST open the console by pressing ~ button, next to the number 1.
NEXT type this in EXACTLY AS I TYPE IT HERE except without the brackets: [player-> additem misc_soulgem_azura 50]
FINALLY, go to caldera, and sell the azuras stars to the creeper on the second floor of ghorak manor, ONE AT A TIME, waiting 24 hours between each sale. the creeper buys them for exactly 5000 gold, which is exactly how much money he has, which resets after 24 hours
Restore Magic Spell
Best with magic users, (works off the INT multiplier.)

Find a spellmaker in the mages guild and create the following spell:-

FORTIFY MAJICKA +100 for 1 Second

Buy spell and cast it!

It increases your majicka, boosts by your multiplier, drops you majicka, and drops your multiplier.
The overall effect is a net gain in power, trust me the maths is complicated but it works.
My sourcerer gains 61 magic for a 20 point casting cost.
reveal map
press (~) then type: player->revealmap
Secret Place
There is a secret room were there is everything item in the game to get inside this room
press ~ and type in coc toddtest

Only do this after you get your release forms or it will crash the game
Set Level
Say you wanted to boost up your sneak all you have to do it press ~ then type in setsneaklevel < number > THen It ShOuLd Be At ThAt LeVeL!!!!!!!!!
Skeleton Key
Press ~ in top left corner then type in player -> AddItem skeleton_key "1" you better be careful of spaces in the cheat.
some corrections and additions, mostly console stuff
(to open the console press ~)
to remove a criminal record without giving up all your stolen stuff or talking to the theives guild type "payfinethief" in the console

you can transport to almost anywhere in the game if you know what it's called (both interior and exterior):
ex, coc "sadrith mora, telvanni council house, entry"
coc balmora
coc "balmora, guild of mages"
coc "imperial prison ship"
this command is probably TOO easy to use, it's very tempting to just go everywhere with it

you can transport to any exterior cell if you don't know what it's called (or it has no distinct name) using "coe x,y". 0,0 is somewhat near the center of the map I think (as opposed to one of the corners).

to stop someone from attacking you open the console, click them, and type:
setfight 30

if you press tab (for the external view) you can click yourself from the console, and don't need to put the "player->" in front of all the cheats that require it, as the console commands now apply to you.

the "supply chest"s regenerate (well I didn't notice this for the longest time)

"player->setflying 1" will take effect when you cast a levitate spell (it won't stop)

make someone (or something) attack you (or someone else):
"startcombat player"

if you are terrible at making people agree with you can click them and use:
"moddisposition 40" (how much you want their disposition to increase)

you can quickly un-expell yourself from a faction with
pcclearexpelled "mages guild" (example)
Teleport to any city or place!!!
Ok you guys know that coc (city name) will teleport you to that city but the city has to be one word! aha! heres how to teleport to a city/place with two words in it type in coc "city name" you must include the quotes in order for this to work! talk to you guys later

E-mail me if you have any questions!
It says in another cheat only one letter for transporting to cities WRONG!I've tried it 'coc "Seydea Neen"'
Transporting To Towns
It's easy just type as follows.

COC Balmora

Or and other city or location name.
If you go to a city/or place with more than one word use quotes.

EXACT Example: COC "Seyda Neen"

Make sure you type in the EXACT name say its Ald-ruhn you would type

COC "Ald-ruhn"

Other Examples:

COC "Balmora, Mages Guild"
Travel around faster
When you start a new game exit seyda neen to the north and there will be to paths, one that goes past the stilt insect and another one to the left. Go to path on the left. Keep on walking and you will see a person fall out of the sky. Examine his body and you will find three scrolls of, "incasian flight" which boosts your acrobatics skill up 1000 points, letting you jump very high and far. Turn on god mode (press the "~" key and type "tgm"). This will enable you to travel great distances without hitting the ground and dying.
Type this if you want something that costs alot but doesn't weigh much
type player->additem "misc_dwrv_coin00" 1000
it is a dwermer coin worth 50-100 (i forgot exactly how much) each and only weighs 0.5
Ultimate Pickpocket Using Console Cheats
You have to use the NPC duplication cheat (placeatpc "NPC's code" 1, 20, 1) then use the the sethealth 0 cheat to kill the duplication (you can just kill them normlly but the cheat is faster) then rob the dead body. The original still alive NPC won't have the item anymore.
Unlimited Non-Breaking Items
Ok so we all know that the player-> setstrength 100 is as high as you should go otherwise you break the item. If you put on god mode (tgm) your items never break!!!!!!

Here are some more cheats I found:


happy cheating
Unlock anything
to unlock anything find something locked and press ~ now in the cheat screen click on the locked "thing" and type the word "unlock" it the screen and press enter its that simple.
unlock doors/ locked items w/o picks
pc version of morrowind
tilde (~) key (usu. located above tab)
typing ability
1.simply face a locked item and press ~.
2.then click on the item.
3.now,simply type in unlock.
to disarm traps(i've NEVER tried this before),
type in disarm instead of unlock.
Press ~ to display console then put player-> infront of any of the following codes

additem katana_bluebrand_unique <number>
additem katana_goldbrand_unique <number>
additem glass_dagger_enamor <number>
additem misc_soulgem_azura <number>
additem dwe_jinksword_curse_unique <number>
additem banhammer_unique <number>
additem Azura_star_unique <number>
additem bonebiter_bow_unique <number>
additem longsword_umbra_unique <number>
additem dagger_fang_unique <number>
additem daedric_scourge_unique <number>
additem daedric_club_tgdc <number>
additem ebony_bow_auriel <number>
additem ebony_staff_tges <number>
additem ebony_dagger_mehrunes <number>
additem magic_bolt <number>
additem spark_bolt <number>
additem shard_bolt <number>
additem flame_bolt <number>

So, I guess by looking at this, you can enter a weapons name, then what number it is. Have fun.

credit goes to ninja1388 at GameFaqs.com

Weapons Breaking? Not Anymore!
Alot of people set their stats to 100 which can be a pain when you need more then 100 strength to carry all the stuff you have. If you set your strength level to 1000, one hit and your weapon is broken. Easy fix just hit the ~ key and type in tgm (toggle god mode) and no matter what your strength is, 100, 1000, or 1000000000000 <- (thats what mine is) your weapon won't break and your practically a moving bank.