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Homeworld cheats, Tips, and Codes for PC.

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   (last update - Sep 20 1999)

Cheat Codes
Start the game with one of the following command line parameters to activate the desired Effect:

EffectCommand Line Parameter
Enable debug mode/debug
Disable int 3 after fatal error/nodebugInt
Disable galaxy backgrounds/noBG
Disable default CPU players/noCompPlayer
Disable tactics/notactics
Disables retreat tactics/noretreat
Disable FMV sequences/disableAVI
Fatal errors do not generate int 3 before exiting/nodebugInt
Sets global memory heap size/heap
Sets path to search for opening files/prepath
Sets path to CD-ROM/CDpath
Press [F11] to toggle free mouse/freemouse
Do not use anything from bigfile(s)/ignoreBigfiles
Create log of data files loaded/logFileLoads
Do not use KNI even if support is/disableKatmai
Force usage of KNI even if determined to be unavailable/forceKatmai
Turn all sound effects off/noSound
Turn all speech off/noSpeech
swap the left and right audio channels/reverseStereo
Force mixer to write to Waveout/waveout
Force mixer to write to DirectSound driver/dsound
Disable bi-linear filtering of textures/noFilter
Do not use polygon smoothing/noSmooth
Do not load textures/nilTexture
Turn off front end textures/NoFETextures
Enable stipple alpha (software renderer)/stipple
Disable ship damage effects/noShowDamage
Reset rendering system to defaults at startup/sw
Display fullscreen with software renderer (default)/fullscreen
Display in a window/window
No border on window/noBorder
Use slow screen blits/slowBlits
Select an rGL device by name (sw, fx, d3d)/device
Select default OpenGL as renderer/gl
Select Direct3D as renderer/d3d
Disable usage of OpenGL perspective correction hints/nohint
No pausing with [Alt] + [Tab]/noPause
No minimize with [Alt] + [Tab]/noMinimize
Show dock lines/dockLines
Show gun lines/gunLines
Show light lines in debug mode/lightLines
Render bounding bowties on the ships/boxes
Enable text feedback in game commands/textFeedback
Enable AI Player logging/aiplayerLog
CPU players are deterministic/determCompPlayer
Enable gathering of stats/gatherStats
Turn off captaincy log file/captaincyLogOff
Turn on captaincy log file/captaincyLogOn
Turn off network logging file/logOff
Turn on network logging file/logOn
Turn on verbose network logging file/logOnVerbose
Generate game stats log file/statLogOn
Generate Int 3 when a sync error occurs/intOnSync
Autosaves game frequently, records packets/debugSync
Allow LAN play regardless of version/forceLAN
Enables NIS testing mode using [nisFile]/testNIS
Enables NIS testing mode using [scriptFile]/testNISScript
Record a demo/demoRecord
Play a demo/demoPlay
Record packets of multiplayer game/packetRecord
Play back packet recording/packetPlay
Do not use the packed textures if available/disablePacking
Center the SM world plane at about 0,0,0 rather than the camera/smCentreCamera
Close captioning/closeCaptioned

Graphic Switches

EffectCommand Line Parameter
640x480 resolution (default)/640
800x600 resolution/800
1024x768 resolution/1024
1280x1024 resolution/1280
1600x1200 resolution/1600
16 bit color/d16
24 bit color/d24
32 bit color/d32
Try 24 bit modes before 15/16 bit/truecolor

Homeworld Tips

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The most powerful combination of ships
Whether you are playing single player, or multiplayer, nothing beats a wall of heavy corvettes supported by a group of support frigates in terms of versatility. A wall of 36 or 49 heavy corvettes supported by 4 or 9 support frigates will obliterate almost anything. All you have to do is build the ships, set the corvettes to wall formation, then select your support frigates, hold the special function key down (z), and select your corvettes. Set your corvettes to aggressive and start hunting for ships. Keep in mind that the frigates travel slower, so only move your corvettes a short distance, then stop them so the frigates can catch up, and remain within repair range.

Heavy corvettes in such a setup will destroy all strike craft very quickly. For strike craft in formation, or close to eachother, have your heavy corvettes fire a burst round first (special key z around the enemies). This will cause a larger amount of initial damage. Only do this once when they approach. After that, issue the normal attack order. As the heavy corvettes sustain damage, the frigates will repair the corvettes. In addition, these corvettes will be able to take on all frigates and destroyers. Larger walls of corvettes will be able to do it without any losses at all, as long as there are enough support frigates. As a general rule of thumb, the amount of frigates to corvettes should be the square root of the number of corvettes. For example, if you have 36 corvettes, take 6 frigates. 7 for 49, and so on.

Depending on how a heavy cruiser focuses its ion cannons (and assuming 36 corvettes or more), it may be possible to destroy one with minimal losses
Submitted by: hiigaran on January 10, 2011