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Heroes Chronicles: Clash of the Dragons Cheats

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   (last update - Nov 17 2000)

Cheat Codes
While in game, press [Tab], then enter one of the following codes to activate the desired Effect.

Fill empty slots with ten Black Knightsnwcagents
All war machinesnwclotsofguns
Increase one levelnwcneo
Fill empty slots with five Archangelsnwctrinity
Maximum Lucknwcfollowthewhiterabbit
Unlimited movementnwcnebuchadnezzar
Maximum Moralenwcmorpheus
Full puzzle mapnwcoracle
Full world mapnwcwhatisthematrix
Hide world mapnwcignoranceisbliss
100,000 gold and 100 of each resourcenwctheconstruct
Lose gamenwcbluepill
Win gamenwcredpill
999 Mana and all spellsnwcthereisnospoon
All buildingsnwczion
Alternate color schemenwcphisherprice

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